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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes


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    GH Recap: Jake Dies Today.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    At home, Sabrina thinks of Carlos until Anna arrives. She wants her help in finding Duke's killer. Sabrina admits that Carlos was the killer, but she doesn't know where he went. Anna begs her to call him. When she does, he apologizes for hurting her and everything else he's done. They wish each other happiness. Once she gets off the phone, Sabrina tells Anna that he's on pier 54.

    Julian meets Carlos on the pier to say goodbye. He assures him that he already gave up a patsy and Sonny will go down with him. After Jerome walks off, Anna pops up and arrests Carlos. He doubts she has the evidence for a conviction. She agrees and decides this can't go to trial. Anna shoots him.

    GH Recap: Saying Goodbye.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    At the church, Anna looks at a large memorial photo of Duke, which is set up for his funeral. Sloane checks on her, and plays for her the message Duke left Bruce trying to call off the hit on Jordan. She thanks him for confirming what Duke told her. Max and Felicia come in to pay their respects. Lucy also arrives and tells Anna how sorry she is and how fond she was of Duke. Lucy lets Anna know that even though she and Duke gave it a go, his heart was always with her. She explains how she schemed to get them to tango at the ball to try and reunite them. Anna gives her a hug and tells her that it worked. Later, Maxie arrives and tells Anna that Duke will always be with her, just like her sister is always with her.

    Back at the church, Patrick and Emma arrive to support Anna. Emma gives Anna a photo she found of her and Duke doing the tango. Later TJ, Shawn and Jordan show up to give Anna their condolences. Sonny walks in and tells Anna how Duke was an honorable and great man, and that he will miss him. Anna blasts Sonny as Duke would still be alive if it wasn’t for him. Later the priest begins the funeral service. Across the church people take one another’s hands as they listen to his words. After the service Sloan talks on the phone to Jake about the inroads he's made with Julian. Meanwhile Anna remembers earlier times with Duke through flashbacks.

    GH Recap: Just Business.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    In the interrogation room, Sloane urges Anna not to rush to judgement and points out she nearly killed an innocent man. She's assuming Carlos was Duke's killer and is determined to find him. Sloane doubts that will be easy but she already knows where Rivera is. He insists that she is too close to this case to be involved. She won't back down so he demands to go with her.

    At home, Sabrina chats to Felix on the phone. Carlos comes out of the bathroom. He hates involving her in anything criminal so he's going to leave. He's grateful for her help though. As he gets dressed, Felix calls to tell her Duke is dead. She confronts Carlos about it. He tells her it was just business. Moments later, Sloane and Anna kick the door open and find Sabrina bound to a chair.

    GH Recap: I'm So Alone.

    Tuesday, May 12 2015

    Anna is in the morgue talking to Duke's corpse until Liesl interrupts. She tells her it's time to let go so they can take care of his remains. Anna finds this obscene. "I'm so alone," she weeps. Obrecht asks her if she wants Duke's belongings and informs her that the cops already have someone in custody. Anna walks into the corridor and gets pensive as Duke's body is wheeled away. In the interrogation room, Sloane questions Jake about Duke's shooting. He explains that they are going to take down the whole Jerome operation. "Get your game face on," the commissioner says. He walks out and heads off to look at the evidence. Anna comes around the corner and stares in at Jake. She talks her way in to see him. Once she gets in and shuts the doors, she whips out her gun. He won't answer her questions without a lawyer present. She doesn't like that answer. Sloane comes in and wrestles the gun away from her before explaining that Jake is his undercover operative. Jake has to take the blame for the killing right now. Sloane releases him. Anna sobs and vows that there will be no rest for her until she finds Duke's killer.

    GH Recap: I'm So Sorry.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    On the docks, Duke collapses to the ground and Anna calls the paramedics seeing he’s been shot. She demands Duke stay with her and asks who did this. He says, "He caught me off guard in the parking garage," and then passes out. He comes to only long enough to say Jordan is in danger and that he tried to call the hit off. Anna tells him that Jordan is alive and the man he sent is dead. Anna tells him they will fix this and go away together the way they planned. She tries to keep him conscious by talking about all the things they can do together.

    Julian and Alexis arrive at the hospital as the paramedics bring Olivia and the baby in. The baby and Olivia are rushed into a cubicle while Patrick asks Julian to remain in the waiting room and let them do their work. In the cubicle, Patrick tells Olivia that the baby’s body temperature is down and they are trying to stabilize him to help him breath. Ned comes in and stays by Olivia’s side and assures her the baby will be okay. Later Duke is brought in and tended to by Patrick. Alexis and Sam question Julian about Duke’s shooting. Before he can say anything, Anna walks up and slaps him. She calls him a coward who doesn’t have the balls to shoot someone himself, he just calls on his lackeys to do it for him. She vows to make Julian pay when she gets the evidence against him and she won’t wait for the courts or due process. Anna storms off and Alexis begs Julian to tell her that he wasn’t responsible for this. Before he answers, a nurse runs out of the room with the baby. Julian rushes in and learns that the baby is stable, but not out of the woods yet. In another OR room, Duke begins to crash. Later Patrick comes out and tells Anna that he’s so sorry. Anna runs into the room where Duke’s body lays on the table. She tells him that they were supposed to be going away together and begs him to wake up.

    GH Recap: It's A Boy!

    Friday, May 08 2015

    In the garage at the Metro Court, Duke and Carlos struggle over the gun, which goes off. Fifteen minutes later Jake comes across the gun on the ground and a splatter of blood. In her room, Anna and Sloane argue over her future with Duke and their plans to run off together. She asks why he cares and he says maybe he will miss her. Anna wishes him luck with her old job and gets ready to leave, but is stopped by a phone call. On the stage in the now empty ballroom, Maxie and Nathan dance and kiss. Spinelli and Ellie went back to Maxie’s place, so they decide to go to Nathan’s place. Outside of the ballroom, Olivia goes into labor and Patrick says she’s going to have to deliver the baby here. Julian ends up stressing Olivia out and she tells him to leave. After much arguing Julian agrees to leave, but vows to be a part of the baby’s life. Alexis and Julian wait in the other room listening to Olivia scream as she gives birth. Julian doesn’t think this is fair, so Alexis tells him to think about it as a throwback to the old days when men had to wait in the waiting room. Olivia gives birth to a baby boy, but she soon realizes the baby isn’t crying and asks what is wrong. Julian rushes in and he also asks Patrick what is wrong with the baby. Back in the garage, Nathan and Maxie walk in as is Jake looking at the gun and blood. A loud gunshot sound goes off. Jake grabs the gun, while Nathan draws his, and they end up facing one another. Jake quickly puts his hands in the air and says he will cooperate. Nathan cuffs Jake and calls in for backup while Maxie tries to get answers from him. Jake says the gun isn’t his and he didn’t even fire it. He explains that he just arrived and found the scene, heard a noise, grabbed the gun and moved to a secure position. Maxie admits that she and Nathan heard the noise too. Later the cops arrive and Nathan fills them in on what he knows so far. Nathan has Jake brought in for questioning.

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