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    General Hospital CAST - Edward Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edward Quartermaine Played by John Ingle on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Ingle (ABC)

    Birthday: May 7 1928
    Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Married Grace-Lynne Martin (deceased Sept 16/12)
    Real Name: John Ingle


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    No One's Getting Voted Off.

    Thursday, April 01 2010

    Ignoring Tracy's disdain for her, Skye says hello to Luke and meets his son Ethan. Tracy asks Skye what exactly she's been up to. Edward brings Maya to the casino and is thrilled to see Skye has returned. Some bickering ensues and Tracy leaves. Luke asks Ethan to get Maya and Edward out of there so he can be alone with Skye. Ethan obliges and once alone, Luke asks Skye why she returned. She remains coy and they flirt as Tracy returns with Jax, who she convinced to come with her by saying she had a project that would catch Carly's attention.

    Two Arrivals Shake Things Up.

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    Edward opens his door to Ethan, but he was expecting his great granddaughter Maya. Monica comes downstairs, as Ethan asks Edward for Luke's cigars. As Ethan starts to leave, he opens the door to the woman he got into the altercation with. Edward orders Ethan out and Edward and Monica get acquainted with Maya. Tracy walks in and asks Maya how much money she wants so she can leave. Edward and Monica apologize for Tracy's behavior and Tracy exits. Monica then goes to the hospital and Edward says he can see Mary Mae in Maya already. He tells her how much he loved her and says his recurring mistake has been waiting too long and being too late, citing not knowing his son Bradley and screwing up his chance with Justus. He hopes he can do better with her. They talk about Mary Mae and then Maya calls his offer of help blackmail since she had to move in with him to get it. He calls it nonsense and then suggests she tour Port Charles and offers her the Bentley.

    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    At the Q mansion, Tracy leaves messages for Luke, as Edward and Monica discuss the possibility of Ethan attacking Kristina. Alice comes in humming and they give her a list of jobs to do, but she smiles and tells them she can't because she has jury duty.


    Monday, February 01 2010

    At the christening, Father Coates urges everyone to make a new beginning and live a better life and then officially christens Josslyn. Afterwards, Lulu worries to Johnny about Dante, Luke is happy to be with all of his children, and Morgan questions Michael about why Sonny and Dominic aren't there. Everyone is invited to a reception at the Jacks home, but Alexis tells Jax she can't make it and leaves. Molly grabs Morgan to help her on her mission for true love. Michael talks to Jax and assumes he wouldn't want Sonny to go to prison and appreciates his help. After he walks away, Jane chastises her son for lying to Michael. Jax defends himself, but Jane feels sorry for Sonny's kids and hopes it's worth it. Carly thanks Jason for being Josslyn's godfather and wonders where Sonny is. After everyone has left, Molly and Morgan get Sam and Jason alone in the church and Molly says this would be a great place for a wedding. Jason thinks they should get to the house for the reception, but Molly continues on, citing how short life is especially for them. Molly thinks they should seize the day and tells Jason now is the moment to propose. Sam tries to talk Molly down, as Morgan is eager to get to the party. Sam says they aren't getting married any time soon, but Molly remains hopeful.

    Like Father Like Son.

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    Carly and Morgan go to the Quartermaine's to invite them to Josslyn's christening. Edward says of course they will be there because Josslyn is Michael's sister and there is nothing more important than family.

    A Day For Contemplation.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    At the Q mansion, Tracy revels in the quiet since Rebecca has left. Monica agrees the quiet has been nice since Luke ran out on her again. Edward comes in with a letter from Maya Ward and learns she has become the legal guardian to her half-sister after her stepmother died. He wants to help her out and declares Maya and Zoe will be moving in with them. Tracy and Monica both wonder if she might be out for his money since he's never met her and Maya suddenly contacted him. Edward declares they will be welcome there and will be treated as family. Monica wonders if he is trying to make up for how he treated Justice, but he just storms out to contact Maya. Tracy thinks she will shoot Edward down because nowhere in her letter did she mention coming to Port Charles.

    A Busy Day at the Tree Lot.

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Monica and Tracy argue over the Christmas Tree as they decorate at the mansion, as Edward observes. Rebecca walks in and announces she is moving to Paris, which Monica suggested. Tracy is thrilled, but Edward tries to talk her out of it. Monica thinks this will be the chance for her to live out her dreams and Rebecca says she needs to get away from there and from Nikolas. Edward becomes incensed when he hears Nikolas' name. She says he can't blame Nikolas and that she has grown to love everyone there, even Tracy a little bit. She leaves to hand in her resignation to the hospital.

    A Big Mess.

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    Nikolas runs from his car to find Rebecca lying on the side of the road after he hit her. Nikolas calls 911 as Rebecca makes it clear through her pain that she will tell Lucky everything.

    Edward comes to see Elizabeth at her house. She asks how he is feeling since the accident and he says he doesn't know if he will ever recover from what happened. He gives her a photo of her and Emily he found and then tells her Rebecca has been a blessing to him and Monica and wonders why she hasn't welcomed her in her life. Elizabeth gets them tea and they discuss Emily. Elizabeth feels like Rebecca is trading on how much they all loved Emily and is taking advantage. Edward thinks they are doing the same thing because she is the closest they will ever be to Emily. Elizabeth thinks they would have been better off if she never came to town. Elizabeth gets a call from Nikolas who tells her about Rebecca.

    Monica comes to the hospital and learns about Rebecca from Patrick and Robin. Edward walks up as Lisa shows them Rebecca's MRI scans and Patrick agrees they should wait on surgery. Edward demands to know who hit her and Nikolas walks up saying it was him. Edward calls him a curse and wants the police. Lucky walks in saying he's in charge of the investigation. Lucky goes to talk to Rebecca as a nervous Nikolas looks on. Elizabeth meets up with Nikolas as Edward and Monica visit Rebecca. Rebecca wakes up asking for Lucky.

    Live and Let Live.

    Monday, November 16 2009

    Rebecca visits Edward at the mansion and they talk about Emily. She thanks him for his acceptance, but tells him Elizabeth hates her. Edward thinks he may have a solution for her. Nikolas then meets Rebecca at the mansion who tells him they are throwing a party there for Elizabeth and Lucky, but Nikolas says it’s impossible.

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