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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    Won’t Feel A Thing.

    Monday, August 27 2012

    In Switzerland, Luke stops the doctor from checking on Anna. She tells him to drop the accent and tell her what he is doing there. Meanwhile, Anna is in the basement and cries out when she sees a patient–she is alive! But it is not Robin. Anna shows her the picture of Robin and asks if she has seen her but she does not answer. Luke and the other doctor find Anna –this patient was transferred from Ferncliff just a few weeks ago. Anna thinks Heather was just playing with her and Luke understands she had to know for sure. The doctor stops them from leaving – Anna has committed a criminal offense. Luke threatens a rain of publicity on her so she allows them to leave. Once they are gone the doctor tells someone in the shadows it was a close call and hopes someday he gets what he wants. It is Duke Lavery!

    My Best Paranoid Schizophrenic.

    Friday, August 24 2012

    In Switzerland, Luke, in disguise, searches the hospital for Anna. A doctor tells him a woman was admitted recently with no ID. She has been found roaming the halls, entering restricted areas. Luke walks in and Anna appears unresponsive. The doctor leaves and she comes to, fully. She has been faking it. They kiss and he gets her unbuckled from her restraints. She has not found out anything concrete, but there is an area very heavily guarded and she might be there. He believes in her and will not let her do it alone. They hear keys and go back to pretending. He asks the new doctor is he could stay so he can continue his therapy here. She agrees and shows him off. Anna sneaks off and gets into the restricted room and calls out for Robin.

    I Have To Know.

    Friday, July 27 2012

    Keenan looks over Robin in her room at Ferncliff. She is unresponsive. He dismisses Nurse Fletcher and tells Robin she is going to a clinic in Switzerland and no one will be the wiser. Anna walks around outside the room. She will find Robin even if she has to tear this place apart. Nurse Fletcher comes out of Robin’s room and Anna tells her another patient, Heather, saw her daughter. The nurse tells her Heather was a handful and they can’t trust a word that she says. Keenan hears Anna yelling, and Robin does too. She drops the brochure for Switzerland on the floor while Keenan calls someone and frantically asks what to do. The nurse leads Anna to the end of the hallway to begin searching rooms. When she gets to Robin’s room, she is gone and the nurse tells her Robin was never there.

    Tracy visits Luke in his hospital room. He knows he hurt her. He was going to tell her how much she means to him and how sorry he was to hurt her before he was kidnapped. He does not deserve her forgiveness but he is asking for it anyway. He married her twice under false pretenses. He needs her in his life and won’t give up on her, but he won’t give up Anna either. Tracy knows they will never be over and she can’t wait to see him crawl back to her. Even when he makes her miserable he is the best time she ever had. Same here, he says. She leaves and Anna arrives. She tells him she went to Ferncliff but Robin as not there. She found a brochure for a facility in Switzerland and she is going. She has to know.

    You Look Good Not Crazy.

    Thursday, July 26 2012

    In the interrogation room, Anna wants to know why Heather would say something so cruel, that Robin is alive. Heather assures her that Robin is alive, and if she doesn’t want to hear it, maybe her son-in-law will. Heather thinks it is only fair to tell someone who will listen to the truth. Heather can reunite them under one condition - a public apology. Anna refuses, then pulls a gun on Heather and tells her to talk. Heather tells her Robin was brought into the critical care unit at Ferncliff with Nurse Fletcher, who is working with a doctor.

    My Name Is Steve!

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    Anna is pacing at the hospital and thinking of what Heather told her about Robin. Down the hall, Lulu is by Luke's side when he wakes up. She tells him Anna is fine and Heather's been arrested. Anna enters so Lulu heads out. She takes Luke's hand and thanks him for saving her. He says they are responsible for each other's lives now. Luke begins explaining what happened when Robert left. "What if Robin didn't die?" she interrupts. He says it's impossible and Heather is just playing mind games with her. She tries telling herself he's right. A nurse asks her to go. After she leaves, he calls Tracy and says it's time for them to talk.

    Lulu goes down the hall and asks a nurse where Patrick is. She's surprised to learn he was never admitted.

    Steven Lars goes to visit his mother at the station. He's not there to get her out. "I'm here to make sure you never see the light of day again," he explains. She doesn't think he can be serious. He lectures her for what she did to Olivia. "You're certifiable!" he blurts. That miffs her. He calls her a 'murderer'. He's revoking his guardianship. She's outraged at her son. "My name is Steve!" he declares, walking out. As she's taken back to the cells, Anna shows up to speak with her. She rolls up her sleeves and demands to know what Heather knows about Robin.

    Scorched Earth, Smoking Ruins.

    Tuesday, July 24 2012

    Anna and Luke come out of the shack. As the cops arrive, Heather come out with a gun and fires a shot at Anna. Luke leaps in front of her, taking the bullet. Anna tackles Heather and holds her till the cops pick her up. She runs back to Luke and watches as they apply pressure.

    Heather is brought into the station and Delores tells her they frown on cop killers. Heather recognizes her as the cop who could not recognize a dead body sunning itself. Heather has an ace in the hole, and wants her call. Delores doesn’t think she knows who to call – he’ll have to be a magician. She leaves Todd a message. Delores won’t give her another call but Heather is not worried – she knows how to handle Anna. Anna shows up and tells her it is the end of the line. Heather tells Anna that Robin is alive.

    Anyone Got A Plan C?

    Monday, July 23 2012

    At the station, Anna tells Dante about the shack. She is sure that is where Luke is. Dante tells Anna that Olivia is with Heather in her room and they split up.

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