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    General Hospital CAST - Billy Abbott (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billy Abbott (Past) Played by Billy Miller on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Miller (CBS)

    Birthday: September 17 1979
    Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Billy Miller
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Domestic Disturbance!

    Tuesday, August 04 2009

    Still in the Chancellor living room, Billy justifies his feelings toward Jill to Chloe, but suddenly, Katherine comes in, saying he might want to rethink that! She tells Billy he needs to let this resentment go - it's eating him up. Billy points out that her feud with Jill is older than he is. She says all the better for her to tell him it's a waste of time. She says she loves him. Billy says at least someone does. Chloe pipes in, "A lot of people do." Billy and Katherine both leave, and Chloe tells Chance he just had his first domestic disturbance! They discuss Billy, and what a different person Chance is from him. She tells Chance the girl who snaps him up will be lucky and gives him an impulsive peck. Chance then looks at her very intently and raises a hand to caress her face! He says, "Eyelash. Make a wish." She does, silently, and leaves the room.

    Billy arrives at Jimmy's Bar with Delia and greets Mac. They discuss their situation and Billy tells her he hasn't broken the news to Chloe yet. Mac says that Katherine knows - Chloe is going to figure it out. Billy says he needs more time to lay the groundwork with Chloe - she's obsessed with him!

    Billy Boy and the Spineless Jellyfish!

    Monday, August 03 2009

    Inside the coffee house, Jack encounters Billy. He lays into him about the stress he caused Ashley by confronting Victor so publicly. Billy says it's his mess - he'll go over and check on her since she's not returning either of their calls. Jack warns him not to upset Ash.

    Billy comes to the door of the Ranch. Victor says, "How dare you come here." Billy says he's concerned about Ashley. Victor says she's out and orders him to leave, telling him that JT's not here to save him this time - no one is! Billy wonders if he's threatening him. Victor confirms that he is. Billy says only her control freak husband is responsible for what's wrong with Ashley. Victor tells him to leave, or he won't be responsible for his actions! Billy brings up the time that Victor told him he expected big things from him, saying it was a bunch of bunk! Victor says that Ashley is with him because she wants to be, but Billy insists that he and Jack will get through to her. Victor says he doesn't know who he respects less, Billy Boy, or that spineless jellyfish Jack! He closes the door in Billy's face!

    Billy and Jack meet up again at Jimmy's Bar. They have an exchange about Billy riling up Victor. Billy, gesturing at his drink, says he's busy. Jack orders a scotch and joins him. He tells Billy that he had Sharon all wrong - his days of being a lovesick puppy and a doormat are done! As Jack tells Billy that he and Sharon are over, but he intends to be a father to the baby, Mary Jane comes in incognito and listens. When Jack is distracted by a phone call, Mary Jane spikes his drink with a drug! Jack returns to the table, and as he talks to Billy about Sharon, he downs the spiked drink! Mary Jane watches.

    So Much For Impulse Control!

    Friday, July 31 2009

    At the Newman board meeting, Billy blurts out to Ashley that Victor forced Colleen to resign her board seat by setting her up. He also tells Ashley that he bought Gloria's 5% of shares and had Ashley fired from Jabot. Ash doesn't believe it, but Billy hisses at her to think about it - Victor would do anything to get to Jack - he's keeping her isolated and has divided their family! Ashley asks Victor for the truth. He says he did this to protect her. She is outraged and rushes out of the room. Victor tells Billy that he'll regret this - he and his brother are losers! Billy tells Victor that Ashley will leave him - he can't just manipulate people's lives! Victor physically attacks Billy! JT appears and intervenes, backing Billy out the door!

    Billy comes into Jimmy's Bar, and Mac asks if he went to see Victor. He admits it, and Mac says, "So much for impulse control!" Just then, Jack comes in, asking what Billy wanted to see him about. Billy tells him just wait until he hears what Victor has done to their family. He tells Jack, but is surprised by his reaction - he says Billy should have gone to Ashley privately - who knows how much damage he's done! Jack storms out. Mac tells Billy that he's impulsive, but she loves him anyway. They kiss.

    You Are Not the Father!

    Thursday, July 30 2009

    Billy arrives at the Chancellor Estate and confronts his mother, Jill. He demands to know if she gave him the CEO position at Jabot under duress! Jill doesn't give a straight answer, and Billy warns that the more she delays, the more he knows it's true. Finally, she admits it, but says it's not important now. Billy wonders who she is protecting. Jill says it was Victor, and explains what happened. Jill can't understand his anger - it was business! Billy says he can't believe Victor went against Ashley like that - having Jill fire her! Jill asks Billy if he could really be surprised after all of his antics in past years, that he wouldn't be her first choice. Billy brings up Cane, saying that she chose a fraud over her own son. He tells Jill that he doesn't want anything more from her!

    Billy arrives at Jimmy's and upon seeing JT, attacks him for being on the Newman gravy train. JT remarks that he's still on his family's gravy train, but also adds that he quit Newman. When JT walks away, Billy admits to Mac that he found out what Cane said about Jill was true! Billy vents about Victor and Jill. Mac asks what he's going to do. Billy would like to show Ashley what a snake she's married to, but Mac warns that she doesn't need the stress. She goes off to look at something with JT and Billy leaves. When Mac and JT look for him, Mac says she'll give him one guess where Billy went!

    You're History!

    Wednesday, July 29 2009

    Billy is at the coffee house trying to get Jill on the phone, when Colleen comes in. She says she's been summoned by Victoria - she assumes she's being booted off the Newman Board! She tells Billy the whole story about Aidan and how he got her drunk. They agree that she was played - Billy wonders if Victor was behind it. Colleen says that's what she thinks - Jack will have a fit! Billy smirks as she admits that Jack was coaching her. Colleen wishes she could fight this, and Billy offers to fight alongside her - no one is going to treat his family like this!

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