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    General Hospital CAST - Edward Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edward Quartermaine Played by John Ingle on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Ingle (ABC)

    Birthday: May 7 1928
    Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Married Grace-Lynne Martin (deceased Sept 16/12)
    Real Name: John Ingle


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    The Silver Lining.

    Friday, September 11 2009

    Robin tells Ethan, Rebecca, Mac and Edward that Andrea drugged Edward, resulting in his heart attack. Lucky comes in and gets caught up. Regardless of whether or not he was drugged, Edward doesn’t think he can ever forgive himself. Mac says he will run all the evidence by forensics and expects to clear Edward of all charges. Edward thanks Robin and they all leave to let him rest, except Rebecca. Edward tells her he shouldn’t have been driving and wonders what Lila thinks of him right now.

    What Have I Done?

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    Rebecca talks to a comatose Edward before he is wheeled into surgery. Nikolas watches as Rebecca breaks down in tears. Ethan comes in to comfort Rebecca and she asks him to stay with her.

    Jason comes to Edward’s room and Rebecca tells him the surgery went well and Monica and Tracy are on their way back. She says the cops are asking about drunk driving, but she thinks something else caused Edward to drive through the carnival. Jason leaves and Rebecca finds Edward awake who asks, “What have I done?” Ethan and Mac walk in and Mac tells Edward he ran his car through the carnival and a lot of people were hurt and even killed. Edward insists he wasn’t drunk and Robin comes in (after looking at Edward's chart) confirming it and says someone was trying to kill him.

    The Aftermath.

    Wednesday, September 09 2009

    Chaos ensues at the carnival as Edward’s car barrels towards the crowd. Dominic pushes Morgan out of the way, but gets hit in the process. The car then stops as it runs Andrea into a barricade of the ride Molly, Kristina and Claudia are on.

    Patrick tends to Andrea, as Ethan runs to the car to take care of Edward. Lucky, Liz and Jason run after Jake and look for him under a tent that has collapsed. Claudia and Molly get off the ride and frantically look for Kristina, as Sonny and Olivia, Jax and Carly run to Morgan who is okay. Olivia sees her son lying nearby unconscious and runs to him.

    Nikolas and Ethan help carry Edward to the hospital through the crowd on a stretcher, as Rebecca follows.

    Edward is brought into the ER as Rebecca, Ethan and Nikolas discuss with Epiphany that they can’t get a hold of Tracy or Monica. Epiphany doesn’t know how to contact Jason either and decisions need to be made by a family member. Nikolas looks at Rebecca and says, “Sounds like it’s you.”

    Rebecca sits with an unconscious Edward and tells him calling him grandfather right now sounds natural and begs him to get through the surgery, as Nikolas listens in.

    The Danger is Real.

    Friday, September 04 2009

    At the kickoff party at the Metro Court, Andrea insists on buying Edward a drink. Andrea spikes it, but Edward walks away before drinking it. He goes to talk to Deidre who has secured a room for them, but she has to talk to some people first. Andrea brings him his drink, but Monica intercepts it.

    Monica tells Edward she has to leave for the airport and wants to give him a ride to the carnival. Edward says he can drive himself and she leaves. Andrea invites Edward for another drink at the bar and she keeps him there by asking for his advice regarding her situation. Deidre calls Edward and Andrea spikes his drink as he tells his lady he’ll be right up. After he hangs up, Andrea pushes the drink on Edward, who eventually takes a sip.

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