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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    Nothing About This Is Okay.

    Friday, April 27 2012

    As Luke and Anna discuss Maxie's trial in their Metro Court room, Tracy calls Luke to tell him she has Anthony handled. Luke knows this is a bad idea and takes off as Anthony prepares to dine on Tracy's meal at the mansion.

    As Alexis heads into the courtroom to prepare for the day, Maxie tries to convince Mac in the hall that her pleading guilty is for the best. Mac doesn't know how that could be. He will always see her as his little girl, even if he isn't her biological father. Maxie tells him what a great job he did raising her, Georgie and Robin. None of this is his fault. She heads inside, as Mac sits on a bench devastated. Anna walks up worried they already sentenced Maxie. Mac tells her they haven't yet, but they are going to. He doesn’t know what he's going to do because she's all he has left. Mac talks about raising Felicia's girls after she left town. He thought nothing could be worse after Georgie, but Robin died and now Maxie is going to prison. Mac doesn't know who he is without his girls. Dante shows up looking for Lulu, but Mac tells him she isn't there.

    Matt shows up at the courthouse and Alexis takes him aside to go over his testimony. As Matt wishes whoever killed Lisa would come forward, he has a flashback to being drunk on the boat. Meanwhile, Anna tells Mac Maxie needs her family right now. Felicia shows up and says, "I couldn't agree more."

    Hell Hath No Fury Like Carly Jacks Scorned.

    Thursday, April 26 2012

    Luke answers the door at his place to McBain, who asks to see Anna. Luke tells McBain there is something about him that reminds him of a vampire. Anna agrees that he looks like an old soul. He wonders if that is how he and Sam know each other. He explains that Sam has a feeling they know each other from before and admits there is something in her eyes that is very familiar. Anna wants to hear the whole story of his sister and he hands her the article. She wonders how he is going to build a case and he says he has one or two ideas to get him to confess. He then denies to Anna that there is anything between him and Sam.

    Bring Me All The Fight You’ve Got.

    Thursday, April 19 2012

    McBain goes over to Anna’s and she asks him how the verdict is affecting him. He feels Sonny is never held accountable for his actions and she wonders if he is going to go after him. She reminds him that he can’t bring back his sister, and that he has people in his life who need him now. She shows him a picture of her and Robin and reminisces about the mistakes she made that resulted in lost time with her. She does not want him to make those same mistakes. He feels he owes it to his sister and she tells him he as 60 days to make something stick. She encourages him to open up to his wife about everything. He calls his wife and tells her he is coming home. Alone, Anna cries over pictures of Robin.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jason and Sam may recover.

    Lulu has a hunch.

    Carly comes clean.

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    Keeping My Fingers Crossed.

    Friday, April 13 2012

    Tracy's feathers are ruffled upon seeing Luke and Anna at Kelly's. They tell her Heather was there, but assure her she isn't after Edward. Luke declares the bullseye is on his back. They move on to talking about Anthony and Luke tells Tracy he knows the mobster is holding something over her. He asks what it is. Tracy motions she wants Anna to leave, which she does. Alone, Luke implores Tracy to tell him why she can't divorce Anthony. She replies that he will send her to prison and gives him all the details. Anthony shows up and drags Tracy out of the diner because he has a craving for steak, and more, at the mansion.

    Sonny's Trial Begins.

    Thursday, April 12 2012

    Heather happily enters Kelly's with Steve and decides to have a BLT in Jeff's honor. Luke looks horrified when he and Anna walk in and see Heather. She catches them as Luke tries to quickly usher out Anna. Heather tells the object of her obsession they have unfinished business. She apologizes for how she acted at the Metro Court. She wants to make it up to them by buying them lunch. Luke and Anna try to make excuses to leave, but Heather won't take no for an answer. They reluctantly take a seat and discuss the history of Kelly's and Ruby. Steve steps away to take a call from Olivia, as Heather "accidentally" spills something on Anna. On the phone, Olivia tries to convince Steve to have his mother re-evaluated, but Steve defends Heather. He looks inside Kelly's and sees Heather trying to clean up Anna, who heads to the bathroom. Once alone, Heather assures Luke she just wants to put the past behind her and focus on the future. After watching his mother, Steve starts to agree with Olivia. Heather tells Luke she wants to start over as friends, as Steve returns. He asks his mother to come to the hospital with her and leads her away.

    You Two Are Idiots.

    Tuesday, April 10 2012

    Luke is wary when Heather shows up at his place. He wonders if she escaped Ferncliff by knocking out a nurse. She understands his skepticism and explains how she left by walking out the front door. She tells him the thought of the good times between them kept her going the past few years. She asks if he remembers. He recalls her misdeeds the last time she was in Port Charles and says, "I remember everything." Heather promises she's different now. He pulls out his phone to call Steve, but Heather takes his phone. She then sees Anna's purse and gets upset he's got a woman stashed in the back. Heather yells for her to come out. Anna complies and Heather recognizes her as once being married to Robert. Luke gets protective with Anna as Heather pulls something out of her purse. He thinks it's a gun, but it's just an envelope. She says she wrote a letter to remind him of what they shared before it went terribly wrong. Steve bursts in and drags his mother out of the room, but not before Heather urges Luke to read her letter with an open mind. Once they've left, Anna reads the letter and feels like Heather is truly trying to make amends. Luke isn't fooled. He knows she's insane. Anna wants to know what actually happened between him and Heather the last time she was there. He tells her Heather tried to kill Skye when she thought she was coming between them.

    Happy Birthday Spanky Buns.

    Monday, April 09 2012

    John visits Anna at her hotel room. They talk about Sam and Anna suggests she not ruffle Jason's feathers through her. McBain retorts it might be a little late. As they discuss Sonny's case, Anna finds a photo of Robin and breaks down in tears. John consoles her. Luke returns to find Anna in McBain's arms. Later, Heather shows up at Luke's doorstep.

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