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    General Hospital CAST - Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks

    Full detailed profile on Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks Played by Laura Wright on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Laura Wright (ABC)
    Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks

    Actor: Laura Wright

    Who played Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks over the years

    Sarah Brown (April 8, 1996 to April 23, 2001)
    Tamara Braun (May 2, 2001 to April 15th, 2005)
    Jennifer Bransford (April 18th, 2005 to October 5th, 2005)
    Laura Wright (November 4th, 2005 to Present)

    Useful information on Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks

    * Marital Status - Married to Jasper Jax.
    * Other Names: Caroline Benson (maiden name), Carly Alcazar (former married name).
    * Seduced her mother's husband to get back at her mother for putting her up for adoption. (1996)
    * She shot Tony Jones, her ex, after he was not sent to jail for kidnapping her son. (April 24, 1998)
    * Pushed Courtney Matthews' car off a cliff to cover up Courtney's involvement in Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run. (September 12, 2003)
    * Set fire to Ric Lansing's apartment in an attempt to destroy a file that incriminated Sonny. (November 2004)
    * Stabbed Emily. (Fall 2005)
    * In 2008, she drowned her grief over her son's shooting by having sex with Sonny in the back of a limo on the way home from the hospital. (She was married to Jax.)
    * She renewed her wedding vows with Jax on March 19, 2009.
    * Ordered a hit on Franco – then dated him.
    * Was stabbed, drugged and held captive by Heather Webber.
    * Kept Sonny’s secret that he was the one who killed AJ Quartermaine.
    * Cheated on Franco with Sonny.
    * Agreed to marry Franco on Halloween 2014.


    Current: Co-owns The Metro Crout with Jax and Nikolas
    Past: Owned The Cellar, located below Kelly's
    Past: Co-owner of Club 101 with Jasper Jacks
    Past: Co-owner of Deception Cosmetics


    Carly came to Port Charles in 1996 on a mission - to ruin her mother's life. Bobbie Spencer had given Carly up for adoption and Carly wanted payback. Sleeping with her mom's husband was the best retribution, and it worked! After Carly's fling with Tony was discovered, he and Bobbie divorced. Unfortunately, it didn't bring the happiness Carly had hoped for.

    Luck with men hasn't been her strong suit. Although her brief sexual interlude with Jason formed a lasting friendship, her liaisons with AJ Quartermaine and Lorenzo Alcazar were short-lived. Her most consuming love has been with mobster, Sonny Corinthos, but that's been tumultuous at best. Her children have been kidnapped, she's been held hostage for the child she carried, and she's been at death's door more than once. After her son Michael was shot by a bullet intended for Sonny, she finally looked to the future. She recommited to her husband Jax and coerced Sonny to sign away all rights to his sons.

    Over the following year, her stance against Sonny softened, but they both agreed to keep the distance to protect everyone from the danger his life brings. She recommited to Jax and even got pregnant with his child. She quickly learned, however, that she has a rare blood disorder that could cause her to stroke out and die during pregnancy.

    Michael eventually woke up from his coma, but was angry and often fought with his mother. Claudia kidnapped Carly after she was outted as the one who put Michael's shooting in motion and the women ended up in a cabin where Carly went into labor. Claudia helped her give birth and then tried to run off with the baby, but Michael found them and hit her over the head with an axe handle, thereby killing her.

    Carly, along with Sonny and Jason, spent the next few months trying to protect her son from the cops, while bonding with her new daughter, husband and boys. When the truth about Jax's involvement in Dante's investigation of Sonny was revealed, she took Morgan and Josslyn and moved out of the house.

    Despite everyone's best attempts, Michael went to prison. In the aftermath, Carly and Sonny had sex and then she vowed revenge on Dante and Lulu for their perceived role in Michael's incarceration.

    Carly brought Brook Lynn to town to seduce Dante, thereby breaking up him and Lulu. The plan failed however. Carly then focused on reuniting with Jax, but was distracted again when Brenda returned to town.

    Brenda and Dante's connection made Carly curious, so she made it her mission to discover what they were hiding. She clashed with Jax over his ex and they eventually broke up again. She then discovered Brenda's secret, but Brenda revealed it before Carly could.

    Once that was settled, Carly's next crisis centered on Josslyn, who needed a kidney transplant. After Jake died from getting hit by a car, Carly pleaded with Jason to donate his son's organs to her daughter. Jason appealed to Elizabeth and Lucky and they eventually agreed to the procedure, thereby saving Josslyn's life.

    Once Josslyn was in the clear, she and Jax clashed over custody. When Franco made a threat against Josslyn, Jason hired Shawn to protect Carly and her daughter despite Jax’s protests. Carly turned to Sonny for help and he used his muscle to ensure Carly was awarded full custody, so Jax left town with Brenda.

    Jax briefly took back Josslyn but Shawn got her back for Carly. But after Jax’s plane crashed he was presumed dead and Carly, fed up with Sonny’s heavy-handed ways, ordered him out of her life. She changed Morgan’s last name and sent him to military school where Sonny would be of no influence.

    Shawn and Carly indulged a flirtation while he protected her and Josslyn from Franco. Carly admitted to Shawn that she thought Jax was really alive. Michael overheard and exposed his mother in front of the whole town. Livid, Michael asked Johnny Zacchara for a position in his syndicate. Carly offered to sleep with Johnny if he turned Michael away. Johnny agreed, but Carly stalled while she tried to dig up dirt on Johnny with Luke.

    Luke found out that Claudia and Gino Soleito were Johnny’s real parents and he sold the info to Sonny. Carly was devastated in her part as Johnny’s world fell apart. She ignored everyone’s warnings and fell for the mobster. But when she found him in bed with Kate Howard she refused to forgive him despite his pleas.

    Todd Manning checked into the Metro Court and he and Carly bonded over their fierce protectiveness of their children. Todd remained close to Carly while Josslyn was hospitalized from a mystery injection, which turned out to be immunization from a deadly toxin in the Port Charles water supply. The traumatic event made Carly commit herself to Johnny, but she drew the line at sailing away with him on the Haunted Star the night before Sonny's wedding to Kate. She was devastated when at that wedding, Kate’s alter Connie emerged and told everyone she was already married to Johnny.

    Carly turned to Todd for comfort and friendship through Johnny’s deception, Jason’s death, and the return of Michael’s father AJ Quartermaine. Carly finally slept with Todd, but soon regretted it when she learned that he had known for months that Johnny had killed Starr’s family, that he had switched Sam's healthy son with a dead baby, and that he had known Jason was the baby’s bio-dad. Carly had regrettable revenge sex with AJ.

    Morgan returned home with a large gambling debt and a new girlfriend, Kiki Jerome. Carly was not impressed with Kiki but more upset to learn Franco was still alive. Sonny and Carly asked Shawn to kill Franco. Sonny changed his mind, so Carly lied to Shawn that the hit was back on. Olivia was hit instead of Franco, but the bullet came from a different gun.

    Carly struggled to keep her family close as her sons fought over Kiki and Sonny spiraled after Connie was murdered. She softened toward Franco when his brain tumor was removed but pushed her growing feelings aside to date new-to-town businessman Derek Wells. But when she learned Franco’s parents were Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin, she became his confidante, and soon his lover.

    Jealous, Heather kidnapped Carly and held her captive underneath Wyndemere. Franco was shot rescuing her and Carly professed her love to him during his recovery. As they grew closer, Carly confided in him that Sonny was AJ’s real killer. He agreed to keep the secret so as not to devastate Michael.

    Carly grew close to Sonny because of the secret, and Ava’s pregnancy with either Sonny or Morgan’s child. Carly eventually cheated on Franco with Sonny, and though she regretted it, she kept falling into bed with Sonny. When Franco proposed, Carly said yes, but still cheated with Sonny. Suspicious, Franco gifted Carly with an evil eye necklace that was really a camera. His fears she was cheating with Sonny were confirmed, yet he still moved forward with a Halloween 2014 wedding to Carly. Meanwhile, Carly remained in the dark about Franco’s knowledge of her affair.


    Alan Quartermaine Jr. (divorced)
    Sonny Corinthos (married September 2000 - divorced November 2001)
    Sonny Corinthos (renewed vows February 2001)
    Sonny Corinthos (divorced)
    Sonny Corinthos (divorced)
    Lorenzo Alcazar (divorced)
    Jasper "Jax" Jacks (married April 27, 2007)


    Tony Jones (affair - deceased)
    A.J. Quartermaine (one-night stand when Michael was conceived)
    Roy DiLucca (flirtatious)
    Zander Smith (kissed)
    Steven Lars Webber (dated)


    John Durant (biological father)
    Bobbie Spencer (biological mother)
    Virginia Benson (adoptive mother)
    Barbara Jean Jones (half-sister by adoption - deceased)
    Lucas Jones (half-brother by adoption)
    Tim Spencer (biological maternal grandfather)
    Lena Spencer (biological maternal grandmother - deceased)
    Luke Spencer (uncle)
    Lucky Spencer (cousin)
    Lu Lu Spencer (cousin)


    Josslyn Jacks (daughter with Jasper Jacks)
    Michael Corinthos (son with A.J. Quartermaine, later adopted by Sonny)
    Unnamed Child (miscarried son with Sonny)
    Morgan Stone Corinthos (son with Sonny)


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    Monday, April 27 2015: GH Recap: You Don't Want Me.

    Nina is in her hotel room reading about the kidnapping when Nathan drops by. They discuss the case and he admits that she's a suspect. Obrecht gave him evidence. She tells him about his mom implying that she has more dark secrets. The cop shows her the hospital's surveillance footage and they talk through what happened. Nina admits that she looked in on Avery but then left. Nathan says the surveillance system was shut down right when she was outside of the baby's room. He suggests she get an attorney but claims he believes she is innocent. Later, Franco arrives and starts searching through Nina's purse. She catches him doing it. Downstairs, Sonny drops by the restaurant and informs Carly that Kiki and Morgan drugged Michael. She gets distraught. "Morgan! Wait until I get my hands on him," she says. She storms out and Sonny runs after her as Lulu and Valerie arrive. They take a table and gossip. As Val talks about how much Sonny and Dante look alike, Lulu plasters on a grin. They chat about the Ball and how the Haunted Starlets need a sixth dancer. Val offers to do it. She's been dancing for years and she's a quick learner. Lulu makes excuses. "You don't want me," Val surmises. That's awkward. Lulu backtracks and asks her to take part in the number. Valerie guesses she isn't comfortable having her around and wonders if she should just leave. Her cousin won't hear of it and hypes the Ball.

    Morgan and Kiki head to Silas'. They're startled to find Avery sitting in the crib. She changes the kid's diaper and they try to figure out what happened. His parents barge in. Sonny grabs the baby from Kiki's arms. Morgan insists they didn't take her. Carly lectures them. Her son says she would do the same thing he did. That makes her more irate. Kiki suggests they call the cops so the real kidnapper can be found. Morgan doesn't want the cops involved because the court will give the baby back to Michael. His mom thinks that's crazy. Dante starts knocking at the door.

    Friday, April 24 2015: GH Recap: She Died.

    Jake paces around the garage assuring Sloane over the phone that he still doesn't know who Jerome's target is. Frustrated, he starts throwing things around. Carly walks in and wonders what's up. He asks her to stay out of this. She has information about his so-called wife. He's too busy for this but she won't go away. Anna walks in, demanding to know where Julian is. They send Carly out. Devane questions him about the shooting. He was in the garage the whole time. She's sure that if he was the shooter, he wouldn't have missed. Anna questions him about the upcoming hit. He pleads ignorance. When her badgering goes nowhere, she exits. Carlos comes in. Jake walks out before his colleague can fill him in about bumping into Hayden.

    Jake arrives at his wife's hotel room. She tells him about what happened. Downstairs, Sonny walks into the bar and tells Carly about the blow up at ELQ.

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