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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: You Didn't Choose Us.

    Tuesday, June 10 2014

    In the park, Julian informs Jordan that he's back at work thanks to their boss. She's confused so he explains that Ric has never been his boss. He explains why he handed in a scapegoat. He's surprised that she's not eager to get back to work. She doubts it's a wise move right now and demands to know who he is really working for. Julian refuses to explain so she refuses to go back to work. "That'll go over about as well as my attempt to retire," he says. She caves. As soon as he walks off, she calls Anna to say they have a problem. They meet up and Jordan recaps what happened with Julian. This means she has to keep her cover and can't tell TJ the truth. Moments later, TJ calls.

    Anna returns to the station to visit Ric in his cell.

    GH Recap: Time Lost Is Time Lost Forever.

    Monday, June 09 2014

    Jordan covertly meets with Ava in the park to discuss Ric since the higher ups want to make sure they have the right person. Anna thinks the case is iron-clad. The public thinks the PCPD botched the investigation and Anna wants to set the record straight. Anna wants to know how TJ feels about his mom being a drug dealer and Jordan admits she hasn’t seen him since she was released. Anna knows what it feels like to have her family think the worst of her and wonders why Jordan hasn’t told TJ the truth yet. Anna knows her daughter still carries the scars from her choices. Later, Jordan leaves a voicemail for TJ. Julian shows up and tells Jordan their boss wants them back to work. She’s confused because Ric is in jail. He tells her it isn’t Ric.

    GH Recap: Port Chuckles.

    Friday, May 30 2014

    Ric denies the charges against him as the cops search his room. Anna says there’s documentation of a money trail that leads to Ric but he insists it’s fake and Julian is lying. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to get into a robe under the covers. The cops find a gun, the same type that shot Lucas and killed his gunman. Ric swears it’s a plant. The cops drag him off as he yells to Liz he’s being set up.

    At the station, Anna tells Ric the bullet that hit Lucas and the one that killed the hit man was a match for the gun in his room. Ric rages that it isn’t his gun and he never even touched it. She tells him his prints were all over it and places him under arrest.

    GH Recap: Sticks And Stones.

    Thursday, May 29 2014

    Julian tells Anna at the station that he can give her the man who brought drugs to town. His main concern is protecting his family. She refuses a deal and he accuses her of pushing a personal vendetta. Julian went over Anna’s head and Scott enters. He grants full immunity and Anna wonders when any criminals in town will face justice. Julian pulls up a computer and shows them the suspect. Anna is shocked, Scott too.

    Back in Ric’s room, Liz notices he’s wearing a watch she gifted him for their wedding and he tells her he used to look at it and think about what might have been. He promises they are free from their past and can choose what they want. He chooses her, and she chooses him too. They make love. After, he can’t imagine not loving her as much as he does now. He wants them to finally last. Suddenly the police arrive. Anna has a warrant and accuses Ric of being the head of the Jerome family, named by Julian.

    GH Recap: This Is Crap.

    Wednesday, May 28 2014

    At the PCPD, Anna lectures Dante for his misconduct. She's letting Jordan go because he violated her civil rights. "This is crap," he says. She then explains that Jordan is actually a DEA agent. They'll clear his record when she finishes her undercover operation. She explains that they are after Julian's boss now. Later, Julian arrives and tells Anna that he is ready to co-operate with her. Meanwhile, Shawn drops by the cells to visit Jordan. He lectures her. She tells him to get lost and assures him she'll be out by tonight. He thinks she should make a deal with the cops. Jordan insists that she has a job to do. Shawn is sure this won't go over well with her son. Dante shows up and announces the charges are being dropped.

    GH Recap: There Are Other Ways.

    Friday, May 23 2014

    At PCPD, Scott leaves another message for Lucy, wanting answers. Then he congratulates Anna for busting Julian, but she digs at him for messing around with Lucy. They discuss Lucas’ shooting and she tells him they found the shooter’s body, but not the shooter’s shooter. Scott thinks Sonny hired the shooter, but Anna instructs Scott to question Jordan Ashford for now. Downstairs, Julian gives Jordan attitude for getting busted after he handed everything to her on a plate. She tries to get him to spill who shot Lucas but he refuses to reveal who his boss is. TJ enters to visit Jordan and Julian spars with the guard to get access to a phone. Meanwhile, TJ hands Jordan the title to his car. He doesn’t want anything paid for with drug money. She tells him that after his father died they were almost homeless, so she got involved in illegal activity. She got caught and was ashamed. She apologizes and thinks one day he’ll understand. TJ leaves upset and alone, Jordan cries. Back upstairs, Anna gives Julian an update on Lucas’ condition. Julian pulls Scott aside and tells him he wants to talk. In the interrogation room, Julian tells Scott he has a recording of Scott blackmailing his old DA opponent to drop out of the race. Julian demands Scott drop the charges. Scott has the guard take Julian out be arraigned instead of back to his cell. Franco comes by the station with AJ’s phone and tells Anna they were just copying AJ’s pictures but she calls BS. Later, Anna returns to Jordan’s cell and sees how upset she is. She realizes Julian is gone.

    GH Recap: Marauders.

    Thursday, May 22 2014

    On the docks, Jordan tells Anna that she is an undercover agent with the DEA. Anna wants proof so Jordan gives her a name and explains that the commissioner was never informed because of her relationship with Duke. "Your colleagues no longer trust you," Jordan says. Anna calls Jordan's boss and throws a fit. She goes back to bickering with Jordan, who explains that she's not after Julian but his boss. Jordan explains the complicated money trail she followed. Anna's sure they can still salvage the investigation as long as they are on the same team.

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