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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Lainey Winters

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Lainey Winters Played by Kent King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kent King (ABC)
    Dr. Lainey Winters

    Actor: Kent King

    Who played Dr. Lainey Winters over the years

    Kent King (2005)

    Useful information on Dr. Lainey Winters

    * Marital Status - Single.
    * Played an integral part in Carly Corinthos's recovery after she suffered a nervous breakdown.
    * Helped care for victims during the Port Charles train crash and the Encephalitis outbreak.
    * Took on the not so easy case of therapist for mob boss Sonny Corinthos.
    * Before living in Port Charles, Lainey spent an undisclosed amount of time in a sanitarium.
    * Her relationship with Justus Ward was cut short after Justus was murdered by Manny Ruiz.
    * Lainey struggled with mourning the man she never had the chance to fall in love with.


    Current: Resident Psychiatrist


    One of Lainey's first cases was helping Carly Corinthos recover from her breakdown. Since that time, she's been the resident therapist for anyone needing her help.

    Lainey began dating Justice Ward, but when she started breaking dates with him, he assumed she was seeing someone else. When he followed her one night, he discovered it was her father. Lainey confided that her dad had Alzheimer's and she was his caretaker. Justice was supportive and they continued dating. Unfortunately, before their romance fully blossomed, Justice's association with Sonny Corinthos put Justice in harm's way and he was killed by Manny Ruiz.




    Justice Ward (deceased)


    Roger Winters (father)




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    Monday, March 08 2010: Easy Fixes.

    In her room in Shadybrook, Elizabeth explains why she can't take Nikolas' money for her baby. She tells him to dissolve the trust because it won't change anything and as long as a Cassadine has touched the money it is cursed and she doesn't want any part of that or him. Later, Lainey comes to the room for a session with Liz, Nikolas and Lucky. Elizabeth recounts how her affair with Nikolas started, as Lucky and Nikolas both look uncomfortable. Lainey asks what she needed from Lucky, that she couldn't get from Nikolas. Lucky interrupts and says he's examined his part in all of this and thinks in some ways he kept her frozen in time because he never stopped seeing her through the eyes of the kid who fell in love with a brave girl, who he helped through a major crisis. He thinks Nikolas was an escape and on some level she had to know being with Nikolas would free her from being with him forever. Nikolas and Lucky leave and Elizabeth tells Lainey she will always want Lucky. Out in the hall, Lucky says he wants the baby to be Nikolas'.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009: Now We Know What Ric's Up To.

    After Lainey sits down, Robin tells her that she needs help. Lainey asks her to start at the beginning, so Robin talks about Emma's crying right after she was born and what a relief it was when Patrick started taking care of her. She admits that instead of feeling a bond, she just felt overwhelmed and miserable. Before she can say more, she heads for the door and asks Lainey to let herself out.

    Patrick finds Matt at Mercy and apologizes to him for trying to help with Robin earlier. Later, Lainey comes in and tells him that Robin only started to talk but then she shut down and ran out. "I think Robin's in real trouble," she tells him.

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