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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1974-08-05
    Marital Status: Engaged
    Real Name: Kent King


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    Easy Fixes.

    Monday, March 08 2010

    In her room in Shadybrook, Elizabeth explains why she can't take Nikolas' money for her baby. She tells him to dissolve the trust because it won't change anything and as long as a Cassadine has touched the money it is cursed and she doesn't want any part of that or him. Later, Lainey comes to the room for a session with Liz, Nikolas and Lucky. Elizabeth recounts how her affair with Nikolas started, as Lucky and Nikolas both look uncomfortable. Lainey asks what she needed from Lucky, that she couldn't get from Nikolas. Lucky interrupts and says he's examined his part in all of this and thinks in some ways he kept her frozen in time because he never stopped seeing her through the eyes of the kid who fell in love with a brave girl, who he helped through a major crisis. He thinks Nikolas was an escape and on some level she had to know being with Nikolas would free her from being with him forever. Nikolas and Lucky leave and Elizabeth tells Lainey she will always want Lucky. Out in the hall, Lucky says he wants the baby to be Nikolas'.

    Now We Know What Ric's Up To.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    After Lainey sits down, Robin tells her that she needs help. Lainey asks her to start at the beginning, so Robin talks about Emma's crying right after she was born and what a relief it was when Patrick started taking care of her. She admits that instead of feeling a bond, she just felt overwhelmed and miserable. Before she can say more, she heads for the door and asks Lainey to let herself out.

    Patrick finds Matt at Mercy and apologizes to him for trying to help with Robin earlier. Later, Lainey comes in and tells him that Robin only started to talk but then she shut down and ran out. "I think Robin's in real trouble," she tells him.

    GH is Starting to Feel Like The Wedding Channel!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Robin has gone back to work, but she's not doing anybody much good there either. She can't keep the charts or the meds straight and Epiphany tells her to go home. Robin insists that she's perfectly capable to do rounds, but eventually Lainey finds her and asks her to talk. She explains that the 'baby blues' are normal and will likely go away in a few days. She gently suggests that Robin take a walk in the park and treat herself to a cup of hot chocolate before going home.

    If Robin Flapped Her Wings In China...

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    Fresh from Paris, Robin gets off the GH elevator and is greeted by her roommates, Kelly and Lainey. They excitedly fill her in about the hot new neurosurgeon on the staff. Later, Robin meets him face-to-face (kind of) when she comes across him in the shower with Leyla!

    Later, Patrick finds himself at Jake's and hooks up with Carly after a quick game of pool. Robin, Lainey and Kelly are slamming tequila and scoffing at his smooth moves.

    Sonny Swims With the Fishes!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    At the wedding, the minister asks for a doctor and half the congregation stands up. Kelly steps forward and takes charge; the crowd is dispersed. Kelly says they can't wait for an ambulance and they commandeer a limo to get Patrick and Robin to the hospital. Anna drives while Patrick, Robin and Kelly are in the back; Robin tells Anna to slow down but she just keeps driving faster!

    Tequila Time!

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Patrick brings Robin in to Jake's and all of her friends are there for a surprise bridal/baby shower. Lainey, Kelly, Liz, Epiphany, Nadine and Coleman all have margaritas, but give her a 'virgin' one. Coleman makes a crack about a pregnant virgin, while Liz gives a lovely toast. Then they do a 'lick it, slam it, suck it' for old time sake with tequila shots.

    Team Lulu Comes Together.

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Back at Shadybrook, Lulu is in a session with Lainey. Johnny is listening outside the door, but only for a minute. He hears Lulu say that she hasn't had any more hallucinations and now knows that she didn't really get any threatening letters. Having heard enough to know that she sounds as if she's getting the help she needs, he leaves.

    Ravens, Food Poisoning and Carly.

    Wednesday, September 24 2008

    Back at Shadybrook, Lainey visits Lulu and finds her waiting for Johnny. She tells her that seeing Johnny is a bad idea and she can't allow it. Meanwhile, as Johnny approaches Lulu's door, Lucky jumps out and pins him to the wall.

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