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    General Hospital CAST - Edward Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Edward Quartermaine Played by John Ingle on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Ingle (ABC)

    Birthday: May 7 1928
    Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Married Grace-Lynne Martin (deceased Sept 16/12)
    Real Name: John Ingle


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    When Will The Violence End?

    Monday, February 28 2011

    Luke brings Edward home and fills Tracy in on the explosion. Edward thanks Luke for his generosity tonight and goes off to bed. Tracy thanks Luke for bringing her father home, noting how fragile he seems. Luke gets up to leave the room, but Tracy asks him not to go. She just wants to be in his arms.

    Did You Miss Me?

    Friday, February 25 2011

    Jason shows up at the pavilion as Lulu tells Dante she came back to see him. She realized she was giving up on them because she was afraid of getting hurt. She notes how stupid it was because she's happiest when she's with him. Across the way, Jason tells Sonny Theo is the Balkan, as a firefighter tells them they need to cut the car open to remove the body. Jason wants Luke to take Sonny home, but Sonny won't leave without his wife. Jax and Alexis show up. Jax rails at Sonny, blaming him for Lily and Brenda's deaths. He urges him to make things right by shooting himself in the head. Michael tries to get Jax to back off, but Jax yells out, "How many people have to die?" Jax backs off and Alexis apologizes to Sonny. She assures him she'll take care of the kids. Edward shows up and talks with Michael and Abby. He talks about how wonderful Brenda was. He advises Abby not to let love pass her by no matter what people think. Robin and Patrick walk back outside. Robin assures Sonny Brenda wanted to marry her and nothing could have stopped her from walking down the aisle. Jason tells Luke this doesn't make sense, because Theo had plenty of other opportunities to kill Brenda and didn't. Luke thinks this caused the most damage. Jason gets a call. When he answers he hears, Franco say, "Did you miss me?" Franco tells Jason they will be together soon and for him to keep a light on for him. He adds, "I trust you enjoyed the fireworks." Jason returns to Sonny, as the body is taken out of the car. Sonny wants to see her. As he uncovers her face, they see that the body brought out is actually Sam. Jason looks devastated.

    Clink. Boom. Redux.

    Thursday, February 24 2011

    As they dance, Brenda tells her husband she will never be known as Brenda Barrett again. She is now officially Brenda Corinthos. Sonny is happy to say they are husband and wife and he kisses his bride. Out in the corridor, Molly and Morgan interrupt Michael as he is about to kiss Abby. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Luke he needs to stop Dante from working his way back into Lulu's life. Luke doesn’t want to get involved, but says he already gave his daughter his advice on love. On the dance floor, Patrick dances with Carly, who notes he's pining over Robin. She admits she's bad at the happy, love thing, but wishes him luck. At a nearby table, Brook Lynn questions Nikolas on his issues with Sonny. Nikolas won't go into their past, but he says he made a promise to his mother to be civil. He mentions he told Laura about her. Brook wonders what he said. Nikolas relayed to Laura that Brook works for him and he holds her in high regard. Michael brings Abby inside the reception and introduces her to Edward, who is taken by her. He wonders how the two became acquainted and Molly jumps in asking Edward to dance. Carly walks over to her son and Abby and says she's glad Sonny invited her. Morgan asks his mother to dance, as Michael kisses Abby on the cheek. Robin clinks her glass to get the room's attention and makes a speech, wishing Sonny and Brenda a lifetime of happiness. Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina all speak as well and express their happiness for the couple and welcome Brenda to the family. Sonny is next. He tells the kids how much he loves them. He also says Brenda makes his life complete and he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her. The Corinthos' cut the cake and when it's time to toss the bouquet, Abby asks Michael to walk her home. She says her goodbyes to Sonny and Brenda, who are happy she came. Brenda tosses her bouquet and Kristina catches it, but Sonny tells her she can't get married for a few decades. Ethan sits with Kristina and notes how far she's come in regards to her father. She credits therapy and Ethan for helping her. He thinks she's a special young lady and asks her to dance. As they do, Kristina declares she will marry him someday. Ethan just laughs. Dante returns to the reception and congratulates the happy couple. Brenda and Sonny make their exit, as their guests throw flower pedals and wish them well. Sonny puts Brenda in the limo, which then explodes.

    There's an Objection During the Ceremony.

    Monday, February 21 2011

    Back in Port Charles, Robin makes a plea to Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle. Edward would be happy to play the role of the patriarch, but it would have to be a different groom. Molly takes it all in, but says nothing until someone suggests that they call Jason. She says that Jason must have a good reason for being late.

    This Time Jason is the No-Show.

    Friday, February 18 2011

    After a while, Robin is getting nervous about Jason not being there yet and doesn’t want to leave Brenda waiting too long. She rushes over to Edward and asks him for a favor, while everyone looks on.

    The Final Step In A Long Journey.

    Thursday, February 17 2011

    Brenda walks downstairs in the penthouse to find Suzanne, Robin and Carol discussing the wedding. Carol and Suzanne leave and Robin stays behind to help Brenda get ready. Brenda tells her friend she wants to marry Sonny more than anything, but she's afraid something will go wrong. Brenda assures her everything will be fine and urges her to just focus on her and Sonny. They start to head out, but find Edward at the door. He expresses his concern that Sonny will leave Brenda at the altar again. She sends Robin upstairs so she can assure Edward this is what she wants and that Sonny will show up for her. Edward gives her a handkerchief Lila carried on their wedding day.

    Time Is Of The Essence.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Tracy invites Brook to the mansion for lunch, but her granddaughter is suspicious. Tracy wants her to quit her job as Nikolas' companion. Brook defends Nikolas, leading Tracy to ask if she's in love with him. Brook just doesn't want to get off the gravy train and she won't let Elizabeth get her hooks back into Nik. She also points out her granny got the guy she wants, so why can she? Tracy tells her to go get her man, but if he so much as looks at her cross-eyed, she will get him. Edward enters the room after Brook has left. Maya and Ethan enter to announce they will be staying there. Edward is thrilled but Tracy is disdainful knowing Ethan isn't happy about the arrangement. Edward takes Ethan out of the room, as Tracy confronts Maya, who tells her she didn’t really want to leave.

    She's A Stripper?

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    At the mansion, Edward lays out his offer to Ethan and Maya – either they live together as husband and wife or else the million dollars will be rescinded. Ethan says he'll pack his bag and move in, but Maya doesn’t like Edward dictating her life. Edward counters that this is an opportunity for freedom. Tracy returns from her honeymoon solo. She explains Luke is off on a diamond heist. She isn't leaving him though, she just won't be there to save him. Edward returns to swaying Ethan, who says he will think about the offer.

    It's All About The Timing.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    At the reception in the mansion, Carly privately confirms with Spinelli that the document is real and wonders what she will do with the information that Dante gave Brenda full custody of their kid. She wants to keep this a secret for now, as Jax comes out wondering what they are doing. Carly makes up a story, which Jax accepts, but doesn't necessarily believe. In the main room, Luke and Tracy toast to being Mr. and Mrs. Wile E. Coyote, while Mac and Alexis have fun on the dance floor. Jason and Michael enter the reception, as Tracy tosses the bouquet. It lands in Brenda's hands as she and Sonny return to the party. They announce this is good timing because they are now engaged. The room is stunned, but Michael breaks the ice by congratulating them. Tracy tells Luke she thinks it was rude for them to announce their news at their wedding. Mac asks Alexis if there is any jealousy, but Alexis replies, "Ewww. Yuck. Gross." Jax angrily leaves to get the car as Edward asks Jason to tell Brenda she's making a mistake. Jason says there's nothing he can do, but then grabs Spinelli wondering what he's doing there. Spinelli responds he's there to make peace with Dante. Edward pulls Ethan and Maya aside, as Jason congratulates Brenda and Sonny. However, he says Brenda will still stay at the penthouse because she is still in danger. Sonny doesn’t like that idea, but Brenda thinks it sounds old fashioned and could be fun. Across the room, Lulu assures Dante she isn't looking for marriage as Dante eyes Brenda and Sonny. Brook Lynn welcomes Luke to the family, while Tracy orders Nikolas to terminate his association with her granddaughter. Once all the guests have left, Tracy and Luke dance. She pulls the prenup out of his pocket and throws it in the fire. She cries as she walks back to him and passionately kisses him.

    In the den, Edward tells Ethan and Maya he is an old man with no heir to take over his life's work, except for maybe them. He suggests the happy couple could be looking at more than a million dollars if they're willing to cooperate. He thinks they have the right instincts, but they are aiming too low. He has a lot to teach them and he wants to make his past mistakes right with them. Maya thinks it's crazy, but Ethan just grins.

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