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    General Hospital CAST - Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio Played by John Joseph Robert York on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John York (ABC)

    Birthday: December 10 1958
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married, Vicki Manners August 15, 1986, one daughter
    Real Name: John Joseph Robert York
    Height: 5'11"


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    (Un)Happy Thanksgiving.

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Coop has shown up at Mac's house thinking that his boss wants an update about a case. Mac calls Maxi downstairs and addresses them both. He says that they have been seeing each other for months now and he's sorry they didn’t feel they could tell him. After he leaves the room, Coop tells Maxi that he misses her and wants them to try again. Maxi gratefully hugs him. Spinelli returns with corn soup for the family table - something that Georgie had suggested earlier because it was on the original Thanksgiving table. Robin shows up alone and says that she and Patrick are both doing what they need to do today.

    Shock waves.

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    Mac takes Carly into another room to ask her questions about what happened to her. She tells him that the person who killed Leticia was on the island too. Just then, Jax brings Jerry into the room and is thrilled to see her. He asks what happened to her neck and Carly says that she's okay now. As they are hugging, Jerry collapses.

    The Cops Arrive!

    Monday, November 19 2007

    On the mainland, Mac gets the police ready to take off for Windemere so they can rescue everyone there. He is told no pilots will fly the route and he says he'll do it himself!

    Before Jason can shoot, Mac and the cops arrive and order him to lower his weapon! Jason lowers the gun and tells Mac that Zacchara jumped. Everyone comes out of the house and they tell Max about Emily's death. Nadine comes up from the barn and goes to Zacchara's side to try to keep him alive. Spinelli goes to Jason and Mac follows. He asks how long it took from the time of Emily's death until the time that Zacchara jumped from the turret!

    Angry at the gunman and believing Sonny is dead, Kate stands up to him and tells him that she won't allow him to shoot Sonny again. He starts to turn the gun on her but Sonny, who just regain consciousness, shoots him instead! He apologizes to Kate but she doesn't want apologies and tells him she is just glad to be alive with him. She gets Sonny back to the bed and sees the police choppers looking for a place to land. Kate tells Sonny she loves him; he tells her not to say things she doesn't mean. She swears she loves him and thanks him for saving her life. He tells her that being a mobster is who he is and he can't change that. Kate doesn't care. "You are a loyal, caring man," she says. The paramedics come and wheel Sonny downstairs. Mac asks what Sonny knows; Sonny tells Mac that everything that happened is because of Zacchara.

    Father of the Year. (Not).

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Kate is dressed and ready to leave the hospital when Diane tells Sonny that he can't accompany them to the station because it'll look worse to the press. Diane tells Kate that she will get fingerprinted and have mug shots and Kate remembers it all too well. Sonny tells her that she's a fighter and she needs to come out swinging. Then, Mac arrives with a warrant for her arrest and reads her Miranda rights. Coop puts the cuffs on her and Mac tells Sonny that he should leave by a different door. Diane tells Mac that her client has been framed and asks if really needs to "perp walk" her through the media?

    Outside her room, the press is firing questions to Emily and Epiphany about what Miss Howard had for breakfast this morning. Liz blocks their access to seeing Kate with a big gurney, and Mac, Diane, Coop and Kate slip off to the elevator. Later Georgie shows up for her volunteer job and asks Liz and Emily if they've heard from Lulu. She apologizes for Maxi's actions and Emily says that she's not responsible. They talk about the confrontation scene at Kelly's and Georgie says that Nikolas looked like he was going to kill Logan earlier. Emily looks concerned.

    Leticia's Dead.

    Monday, September 10 2007

    Jason and Carly have just arrived at her house and found Letica dead - she was strangled with a phone cord. Carly calls for an ambulance to come to 602 Bradenwood Terrace. When Mac and the PCPD arrive they question Carly and Jason about what happened. Carly is upset about how the boys will react and Jason asks Mac if he can take her to Sonny's and then come back to answer questions. Mac agrees.

    Jason returns to Carly's house just as Lucky is asking Mac why Jason always gets special treatment. Jason tells Mac that he'll explain everything they saw when they came home, and proceeds to do so. He says that he suspects that the NY mob boss Anthony Zacchara is behind this. Mac agrees to add some coverage to Sonny's family and then asks if there's anyone that Jason wants covered. Jason thinks for a moment and then says no. "What about Sam?" Lucky asks.

    Is Patrick going to be a Daddy?

    Wednesday, August 15 2007

    In the courtroom, the county coroner has just testified that he didn't do an autopsy on Lorenzo Alcazar. Next Mac takes the stand and Diane points out that the PCPD has brought Jason in for arrest on 32 separate occasions, yet he's never once been convicted of anything. "Jason Morgan can afford to hire high-priced attorneys like yourself," Mac counters. Diane suggests that Ric Lansing has been out to get Jason for years and this trial is more of the same. Next Lorenzo's recent bank records become the issue at hand, and after that, it's Amelia's turn on the stand as Diane's witness. She recounts a conversation with Ric in which he admits that this case against Jason is personal. "Mr. Lansing said that he wanted to be the one to send Jason to prison and that he wanted to document every step for publicity," Amelia continues. Finally, both attorneys address the jury and make their respective closing arguments. They both make a good case.

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