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    General Hospital CAST - Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer Played by Jacklyn Zeman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacklyn Zeman (Jacklyn Zeman)

    Birthday: March 6 1953
    Birthplace: Englewood, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Separated, two teenaged daughters
    Real Name: Jacklyn Zeman
    Height: 5'4"


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    Are You Ready?

    Friday, April 05 2013

    At the Metro Court Patrick tells Sabrina she looks beautiful. Sabrina's unsure about her makeover and says it's still her underneath. Patrick confesses his feelings and that he was sidelined by Milo. She confirms her feelings haven't changed. He apologizes for taking so long to do this and kisses her. Patrick hopes her happiness means he didn't lose her to Milo. Sabrina decides to smooth things over with Milo and accepts an invitation to be Patrick's date for the Ball.

    Downstairs guests arrive on the red carpet. Felicia calls for Mac to join her and Frisco for a picture. Maxie sees Spinelli arrive with Ellie. Duke is followed by Anna and Emma. Anna gives a heartfelt interview about the benefit in Robin's honor. The announcer asks Carly if she's back with Sonny and for comments on Jax and Brenda's engagement. Carly doubts a wedding will happen or if they will show up tonight. Brenda shows up alone. The announcer asks where Jax is. Brenda apologizes he couldn't make it. Michael, Bobbie and Olivia are photographed followed by AJ and Elizabeth, Monica and Tracy, and Alexis and Shawn with Molly and Sam in tow. Anton escorts Epiphany in and tells Sam it's not too late to dance with him tonight. The announcer wonders where Patrick and Noah are. Felix escorts Lucy in last and worries about Sabrina.

    Inside the ballroom, Mac catches Frisco swapping seating cards. Felicia comes by and Frisco asks if she wants filet mignon or cold fish referring to her men. Nearby Noah gets reacquainted with Bobbie. He's pleased she's not with Scotty. Anna catches him and they reminisce over Eli Love. Alexis asks Sonny about his choice for a date. Carly approaches Brenda presenting the signed divorce papers. Carly asks about Jax. Brenda tells Carly to go to hell and confirms the wedding is off because of her. Sonny and Shawn come over to break up the argument. An announcement comes on and everyone takes their seats. Carly, Sonny and the Giambetti brothers are seated with Brenda. Emma asks Patrick, "What's that on your collar?" when he arrives to his seat late. Noah's knows Patrick got his girl.

    Sabrina rushes backstage late, relieving Lucy and surprising Liz with her new look. Felix beams over her kiss with Patrick. Lucy rushes onstage announcing the opening number featuring GH's nurses. Afterwards Sabrina catches up with Milo who is not certain she will want to be seen with him. At a table nearby Anton tells Sam he needs a partner. Onstage Lucy honors Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining in her monologue and gives a shout out to Bobbie Spencer. She then asks the anonymous donor to stand up. No one does.

    Maxie asks Felicia if she is choosing the steak or the fish. Felicia tells her she doesn't know…she loves both. Ellie and Spin argue before their number about children. On stage they sing "She Blinded Me With Science." In the middle of the song Spin declares "Good heavens Miss Trout you are beautiful," they close with a kiss. During the applause she says she loves him too much to let problems get in the way. Maxie stands to leave. Frisco tells her it's not too late to tell Spinelli. Meanwhile Brenda throws a roll at Carly who reciprocates. A waiter asks Carly if she needs assistance. She throws Brenda out. Sonny's mad since this is for Robin. He goes after Brenda. To the side Milo confesses to Sabrina what he did and realizes Sabrina and Patrick have a connection.

    Million Dollar Bet.

    Thursday, April 04 2013

    At Patrick’s, Emma is excited about her duet with Sabrina and can’t wait to get dressed. Emma tells Patrick all about Felix, Milo and Sabrina. He tells Emma to finish her carrots and calls Sabrina. He gets her voicemail. The doorbell rings and he thinks she’s there to pick up Emma. Patrick opens the door and Noah Drake gives him a hug. He’s there for the Ball since Robin was important to him. Sabrina gets Emma, chats with Noah who she met on Skype while babysitting, and leaves. Noah tells Patrick they are so lucky to have Sabrina. Patrick talks about the miscommunications between the two of them. The two Dr. Drakes discuss love and Noah tells Patrick to go get Sabrina.

    In the Ballroom Mac arrives with Mr. Marbles and entertains Duke. Duke thinks Felicia will be entertained. Mac thinks Frisco won’t be. He confides in Duke that Felicia has to choose. He thinks Duke has a better chance with Anna then he has with Felicia. Kevin interrupts Lucy from previewing her dresses with a jealous Felix and Sabrina. Lucy’s excited until he breaks the news he won’t be at the Ball because a patient needs him. Lucy’s worried about bombing. Kevin doesn’t believe she’ll fail. Before he leaves he interrupts Duke and Mac and asks them to look after her. Rehearsals begin and Mac struggles with his act, but Lucy struggles with it more. While completing tasks, Sabrina asks Felix if messages can delete themselves and tells him about her missing messages. They relocate Lucy’s dresses and Sabrina sees a new message from Patrick asking her to pick Emma up. Felix tells her he has a plan when she seems down that it wasn’t more than that.

    Anna talks to Frisco as Felicia, Maxie and Olivia get ready in her room. Olivia worries about lack of info on Dante and Lulu. Felicia and Maxie think the best they can do is think positive and dedicate their time to the success of the Nurses’ Ball for Robin. Anna asks Felicia privately what’s bothering her. Felicia tells Anna she has to choose between Mac and Frisco. Bobbie arrives with Felix close behind. Sabrina shows with Emma. She doesn’t want a makeover but Felix talks her into trusting him. Anna sees her without her glasses and compliments her. Sabrina tells Felix to do it. All the ladies leave and Felix says Sabrina will meet them down there. Patrick walks in and doesn’t recognize Sabrina when he comes looking for Emma.

    Sweet Taste Of Victory.

    Monday, April 01 2013

    Michael stops by Sonny’s. Sonny asks after Carly. Michael says she’s tired of losing people. Sonny thinks Lulu will be found. They talk about Connie getting integrated. Sonny does not know who will return to him. Michael questions whether Connie deserves his love as much as Kate. Sonny confesses he loves both Connie and Kate and hopes after integration things will work out. He is glad he will not have to make a decision after what happened between Brenda and Lilly with a little bit of Carly in the mix. Michael gets a text from AJ. Sonny tells Michael he loves him. Michael says he will never forget Sonny is his father. He hopes the woman Sonny loves comes home soon. Michael leaves and someone knocks on Sonny's door.

    At Carly’s, Bobbie arrives and apologizes for getting held up at the hospital praying for Nikolas to survive. Carly rehashes recent events since AJ returned to Port Charles and tells Bobbie if she could find a way she’d help Tracy get ELQ back from AJ. Bobbie tells her not to rewrite history. Talk turns to Jason and Carly remembers how he cared for her. She cries about the hole left behind that she can’t fill. They talk about the kids and broken families. Bobbie tells her the next time Josslyn goes to Australia that maybe Carly should go with her. Despite filing for divorce with Jax, Bobbie thinks they can get married again. Carly wonders if Bobbie still has hopes with Scotty. She laughs it off since Scott is madly in love with Laura. She hopes Carly has stopped chasing men involved with someone else as she has. After Bobbie has left Carly answers the door and finds Jax there.

    I’ve Got Your Back.

    Wednesday, March 27 2013

    Alexis takes Shawn home to recover. TJ, Molly and Sam give him a hero’s welcome. Later Alexis updates the girls on Nikolas and Lulu and apologizes for not working on Rafe’s case. Sam worries about their safety. Alexis thinks they’re safe but doesn’t understand why Helena would attack Nikolas. Molly leaves to check on Danny. Alexis asks if Sam is recovered from the Steven Clay incident. Sam tells her Caleb was not evil, he just wanted his wife back. In another room TJ tells Shawn what he means to him. Sam grabs TJ and Molly to get pizza but they drag her to the Metro Court to help Lucy. Alone, Alexis tells Shawn her place right now is with him.

    Anna shows up at the Falconeri’s to tell Dante the sniper has been identified as someone having ties to Helena. Anna gives him a pep talk and asks him to meet her at the Haunted Star before she leaves. When he arrives she tells him the Haunted Star is gone. Dante calls Michael to inquire if there is any reason it would have been moved. Anna gets info that Quint saw the Star leave the harbor last night. Dante thinks it is in international waters by now.

    Bobbie waits with Laura at the hospital telling her Scotty would love to be there too. Monitors are beeping in Nikolas’ room. They walk in to find Luke with a syringe. Laura slaps him when he says he has to wake Nikolas up. Bobbie confirms the adrenaline hadn’t made it from the IV to Nikolas. Laura gets physical with Luke refusing to trade the life of one of her children for another. Scott arrives after Luke rushes out on Laura. She tells him what happened and asks him not to leave. A second later she decides to follow Luke and find Lulu. She leaves Scott at Nick’s side. Outside Bobbie comforts Luke confident that they will find Lulu. Dante and Anna show up. Dante says, "I think we know where Lulu is." Anna debriefs them. While waiting for the ship’s coordinates from Frisco they get the proper paperwork before heading off to the Haunted Star. Back at the docks Dante leaves for equipment and Anna tells Luke Dante will meet him later and they’ll have agents for backup. Laura runs up saying she’s coming. They take off in a helicopter.

    You Just Had An Epiphany.

    Tuesday, March 26 2013

    Bobbie and Scott arrive at the Falconeri’s looking for Laura. A cop tells them Nikolas was shot. He calls Laura who tells him to wait there in case any information comes in about Lulu. Scott’s worried but disappointed Laura is protecting Luke and shutting him out. Bobbie apologizes. Scott says she should be sorry because it is her fault there ever was a Luke and Laura. They take a walk down memory lane. Bobbie reminds him he is about to spend the rest of his life with Laura. He asks about her life in Seattle and her son Lucas. Bobbie confesses she wishes he would find a nice young man to settle down with. They toast happy to see each other again.

    You Made A Big Mistake.

    Friday, March 22 2013

    Lucy and Scott are at the park passing out flyers of Lulu. Dante shows up and grabs Scotty demanding to know what he did with Lulu. Lucy separates them telling Dante she has been with Scotty the whole time. Dante threatens to kill Scotty if he’s responsible. Scott tells Lucy he’s going to go support Laura. Lucy approaches a woman in black and gives her information about Lulu’s kidnapping. It is Dr. Obrecht from Lucerne Switzerland who asks who would do such a terrible thing. Lucy believes it is a crazy person. Dr. Obrecht tells Lucy the person doesn’t have to be insane, they might just be evil. Lucy is hesitant but asks the woman to contact them if she has any info and leaves. Dr. Obrecht crumples the flyer and throws it in the bushes. Britt shows up on crutches and says, "Hello Mother."

    Luke and Laura are at Dante and Lulu’s. The police are preparing to trace calls. Laura is worried and Luke tells her Lulu is resourceful and will find a way out of this. Bobbie arrives and hugs Luke and Laura. Bobbie realizes someone has been watching her. Luke thinks it’s Scotty. Bobbie and Laura disagree with him. A detective lets Scotty in. Luke wants him to leave. Laura tells them to stop it so they can find Lulu. They calm down and Bobbie leaves with Scott to look for Lulu. Laura asks if Luke would rather fight with Scotty or find their daughter. They decide the first person they should be suspicious of is Helena. The detective lets Nikolas in. He hugs his mother.

    The Brenda Vortex.

    Tuesday, October 26 2010

    In the penthouse, Sam tells Jason she wants to pose as bait instead of Brenda, but Jason won't allow it. He can't take any chances with this, but Sam doesn't think he should be counting on Brenda considering she has no experience. Jax brings Brenda back to the penthouse and leaves. Jason tells Brenda about their plan and how Sam will take her place on Friday when they hand her over to The Balkan. Brenda objects because she doesn’t want Sam to get hurt. Jason assures her they've worked together before and it will be fine. Dante stops by to explain he is Brenda's official police bodyguard. Brenda says she doesn't need a guard, but Dante insists and Jason claims he can actually use the help. Dante will be back in the morning and leaves. Brenda begs Jason to get someone else to guard her and insists she will be posing as bait for The Balkan.

    Special Delivery.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    Maya sees Maxie at the hospital who tells her about her fake date with Matt. Maya wonders why she's trying so hard to make people think she's not attracted to Matt, when she so clearly is. Matt walks up wondering the same thing. Later, Ethan comes to the hospital and sees Bobbie. He tells her his hand was banged up and might need stitches. Maya walks up and Bobbie leaves him in her hands. Ethan explains he almost fell off a roof and cut himself on a pipe. Maya grows serious, tells him she can't do this and leaves.

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