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    General Hospital CAST - Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio Played by John Joseph Robert York on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    John York (ABC)

    Birthday: December 10 1958
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married, Vicki Manners August 15, 1986, one daughter
    Real Name: John Joseph Robert York
    Height: 5'11"


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    Abreast Of His Comings.

    Thursday, December 20 2012

    At the hospital, Ellie overhears Spin telling Maxie he is there to see her first and foremost on her big insemination day. Ellie runs off and Mac takes Maxie to meet Lulu and Dante. Alexis is also there with a contract for Maxie. Maxie thinks Lulu doesn’t trust her. Lulu assures her it is just a formality and will protect her too, in case something happens to them. Dante assures Maxie they trust her completely and Maxie enthusiastically signs. Meanwhile, Spin realizes Ellie is mad at him. When Maxie is about to be wheeled in for the insemination Spin is not there and Olivia tells her he ran off after Ellie. Later, Sonny shows up and Dante and Lulu tell them everything went well and should know in a few days if it worked.

    Anything Is Possible.

    Monday, December 17 2012

    Patrick goes home and sees Robin by the fireplace. He snaps out of it when Mac enters with Emma. She runs off and Mac is worried about Patrick. He admits he saw Robin. Patrick is nervous about what could be wrong with him since he has not taken any drugs. The thing Mac has learned about loss is that once you think you have a handle on it, it blindsides you all over again. This is his first Christmas without Robin, so he has to cut himself some slack. Emma returns and asks Mac to stay but he has to visit Maxie. She is giving an amazing gift to someone and they all hope it works. Later, Emma and Patrick decorate the tree. Emma wants to hang Robin’s stocking in case Santa forgets she is in heaven. Later, Patrick finds a gift in his stocking from Robin.

    Ellie makes out with a Santa-clad Spinelli under some mistletoe at the hospital. He heads off to pediatrics while she goes to tend to Dante’s sperm. Maxie and Olivia have been waiting outside the room where Dante and Lulu made the sperm donation and they are obviously flustered when they emerge. Maxie has something to say but is interrupted. Ellie gets the sample and tells Lulu she can head to pre-op for the egg extraction. Everyone is ecstatic and Maxie does not voice her concerns. Lulu and Dante leave and Olivia visits Ellie in the lab. She voices her concerns about a mix-up. Ellie assures her there will be no problems. Olivia turns and shrieks when she sees Spin holding a wolf-like pup. She freaks out about the vision, but the dog is actually real. Meanwhile, Maxie and Dante wait together while Lulu has her procedure. He thanks her again for making their dreams come true. Lulu is wheeled out and can feel it in her heart the in vitro is going to work. Later, a nurse brings the eggs to Ellie and she takes them in the lab. Olivia grabs the dog from Spin and refuses to return him until the eggs are fertilized. Mac finds Maxie and she tells him she is doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante watch Ellie from outside the lab.

    How Could I Be So Stupid?

    Thursday, December 13 2012

    Maxie and Mac Scorpio are at the diner eating and discussing Maxie’s health. Olivia rushes in all excited about having a grandbaby and asks who else is excited. A vision of a dog appears and says he’s excited too. Olivia has to explain her reaction and Maxie wonders if she will be pregnant with a talking dog. Olivia leaves and Maxie reminds Mac that Olivia’s premonitions have come true. Max tells her to stop and loudly exclaims that she is not going to get pregnant with a dog. [Local news coverage interrupted "GH" briefly before commercial break.] Max says he’s worried about her and she says she is worried she will screw the surrogacy up. Max says she has to be true to herself and decide if she is still going to do this for Dante and Lulu.

    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012

    Mac and Anna sit down for lunch at Kelly’s as they discuss Robert. She ignores a call from Fake Duke as she expresses her concern that he seems different. Mac pushes to find out how he is different when Maxie comes in bursting with her baby news. Mac assumes Spin is the father, but she explains about the surrogacy and Mac is not happy. She accuses him of always trusting Robin over him. He denies it but Anna backs her up. She thinks Maxie is making a beautiful choice. Mac gives Anna the evil eye and she takes off. Mac is worried she will miss out on falling in love and having her own child but gives her his blessing. He wants her to promise she follows all the doctor’s orders and they agree to tell Felicia together. She thanks him for believing in her.

    Baby Mama Here We Come.

    Tuesday, November 27 2012

    Mac and Robert meet at Kelly’s. Robert tells Mac about Olivia’s vision and Liz’s sketch. He needs Mac to get the police file on Faison.

    Felicia visits Anna at work with takeout and asks about her men. Anna is confused about Duke. Things were headed to the bedroom but when he kisses her it doesn’t feel the way she thought it would. She is called away and runs into Mac in the hallway. She is shocked to see he has Faison’s file. He covers that he is just now returning it from the water crisis. Anna doesn’t ever want to see that file again.

    Robert approaches Duke by the docks. Robert assures him that in the end Anna always trusts him. Later, Mac comes by with the file. They never found Faison’s remains. Later Robert spots the stomped out cigarillo.

    The Real Deal.

    Friday, November 09 2012

    Mac visits Anna at work. She has the feeling something is right in her face and she can’t put her finger on it. He asks if she means a case or Duke. She is upset - Luke thinks Duke is hiding something too. She admits they have hit a snag and she has feelings for Duke. She is confused. Duke was a huge part of her and Robin’s life and part of her thinks she should be with him to honor her. He leaves a present for Emma – The Little Prince.

    Are You Sure About That?

    Thursday, November 01 2012

    At Kelly's Maxie thanks Spinelli for her birthday gift and they compliment each other's Halloween costumes, her as the goddess Aphrodite and Spinelli as human anatomy. Ellie walks in in a DNA costume and they leave with Felicia and Mac to go to the Haunted Star Halloween party.

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