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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1974-08-05
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Real Name: Kent King


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    Lulu Starts to Wonder.

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    Out at Shadybrook, Lulu is about to knock on Laura's door when Johnny comes walking down the hall to her room. She rushes into his arms. They catch up and Johnny surprises her by remembering that it was one year ago today that he picked her up on the side of the road. Lainey comes to Lulu's room and sends her to her group therapy. After Johnny promises to be here waiting when she returns, Lulu leaves. Lainey stays behind and says that he brings danger and stress into Lulu's life and suggests that this will be his last visit.

    Fevers & Spinelli are an Odd Combination.

    Thursday, August 28 2008

    Monica, Edward and Alice have gone to Shadybrook to visit Lulu. She thanks them, but nervously says it's not a good time (because she is starting to see Logan right behind them). She retreats back to her room and the Q's talk to Lainey about it. Lainey tells them about Lulu's hallucinations and assures them that they are doing everything they can.

    Kate's Busted.

    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    Robin finds Liz in the hospital lounge and hears that she thinks a marriage to Patrick is the best choice for all of them. She says that Robin is blessed to have the man she loves willing and able to share her life with her. Later, Robin finds Lainey, Epiphany and Kelly at the nurses' desk and notices that something is up. They tell her that she's crazy about Patrick and she should marry him. Just then Mac and Anna come in and she's happy to see someone on her side. Mac says he isn't so sure.

    Laura Speaks to Lulu!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    Back at Shady Brook, Lucky fills Lainey in about what happened and asks her to talk to Lulu about the night that Logan died. Lainey tells Lucky that Lulu will talk about that when she's ready. Suddenly Lulu speaks up and accuses Lucky of taking her away from Johnny and none of this is his fault! Lainey tells Lulu to rest and pulls Lucky out of the room. That's when she tells him that his sister is getting worse.

    Dr. Robin Drake?

    Friday, August 22 2008

    The crowd that has gathered around Patrick and Robin at GH is listening intently as he professes his love for her. Anna and Mac, Kelly, Leyla, Liz, Dr. Matt and Epiphany all appear to be touched by his words. When he gets down on one knee and presents Robin with a diamond ring, his chin quivers as he says, "Robin, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" She remains stunned and Patrick asks her to say yes already so everyone can get back to caring for the sick and the needy. She smiles and tells him that she never thought of marriage happening like this and then runs to the elevator.

    Inside, Kelly, Lainey, Liz and Leyla are all talking about Patrick's proposal. Leyla and Liz are impressed with Patrick's effort and feel as if the leopard has truly changed his spots. Lainey and Kelly aren't so sure but are willing to help Robin to follow her heart.

    Lulu Makes a Call.

    Thursday, August 21 2008

    Back at Shady Brook, Lainey stops in to talk with Lulu and finds her crying after her phone call with Johnny. She reminds Lulu that her first week needs to be free from everything so she can focus, and staying away from Johnny is the first step. Lulu asks if she's in jail or something and Lainey explains that a family member could probably check her out for short excursions, but that's all for now. Just then Lucky arrives and Lulu has never been happier to see him. Lainey leaves them alone, and the first thing Lulu does is beg Lucky to take her to see Johnny. She says that she's finally found someone who puts her first in his life, but Lucky says that her brother is putting her first right this minute when he tells her no. He says it would only make things worse for her because Johnny is the reason she's in this situation. She begs again and feels betrayed when he stays firm.

    Ripped Apart.

    Monday, August 18 2008

    After Lulu is taken to a room, Nik tells the doctor that he'll decide what's good for her and she is not to be treated this way. He asks for Dr. Lainey Winters to be on his sister's case. After the doctor is gone, Lulu mumbles that this is all her fault and now Johnny will go to prison because of her. She tells Nik that they would've gotten away but she's like mom. Nik tells her to rest and lets Dr. Lainey Winters into the room. "I did it," Lulu tells Lainey and Nik says that she's delirious. After a brief talk, Lainey tells Nik that once a patient starts to lose faith in their own sanity it's increasingly hard to get them back.

    The Morgue Gets a New Body.

    Monday, April 28 2008

    Patrick continues his rant about Anna's hotness to Coleman as Robin takes it all in. Coleman loudly welcomes her in order to shut Patrick up. Patrick scrambles to try to clarify his words and says that Anna is just a "butt-kicking fantasy woman" that's all. That doesn't seem to help. Coleman tells Robin that he thinks she's hot and Patrick tells him not to mess with his baby mama. Robin chaffs at the term and asks Patrick if he's at all hot for her? He says that he is and that she is over thinking what he said about Anna. Lainey and Kelly show up and Coleman puts their drinks on "Baby Daddy's" tab. Robin tells her friends that Patrick is hot for her mom. They all have a good laugh and Patrick gives up and leaves. Robin orders a pile of fries and Lainey tries to assure her that it's no big deal that Patrick is attracted to her mom. She says that mothers and daughters share attributes and it's natural, but Robin can't think of one thing she has in common with Anna.

    Claudia Makes A Pass

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Jerry finds Alexis at the hospital and tries to apologize. She doesn't want to hear anything from him and tells him about Kristina's setback. He interrupts and says he was burying Coop and that is why he was gone. Jerry gives Kristina a rose but she doesn't respond. Lainey examines Kristina and tells Alexis to give the girl time and treat her normally. When she leaves Alexis turns on Jerry, asking why he was helping Coop. Jerry tells her about the hostage crisis and admits Coop was one of his men. "Who are you?" she asks, not really wanting an answer. Alexis grabs her things and takes Kristina home. Jerry follows them.

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