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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    How Can I Be Okay?

    Thursday, June 07 2012

    In his motel room, McBain finds out from the hospital that Sam’s baby didn’t make it. Anna shows up and comes in. She wonders how he feels and he tells her about Sam losing the baby. Anna is worried he is feeling guilty. He is confused because the baby was healthy. He went to get the car, but was jumped. When he came back Sam was gone. She guesses the thugs were from Jason. McBain thinks if it weren’t for him, maybe Sam would not have been there and could have gotten to the hospital in time. Now they will never know. Anna insists on taking him to the hospital.

    Your Luminescence Gone Forever.

    Tuesday, May 29 2012

    Anna arrives at McBain's hotel room and fills him in on the mayor's job offer. He is happy for her but she doesn’t want to do that to Mac. He wants an in at the PCPD and lets her know he has something in the works for Sonny. He tells her about his half-sister, Theresa. His dad, a cop, was dying in the hospital when he told a young John about an affair and his daughter. He made him promise to find his sister and look out for her, but also made him promise never to tell his mom and brother. Anna is appalled at the burden put on him as a child. At the bureau he was able to track her to a club in Atlantic City. He thought they would have more time but she was dead before he could help her. Anna is worried about him. He thinks she should take the job and keep him in line.

    A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement.

    Wednesday, May 23 2012

    Luke walks in on Anna crying about Robin at home. She wishes she was more useful and he commiserates that it is no fun being an ex super spy, but if she is bored they could always execute the perfect crime. Tracy knocks on the door and while Anna showers she asks Luke what his plans are for Anthony. He has an old friend who sells used cars in Uruguay who is shipping out today with Anthony and he will be arrested once they land. Anna walks in and hears Luke ask Tracy to get Anthony to the boathouse. Tracy leaves but before Anna can get answers from Luke, Felicia comes by for her and he leaves. Felicia wants to know what is up between Anna and Luke, but Anna assures her they are just friends. Felicia thinks she could do a lot worse than Luke. After she leaves the mayor shows up and offers her the police commissioner job.

    Picture Of Domestic Bliss.

    Monday, May 14 2012

    Anna rings the bell at Patrick’s house but leaves when there is no answer. Epiphany arrives and threatens to bust the door down. He lets her in, and she is mad. He has been assigned surgeries but he doesn't want them. She hands him the patient files and wonders if he is going to pass Dr. Keenan, who needs critical brain surgery, off on someone else. He tells her he can’t. She wants him to look in the mirror so he can see what Emma sees and then decide if that is who he wants to be. She leaves.

    Luke is trying to change his phone number outside a restaurant when Anna arrives. She tells him Patrick wasn't home and he tells her Heather found his gun and has been calling him. She is not happy Heather went through their things, but they laugh over the idea of her storming into Memphis to rescue Steve. Luke tells Anne he likes it when she smiles and they share a look.

    Liz is out to eat with Aiden and Emma when Jason joins them. She comments to Jason that Jake was just like him and he tells her he likes when she talks about him. He shares with Liz how he told Sam he wasn’t sure if he could love the baby and Liz knows that must have been hard for Sam to hear. He worries it is too late for him and Sam. Anna and Luke come in and Luke notices how Aiden looks more like Lucky every time he sees him. Anna pulls Liz aside while Jason thanks Luke for the charity he set up in Jake's name. Jason leaves. Outside, Jason calls Sam but she doesn't answer. Epiphany arrives and tells Liz Patrick hasn’t left his house for weeks so Liz asks Anna to watch Emma and Luke offers to watch Aiden and she agrees. Heather arrives and sees them together and happy.

    Two Guys Talkin’ Tough.

    Tuesday, May 08 2012

    In the hospital hallway, Elizabeth knows Anna would give anything to have had a reunion with Robin like Luke was getting with LuLu. She tells Anna it will get easier. Anna doesn’t want to talk about Robin anymore and asks Liz things are going with that doctor she liked. Liz tells her he is in ICU after Kate's attack. She says today would have been her son’s birthday and they hug. Anna encourages her to go see Keenan.

    Anna and Luke sit on the stairs in the hospital waiting room and he tells her she does not have to hide her feelings from him. He knows he shouldn’t have asked her to come along but she is glad to be there, where Robin made miracles happen. She has to honor Robin by getting on with her life and he tells her she does not have to be alone. Luke thanks her for keeping him out of a dark place. They hold hands as they walk off and Liz sees them.

    Little Girl Detective.

    Thursday, May 03 2012

    From his cell Dante begs Delores to let him out, but she thinks he set up Eddie. He tries to explain how he has been framed by Ronnie who was found out by LuLu. He begs her, as his partner, to believe he would never lay a finger on a woman in a violent way, but she reminds him that he didn't believe her when she said the same about Eddie. She lets him out but warns him she will shoot him if he is lying to her. They go to the computer and pull up LuLu's cell phone GPS signal. Luke and Anna show up looking for Dante, but he is already gone.

    Anna and Luke are at Metro Court worrying about LuLu. She tries to get him to stop thinking the worst and tells him how easy it is to blame himself, then walks off. She is thinking about her last few hours with Robin, that maybe she could have saved her. He opens up about how he pushed Lucky away because he couldn’t deal with his pain. Anna thinks he underestimates Lucky, that he may come back when he deals with his grief. She then calls for backup to help with LuLu, but not the PCPD. She calls McBain. He shows up and Luke and Anna fill him in. McBain promises to go after Dimestico with everything he has. He uploads a picture and sees it is the guy from the hotel.

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