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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    Who Are You?

    Monday, October 14 2013

    In Switzerland, Anna assures the guard there's only one Anna Devane but stops outside the meeting room when Obrecht comes out dressed like her wearing a mask. The guard wants to know what's going on and hopes they're sisters. Anna and Obrecht pull guns. Obrecht wants to move Faison to a more secure facility. Anna explains that Dr. Obrecht is wearing a highly sophisticated prosthetic mask like Faison did to impersonate Duke. The guard orders them both to disarm. Obrecht picks her gun back up and shoots the guard. Obrecht and Anna fight until Obrecht is knocked out. Anna removes the mask. Faison comes out in handcuffs and says, "Bravo, you showed her." Anna holds him at gunpoint. She wants to know if Robin's alive. He confesses that she is. Anna believes he's demented for orchestrating this to win her love. She grabs his face and he asks her to kiss him. Anna wants this to stop now; she needs to know where Robin is. If she escorts him out of the prison, he promises they'll both bring Robin home. He's about to kiss her when Obrecht comes in and knocks Anna out but Faison won't let her shoot Anna. Obrecht offers Faison the chance to meet his grandson or stay there. Later, Anna wakes up yelling, "Where are they?" They're gone.

    Moment Of Truth.

    Friday, October 11 2013

    In a Switzerland prison, Faison can't believe Anna kissed him back. He knew she'd fall in love with him after he gave her Robin back. Suddenly, Faison looks on in horror as Obrecht removes a mask. "I'm not Anna!" She's sorry to disappoint him. Faison's disgusted with her pretending to be Anna. Obrecht took a page from his playbook and taunts him for masquerading around as Duke Lavery. She holds back tears as he reminds her that she's not Anna. Feeling his lips on her is not the only reason she's there. She has given him something that Anna couldn't – a grandson. They will christen him as Cesar after he meets him. He doesn't believe she will bring a baby there. She won't. Obrecht plans to take him to the baby. He thinks she's mad, she can't march him out of here. Obrecht holds the mask, "No, but Anna can." Outside, Anna's confused when the guard notes that the visitor log claims she's with Faison now. She needs to see who's with Faison but the guard stops her. He'll check on it. Anna takes a call from Duke. He describes Olivia's vision to her. She finds that ridiculous and he agrees, knowing she's with Robert. Anna admits there's been a complication and she's trying to see Faison. The guard returns certain that Anna's seen him already. She assures him there's only one of her and walks over to the door. Obrecht comes out wearing Anna's face.

    Make A Wish, Robin.

    Thursday, October 10 2013

    In Geneva, Anna arrives at a prison facility to visit Faison. The guard allows her to keep her gun and takes her to a room. Faison is brought in. He sits down and gives Anna a chilling look. He's dreamed of this day. She's not there to reminisce and needs to know something. Faison stops her to apologize and wonders if she can forgive him. That depends. She's there about Robin. He remembers it's Robin's birthday. Anna cries over not being able to see or touch her. Faison says, "Robin is alive." Anna thinks that's impossible and wants to know how he did this. He gives up his collaborators, Jerry Jacks, Dr. Ewen Keenan, and Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Anna throws Obrecht's crimes in his face. He can't help that she loves him but he's never returned her feelings and never will. Anna is the only woman in his life. He steps towards her and she allows him to kiss her. He wonders why she kissed back. She loves him too, but she's not Anna. Faison is horrified when Obrecht takes off a rubber mask. Outside, Anna Devane arrives to see Faison.

    Find Obrecht, Find Robin.

    Monday, October 07 2013

    In Switzerland, Anna thinks Robert is disorientated but he knows he's seen Robin – she's alive. Anna wants him to stop. He'll only make things worse when he has to face the truth. Robert goes over with her what happened again but Anna doesn't believe it's possible. She wonders if Faison faked Robin's death and remembers someone being onto him. It must have been Robin. Robert sees the look in her eyes. He knows she can feel it in her gut. She doesn't want grief to cloud her judgment. Robert knows the truth and can prove it. If she can find Obrecht, she'll find their daughter. Obrecht's trail is cold…Anna needs to talk to Faison. Robert doesn't want her to go alone but she stops him. They both agree to tell no one until they know for sure that Robin is alive.

    Back Off.

    Friday, October 04 2013

    Anna converses with Duke from Lucerne Switzerland while she and Mac wait to see Robert. Mac calls her in and Robert greets her. He's been under for almost a year and doesn't remember a woman named Obrecht. He remembers Faison masquerading as Duke while holding Anna but doesn't recall finding Duke alive. There's something vitally important that he wanted to tell Anna before he went unconscious. He wants her help to figure it out so she recounts everything that happened after they found Duke together and mentions how Robert ran toward arguing voices. When Anna caught up to Robert she remembers him telling her that they needed to find 'her'. She asks if it was Obrecht but Robert doesn't think so. He wants to go through events again but Anna wants him to rest. He closes his eyes and remembers Obrecht struggling with Robin. Anna stops at the door when he sits up saying, "Oh my God." Robert grabs her arm and relays how Obrecht wasn't alone…she was with their daughter. Robin is alive.

    Thinking About Me?

    Thursday, October 03 2013

    Nikolas and Britt check in at Anna's office for word on Ben and Obrecht. Obrecht left on a plane to whereabouts unknown. Anna's certain Obrecht's not working alone and has powerful help. She assumes it's Faison but he hasn't had any contact with others in months. Anna inquires if Ben's father has been informed of the kidnapping. Britt doesn't believe the father will be contacted for ransom; he has no money. Nikolas does and will do whatever it takes to help. Britt can't stop crying and Anna remembers Robin's kidnapping when she was little. She will bring Britt's baby back to her. Nikolas consoles Britt outside.


    Tuesday, October 01 2013

    Duke and Anna meet at Kelly's where she confesses her inability to move past Robin's death. She wonders how she can give Patrick advice. Duke listens as Anna grieves over her loss. She can't believe Robin's not alive – she feels as if she's alive. He wants to play hooky for the day and do whatever Anna wants but she has too much to do, like look for Dr. Obrecht. Outside she receives Nikolas' call and immediately puts out an APB on Obrecht for kidnapping.

    Anna investigates the kidnapping at Wyndemere and wonders if Obrecht taking Ben has something to do with Britt passing the baby off as Patrick's. She needs to know everything Britt knows to find her baby.

    I Told The Truth.

    Monday, September 30 2013

    Anna discusses her open cases with Patrick at Kelly's and notes she's eager to find Obrecht who's dropped off the grid. Patrick recounts how he found out Britt's baby wasn't. He's ready to focus on his loved ones but is worried about his relationship with Sabrina now that her ex is in town. Patrick doesn't like Carlos and admits being upset about how Carlos pointed out that he's still wearing his wedding ring. Anna wonders why he is as well. He knows Robin would want him to be happy but he can't let her go. Alone outside, Anna phones in looking for any new leads on Obrecht.

    A Decision You Can Live With.

    Wednesday, September 18 2013

    At the Falconeri's, Anna's happy to watch baby Connie during the funeral and eager to have a word with Lulu about Maxie. Lulu understands Maxie's attachment issue but is upset that she went over the line by trying to nurse the baby. Anna's sure Maxie needs time to heal like she did after leaving Robin behind. Lulu believes it's different for Maxie since the baby she gave up isn't hers. Dante arrives for Lulu and tells Anna about the accusations that Julian Jerome is involved in a crime ring before leaving. Later Duke arrives and Anna shares that Julian Jerome may not be dead.

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