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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    A Hard Day’s Night.

    Thursday, July 19 2012

    Dante goes to the station to talk with Anna about the forger Olivia saw leaving Heather’s. Anna remembers the letters from Luke. Dante wants to find Archibald and question him. Anna agrees, considering Lulu got a letter too. Dante does not know about Lulu’s letter. They bring in Archibald and show him a picture of Heather. He says he has never seen her in his life. If he cooperates they won’t press charges. He agrees. Heather had hired him before to forge a letter from a lady doctor to a guy named Steve about a case in Memphis. Dante pulls Anna outside and grabs the file on Maggie. He explains how Steve was cleared after the note was written. They realize Heather killed Maggie. Anna is worried about Luke.

    Everything Alright Pookie?

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Emma and Patrick visit Anna at the hotel. She gives Emma some jewelry to play with. Patrick tells her they are doing good and that Maxie is living there, helping with Emma. Anna wants to help him in any way. He is trying to move on. They leave and there is a letter at the door for Anna. It is from who she thinks is Luke. Anna cries as he tells her they were good roommates, but nothing more. Lulu shows up with her letter and Anna thinks maybe they were asking too much of Luke. Lulu was worried about him because she ran into Heather Webber at the club. She was acting strange. Anna asks to keep Lulu’s letter. Spinelli comes over and he tells her about the forger. Does Anna have any idea why Heather would need one?

    Psych 101.

    Monday, July 16 2012

    In the interrogation room, Heather assures Anna she did not bury Anthony. Why would she do something like that? Anna thinks she would do anything for Luke. Heather thinks she is projecting. Steve busts in and does not want her to speak until her lawyer comes in. Suddenly, a guy who looks like Anthony arrives and tells them he was with Heather that night. He was completely hammered. Steve tells Anna she has to release Heather and she arranges it, but assures them she will look into it. Later, Anna sees the story checks out but thinks the guy was paid off. Steve and Heather go home and Olivia is shocked she was released. She leaves Steve and Heather alone to eat the romantic meal she made.

    Stockholm Syndrome.

    Friday, July 13 2012

    Anna meets with Tracy at the station. They found Anthony’s body with a suspect in custody - Heather Webber. But she has nothing physical to tie her to the body. The only evidence she has is that he was killed by the gun that had her and Luke’s prints all over it.

    Luke is tied up in the shack, wondering how long he has been alone. He is sure Anna will find him. If not, he is a dead man. The door opens and Lulu comes in and gives him water. She is mad he left Tracy and Anna without an explanation. Suddenly they are there in front of him and they are mad. They don’t need him anymore. He wanted to tell them the truth. He will always love Tracy, but he fell for Anna. He was on his way to tell her but Heather clubbed him. Someone has to untie him! Anna tells him she doesn’t know where he is and needs him to send her a clue. Later, someone arrives in a hockey mask with a machete.

    Crazy Calling.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    Anna brings Heather to the station for questioning. Anna tells Dante that Heather buried Anthony. Heather denies it, and Anna has her brought to a room for questioning. Anna tells Dante that when she told Johnny about the body, he did not seem upset or surprised. Dante wonders where Lulu is but Anna has not seen her. Steve comes down and Dante and Anna fill him in. Steve visits Heather in the interrogation room and she swears on her love for him that she did not murder Anthony. He asks her some questions and she did not expect this harassment from her own son. He leaves to find her a lawyer and Anna comes in to go over the night in question. They also need to do forensics. Heather insists on a phone call.

    Can You Say Scoop?

    Tuesday, July 10 2012

    At the station, Anna and Delores talk about the body. Heather was fixated with Luke and would move the body to protect him. Anna thinks Johnny’s motives have been long overlooked. He was the first to report the disappearance, supplied Delores with info and had Anthony’s phone with the text from Tracy. Time to rattle his cage. Anna calls Johnny and asks him to come to the station. He arrives and she tells him they found the body buried in the woods. Johnny hopes Luke was arrested since he shot Anthony. Anna never said he was shot. They do need answers from another suspect – Heather. Johnny leaves and Delores tells him she overheard Anna say she had evidence against another man.

    Heather comes back to the office and shows Todd the camera set up in Johnny’s office. Todd thinks Heather has outdone herself. Anna arrives with some cops and wants Heather to come to the station and answer some questions. Her purse is left behind with a paper sticking out of it.

    A Couple Of Nancy Drews.

    Monday, July 09 2012

    Anna is outside the shack while Luke is inside yelling. The cops are excavating the land and find Anthony’s decomposed body. Anna asks everyone to keep quiet about this until they make an arrest. She wants to check out the shack but the cop tells her it the dogs are barking because it could be a dead animal and she leaves.

    Bring It On Lady Liberty.

    Friday, July 06 2012

    Anna is recording notes about the case outside Kelly’s when Spinelli overhears Heather’s name. Is Anna investigating her too? Heather caught him looking into her, and Ann presses for more information. She’ll take him down to the station unless he cooperates. He tells her Anna took Olivia’s car the night of the storm. She was pulled over and the officer said she was with her husband. The man was massively intoxicated. Anna wonders if he could have been Anthony. He fits the description the officer gave her. She calls the officer but he could not confirm or deny the man’s identity. Anna asks Spinelli to take her to the spot where he saw Heather. He takes her there. The K-9 unit arrives.

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