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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Operation Alcoholic.

    Thursday, March 19 2015

    Anna shows up at the Metro Court and begins complaining to Olivia about Duke helping Sonny at the custody hearing. Devane talks about all of the lies that surrounded Robin's childhood. She's sure if Sonny loved his kid, he'd hand her over to Ava. She imagines Liv must be happy to be having a baby with Ned instead of a gangster. Anna asks about Duke's tea box. She suspects he's using it as a cash drop. Olivia is sure that trying to arrest Duke must be hard on her. Anna tears up and claims she's doing it for Emma.

    GH Recap: Flunky.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    Jordan shows up at Anna's. She informs her boss and Nathan that Duke has ordered her to kill Julian. She's sure that this is a test and she's feeling trapped. Anna assumes Duke is just following orders. Jordan explains it was all Duke. Devane kicks herself for letting this go on so long and offers to get Jordan to a safe house. That doesn't sound like much of a plan to Jordan so Nathan comes up with an idea. He suggests they wire her up and get her to make Duke repeat his order. Anna's disappointed that this would only let them crush Duke. Jordan and Nathan sense she is reluctant. Eventually, Anna agrees.

    GH Recap: Why Me?

    Monday, March 16 2015

    Nathan shows up at Anna's. She's worried about Jordan and fills him in about her little visit to Sloane. She wonders who his informant is. Nathan's clueless. They return to worrying about Julian. The cop suggests they put her into witness protection but Anna says they can't abandon her efforts. Nathan wonders if she's really willing to risk Jordan's life to get back at her ex. That leads to some bickering. She finally gets weepy when she realizes she's putting her operative at risk. Jordan arrives and tells them about her order.

    GH Recap: Search Away.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    Anna knocks on Sloane's door until he answers in his towel. She's there to search for evidence that he tampered with the election. He gets sarcastic and suggests she try searching his office. They bicker. "Search away," he says, dropping his towel. He puts on some pants as she searches. They bicker some more. He suggests she could be doing something more productive, like taking down her ex-boyfriend. Sloane questions her about her secret informant. She won't answer. "I have my own undercover operative," he says. He doesn't know why they are wasting time fighting each other when they should be bringing the real criminals down together. She refuses to work with him. "It's not like you're busy doing much else," he points out. She leaves. Jake calls Sloane and informs him that he's in with Jerome.

    GH Recap: Stone Cold.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    Anna and Jordan meet near the warehouses on the pier where Jordan warns Anna they need to act to stop an all out mob war. On the pier, Julian and Carlos are caught trying to unload shipments by Duke and Shawn. Duke tells Julian to take his shipments elsewhere as this is their turf. Julian refuses and both sides end up in a shootout. Eventually Duke and Julian order their men to back down. Julian runs out of ammo and Duke corners him, only to be surprised from behind by Anna. Anna questions them, but they both claim this was just a civil dispute. Anna suggests Julian and Carlos leave. As Julian and Carlos walk off, Julian tells Carlos they need to deal with Duke. Anna warns Duke that she won’t be able to look the other way the next time this happens. Anna walks off and Jordan arrives. Shawn wonders to Jordan how Anna knew what was going on here.

    GH Recap: One Eye Open.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    Duke runs into Anna at Kelly’s and the two bicker about Julian’s release from prison. Anna says the charges against Julian have been dropped. Duke says if the authorities won’t deal with Julian then he will. Duke storms off and Anna gets a call.

    Spencer is brought into General Hospital with Nikolas at his side. Lucas tends to him as Patrick and Emma arrive to see how Spencer is. Later Patrick calls Anna and he asks her to come get Emma. Meanwhile Nikolas is forced out of the exam room as the doctors work to save Spencer. Patrick tries to calm Nikolas down and offers to find out what he can. Nikolas makes a call to Alexis and she arrives to comfort him. Meanwhile Anna arrives to take care of Emma. Patrick comes out and updates them on Spencer, who is sedated and has severed burns on the right side of his body. Nikolas is allowed to go see Spencer, who is unconscious and on a ventilator.

    Back at General Hospital, Nikolas gets a moment alone with his son while Patrick and Emma say a prayer in the chapel. Duke arrives after hearing about Spencer and Emma’s accident to see how things are. Anna is surprised, but he says that he’ll never stop caring about her or her family.

    GH Recap: The Birthday.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    Anna shows up at Jordan's. The government didn't indict her. They gave her Sloane's old job instead. She plans to get the dirt on him and the people he's working for. They go over the evidence and realize that the ballot box must have been tampered with at Wyndemere. Anna doubts that Nikolas would have been involved with that. Jordan admits it might be hard for her to turn Shawn in. Anna admits she still has feelings for Duke too, but they have jobs to do. Once Devane departs, Shawn shows up and wonders what her guest was doing there. She explains that Anna is now a Fed and was just harassing her.

    GH Recap: A Father Again.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    Anna interrupts Sloane’s lunch at Kelly’s to inform him that she is back, and that no charges have been brought against her. She also reveals she has his old job and Sloane is her first order of business. She says she is launching an investigation into the mayoral election and tells him her theory that he conspired with Lomax to rig it. Sloane grabs her by the arm and warns her to watch her step, as she might not like the consequences. Duke arrives and demands Sloane get his hands off Anna. Sloane heads off and Anna thanks Duke. She also tells him about her new job which still puts them at odds.

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