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    General Hospital CAST - Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer Played by Jacklyn Zeman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacklyn Zeman (Jacklyn Zeman)

    Birthday: March 6 1953
    Birthplace: Englewood, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Separated, two teenaged daughters
    Real Name: Jacklyn Zeman
    Height: 5'4"


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    Patrick Wants Another Chance

    Friday, November 30 2007

    In another part of the hospital Bobbie and Epiphany talk about Emily and how much she will be missed by the hospital staff. The family arrives at Epiphany's station. She sees one of the aides offering water and coffee and thanks him. But, she wonders what his real motives are. Robin returns to the family and tells them there have been complications. Dr. Lee arrives and tells the family that she needs permission to operate to perform an emergency hysterectomy. The family is stunned and ask Dr. Lee to save their daughter. Patrick arrives and asks Robin to come and talk to him. Patrick takes Robin down the hall and tells her he loves her! "I miss you," he says and tells her that seeing the bride come in was a sign for them to get back together. Robin is stunned but is afraid to believe he really wants her - all of her. Patrick kisses her and says they will figure the rest out as they go along.

    Emily's Funeral Begins.

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    There are still a few people outside of the church as well. Ric finds Skye and asks if he can sit with her during the service. She is surprised to see him and he said that he snuck out of the hospital. She gratefully accepts his arm and they walk inside. Bobby comes with Mike. They both agree that losing a child is the hardest thing in the world.

    (Un)Happy Thanksgiving.

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Bobbie goes to Monica to lend her support. Monica tells her old friend that she's still not used to the word "widow" and now this. She turns to face Bobbie and says that Emily was the most precious gift that she was ever given. She says that she's hurt and sad but it is incredible anger that is stuck in her heart. Bobbie says that someday, when she least expects it, she will be able to think about the daughter that she lost and all she will be able to feel is gratitude that she was in her life at all. Finally Monica cries and Bobbie holds her close.

    Bobbie arrives at Carly's house with a pie. She mocks Carly's idea of cooking and then heads straight for the kitchen. Jax tells Carly that he called the hospital and Jerry is doing fine. Mike and Bobbie come out and Carly informs them that she plans to contribute something to the table whether anyone likes it or not!

    Skye Takes The Stand

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Noah, dressed as Eli, runs into Bobbie at the bar. They talk about him pretending to be Eli. Bobbie reminds him of the fun-loving guy he used to be and asks why he can't be that guy again without risking his sobriety. A producer arrives and Noah gets set for his meeting. They talk for a bit and then the man proposes a toast. Noah takes a drink!

    Sam takes the Stand.

    Monday, July 30 2007

    "Eli" is at the Metro Court and he's run into some fans who want him to sign their napkins and pose for pictures. Then he sits with a reporter to do some PR for the fundraiser concert. The reporter asks if he's feeling okay. She tells him that he normally is all over his fans and not so polite. After the interview is over, he nervously sits alone waiting for Anna to show up. A waitress brings him a glass of vodka on the rocks. The drink is sitting on the table when Bobbie shows up and sits with him. He tells her how life as a rocker feels and she shares her concerns for her old friend. She says that maybe he's getting in over his own head. She asks if he's meeting with his sponsor regularly and he says that he is. Noah tells Bobbie that he's standing in for Eli because the cause is a good one, and he wants the real Eli to have the chance to recover. He says that his life has been pretty predictable and he can't wait to take some chances. As she hugs him goodbye, Bobbie picks up the glass of vodka and deposits it on the bar.

    Bobbie goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that she thinks the whole Eli Love thing is a dangerous game for Noah. She reports that she just saw him with a glass of vodka, but he didn't drink it. This time. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, another fan has sent Noah a drink and he invites her to his table and takes a sip. "Here's to you, beautiful," he says.

    Sonny's Got His Hands Full!

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    The judge tells Scotty that he is the new guardian for Laura, stunning Luke, Lucky and Lulu. He tells Scott to make provisions for any type of familial visitation. Unable to take it, Lucky bursts out that Laura wouldn't want Scott in any part of her life! Alexis objects, telling the judge that taking away Nikolas' guardianship is wrong. "My decision stands," the judge says. Alexis tells him she will appeal. After the court is adjourned, Scott tells them that he is only acting in Laura's best interests. In the hall, Nikolas apologizes for not being able to stop Scott. Bobbie tells them things will be fine, that Laura will never know. Luke isn't so sure; he thanks Nikolas for trying to stop Scott. Alexis comes over, promising to appeal the judge's order. She asks them all to set up visitation before they leave and then takes off. Everyone leaves except Lulu and Luke, who are both in a daze. Angry, Lulu rages about the judge and Scott. Luke tells her to be strong, not to fold. Lulu realizes that what matters is that Laura's wishes be honored - and that includes having Luke in her life. "He's not going to get away with this," Luke promises and walks away.

    "Luke Raped Laura."

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    The judge tells everyone in the court room that he wants to take his time to consider the case carefully. In the meantime, Laura will remain a ward of the court. As they all stand to leave, Leslie tells Scott that he must be so proud of the way he finally got Luke and devastated Lulu in the process. She tells him that she will never forgive him and then leaves. Lainey tells Emily that when Lulu's ready, she should come talk to her and suggests that Nikolas could use help with anger management. Nikolas thanks Alexis for trying to help and then apologizes the Luke. Luke sadly tells him that he just told the truth. He says that Scott's been waiting 25 years to play the victimized and dumped husband and today he got his chance. Bobbie approaches Scott and says that since Laura isn't able to do it herself, she will - and then she smacks him in the face! Eventually only Luke and Tracy remain in the courtroom. She tells him that he needs to go find his daughter and help put her back together.

    Laura's Custody Hearing Begins.

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Alexis arrives at the court house first, and then comes Scott -- who runs directly into Bobbie. She tells him that Luke and Laura have loved and forgiven each other over the years. "Scott, Laura loved Luke, not you," Bobbie says. She says that his own vindictive purposes aren't good enough of a reason to drag Laura's painful past out into the open for her daughter to see. She tells Scott that if Laura woke up tomorrow, she would NOT thank him.

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