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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1974-08-05
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Real Name: Kent King


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    Alexis finds an ally in Sonny.

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Dr. Lainey is evaluating Kristina while having a tea party that includes Alexis. Viola takes the girls into another room so that Lainey can talk to Alexis. The reason Kristina isn't talking again is because Alexis is clearly not well. Lainey tells her, whatever it was she was doing when Kristina spoke, keep it up. She tells Alexis to do whatever she can to pull herself together for her girls. After Lainey leaves, Alexis is clearly sick as she bundles up her girls to go to the movies and ice skating with Viola. As soon as they leave, she gets out a joint.

    Someone is certainly getting soft on Georgie.

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Alexis tries on a brunette wig but doesn't like it. After she has taken it off, she turns around to see that Kristina is watching her. Alexis explains that she'll get better, her hair will grow back and they will have fun again. Sam comes in and Kristina runs out the door. Just as Alexis jumps down Sam's throat for coming over without letting her know first, Lainey walks in. Apparently, Lainey has planned a therapy session that includes Sam and Kristina. Lainey tells Alexis the best thing she can do for Kristina is to let go of her grudge with Sam.

    Lainey, Sam, Alexis and Kristina are sitting around the fire and having a pretend tea party. Sam tries to draw her little sister into conversation, but she eventually runs off. Alexis says that Sam is upsetting Kristina, but Lainey feels that Alexis is the bigger problem at the moment. Lainey explains that it's not just the shooting; Kristina has lost Ric and Sam in the past few weeks. Alexis reminds Lainey that she is still there. Lainey points out that Kristina saw her in a coma, her appearance is changing because of the chemo and she is frantically trying to control everything around her. It's all too terrifying for a little girl. Alexis sarcastically asks if Lainey would have her wear a wig and take Ric back? Then, Alexis storms off, and Lainey tells Sam if there's anything she can think of to help Alexis let go of her controlling behavior, that would help matters for everyone.

    Healing Hearts, Minds and Bodies

    Monday, November 27 2006

    In Ric's office, he is trying to get a response from Cristina while Lainey and Alexis watch. The child doesn't appear to hear Ric although Lainey tells him that part of Cristina does. Lainey explains her hopes that Sam can help by putting Cristina back in the moment and allowing damage control. Ric agrees and Sam is ushered into the room. She thanks him for letting her come, but he tells her not to get cute and try escaping. Alexis tells him to shut up. Lainey kneels to talk to Cristina, telling her that Sam is here and is going to try to help. Sam takes Lainey's place in front of the little girl and tries to engage her. She takes her hand and speaks of her bracelet, trying to put her at east. Cristina's face is pinched, and the terrifying event flashes in her mind again. She starts screaming. Alexis pushes Sam aside and gathers her daughter in a hug. Cristina bolts across the room and cowers in the corner. Alexis is enraged that Lainey would see her daughter huddled in a ball as progress. Lainey explains that Cristina saw Sam, remembered, and allowed some release of the terror. “Better out than in,” she says. Alexis questions continuing the process, but is reminded that access to Sam is limited.
    Sam kneels next to Cristina and hugs her, assuring her that all the bad stuff is over. She asks Cristina to look at her, telling her that everything will be okay. Alexis butts in and stops Sam, saying she doesn't feel right about continuing. Sam gets to her feet, looking guilty and apologizing for not being able to help. She leaves with Lucky. As she is going out the door, Lainey tells her not to be so sure she didn't help. The camera pans to a scarf-clad Alexis sitting on the floor cradling her daughter's head in her lap.

    Patrick gets the news he's been waiting for.

    Friday, September 29 2006

    Outside Alexis's door, Jax asks Dr. Lainey if she has a moment. He tells her that he wants Alexis to live no matter what it takes. Lainey asks him if he wants to stage a hostage takeover of the cancer. Lainey didn't realize that Alexis is refusing chemo and Jax thinks that she's hiding from something by doing it. Lainey suggests that the most important thing to Alexis is her girls (inferring that they would be the ones who could convince her), but they can't scare the girls by telling them what might happen. The next logical person would be Kristina's father. Jax agrees to put aside his feelings toward Sonny in order to ask him to speak to Alexis on behalf of Kristina.

    Things are looking up for Jax.

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Aha! Guess who Carly's one phone call was to? Dr. Lainey shows up at Sonny's door for an impromptu therapy session. At the same time, the boys and Laticia come running in because the pipes burst at Carly's house and she's not answering her cell. Sonny knows just what to do. He tells Max to get over to the suite to get Carly!

    Sonny steps up his plan to get between Jax and Carly.

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    "You and Carly are toxic for one another from all I've heard," says Dr. Lainey to Sonny. She questions why he would want to get between Carly & Jax. Sonny claims he's worried that Jax will leave Carly in worse shape than he ever did. Lainey suggests that Sonny needs to let Jax and Carly sink or swim all by themselves. Sonny says that Jax has a pattern of taking what he wants and then leaving, and Sonny doesn't want to have to pick up the pieces. Lainey wonders if perhaps Sonny is doing all this for another reason.

    Jax is the one man who can take away Carly for good, Lainey explains to Sonny. She tells him to admit that he's not merely policing his family, he's the one threatened by Jax, not Carly. She challenges him to face it in order to get over Carly for good. IF that's what he really wants, that is.

    Lucky proclaims his love for Elizabeth. Maxi does not like it.

    Wednesday, September 20 2006

    Sonny and Dr. Lainey have a session and guess what, they're talking about Carly. He's complaining about Jax, and Lainey asks Sonny if he's still in love with Carly. He says he needs to do something drastic to get Carly away from Jax. Permanently.

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