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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    Get your Kleenex ready.

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    Lulu's turn. Laura comforts her when she says how scared she is. Lulu apologizes for yelling at her back at the house. Laura says that when she looks at Lulu, she sees Luke. Lulu is smart, feisty, rebellious and ready to take risks. Laura tells her that she is a survivor and needs to believe in herself instead of wondering what her mother's advice would be. She tells Lulu that when the time comes for her to fall in love, don't be afraid! You go for it, she told her. Lulu agreed to try.

    Laura drifts in and out, but assures Lulu that she's not gone yet. She's just trying to decide something. She didn't want to tell Luke something and upset him. She tells Lulu that Luke thinks she killed her step father out of self defense, but that just doesn't ring true to her now. She tells Lulu that she thinks she's innocent.

    Lulu confidently nods and perks up a little. “Don't worry mom, I'll prove you're innocent.” They give each other a tearful smile.

    Luke is finally alone with Laura. It looks as it she's mentally gone now. He talks to her anyway. “I hope that you've gone to that place you were talking about. The one you couldn't see, but you know was there. I'm picturing you in a garden, you're garden. Surrounded by flowers and sunlight. Wherever you are. I'm there with you. And I will be until the day I die.”
    He shakily bends down to kiss her hand. Then he gets up and walks to the door, but before he goes, he stops to kiss her on top of her head one last time. She's gone. He walks out of her room, closes her door and cries openly.
    Back inside of Laura's room, although she's staring at the wall, she blinks every once in a while. We watch her face, but we're hearing two very young voices exchanging wedding vows. “I Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, take you…”

    The camera leaves Laura's face and we see footage of her first wedding with Luke – twenty five years ago. We see their wedding kiss and their giddy joy as they come back down the aisle as husband and wife. We hear the crowd's enthusiastic applause. The footage is moving in slow motion now; young Luke and Laura are running into the rest of their lives… and the haunting song about an “Angel” is all we hear.

    Finally, we see Laura's face again from her chair at Shady Brooke. She blinks and smiles ever so slightly.

    Ric tells Lucky that his first assignment is Jason Morgan.
    Carly tells Sonny that she and the boys are moving back to their house.
    Alexis tells Sam that she's the only one who can help Kristina.

    Luke and the rest of the family try to fill in some pieces.

    Monday, October 30 2006

    After Laura learns that she's been unconscious for 4 years, she asks for all of the details of their lives. Nikolas wants to get a doctor but Laura just wants her family near her. She wants to try to stand up, and Lucky and Nicolas help her. Nikolas explains that she was worked with every day, so that her muscles wouldn't atrophy. Once standing, she hugs both of her boys and then turns to Lulu. She walks carefully toward her and gleefully says, “My girl.” She is stunned, “Oh Luke, look at her, look at our beautiful girl.” She embraces Lulu and apologizes for being gone so long.

    At the DA's office, Ric tells Lorenzo how he hopes to falsify evidence to frame Jason and Sonny, by using Sam. Ric hopes that Lorenzo is right – that Jason will move heaven and earth to save her. Ric's plan is that Jason will be shot just as he goes to rescue her.

    Outside of Alexis's house, Jason and Sam talk about Sam's plans. For the moment, she is going to get her old room back above Kelly's. She wants to save money for a real apartment, with a refrigerator. She tells Jason that Alexis is right about one thing – she needs to make it on her own.

    In Alexis's room, Jax shows up and after hearing that Alexis's infection is postponing chemo, he ponders how that bad news explains why Carly is moving in with Sonny. Alexis explains that her marriage is over and that Sonny and Carly are going to try to make a good temporary home for all the kids. Jax agrees that Sonny should take the girls for a while, so Alexis agrees that given the circumstances, what can she say. Carly thanks Jax for being so wonderful and leaves with Sonny. After they leave, Jax sits with Alexis and she fills him in on the whole Ric/Sam thing.

    Seated back in her chair, Laura is sad that she missed so much. Luke tells her that there was an accident while she was preparing for their wedding. She asks if it was a head injury and Luke agreed that it was sort of like that. Nikolas tells her that they've all visited and talked to her over the years. Lulu is curious as to whether her mother can remember anything they've spoken to her about. Laura says no, but she wants to hear a little something about each of their lives. Nikolas starts by showing her a picture of her grandson, Spencer.

    Jason and Sam are still talking about Sam's plans. She really wants to get her life in order before she can share it with him or anyone else. He asks if he should stay away from her, and she says no. Jason leaves and continues walking and doing business via cell phone. He runs into Elizabeth, who is sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Today is her first wedding anniversary. She wonders if Lucky even remembers.

    At Shady Brook, Luke whispers to Lucky that he doesn't want anyone to know that Laura has awoken except Leslie and Bobby, for now. Laura looks over to Luke and says, “I went to sleep a bride and woke up a grandmother.” He tells her she is still the most beautiful bride he's ever seen. She tells him that he still makes her heart race. She asks who Spencer's mother is and learns a little about Courtney Matthews and how much Nikolas loved her. They also recount for Laura's sake how Emily Quartermaine is the love of Nikolas's life and hopefully soon they will be back together. Lucky says, “Ya, how about that? The girl I used to raise worms with is the love of my brother's life.”

    Laura switches her attention to Lucky, “What about you, is there a love of your life?” she asks her son. She wonders what ever happened between him and Elizabeth. Lucky tells his mother that today is their first wedding anniversary. She says she's not surprised, that some loves where just meant to be (she looks at Luke). She asked if it was a big wedding…stuff like that. Lucky tells his mother that Elizabeth no longer aspires to be an artist, that she has chosen nursing instead. Then Luke tells her to brace herself to hear what Lucky has become. A cop. She busts out laughing and they all smile. She chuckled, “How could you do that to your father?” Luke enjoyed the ribbing, but said he had to accept it. Lucky explains that his marriage has had some problems, but announced that he has a step-son and is about to have a baby of his own.

    Laura talks about the love of a baby and how magical it is. (Lulu is saddened to hear her mother talk this way.) She tells them all how much joy each of their births meant to her. She said, “Lesley Lu, tell me you're not going to make me a grandmother any time soon?” They all jump in and say that their little sister isn't ready for diapers and midnight feedings. Laura is relieved and then they talk about Lulu's college experiences. Then Laura asks how her mother, Leslie, is doing? Luke has slipped out of the room, and Laura says it's okay, Luke always comes back. The nurse comes in and makes everyone leave so Laura can rest and have some tests. They all kiss Laura and she cries a little after they leave the room. A shadow comes over her face.

    Sam shows up to reclaim her old job at the PCPD. She explains that the temp can go home, she wants her job back. Ric sees her and demands to know what she is doing there. He tells her she is on the lowest rung of the ladder there and she needs to treat him with respect. They bicker a little bit and she clicks off.

    At the Quartermane house, Luke is confronted by Robert who tells him how unhappy his wife (Tracy!) is because she hasn't been able to find him. He hands Robert his flask so that he can take a big shot. After Robert sucks it down, he tells Luke he's ready to hear whatever it is that's been going on. Luke explains that Robin's treatment worked. He warns that they have to take it slow with Laura and her memories, they don't know what might set her off. “Even Cassadine was smart enough to sugar coat his stupid life…” Luke says. Robert assumes, correctly, that Luke hasn't told Laura about his marriage to Tracy.

    Sonny and Carly bring Kristina and Molly to Sonny's house to find the chaos of Michael and Morgan tying up Milo and Max. They tell Leticia to help get the girls settled and then Max, Milo and Sonny run off to work or something. Carly is mad that she's left alone with 4 kids, but Jax shows up to help! He bribes them with candy and video games and then he is alone with Carly. She wonders why he's not furious with her for moving in with Sonny. He says that he loves and trusts her. Wow, “So this is what that feels like, huh?” Carly says. Jax appreciates that Carly is trying to help his friend Alexis and her daughters.

    Outside of Laura's room, Lucky reminds his siblings that Luke wants to protect Laura from learning that she killed her own step father, and that's what caused her breakdown. Nikolas thinks the longer they wait, the harder it will hit her. Behind the door, Laura quietly looks in the mirror and studies her face now that it's suddenly 4 years older.

    Back at the Q's, Robert and Luke drink and Luke talks about how he was able to somehow move on after losing Laura. He got involved with Skye (Robert called him a “Lucky Bastard” for that one). Luke never thought he'd have to explain his quirky marriage to Tracy. He says how looking at Laura today, he realizes that he never really did move on. And that the weirdest part of all is that he's afraid he's going to fall in love with Laura all over again (and therefore possibly loose her all over again.)

    Jax and Carly snuggle on the sofa at Sonny's. They start to kiss when Sonny comes home and Sonny tells him to go away. She continues to kiss Jax and Sonny points out that the 4 kids (and Milo and Max) are spying on them.

    Jason visits Alexis in the hospital. He asks her why she'd let Sam move out when she needs her help so much with the girls. Jason asks Alexis if she can try to forgive Sam. She asks him if he can. He says he's going to try because having a life with Sam is what he wants. (Elizabeth has walked into Alexis's room and heard that.)

    Mac talks to Sam at work and warns her that since she insists on coming back to the DA's office, she is under scrutiny. If any files against Sonny or Jason show up missing, he'll suspect her first. Just then, a detective brings a box of evidence confiscated from the Corinthos warehouse. Ric sneakily puts the technological device into the box (to frame Sam).

    Luke explains to Robert that his love with Laura isn't rational – that nothing could break them up during all those years. But then she slipped away and he was forced to move on. He doesn't think he can go back. (Huh?) Robert demands an explanation. He shouts that Luke has just had a miracle and asks why he'd suddenly be afraid to enjoy it. He says that something must be going on…what isn't Luke telling him?

    "Luke, Are You Okay?"

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    “Hang on tight angel, here we go.” Luke holds Laura's hand. Patrick nods to Robin and she injects the medicine in Laura's IV. (That almost-forgotten, Luke/Laura love music played in the background!) Robin tells Luke that if Laura is to respond, it should happen soon. We see a really cool montage of clips from Laura's life that ends with her losing her mind and being taken away.

    At the DA's office, Ric is talking to the Mayor when Sonny comes in and says he needs to talk to his brother. Mayor Floyd tells Sonny that he doesn't take orders from him. Sonny asks if he understands what a private family matter means? The mayor leaves all flustered and Ric asks Sonny if he's skipping his meds. “That's funny”, Sonny deadpanned. He goes on to tell Ric to stop upsetting Alexis by threatening to take Molly away. He also tells Ric that “brother or no brother, I will come down on you like the wrath of God” if you don't leave me and my organization alone.

    At the lake house, Carly is trying to get Alexis to agree to go to the hospital – she has spiked a fever. Alexis wants to stay at home with her girls. Carly says, “That' ll be great if Kristina comes out and finds you dead.”

    Sam barges into Jason's place and sees him talking to Elizabeth. She asks if the paternity results are in. Jason tells her that the baby is Lucky's and Sam says it's good that they can all get on with their lives. Jason thanks Liz for telling him face-to-face and she leaves. Sam asks Jason if he's upset that he's not the father. He says it's better this way and asks what happened between Sam and Alexis.

    Luke quietly talks to a still catatonic Laura. He explains about the experimental drug and the “road home to us” that she can take. He tells her that if she can hear him, try to squeeze his hand. Nothing happens, so he continues to talk to her. He reminisces about when they were on the run from Frank Smith (years ago) and they always had a secret place where they could meet if they got separated. He tells her that now, their meeting place is this little room in Port Chares. He begs her to try to find it there so that she can see Lucky, and Lulu and her mother. He tells her they are all waiting for her to find her way back.

    Robin gets upset that nothing is happening with Laura, so she leaves the room and Patrick follows her. She tells him that since it's not working things might get even worse for Laura. They've just put Laura at risk for horrible side effects. Suddenly Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas have figured it out and push in to their mother's room. “What are you doing to her?” asks Lulu. Patrick explains the ramifications to Laura's children. Nikolas, when he hears that the drug could make Laura even worse, rushes over to the IV and tries to take it out.
    Nikolas tells Luke that he won't allow Luke to be reckless with his mother's life. Patrick makes them all step out of the room, where they continue to fight. Nikolas reminds his siblings that Luke isn't even Laura's husband anymore – her next of kin is them, they should've had the decision to make. (Meanwhile, Laura's hand still isn't moving.)

    Carly is able to get Alexis into the hospital (with her 103 temperature). Epiphany scolds Alexis for letting herself get this sick – she is at risk for infections since she's had chemo!

    Back at Jason's penthouse, Sam is explaining how ugly things got between her and Alexis. Then they start talking about how Ric baited him by saying something nasty about her, so that he would beat him. Sonny storms in and tells them they have a “situation.” He explains that Ric has nothing to lose now, he's a loose cannon. Sonny tells Sam that Alexis needs her daughter. He reminds them at no matter how badly Alexis has behaved, Sam needs to take some responsibility, she did sleep with her mother's husband after all.

    Carly calls Sam (at Jason's) and tells her that Alexis has taken a turn for the worse. In Alexis's room, she and Carly continue to argue. Mothers and daughters just forgive each other, Carly says. She reminds Alexis that when she herself first came to town, she did worse things to Bobby, but they worked everything out. “Don't take it out on your daughter because you married a dog,” Carly says. She tells Alexis it's time to show her daughter a little compassion. At that moment, Sam comes into the room.

    Ric gets the mayor back in his office and asks him to stop referring to him as the “Interim DA”. He says that Alexis will always be soft on crime, that he should be the DA from now on.

    Lucky tells everyone that his mother would want to take this chance. (He sides with Luke.) So they all go back into Laura's room to see if she's responsive yet. (The camera pans around from the back of Laura's head finally show her sweet face.) Luke gets down on his knee and talks to her. (She's staring blankly.) In the hallway, Patrick explains that if Laura wakes up, she still has to deal with the original trauma that sent her away in the first place. “So you could bring her back, only to drive her crazy again?” Lulu demanded. Luke steps out in to the hallway with them and Lulu apologizes to her dad for putting him in the position to reach out to Laura in this way.

    Mayor Floyd tells Ric that the press would have a field day with him if he boots a woman with cancer from office. Ric tells him to spin it that Alexis has a child with mobster Corrinthos -- she can't be impartial. The mayor reminds Ric that he's just as involved as she is, he is Sonny's brother after all. Ric tells him that he used to work for his brother and now is prepared to use all the information that he has in order to bust him. He said he won't rest until Sonny and Jason get a lethal injection. The Mayor said if Ric can do that, the DA job is his forever.

    Bernie calls Jason and reports that the cops are currently raiding the coffee warehouse and Sonny's house simultaneously. Jason hangs up the phone and tells Sonny that Ric has just made his first move. They rush to meet Bernie at the waterfront and he tells them that he gave the cops only all legit info. Ric shouldn't be able to bust them for anything. Sonny tells Bernie that he and Jason are going to handle Ric.

    At the hospital, Alexis tells Sam that Carly thinks they should be able to get past their problems. But she admits that she's too tired and too sick to try. She tells Sam that maybe she was right when she said months ago that maybe they don't fit as mother and daughter, that maybe too much time had passed before they realized their relationship. Sam tells Sam that she's not closing the door on Alexis and if she changes her mind, Alexis knows where to find her. Sam tells her that she's kinda glad that she is finally able to give her mother something she wants. Alexis is now alone and she's a victim.

    Ric gets a phone call from Alexis's doctor who wants him to know about her condition. Ric tells him that they are separated and that she wouldn't want him involved.

    Outside Laura's door, Robin reports that Laura is still unresponsive. And there should have been a response by now. They all agree to leave for now. Robin is crying and says it's not at all what any of them wanted. They go close to Laura to say goodbye. Nikolas tells his mother that he will bring his son to see her when he gets a little older. He cries when he says that his son is all he has left of her. Lucky's turn. He tells Laura that he wishes she could come back, but he'll find some way to accept it. (I swear, it looks like Laura can see him now.) Lulu approaches her mother and says how much she really wanted her mother back, but she's scared to hope. She's afraid if Laura comes out of it, she wouldn't want her for a daughter anymore because of the abortion. She breaks down crying and walks away. Laura blinks and moves her head, but no one sees.

    Liz is on the roof of the hospital and we see paper that says “Paternity Test Results” at the top, but nothing else. She lights it on fire and remembers Jason's words “It all worked out for the best…” Cut to Jason telling Sonny that he thought he would be relieved, but he's not. “I guess I was getting my hopes up without even realizing it.”

    Ric goes home to the Lake House to visit Molly and Kristina and hear about their Disney trip. He takes Molly out of her highchair so that they can go to the park. Kristina asks if she can go, but Ric said he wants to just take his little girl.

    “So much for the miracle of modern medicine” Luke says outsides of Laura's room. Robin apologizes for creating false hope. Patrick says he wishes he hadn't been right. Robin and Patrick leave the family outside of Laura's door and walk away. Robin tells him that she honestly thought that LS 49 would work. “It still could,” says Patrick.

    Luke quietly talks to the love of his life. “I hope you're safe in there, wherever you are. I hope you're not afraid. I hope this didn't cause you any pain. I had to try to bring you back. For the kids. And for us. (A beautiful song about “being alone” is playing in the background.) We've beaten the odds so many times, you and I. But I guess this time the house wins. Our luck didn't hold.” He gets up to leave and pats her hair. He tells her he loves her and she blinks. As he leaves the door, he hears her say, “Luke”.


    Laura says, “Are you alright?” A jubilant Luke says, “You cam back to me!”

    A new treatment for Laura?

    Wednesday, October 04 2006

    Lucky is in the room with his mother, Laura, who is sitting in a rocking chair, unresponsive. He tells her that he's in the rehab center across the way, and that he'll be close to her. He tells her that Elizabeth is pregnant, and he's going to be a father. Robin comes into the room and asks Lucky if he can do something to help his mother. She says that maybe Lucky's father should discuss it with him first, but Lucky says that his father, as usual, is nowhere to be found. Robin says that Luke is actually in Paris, where a doctor has developed a non-surgical treatment for his mother's affliction. Lucky says that if it's true that his mother may recover, he doesn't want her to see him the way he is, that he wants to get his life together and be with his family.

    In Laura's room, Lulu says that she wants her life to count for something. Dillon says the the only one judging her is herself.

    Lulu deals with a new day as Luke takes off for unknown reasons.

    Tuesday, September 19 2006

    Luke has stopped by Laura's room before he leaves to see the "Parisian potion pusher". He promises Laura that if he turns out to be a quack, he won't let the doctor touch her. He talks to Laura about the demons that are devouring her and that, sadly, his memories of her are fading. He's afraid, however, to have her come back just to say goodbye again. He tells her that if she comes back, he wants her to fight to stay with him. If she can't do that, he says that he needs her to set him free.

    Maxi sends Lucky off to work and promises to have his house all cleaned up by the time he comes home. Elizabeth presses Sam for an answer of when Jason is coming back. Jax tells Carly that they can be happy together.

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