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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1974-08-05
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Real Name: Kent King


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    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Lainey has gone out to Shady Brooke to counsel Tracy, who is insisting that she has never seen a ghost. Alan is sitting next to Lainey and doing his best to trip Tracy up. "She knows you're lying" Alan warns as Lainey asks Tracy questions. Finally Tracy throws her cup of water and yells that she can't hear herself think. Lainey simply says that they have a lot of work to do. As Tracy proceeds to yell at the doctor, Edward is let into the room. He has brought an affidavit for Lainey to sign that states that Tracy isn't fit to run ELQ anymore.

    Stan goes to the hospital to see his mother, and finds her standing next to Lainey. Epiphany tells him that he can't leave the hospital until he asks Lainey for a date. Surprisingly, Lainey gets involved and says "Let's go somewhere private and settle this one-on-one." She and Stan go up to the roof and Lainey laughs and says the Epiphany just wants him to be happy. She asks if it would kill them to just go out and get it over with. She offers to spilt the check and simply go out as friends. Stan tells her that he's trying to change the world -- his way, and doing what his mother wants him to do is no way to start. Lainey suggests that he can stage his revolution after their token date. Then, Stan tells Lainey that she's not his type. Lainey lashes back that he's an arrogant jerk and isn't her type either. As Stan is about to leave the rooftop, he turns and says that a date is the only way to "squash this."

    Did Sam Do It?

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Edward brings Lainey inside to talk to Tracy. Alan says, "I told you so" and Lainey notices that Tracy is agitated as she stares at his chair. Lainey asks if there is anything particular about that chair? Lainey whisks Tracy off for a private conversation and then Monica joins Edward in the study. He rants on about how insane Tracy is acting lately and Monica can't believe that Edward really means that. She says that she would love just 5 minutes of conversing with Alan again - so she could tell him that she loves him. When Tracy returns from her talk with Lainey, she informs Edward that she is fully in charge of her faculties AND of ELQ.

    Fatherhood Isn't Easy.

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Mac and Lainey go into the interrogation room and ask Jason what he's doing there with Liz. Jason argues with Mac for wanting to ask Liz more questions and then Liz asks Lainey what's with all the questions? Lainey gently explains that Liz has just had a baby and could be suffering from Post Partum Depression. Liz becomes angry and declares that they are wasting time! Lucky comes in and defends Mac and Lainey's position to an irate Elizabeth. Jason shouts to Lucky, "If you can't support Elizabeth, then get the hell out!" Mac says that since Elizabeth was the last to see the baby, this line of questioning is standard procedure. He says that since the baby was snatched so quickly, it doesn't sound like "an impulse grab." He explains that someone they know may have been following her and waiting for the chance to strike.

    Everyone Has a Theory.

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Spinelli is frantic as he races to the PCPD and demands that he speak with Jason Morgan on a family emergency. He says that Liz Spencer's baby was kidnapped and Coop asks what that has to do with Jason. Spinelli says that Jason has been a Spencer family friend and helped make sure that the baby came into the world safely. As he urgently speaks to Coop, Lucky and Liz arrives. Lucky jumps down Spinelli's throat for being involved with his son's case. He says that Jake is his son and HE will find him. Liz breaks down and Lainey comes to take her statement - at Mac's request.

    Liz is crying as she tells Lainey that she turned around long enough to tie Cam's shoe. She doesn't understand why everyone is questioning her. When they get Lucky alone for a minute, Mac and Lainey tell Lucky that "Elizabeth wouldn't be the first mother with post partum depression to…do something to her own baby."

    Amelia Tells Jason Everything.

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    The group at Jake's are pouring tequila shots and talking about babies. Robin admits that she loves holding and smelling them. She says that she always wanted to be a mother until she learned that she was HIV positive. She says that things have changed and now she can consider it. Someday -- but not now. So "everybody" can relax she says in Patrick's general direction. Patrick tells everyone that he's selfish, or too much of a kid himself, but he doesn't want to be a dad. Kelly slurs that Robin can choose be a mother all on her own - thanks to the advances in her own profession! Stan pipes up that a mother raising a child on her own isn't easy. Robin makes a toast Uncle Mac - who raised her single handedly. Patrick says that he was raised by his dad who focused on work only and they all had a good laugh because now Patrick has turned out the same way. They ask Coleman who raised him and he said that he had 5 daddies. Lainey asks Stan what it was like to be raised by Epiphany. He says that he loves his mama, but he knows that a father would've made a huge difference for him. Lainey says it's unfair for a woman to give up being a mother just because she's with a guy who doesn't want children. Stan says that if they listened to his mother he'd be dating Lainey. They all have a good laugh at that one and keep on pouring toasts. Robin walks over to Patrick's side of the bar and puts her arm around him. He recalls how "Sweet Little Miss Scorpio" changed his mind about commitments, but it stops there. Lainey tells them that she is hailing them a cap so that they can continue their conversation at home, and then she pushes them out the door.


    Monday, June 11 2007

    Lainey and Kelly run into Robin in the doctor's lounge. They ask her why she would talk about babies in front of a man who is petrified of commitment? Lainey says that she saw a look of sheer terror on Patrick's face. Robin says that she saw it too, and Patrick is probably on his way to Vegas by now. Kelly says that she gets enough of babies at work and is the rare woman who doesn't want children. She tells the girls to sign out and put on some lipstick because they have someplace to be.

    Patrick has bellied up to Jake's bar and is joined by Stan. They immediately start to complain about women and motherhood in general. Coleman pours a shot on the house. Patrick and Stan don't get why woman can't just be in love without diapers and cul de sacs. Stan says that women are like a computer virus. They attract, open and destroy. Patrick tells Stan that he never wants to be a dad and then turns to see that Robin and the girls have just arrived. Robin tells them to carry on with their conversation. Patrick says that they were just saying that all men aren't cut out to be fathers, that's all. Lainey asks Coleman for some tequila. All five of them pour a shot and Robin makes a toast "To having the freedom to be how you truly are." They all drink to that. Lee tells Patrick not to assume that all women want kids because she doesn't. She says that when she sees her future there's not a baby in it. Stan says that most women are just like Robin, waiting to convert her man into a dad. (Patrick snorts tequila out of his nose over this one.)

    "Luke Raped Laura."

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    The judge tells everyone in the court room that he wants to take his time to consider the case carefully. In the meantime, Laura will remain a ward of the court. As they all stand to leave, Leslie tells Scott that he must be so proud of the way he finally got Luke and devastated Lulu in the process. She tells him that she will never forgive him and then leaves. Lainey tells Emily that when Lulu's ready, she should come talk to her and suggests that Nikolas could use help with anger management. Nikolas thanks Alexis for trying to help and then apologizes the Luke. Luke sadly tells him that he just told the truth. He says that Scott's been waiting 25 years to play the victimized and dumped husband and today he got his chance. Bobbie approaches Scott and says that since Laura isn't able to do it herself, she will - and then she smacks him in the face! Eventually only Luke and Tracy remain in the courtroom. She tells him that he needs to go find his daughter and help put her back together.

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