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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    Laura Comes Home.

    Tuesday, November 11 2008

    After Luke has left, Laura shows up at the Q house and confronts Tracy for sending a phony doctor to cart her off to France. Tracy tells her that she's paranoid.

    It's Mrs. Spencer vs. Mrs. Spencer.

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Out in California, Lucky, Nik and Lulu show up at the cabin door just as Luke and Laura are starting their second kiss. Laura rushes to the door and greets her three children. After lots of hugs and kisses, she offers them a deal. She promises to let them know if she feels herself relapsing and in return, she implores them to be honest with her from now on. Then, Nik calls for a chopper.

    Soon, Tracy's eyes light up at the sight of the Spencer clan coming through the door of the hotel. She guardedly tells them that she's glad they are all safe, and Luke stands next to her. Nik and Lulu awkwardly make small talk and Laura tells them not to handle her with kid gloves. She says she is tired, but she won't rest until she talks to Luke's new wife.

    Everyone walks away and lets Laura talk with Tracy without interference. First Laura thanks Tracy for her kindness to Lulu, and then she apologizes for how painful it must've been during the staged wedding a couple years ago. She calls Tracy generous, and Tracy cracks that she doesn't do generous. She says that she doesn't share her husband either and that she hears Scott Baldwin is available.

    Another Kiss Goodbye.

    Friday, November 07 2008

    Tracy returns to the hotel and finds Scott in the lobby with a drink in his hand. She yells at him for getting them into this mess, but Scott says they should sit back and let destiny take its course.

    Outside of the cabin, Laura asks Luke to be honest with her. She says that she can't make any plans for her future until she knows if he loves Tracy or not. Luke says that he does have strong feelings for her, but they didn't start right away. He said when he faced his mortality, it sealed the deal. He explains that his heart attacks changed everything for him and took the wind out of his sails. Laura is shocked that he agreed to surgery, but Luke credits Tracy for refusing to give up on him. He says that marriage went from 'con to con to connection' and his feelings shocked him. He adds that nothing has changed regarding the place that she holds in his heart. Laura's eyes fill with tears. She denies that Scott filled her head with lies, and says that he merely told her some truths. She offers a few examples, such as how close she and he used to be and that she and Luke turned him into the villain when he didn't deserve it.

    He follows her inside and tells her that she's the only angel he's ever known. She says that she's not perfect, that's his fantasy of her. He softly tells her that she made him believe in love. They are standing very close now, and she says that they were amazing together. Luke echoes the sentiment and what turns out as her gentle kiss on his fingers turns into one, final kiss.

    Luke and Laura Talk it Out.

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    Out in California, Luke knocks on the cabin door and asks Laura to let him in for coffee. She makes him talk through the door and reminds him that she isn't his wife anymore. He explains that his marriage to Tracy started as a scam because he wanted alimony. Then he adds that he should've been honest with her when she recovered. He starts having a coughing fit, but Laura thinks he's faking so she lets him go on for a while. Finally she grows concerned and comes outside. He tells her that his ticker isn't what it used to be and explains that he's had three heart attacks. She scoops him up, and he takes the opportunity to race into the house. She rages inside after him, but all he does is ask for coffee.

    Laura eventually gives in and they sit down and have coffee. She tells him that she's given it a lot of thought and does understand why he moved on, but she selfishly hoped that she was the only one for him. She says that she'll find a way to move on, too. Then she clarifies that she's only mad because he didn't respect her enough to tell her about it before staging their second wedding. Luke says that he knew when she woke up that it was only for a limited amount of time and he wanted to give her what she wanted. Laura says that it was sweet, but condescending to assume that she couldn't handle it. Luke says that he just didn't want to hurt her, that's all. Now that all of that is on the table, Laura says that they should talk about their current problem. She says that she's awake, but no one knows for how long. Then she points out that he is married and asks if they should be spending time together like this?

    Emma's Bittersweet Birthday

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    In a car dangling over a cliff, Laura tells Luke that she's scared. He tells her to unbuckle her seatbelt, crawl over Baldwin and he'll pull her out. She says they can't leave Scott! Then, when she tries to unhook her seatbelt, she finds that it's stuck! Luke pulls Scott out of the car and dumps him on the ground. Then, he crawls into the car to work on Laura's seatbelt. The car promptly goes over the cliff.

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