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    General Hospital CAST - Helena Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Helena Cassadine Played by Constance Towers on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Constance Towers (ABC)

    Birthday: 1933-05-20
    Birthplace: Whitefish, Montana
    Marital Status: Married, John Gavin 1974
    Real Name: Constance Towers
    Height: 5'8"


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    Do The Right Thing.

    Friday, September 27 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Luke fights off an attacker, and then takes a call from Hollie. He wants her to stay close to Robert but thanks her for her lead and hangs up. He steals his victim's gun before using the man's thumb to open the electronic lock. Inside he shoots a guard and calls for Jerry Jacks. Helena Cassadine walks in asking Luke if he thinks Jerry Jack can fill her shoes. He thinks he's hallucinating – he killed that 'bitch'. She agrees and asks 'if I'm dead, what does that make you'? She promises he'll be dead soon enough unless he bargains with her. He needs to die to keep from dying or be her slave…she won't take no for an answer. He collapses yelling that he's not going to join her. He looks up as someone approaches and says, "You?"

    My Ice Princess.

    Friday, April 12 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Dante bangs on the window and yells Lulu's name. He tries getting the fingerprint activated security lock to work. He drags the body of a guard over and tries his thumb but has no success. He bangs on the locking mechanism with a large tank. In the dining room Stavros tells Luke and Laura that Lulu is safe. Luke asks if Lulu has been frozen. Stavros replies, "It is as I said. I am her prince and she is my ice princess." Stavros talks about Lulu's stubbornness to submit to the life he was planning for her. Due to her hot-bloodedness, he had to cool her down. Laura softly speaks to Stavros pleading that if he ever loved her to take her to Lulu. Alarms go off. Stavros yells, "My ice princess," and runs off. Alarms are blaring as Stavros demands Dante stay away from her. He's in the middle of telling Dante he will regret something when Luke knocks him out. Laura rushes to the door and calls Lulu's name. Luke and Dante drag Stavros to the security panel and scan his thumb. The door opens and they rush inside. Laura is worried about the temperature and Luke covers Lulu with his coat. Stavros comes to. Luke holds him at gunpoint until they can leave the ice chamber. They lock Stavros in the chamber as he yells, "She's my ice princess!" Dante lays her on a table across from Helena. He tells Lulu she is not going to die as they try to warm her. Laura pleads for Lulu to breathe. Dante apologizes for not saving Lulu and holds her. Luke and Laura scream back at Stavros that he killed Lulu. Luke tells Laura not to stop him, but she activates the cryo-chamber herself with Stavros inside.

    Third Time's A Charm.

    Thursday, April 11 2013

    At GH Nikolas says his father has Lulu. Elizabeth thinks he's confused. Alexis tells Nikolas he needs rest and when he wakes up things will make sense. Nikolas explains he is making sense, Stavros is alive. He reminds Alexis how he helped Robert Scorpio, angering Helena. He went to Greece to appease his grandmother and found out she was hiding something. He stumbled across his father in a locked room. Helena recounts how she saved Stavros and tells Nikolas someday he will come back healthier and stronger than ever. Nikolas asked him one day what he was doing. Stavros mumbles something about his princess. Nikolas finds out Stavros saw Lulu in Turkey rescuing Luke and thought she was Laura. Nik tried to reason with Stavros and showed him pictures of Laura and Lulu together. Stavros knocked Nik out and disappeared. Helena caught Nikolas calling Lucky and ended up kidnapping Ethan. Nik reminds Alexis that Dante is now a rival of Stavros.

    On Cassadine Island Luke and Laura are shocked when Stavros Cassadine enters the room. Stavros says he is back and better than ever as Luke and Laura stare on in disbelief. He's hurt by Laura's disdain and rejection at seeing him and tells the couple, "Reports of all of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated at one point or another." Luke grabs Stavros holding a dinner knife to his neck reminding him, "You've cheated death twice, now the third time's a charm." Laura stops Luke from stabbing him so they can find Lulu. Luke throws the knife down. Laura begs Stavros to tell them where Lulu is. He promises to share every last detail, but first they will dine. They don't eat and Stavros tells him a Cassadine wouldn't poison a guest. He reminds Laura he wouldn't harm her and they are a family. Laura starts offering to stay with him if that's what he wants. Luke tells her not to negotiate anything. Stavros rejects her, saying he's given up their future to hold onto their past. He adds, "Besides, I've met someone else, Lulu my princess." He tells them not to get the wrong idea; he's just been courting Lulu since he sent the Ice Princess. Stavros is pleased with the second gift he sent Lulu, the bear. He admits to shooting Nikolas but thinks Helena fed Dante to the sharks. Luke boasts eliminating Helena from his family's life. Stavros states he is taking care of his mother the same way she took care of him. He is putting her on ice, just like he did to his new ice princess.

    In a secret location Dante knocks out one of his capturers and starts to make his way around eliminating others. He gains access to a private room filled with technical equipment. He finds Helena's body under a sheet with a cold icy stare. Dante backs away from her into a door and peers through its icy window. He utters, "Lulu?"

    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013

    On the Haunted Star Helena announces Laura will shoot Ethan and holds out the gun. Laura grabs it. Luke says they can now give Helena a burial at sea. Helena responds that only Ethan’s death can save Lulu. Helena asks Laura if Luke would be as noble to not shoot Nikolas to save one of their kids. Laura won’t shoot Ethan, even though he is tired of listening to Helena. Helena offers up Luke instead as one betrayed wife to another. She baits Laura about all Luke has done to Laura over the years. Helena says "Kill him and my curse will be broken." Luke tells her to do it. Laura approaches him. Luke tells her she knows what she has to do. He grabs the gun and shoots Helena’s men. He tells Helena, "Say goodbye old woman," and pulls the trigger. Laura asks if Helena is alive. Luke answers, "Ding dong, the witch is dead." Luke searches the boat and Ethan thanks Laura for not shooting him. Luke comes back with no news of Lulu or Dante. He finds an ear piece on one of Helena’s men with flashing lights. Laura hears ships approaching and thinks Dante is bringing the cavalry. Luke thinks it’s the Cassadine’s and tells Ethan he has to disappear for his safety. Ethan wants to stay but Luke talks him into leaving hoping one of the ships will follow Ethan on another boat. Laura asks if Luke has a plan. He says he does. Luke Takes Laura’s hand and says, "Here we go again."

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    Luke and Laura are startled to find Ethan instead of Lulu. Ethan’s confused. He and Laura figure out who the other is. Luke tells Ethan Lulu’s missing and they’re on the Haunted Star. Luke helps Ethan up to leave and meet Dante in the saloon. The door slams shut and locks. Luke and Laura bang on the door. Laura asks if Ethan remembers anything. He recalls being at Lucky’s place in Dublin while Lucky was in Africa doing humanitarian work. Ethan got a message from Nik about the family being in danger. He remembers being taken as a distraction when Helena didn’t find Lucky. He’s sorry he didn’t turn out to be Lulu. They suspect Helena took Lulu when she couldn’t get Lucky. Laura listens to Ethan complain about Helena and realizes he is a lot like Luke and she wouldn’t need an introduction to know that. Luke thinks it’s time to find Dante but Helena busts in with her henchmen. She takes them on deck indicating Dante is no longer a problem. Helena reminds Laura she is ready to finish the job and takes a gun from one of her men. Luke blocks Laura and asks Helena to shoot him. Helena decides she’s not going to shoot anyone and declares, "Laura is."

    Sweet Taste Of Victory.

    Monday, April 01 2013

    On the Haunted Star Helena plans to shoot Laura. Luke steps in front of the gun and a shot rings out hitting Helena’s gun. Dante is behind Luke and Laura threatening Helena. Helena makes him drop his gun and she decides Luke and Laura can watch him die first. Dante kicks a table and gets his gun. He retrieves a gun for Luke and a shootout ensues. All of Helena’s henchmen are taken out and they corner Helena behind the bar. Dante threatens Helena to take him to Lulu. She says she doesn’t take orders from anyone and new men arrive for Helena. Luke tells them to drop the guns or Dante will shoot her. They drop the guns and Dante says he has intel from the WSB that someone he thinks is Lulu is in a stateroom below deck. Helena makes her men stand down and Luke gets keys to search below deck with Laura. They find the room and remove a cover from someone's head.

    Here We Are Again.

    Friday, March 29 2013

    Luke and Laura are lowered onto the Haunted Star via helicopter. Luke wants to sink it when they are done. They prepare to face the dragon lady. Helena finds them with guns drawn in the bar. She tells them it seems like old times and invites them to make themselves at home since it is their boat. Her henchmen come in and Laura hands over her gun. Helena requests Luke’s gun for Laura’s life. Luke obliges and Laura demands Helena give back her daughter. Helena doesn’t know what her sons ever saw in Laura. Laura asks if she will shoot them like she had Nikolas shot. Helena’s surprised and upset. Luke asks, "If you didn’t have him shot then who did?" Helena doesn’t believe them and slaps Luke for his wise-cracking. Laura calls GH to prove it. Alexis picks up Scott’s phone in Nick’s room. Alexis tells them she will stay there until he is out of the woods. She’s caught off guard when Helena says to see that she does or she’ll be killed like her mother. Helena hangs up and Laura demands to see Lulu. Helena denies her claiming Laura’s responsible for what happened to Nikolas. Helena takes a gun and threatens to put an end to everything by taking care of Laura. Outside Dante climbs onto the Haunted Star in a wetsuit.

    Back at the hospital Alexis tells a still unconscious Nikolas that his grandmother actually has feelings. Liz comes in and hears Luke and Laura have been captured. Liz asks about Dante. Alexis says Helena didn’t mention him.

    Real Cassadines Of Spoon Island.

    Monday, December 03 2012

    Robert greets Helena at Wyndemere. He understands that she wants him dead but he wants information on one of her former associates – Faison. She is confused – he has been dead for ages. Robert asks what it will take for her to tell him what he needs to know. She’ll tell him what she can if he tells her why. He lays out why he thinks Faison is passing himself off as Lavery. Afterward, she accuses him of being delusional for believing this, although the part about the LSD was her favorite. She assures him that Fasion is dead. If he was alive she would have found him a long time ago and killed him herself.

    At the Haunted Star, Anna tells Fake Duke that she wants to take their time getting to know each other. He knows he is not the man she fell in love with, but it seems unjust she is holding him at arm’s length. He is not blaming her, but the circumstances. She needs him to respect her feelings. If they don’t move slowly they will have anything at all. He agrees to take it slow. He doesn’t want to lose her. She assures him there is no risk. He asks her to go away with him, somewhere isolated, for a few days. Maybe Silver Mountain where they used to go. She corrects him – it was the mountain next to it. She asks for time to think about the trip. Later, Helena calls Fake Duke and tells him Robert is on to him.

    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012

    Robert goes to Wyndemere and Helena comes out at his call.

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