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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    A Decision You Can Live With.

    Wednesday, September 18 2013

    At the Falconeri's, Anna's happy to watch baby Connie during the funeral and eager to have a word with Lulu about Maxie. Lulu understands Maxie's attachment issue but is upset that she went over the line by trying to nurse the baby. Anna's sure Maxie needs time to heal like she did after leaving Robin behind. Lulu believes it's different for Maxie since the baby she gave up isn't hers. Dante arrives for Lulu and tells Anna about the accusations that Julian Jerome is involved in a crime ring before leaving. Later Duke arrives and Anna shares that Julian Jerome may not be dead.

    You Don't Know Who You're Dealing With.

    Monday, September 16 2013

    At GH, Silas gives Sam an update on Danny. She's worried that signs of one disease are present but Silas confirms it is a good thing. Alexis leaves them and Silas thinks Sam should go celebrate. She tries to reach Molly but gets voicemail. Silas decides maybe they should talk first. He hopes they can have dinner when everything settles down. Sam realizes he's asking her out on a date. Elsewhere, Derek tells someone on the phone that Vince should keep his mouth shut so he's not exposed. He bumps into Duke and Anna and says, "Commissioner. It looks like you got me." He introduces himself and Anna introduces him to Duke as the publisher of the paper. Anna inquires to his business there and he jokes at the odds of him being the donor. From the staircase above, Alexis watches the exchange as Duke stops Derek to ask about a job. Derek encourages him to send his paperwork his way. From what he knows of him, he could use a man like Duke in his organization. Later, Alexis comes down to be certain nothing was wrong between Derek and the commissioner and then shares the good news about him saving Danny. She awkwardly pulls away from him in the middle of their embrace.

    Make A Wish.

    Friday, September 13 2013

    At GH, Duke is bothered by Anna's insistence that he be checked out again. She blames herself for not catching Dr. Obrecht sooner while focusing on Ava Jerome. Duke still believes Ava's tied to the mob and hopes to identify her silent partner. He wants to investigate her contacts and find out who bankrolled her art gallery. Anna wonders if they're being paranoid but Duke remembers the gambling ring nosing around Sonny's business. Outside Danny's room, Derek thinks Jason sounds like the love of Sam's live. Alexis agrees he was. Derek inquires why Alexis didn't approve of Jason and she discloses he was a hit man for the mob. He's surprised when Alexis shares her personal connections to the mob as a lawyer and lover. Derek thinks he and Sonny have a lot in common. Alexis asks if Derek knocked up his lawyer too. Derek only admits to being a powerful man who plays similar games to win what he wants. He leaves when he receives a call that Vince was taken. Anna and Duke bump into Derek as he's leaving.


    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    At GH, Maxie's thinking about her baby when Anna arrives. She asks why Maxie hasn't opened her present from Lulu and Dante. Anna never knew of a present that Maxie didn't tear into. Maxie's afraid opening it will make everything final. She doesn't want to say goodbye to the baby. Anna's glad to hear she'll be seeing Kevin. Maxie confesses Lulu was scared of her. She wishes she was more like Robin. Anna shares her and Robin's experience with childbirth and knows Maxie is every bit as strong as Robin. She's hoping to see Patrick before she takes off since she imagines he's feeling as bad as Maxie after Britt had her baby. Maxie's surprised to learn Britt confessed the baby wasn't Patrick's. In her room, Britt's dreaming about Patrick asking who the father of the baby is when Nikolas knocks. He brings in her baby. She thanks him for all his help but refuses to hold her baby. He wonders why she wouldn't want to bond with her son. She thinks she'll be a bad mother. He assures her she won't be like her mother. He's an example of someone who didn't turn out like his father. Maxie comes in after Nikolas leaves and asks for Britt's silence about her baby. She's worried about Britt becoming honest after she told Patrick the truth about her baby. Britt gives her word to keep their secret after knowing how worried she was when she thought she'd lose her baby to Patrick. She's sorry for all that happened and wonders how Maxie was able to give up her baby. Maxie thinks it would have hurt Dante and Lulu more than her to lose her. Elsewhere, Sabrina explains she was delivering Britt's baby when Patrick admits to missing her the night before. He asks if Brad is around. Sabrina notes he's been scarce but Nikolas hasn't left Britt's side. She imagines Nikolas was more scared than her but is thankful he was there. She changes the subject, eager to talk about them moving past this. Moments later Patrick bumps into Nikolas taking the baby to the nursery. He's sorry for Patrick and shares his experience with Aidan. Lulu's trying to find her family in the baby's features while Dante calls Olivia to check on Sonny. She's upset after reading the news that AJ plead 'not guilty' for killing Connie. Dante returns to Lulu and holds the baby. He's surprised they can't take the baby home until they give her a name. Anna brings them a gift lets Dante know she released a statement in response to Diane's claim that Sonny killed Connie. Later, Lulu and Dante think they have a name. Later, Maxie sees them leave after they sign out at the nurse's station and quietly says a goodbye to the baby. She opens her gift in her room. It's a picture of her baby with a thank you note. Meanwhile, Nikolas brings Britt's baby back and she holds him. Patrick returns to Sabrina to apologize before kissing her. Upstairs, Monica is asked to step down as chief of staff because of AJ.

    Who's The Father?

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At PCPD, Diane coaches AJ on how to answer questions. Outside with Anna, Michael's certain AJ could not have done this. She needs to follow the evidence and she can't let AJ go. Diane interrupts, thinking Anna can and will let AJ go because they've got nothing on him. Anna's certain she has the evidence she needs and leaves for the Quartermaine's. Alone with AJ, Diane asks if he remembers firing the gun. He only remembers being in Connie's office.

    Anna arrives with officers at the cabin and requests ballistics be run. She wants Morgan and Kiki to give statements and apologizes for not getting a statement from Kiki earlier at the station. Morgan's surprised and asks why she was at the station. She confesses she did know she was going to the station when she left him earlier. She wanted to check on Michael. Morgan reminds her she's his wife and she might want to start acting like it.

    Back at PCPD, Anna arrests AJ having found out that AJ's fingerprints were on the gun.

    One Good Turn.

    Wednesday, August 28 2013

    At the PCPD, Anna asks AJ, "Did you murder Connie Falconer?" Dante makes noise to aggravate AJ's hangover before showing him photos of Connie dead at Crimson. AJ vomits. He doesn't remember anything. He knows Tracy owns a gun that she keeps locked up in a safe. Anna thinks he should cooperate. He pauses remembering opening the safe. She asks him if he cares to share. He'll wait for his attorney. Alone he remembers taking the gun out of the safe and says, "I did it." Outside, Anna answers Patrick's questions about Britt. Anna lets him know Nikolas paid her bail when Patrick becomes worried about her giving birth in jail.


    Monday, August 19 2013

    Britt points out she's pregnant as Anna and Dante drag her into interrogation at PCPD. She admits lying about when she last saw her mother but is sticking to the story that she knows nothing, her mother came and went. Dante's interrupted by Lulu's emergency text. Britt wishes him good luck when he excuses himself for the birth of his baby. Alone, Britt pleads with Anna to let her go but Anna makes her listen to what Obrecht has done to her family. They're just weird coincidences to Britt and she thinks she's of no use to Anna. Anna will keep her as long as it takes, even if she has to deliver her grandson herself. Britt asks for her one phone call.

    Nikolas asks Anna if handcuffs are necessary when he arrives at the PCPD. Britt thanks him for coming; she had no one else to call.

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