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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1974-08-05
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Real Name: Kent King


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    It's like Deja Vu.

    Friday, October 12 2007

    Lainey is visiting Cody in jail. He says that he's struggling without drugs, but jail is a strong form of rehab. Lainey says that he clearly has post traumatic stress (after serving in Iraq) and she should've been more supportive when he came to the ER looking for pills months ago. Cody says that it almost sounds like she's apologizing. Lainey reminds him that they can get him off of his charges of killing her father (by turning of his life support) by saying that Jolene did it. She's facing multiple murder charges anyway! Cody says that he'll face his own charges.

    The Trevor Tip Toe.

    Friday, October 05 2007

    Cody has been taken into custody at PCPD. He is brought to the interrogation room because Dr. (Lainey) Winters has asked to see him. She tells him that she owes him for pulling the plug on her ailing father. She says that he was trapped inside of his body and Cody had the guts to give him what she couldn't. Cody says that it's too bad that society doesn't see it that way. Lainey has an idea of how to get him exonerated. Cody reminds her that he already confessed, but Lainey clarifies that he only confessed to keep her from being arrested. She tells him to change his plea. She explains that Jolene has been blamed for a rash of unexplained accidents at the hospital and they could chalk her father's death up to the same thing.

    Liz is about to leave work so that she can go meet with Diane, Alexis and Lucky to work on the divorce. Emily apologizes for sticking her nose into her business, and Liz says that she knows she means well. Lainey finds them and says that a girls' night is in order! Liz agrees and says maybe it could be at her new house. After she leaves, Lainey tells Em about the druggie that Nikolas pummeled at the PCPD.

    Nik comes clean with Emily.

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    Robin notices that her charts aren't filed yet and wondered why Nikolas' chart is out. Epiphany tells her to take it up with Emily Quartermaine. Robin says that Emily looking at Nikolas' chart is borderline unethical! Then Epiphany yells at Robin for allowing her personal feelings for Drake Jr. to influence her mood at work. A little later, Lainey asks Robin to talk to her about what's bothering her. Robin admits that she misses Patrick. She says that she eats ice cream and cries herself to sleep and wonders if he's feeling anything at all. She says that it would be easier if they stopped loving each other, but they haven't. Lainey says that she admires them for dealing with their differences about being parents and respecting each other's needs.

    First it's Leticia, now it's relationships.

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Robin and Lainey are at the hospital talking about a patient. Robin is aggravated and she explains that Patrick wanted her to stay home this morning and she used work as an excuse to leave. Lainey puts on her shrink hat and says that she is protecting herself from being too vulnerable to him. Robin hates that she keeps missing opportunities to connect with him. She says that she and Patrick need some time away together. She says that the moment Patrick showed up today he struck up a conversation with Leyla. She says that she doesn't want to be jealous of him, but she can't help it. She says that there's a wall between them lately. She lights up when she remembers Anna's visit and marvels at how fearlessly her mother has lived her life. Lainey asks her what it is that she's afraid of, and Robin admits that she might want to have a baby one day, but Patrick won't even discuss it. "What kind of future do we have if I want to have a child and he doesn't?" Robin asks.

    Cat Fight!

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    Lainey calls Nikolas to tell him that Tracy Quartermaine has been demanding to see him at Shady Brooke. Later, Nikolas is escorted into Tracy's room as she is ranting at Alan for disappearing. She turns to tell Nikolas that she is not delusional and that he needs to pay attention. "Lulu is in trouble," Tracy warns.

    Spinelli With A Gun?!?

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Lainey and Stan share drinks on the roof, trying to escape the summer heat. He starts talking politics and she shuts him down, calling him narrow minded and wondering why he is so interested in his beliefs but isn't interested in getting to know people. They talk some more and Lainey decides to end the evening. She leaves, telling Stan they won't do this again.

    Friend or Foe?

    Wednesday, July 11 2007

    Epiphany and Lainey are at the nurse's desk when Epiphany remembers that tonight is Lainey's date with Stan. She hopes that her son takes her to a nice little bistro that she told him about. Just then, Stan shows up at the desk and tells Lainey that she's far too overdressed for where they are going. Lainey simply says that she is happy to "do casual". Stan tells her to meet him at 257 Bristol Street on the roof. Epiphany rolls her eyes and leaves, and Lainey goes to change.

    Lainey meets Stan on the roof at the address he gave her. He's surprised to see her in jeans and she says that she wouldn't wear heals to "Tar beach". He is surprised that she even knows that term and then he offers her a beer. She grabs one, and walks over to a brick ledge and pops the lid off with her hand. When they sit down to burgers, Stan tells her that she'd probably rather be at the Metro Court drinking overpriced wine and having people slave for her at minimum wage. Frustrated with her reaction (or lack thereof!), Stan asks, "Why are you working so hard to act like you like all this?" Lainey answers his question with a question, "Why are you working so hard to alienate me?"

    A Peak into Jason's Heart.

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Liz shows up for her first day back at work. She acts very cold toward Lainey and Lainey asks her what's wrong. "You suspected me of hurting my son," Liz snaps. She tells Lainey that they will treat each other professionally, but they should try not to see one another. Later, Lainey finds Liz in the locker room and tries to explain that she was just trying to help her after Jake was kidnapped. Liz jumps down her throat and Lainey asks if Liz is really angry at someone else instead of her…Lucky perhaps?

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