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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Butter My Muffin.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    Patrick serves Sam muffins at home. She feels spoiled. As he scurries to the kitchen, Jake shows up with the stuff she left behind. He's glad to see she's in a good place. Patrick returns and watches them for a moment. Sam offers to drive Jake home. He wants to take the bus. As the doctor and the detective debate the drive, Jake gets distracted by a photo of Robin. He tells them that he's seen her somewhere before. Sam assumes he just saw a photo at Liz's. She offers to drive him home again. When he tosses her some keys, they fall on the floor. He crouches to get them and spots a ring under the couch.

    GH Recap: You Got Me.

    Tuesday, April 07 2015

    Patrick is a bit off with Sam after Jake drops her off at his place. He admits that he's worried to see her with someone as potentially dangerous as Jake. She assures him he has nothing to worry about. They make out and he carries her to the bedroom.

    GH Recap: Alan's Ring.

    Monday, April 06 2015

    Emma stares out the window of her house and waits for Sam’s arrival. Spencer shows up to visit Emma, and she tells him that she’s happy he’s back in town. He remains worried about his face, but she says that she likes him no matter what he looks like. Spencer gives Emma the ring he found as a present, but she asks where it came from. He explains where he found it, and Emma recognizes the name on the ring and says he was a friend of her mom’s friend Jason. Spencer asks Emma to take the ring as a token that they are each other’s one true loves. She tells Spencer that she can’t take the ring as it’s not his, but Spencer thinks Emma still has feelings for Cameron. He also thinks she’d rather be with that pretty townie instead of a freak like him, and he throws the ring. Spencer refuses to stay and heads home. Later Patrick sits Emma down and assures her that she didn’t do anything wrong, and she and Spencer are too young to be talking about being anyone’s one true love. As they talk the camera pans to Alan’s ring under the couch.

    Back at Patrick’s, Sam finally arrives and Emma is happy to see her. Emma runs off to get a bag as she’s spending the night with Mac and Felicia. Patrick asks if she got her car fixed, but she says Jake gave her a ride.

    GH Recap: Amnesia Sex.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    Sam and Patrick yak over the phone about the big move. She gets off the phone at her place. Her mom is eager to get her out so she can start re-decorating. Sam fills her in on Ric playing head games with Jake. Her mom doesn't know why she cares.

    At Patrick's place, he tells Emma that Sam and Danny are moving in. She's not happy to hear Sam will be sleeping in her mommy's bed. This confuses her. He does a bad job explaining things and then admits that he loves Sam. The doctor thinks they could all be really happy together and assures her that she will always be his number one girl.

    GH Recap: Living With It.

    Thursday, April 02 2015

    Liz and Patrick look at the photos on the memory wall at General Hospital and talk about the past. Patrick shifts the conversation to Jake, and Liz tells him about Hayden’s appearance. She also confides that Ric wants her back, but says she hasn’t made a decision yet. Patrick later tells Liz the news that Sam and Danny are moving in with him, and she's happy for him.

    GH Recap: What Is Her Damage?

    Tuesday, March 31 2015

    Alexis runs into Patrick at the hospital. After some awkwardness, she asks him how much he saw when he walked in on her and Julian. He admits he saw something, but he's a doctor, he's seen it all. The doctor has a plan to make sure what happened never happens again. He asked Sam to move in with him. Alexis thinks they are great together and Sam will eventually see how terrific he is. "From your nips," he says, before correcting himself.

    Sam arrives at the hospital. She tells Patrick that they should move in together.

    GH Recap: Charges Dismissed.

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    At Sam’s place, Sam continues to dwell on her wedding ring and whether Jake was talking about it when he went into surgery. She and Patrick discuss it, and he eventually tells her not to drive herself crazy over this, that Jake could have been talking about any ring.

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