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    General Hospital CAST - Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer Played by Jacklyn Zeman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacklyn Zeman (Jacklyn Zeman)

    Birthday: March 6 1953
    Birthplace: Englewood, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Separated, two teenaged daughters
    Real Name: Jacklyn Zeman
    Height: 5'4"


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    Let's Hear It For the Boys.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    At GH, Carly tells Michael that he's going home today. She promises to open his windows, give him fresh air, and play all of his favorite music. Jax arrives and their argument from yesterday picks up where it left off. Bobbie comes in and tells them that the ambulance is waiting outside. "We're going home baby," Carly tells Michael.

    Jake's party is getting underway. As Robin holds Jake, Patrick comes by. He reports that Nikolas came out of his surgery just fine and Lulu and Bobbie are relieved to hear it. Robin beams at Patrick and suggests that he help Cam with is new car. Patrick digs in.

    One Less Evil Citizen in Port Charles.

    Tuesday, May 06 2008

    Carly returns to the hospital and finds her mother sitting with Michael. She explains about the fight she had with Jax and Bobbie says that she would've been happy to help Carly set up Michael's room at home. Sonny comes in to say goodnight to his son and takes the opportunity to ask Bobbie her thoughts on where Michael should go. Bobbie wisely stays out of their decision and then leaves them alone. Sonny tells Carly that his vote counts, too, and then makes his case about what's best for Michael. Carly spits that shipping their son away would be good for Sonny because he wouldn't have to see what he's done! Jax appears in the doorway and says that for once Sonny is thinking of someone other than himself.

    Harsh Realities.

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    Bobbie walks into Michael's room to support her daughter. She tells Carly that Michael knows she is there and needs all of her strength. She promises that between her and Mike, Morgan will be kept very busy. Then, she holds Carly as if to protect her in some way.

    Bobbie goes to Luke and asks for a stiff drink. She tells him that Michael isn't going to wake up and it reminds her of when B.J. died. Growing angrier by the minute, Bobbie says that losing a child is like a toxic kind of grief that never goes away. She says that she warned Carly at the very beginning of her relationship with Sonny but now her sons are going to pay the price. Luke just keeps pouring.

    Sonny's Gonna Blow.

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    Bobbie brings Spencer to the GH daycare and runs into Alexis. Alexis tells her that Nikolas collapsed and is in surgery now. Bobbie can't believe that he put the surgery off for so long. Alexis says that maybe sensing his son's presence will help Nikolas now.

    Who Makes it? Who Doesn't?

    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    Kate is still in surgery and things are getting tense. Sonny works to hold back tears, but then Jax rushes in and asks about Kate. Sonny explains about the bullet close to her heart and then Bobbie comes out of the OR and asks if there is any next of kin. Sonny tells her no, and after she's gone Jax tells Sonny that her family in Benson Hurst should be told.

    Everybody's Got a Secret.

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Monica finds Bobbie in the lounge and asks her to drive her home - no questions asked. Bobbie agrees to do it, but wonders why she doesn't take time to get out of her scrubs first. Monica just pulls her into the elevator.

    Defending Luke's Life.

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    After much damning evidence against Luke, the slacker defense lawyer gets to call his witnesses. Bobbie starts by saying that her big brother always took care of her; in fact he encouraged her to become a prostitute. Lucky says that his father was so unconventional that he used to admit that he hated being a father. He goes on to say that he learned how to lie, cheat and run a scam from his dear old dad. Then Lulu tells the court that her absent father never really even tried to bond with her. Luke tries to speak on his own behalf, but the judge turns to the jury for their plea. One by one, everyone who has spoken stands and says "guilty" except for Tracy. She convinces them to give him another chance, so, one by one, they all say something to the effect of "not guilty, but not too innocent either".

    A New Day.

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Bobbie pays a visit to Luke's bedside. She reminds him about a family of bullies from when they were little. He remembers that he kicked their butts and she says that he was her hero. She says that now it's her turn to save his life. She explains that he needs a special diet, physical therapy and has to do things gradually. He says that he doesn't want to have this fight with her, but she says that she loves him and will continue to push him to protect his health. Tracy comes in and couldn't agree more.

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