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    General Hospital CAST - Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio Played by John Joseph Robert York on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John York (ABC)

    Birthday: December 10 1958
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married, Vicki Manners August 15, 1986, one daughter
    Real Name: John Joseph Robert York
    Height: 5'11"


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    Bullets and Repercussions.

    Friday, April 13 2007

    Jax and Carly arrive home and as they walk past Kelly's they see the crime scene commotion. They ask Mac what has happened and he tells them about the ambush and that Sonny is at the hospital.

    Spinelli Takes the Lead.

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    Maxi shows up at the PCPD. She says a chipper, "Hi Dad" to Mac then announces that she's brought brownies for Port Charles' finest. As the guys gather around the baked goods, she is able to swipe a file from a desk. She goes to the bathroom, and when she comes out, she waits until Mac is on the phone and then slips the file back where she found it. As she leaves, Rodriguez tells her a friendly goodbye (almost as if he saw what she did?)

    Lulu Goes For It.

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    Maxi finds Coop at the PCPD as he fills out his job application. She reminds him that he has a pretty big secret that could put him away for 20 years. He reminds her that the other hostages are on their way to prison and the only one who could ID him is Mr. Craig and he's gone. He tells Maxi to trust him when he says that he needs to do this. Down the hall, Patrick finds Mac and tells him that something is wrong with Robin. He explains the new living situation and Mac isn't finding any reason for alarm. He says that Robin and Nikolas have been friends for years. Patrick insists that something is different.

    Sonny Scores!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Luke is in lock-up at the PCPD asking Tracy to post his bail. She says that she is his wife and she shouldn't have to put up with him getting into fights over Laura all the time. Alan's ghost is also in the room unknown to Luke badgering Tracy. He tells her to face the fact that she will always come in 2nd to Laura in Luke's mind. Tracy decides to cut the check anyway and as they are leaving, Bobbie shows up with Scott. She has talked him into dropping the charges. Scott taunts Luke right in front of Mac that he'll take good care of Laura when Luke's locked up in Sing Sing. Mac tells them to behave.

    Alan Reveals the Killer. Almost.

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Patrick goes to Mac's house to see Robin. After a fair share of cooing, they finally get to what is really on their minds. Robin is feeling guilty for Alan's death. She said if she hadn't gotten shot, Alan might have got the medical attention that he deserved. Georgie, Maxi and Mac return home and promise Patrick that someone will always be on hand to care for Robin. There's a noise from upstairs and it came from Maxi's room! Before Mac can go investigate, Maxi explains that the broken lamp in her room probably fell over. Mac heads off to work, but promises to be back before Patrick leaves. As Robin gives him a look, Mac declares that "No guys get to sleep under my roof with any of my girls."

    Time For The Truth

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    At Maxie's, Cutie-Pie goon asks for her help but Maxie freaks out. He has to leave - now! Her father is the chief of police and he can't find them together. "Maybe it's time I start learning from my mistakes," she says. She doesn't even know his name. Cutie-Pie introduces himself: he is Coop. Georgie calls from outside and Maxie makes Coop hide. When Georgie tells her Robin is out of surgery, the two head to the hospital. Once there, Georgie, Maxie and Mac are excited to see her in recovery. Mac teases her that from now on if she isn't at the hospital she should be at home - no more going out! Robin asks how Maxie is. "I'm just glad it's over," she says. Alone once more, Patrick and Robin kiss and talk about the future. She has something to say - it's time for an apology. She is sorry for threatening to break up with him over an HIV test when she didn't even want to take a six-month retest a few weeks ago. Patrick surprises her, saying he didn't take the HIV test. He was waiting for her! A nurse comes in to draw blood for the test. Patrick reassures Robin that everything will be okay, as long as he has her!

    The Search Is On

    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    Outside the debris, Mac tells Lucky to stay outside and let the rescue crews do their work. Angry, Lucky tells him he has to get inside to find Elizabeth, but Mac won't listen. Nikolas is caring for Emily when a worker tells him there has been another collapse. He tries to go back in but they won't let him. Lucky comes over, angry that the workers won't let him back inside but Nikolas calms him down somewhat. A doctor clears Emily and Nikolas to leave and Lucky tells Mac they are reinforcing the building. He should go back in now to find Liz. Mac and another rescue worker won't allow it, telling Lucky that the building is still too unstable for anyone else to go in!

    Ka. Boom.

    Friday, February 16 2007

    Everyone outside has heard the gunshot. Luke is losing patience, but Ric contends that it could've just been a warning shot. Lucky tries to get Luke to calm down, and Ric tells Mac to have Luke put under (another!) arrest before they storm the hotel. Mac sides with Ric because he knows Luke won't stay on the sidelines. As Luke is being dragged off by Detective Rodriguez, he yells that Mac doesn't have the guts go in and save Maxi and Robin. Patrick is pushing Mac to set up a triage for immediate medical help once they get the hostages out. As it turns out, Dr. Ford has already begun to set one up.

    Outside the cops are making their plan. They are going to cut the electricity 15 minutes before the vault opens and then fill the Metro Court with tear gas before they storm the building. Patrick tries to get Mac to let him go in after Robin. He says that it's going to be chaos when the vault opens, who's going to carry Robin? Alexis has checked herself out of the hospital and come to talk to Ric about what's going on. He's mad that she's there and she proves his point by nearly collapsing.

    Too Little, Too Late

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    Outside, Luke tells Ric and Mac that Craig won't know he has a bogus code until the vault opens. Nobody's pleased with Luke's reckless police work, and Mac tells Luke to let them handle things from now on. Then he puts his team on trying to come up with the right code. Skye finds Luke and he tells her that he should've let her handle the bluff. After all, she's cold enough to let all those people go into the Metro Court when she knew what Lorenzo had going on there, she could've bluffed better. Skye tries to explain how it happened, but Luke tells her that she's not the person he thought she was. As she's crying, Dillon comes back to report that Alan is still in surgery.

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