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    General Hospital CAST - Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio Played by John Joseph Robert York on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John York (ABC)

    Birthday: December 10 1958
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married, Vicki Manners August 15, 1986, one daughter
    Real Name: John Joseph Robert York
    Height: 5'11"


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    Luke Bargains for Lulu.

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Mac, Ric and Luke are out front of the Metro Court arguing about how to go forward. Ric is livid that Lucky and Luke pulled their own rescue attempt. He says that while the helicopter was dropping them off, Craig called him and he could hear Liz whimpering as he jammed a gun in her side. Lucky may have just killed his own baby, he accuses. Luke is fed up with the cops and walks away. He sees that Skye has just arrived at the scene. She tells Luke that the ringleader's name is James Craig. Luke bets that he doesn't know that the briefcase is wired to explode. He decides to offer Craig the code even if he has to lie about the last three numbers.

    Oh Alan!

    Monday, February 12 2007

    Outside the Metro Court, Mayor Floyd wants to storm the building and Ric tries to remind him that lives are at stake. When the Mayor states that casualties are likely Patrick punches him in the mouth. The mayor wants Patrick arrested, but Mac says if Patrick hadn't punched him, he would've - so there will be no arrests. Ric agrees. Soon, Dr. Russell Ford comes to the scene and tells Patrick to report to the hospital for a medical trauma that has arrived. He tells Patrick that his license will be revoked if he doesn't get back to work. Patrick explains that Robin is a doctor on staff, and not only that, she will need him when she's released. Dr. Ford says that there are ambulances on hand to help Robin. And, from what he knows about Dr. Scorpio, she would want him to help his patients. Patrick can't disagree, and he ultimately goes back to the hospital.

    Outside, Mac alerts his team that there's movement at the second floor window. Someone asks if it's a hostage. Someone yells that it's a gunman. "Get ready to take him out," Mac commands.
    Then, the goons push Alan out the door and into a courtyard. The sniper starts to shoot, and the cops return fire. (As Alan stands out in the open, the footage goes to black and white and in slow motion.) He reacts to sound of gunfire by clutching his chest and falling to the ground.

    Emily Has To Play God.

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Out front, Mac reminds Ric that he is to coordinate any efforts with the PCPD and not act unilaterally. Mayor Floyd shows up and tells Ric that he doesn't have the expertise to deal with the people inside. He gives Ric one hour until he brings in a tactical team to bring the hostages out by force.

    A Slight Turn in the Tide.

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    Outside Patrick is giving Ric a hard time for not doing anything proactive to save the hostages. Ric insists that there are over a dozen hostages inside-- in addition to Robin -- and they can't make a move until Craig does. Pete shows up to support Patrick and he's really concerned about Robin. Patrick tells his old friend that he loves her so much that it will destroy him if anything happens to her just like his mother's death destroyed his father. It took for someone like Robin to finally let his guard down for the first time in his life. Mac joins them and says they'll find a way to keep Robin with them for a long time.

    Sam and Liz Team UP.

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    Outside the Metro Court Ric interrogates Patrick about what else he heard on the phone. Patrick insists that he was only focused on Robin and couldn't tell if anyone else might have been hurt. Skye shows up and yells at Patrick that he'd better have a lot of malpractice insurance for leaving Lorenzo before he was finished. She said that the surgery should've lasted 4 hours, but he did it in 45 minutes. She tells him how disoriented Lorenzo was when Alexis stormed in and grilled him. Ric demands to know more about Alexis. When Skye tells reports Alexis collapsed, Ric takes off. Mac gets a minute alone with Patrick and thanks him for putting Robin first and doing everything that he did to save her. Patrick wipes a tear from his eye and tells Robin's uncle that he can't even imagine a life without Robin in it.

    From Bad to Worse.

    Monday, February 05 2007

    Things aren't much better outside the lobby:

    Mac is so upset about Robin that he hands over the command to Ric. Luke overhears Ric tell his team that he's considering filling the lobby with tear gas to rattle Mr. Craig's cage. Lucky wants Luke to calm down and let the police do their work. Luke tries to incite Lucky to jump ship and storm the building with him. He tells Lucky that his sister and the mother of his child are in there. Does he want to leave their lives in the hands of DA "Napoleon" (he was referring to Ric)?

    In Lorenzo's room, Monica is livid with Skye for being a part of the whole thing and demands that she tell Mac everything she knows. She reminds Skye that Alan adopted her and treats her like his own daughter and now he is in danger. Noah and Patrick come in and report that surgery is over. Before they go any further, Skye insists that Monica leave. Monica blurted, "I liked you lots better when you were a drunk!" and storms off to call Mac. She tells him to come and question Skye because she knows something.

    Mac Gets the Worst News.

    Friday, February 02 2007

    The people from the restaurant have made their way down the stairway and onto the street. Luke finds Tracy and learns that Lulu is in the lobby. Georgie runs up to Mac and tells him that Maxi must still be inside. Edward and Monica come out and insist that Mac get Alan and Emily from the lobby somehow. The press storms Mike and asks him if this is the beginning of a mob war.

    The hotel phone at the front desk rings and Mr. Craig answers it. The caller identifies himself as Commissioner Scorpio. Mr. Craig says, "I just shot a Robin Scorpio and she's bleeding to death as we speak."

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