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    General Hospital CAST - Anna Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Anna Devane Played by Finola Hughes on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finola Hughes (ABC)

    Birthday: October 29 1960
    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Married, 3 children
    Real Name: Finola Hughes
    Web site:


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    Dead Man Walking.

    Friday, August 02 2013

    Lucy meets Scott at Kelly's and apologizes for Kevin's absence. Scott mentions Laura couldn't make it after running off to find Luke. He's worried Laura is in danger if Jerry Jacks is involved. Lucy's worried about funding when Tracy arrives with a check. Lucy wants to know what Tracy's buying and Tracy admits she wants Lucy's vote at ELQ. Outside, Anna's curious if Duke knows anything about Ava's silent partner. Duke believes it's a Jerome despite the belief that Victor and all of his children are dead. Anna doesn't have probable cause to investigate Ava so Duke suggests they use unofficial ones. As the police commissioner she refuses to break the law. Duke doesn't think they have to break the law; they just need to speak to someone else who will.

    At Sonny's, Shawn arrives and warns Sonny that the gambling ring is still in operation. Sonny wants to find who's pulling the strings so he can wipe out whoever is. As Shawn's leaving, Duke and Anna arrive. Alone they share with Sonny what the Jerome family has done to them. Sonny remembers how sloppy they were and is as interested as they are to know if they're back since his son may be about to marry one. Anna doesn't want mob involvement, but Sonny promises to do what he needs to.

    Getting To Know You.

    Thursday, August 01 2013

    Dante's excited to bump into Michael and Morgan at Kelly's and wonders what's up. He thinks Morgan's joking when he announces he's marrying Kiki but congratulates them when he learns the truth. He welcomes Kiki to the family and joins Anna for breakfast. The mayor wants the case of Olivia's shooting closed and is ready for them to pin it on Sonny. Dante believes Sonny is innocent in the matter and thinks Carly went after Franco. They both consider the mysterious second shooter and realize it has all the markings of a mob hit. Meanwhile, Morgan is grateful for Dante's heartfelt congratulations and busts on Michael for not being happy for them. Michael wants everything to work out for them. Kiki gets upset when Morgan wants him to prove it by being his best man. He believes he's offering Michael an honor. Michael agrees and offers his hand but Morgan gives him a hug. Later, Connie joins Michael and asks if Morgan's wedding has him down. He wonders what she knows about it. She ignores a call from Sonny but Michael leaves thinking no one can help. She whispers she can as he walks out. Outside, Duke mentions his talk with Ava. Anna's interested in finding out the truth about her so she can take care of her on her own.

    One Cup Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, July 09 2013

    Outside Kelly's, Duke gives Anna a flower, happy to have what's left of her time when she's not investigating Franco's murder. Anna's disappointed that her leads are cold despite the fact there are enough people who want Franco dead. She's happy to have his support. They're holding hands when Ava and Silas arrive. Duke greets her and she responds in kind. Introductions are exchanged before Silas takes Ava inside leaving Anna and Duke to question the relationship between the two of them. Meanwhile, Carly offers Spinelli a job investigating Ava Jerome. She's curious as to why Ava is back together with Franco. Spinelli shares his practical point of view on the matter that it's because they had a child together but Carly's certain they are up to something. Spinelli is considering where to start when Carly points to Ava at a table nearby and tells him to start there. Quietly, Ava considers if she and Silas still have feelings for each other. He pulls his hand away when she touches him. Thinking this is a bad idea, Silas leaves. Carly and Spinelli wonder why they're together and see the brief exchange. Back outside, Duke and Anna wonder why Silas and Ava leave separately.

    Always Trust Your Mother.

    Thursday, June 27 2013

    Luke apologizes to Anna as they enter her room. She cries after watching the video and asks what she can do. Her help isn't necessary, Luke knows it's polonium. Anna's angry that he's not in treatment. He reminds her that the answer is not at GH and he needs her help to find the cure Helena alluded to. She starts investigating the WSB database while Luke touches base with Frisco. Anna finds something related to the poisoning of Jerry Jacks. Luke surmises Helena was probably the seller of the anti-toxin that Jerry needed ransom money for. He finds it interesting that Jerry's body was never found and is willing to bet if he can find Jerry, he can find the cure. Anna's ready to leave with him but he asks her to stay behind to feed him intelligence.

    The Britch Knows.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    At the Metro Court, Anna and Duke can't get a hello from Luke who's distracted with his laptop. They leave him while he listens to Helena's DVD with headphones. Laura joins him wanting to know what has his interest. He pretends to be watching silly internet videos and inquires after her married life. He hears her mother is happy for her. She's surprised at that as he admits he is too. Laura mentions Lulu is worried about Tracy's health after seeing her at GH. She decides if Luke can be happy for her marriage, she can worry about Tracy's health. Tracy's fine and he brushes it off. Laura looks at Luke and becomes worried about him instead. Lucy interrupts and drags Laura to another table. Laura's distracted and watches Luke rush out. Lucy's afraid her distractions will come between them but Laura's only concerns are that their visions for Deception are different. She recommends they think bigger and Lucy likes the sound of that. On the terrace, Duke wonders if Anna is mixing business with pleasure to solve the shooting. She changes the subject and asks about ELQ. He gives Anna pause when he brings up the interesting visit he had with Ava Jerome. Anna's concerned that he believes something was dodgy about Ava and doesn't want him mixed up in the mob again. He kisses her hand in assurance that he won't. Mac and Felicia come by and split the couple up. Privately, Mac asks Duke to be his best man while Felicia asks Anna to be her maid of honor nearby. They both agree. The four gather together to toast the moment and Felicia asks when Duke and Anna are going to re-tie the knot.

    Luke returns to the Metro Court and interrupts Duke, Anna, Mac and Felicia celebrating on the terrace. He's sorry, but really needs Anna's help.

    Bullet Points.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    At PCPD, Anna and Dante discuss the ballistics report. The gun isn't the weapon that fired the bullet that hit Olivia. Meanwhile, Carly drags Shawn into the interrogation room to talk him out of confessing. Dante bursts in demanding to know where the second weapon is. Carly's insulted for being dragged into this mess and cautions Shawn that words can get twisted and someone could admit so doing something they did not do. Dante wants Shawn to tell them what he came to tell them. Shawn declines with an offer that he'll be at their disposal if needed. As they leave, Carly explains to Shawn that they are innocent of shooting Olivia. Alone, Dante and Anna realize that someone in addition to Sonny, Carly and Shawn are involved in trying to kill Franco.

    It Wasn't Sonny.

    Friday, June 21 2013

    In the park, Carly thinks Shawn's out of his mind for considering turning himself in and is worried it will ruin their lives. Anna approaches looking for Carly and offers her a ride to the station for questioning. Nearby, Nik asks Elizabeth to stay when she drops Cameron off for a play date with Spencer. She's hesitant, but decides to be friends if he respects her decisions and doesn't interfere. Nik remembers his last confrontation with AJ, and then gives her his word. The boys attack them with water guns interrupting their talk. Elizabeth gets distracted when Nik takes off his shirt. She excuses herself to change into his extra shirt. Cameron offers to fix Nik's wet phone. When he hands it back a recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth he slept with Carly plays.

    Dante rushes into the PCPD and is given the news that the weapon used in Olivia's shooting was found. He joins an officer to check out the rifle. Dante compares the bullet to the weapon and is certain they have a match and puts a rush on the ballistics test. He joins Anna outside interrogation and wants to question Carly with her. Anna is hesitant but agrees to it. Dante gets tired of the good cop routine and threatens that they'll trace the gun back to one of Sonny's men soon. Carly blurts out, "It wasn't Sonny." She asks to call her lawyer when Dante asks who is responsible. Shawn's outside and tells her that won't be necessary. Anna pulls Dante away to report the bullet didn't come from the gun they found. Meanwhile Carly tries to talk Shawn out of confessing.

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