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    General Hospital CAST - Edward Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edward Quartermaine Played by John Ingle on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Ingle (ABC)

    Birthday: May 7 1928
    Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Married Grace-Lynne Martin (deceased Sept 16/12)
    Real Name: John Ingle


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    Christmas Surprises.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Just as Luke and Tracy are about to be pronounced husband and wife at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy stops the minister and asks Luke to see the prenup. Brooke pulls her aside and orders her, on behalf of everyone there, to step aside, get out of her own way and marry the man she loves. She encourages her to take a chance because nothing in life comes with a guarantee. Tracy returns to Luke and tells the minister to proceed. Luke and Tracy are pronounced husband and wife and Luke kisses his bride.

    During the reception in the main room at the mansion, Brooke asks her grandmother if she's going to yell at her. Tracy hasn’t decided, ordering her to explain herself. Brooke says she wanted to save her from herself in hopes that one day someone would do the same for her. Tracy underestimated her and says, "Good save." Edward tells the newly minted Spencers that he is actually happy for them. Jax finds Carly off on her own texting. She covers saying it's about Christmas. Toasts are made to and by the happy couple who expresses their love and happiness, as Alice sits at a table by herself glumly drinking champagne. As Luke and Tracy cut the cake, Edward tells Ethan he has great plans for him. Luke sends Ethan to get him a drink and tells Edward to back off.

    Back at the reception, Tracy dances with her father, as Mr. Luke assures Alice he's happy and asks her to dance as well. Mac arrives and sees Alexis. Spinelli also enters and runs into Dante and Lulu, as Carly returns. Spinelli tells them in the spirit of the holidays he wants to make peace with Dante. Carly gets Spinelli alone to find out what he dug up. He hands her a paper and she gleefully reads that Dante and Brenda had a child, but he gave her full custody. Carly says, "Brenda is the mother of Sonny's grandchild? Merry Christmas!"

    In the den, Edward talks to Lila's photo as Michael and Jason enter. Jason says, "Merry Christmas Grandfather."

    The Hunter Is Trapped By The Game.

    Tuesday, December 21 2010

    Lucky and Ethan hold Luke hostage at Lucky's place before the wedding. Luke lashes out at his sons for being ingrates, especially when neither one has any booze to offer him. When Lucky and Ethan step away, Luke pulls out a car key and stares pensively at it. The men all change and Luke suggests they stop at Jake's so he can get a liquid refreshment to help him say his vows and so he can to the boozy party afterwards. Ethan thinks he just wants to take off, as Edward walks in.

    As the guests arrive at the mansion, Edward offers Luke a drink in the den. Luke refuses out of respect for Tracy's wishes. Edward then opens his checkbook and tells him to name his price and then leave for good. Luke declines, thereby passing Edward's test. Edward then lays out some ground rules for him and then warns him against breaking Tracy's heart - again. Alexis walks in with a prenup for Luke to sign. Edward tells him it's the moment of truth – does he love Tracy or is it always just about the money? Luke looks it over as Alexis leaves the room. Luke tells Edward Tracy needs to prove she wants to marry him without all the legalities. Luke's kids walk in with Alexis to convince Luke to sign the papers and marry the woman he loves. Luke caves and signs off on the prenup. Everyone leaves the room happy, but Luke takes out his car key. He starts to leave the house, but he stops just as he gets to the door.

    Edward calls everyone to their seats in the foyer, as they all wait for Luke to join them. After some delay, Luke finally enters and takes his place with the minister. Tracy walks down the stairs and if affected by seeing that Luke actually showed up. After getting silent confirmation from Alexis that Luke signed the prenup, Tracy walks down the aisle to her groom. Luke tells Tracy the hunter was trapped by the game. He loves her and they are perfect together. They are each other's unlikely surprise and that's why he is standing there in full out unapologetic husband mode. He throws Alice the key to the getaway car and says he wants to call Tracy wife and know it's more than just another nickname. Tracy tells him he brought her back to life. He gave her something to look forward to and a reason to get up in the morning. She looks forward to their next adventure and will love him until the day she dies.

    The Decoy.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    At the mansion, Luke demands to know what Edward's angle is in regards to Ethan. Edward admits he made mistakes with Mary Mae, Bradley and Justice. Maya is his chance for redemption and he knows that she actually loves Ethan so he will put his feelings aside for Maya's happiness. Luke doesn't buy it. Maya and Ethan enter and Luke warns Ethan and Maya their union is going to cost him something. Tracy joins them and says no one leaves until the bride says so. Lulu enters, suggesting Luke start treating Tracy like a real bride, as Edward tells Ethan and Maya he wants them to present themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Lovett and to cohabitate, or else the deal is off. Everyone disperses as Lulu tells her father she's worried Tracy will get hurt. Luke thinks she's projecting her feelings about Dante onto them. He warns her that Dante is addicted to adrenaline and he wonders if she can make peace with all the chances he takes.

    Ulterior Motives.

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    Molly visits Edward at the mansion to interview him for a school project. The subject of his family comes up and Edward talks to her off the record about Ethan and Maya. Edward sees great promise in Ethan and thinks he can mold him into a major player at ELQ. Molly doesn't think he is the corporate type, but Edward thinks as long as Ethan is in the family he can influence him. Molly reminds him Ethan is Luke's son. Edward calls her a smart cookie. Luke drops by and accuses Edward of using Ethan to get at him.

    Thanksgiving In Port Charles.

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Luke and Ethan arrive at the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving dinner, much to Edward's disdain. Edward learns Dante, Lulu and Lucky will be joining them and is even unhappier. Lucky enters with Siobhan, which perks Edward up as he takes an immediately liking to the redhead. Lulu shows up and is then pleased to see Dante arrive. Edward is even happier to see Michael who has accompanied Dante. Lulu pulls Siobhan aside to ask what her intentions are towards Lucky, who overhears. Lulu says they are all just worried about him. Elsewhere, Tracy finds Luke looking at a diamond ring and assumes he stole it, but he assures her it's the real thing that he bought in Germany. She tries it on and tells him if it is real, he's doing pretty good. He reiterates that it is real and asks her to be his bride. Tracy tears up and says she thinks it's real. They return to the rest of the group to show off her ring. The pizza is brought in and Edward begins singing, as everyone eventually joins in.

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