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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Lovely To Be Back.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Patrick wakes up Liz when he gets home from his date with Sam. She tells him how much Emma misses her mom and he says she’s starting to realize their marriage is over. Patrick sent divorce papers to Robin but she hasn’t sent them back. Liz thinks there could be hope since he had to send them all the way to Africa. She wishes they could just work things out and knows how much it sucks when a relationship doesn’t live up to the fantasy you have. He tells Liz about kissing Sam. And Sam kissed him back but then told him she’s not ready to move on. Liz can see Patrick is. He admits he’ll always love both Sabrina and Robin but his relationship with each is over. He didn’t expect this thing with Sam to happen but he thinks there could really be something between them. But Sam isn’t ready and it’s probably best so they can finish the investigation. Patrick gets a call from Nik who asks about Luke. Patrick tells him he and Sam are doing everything they can to find out the truth. Patrick fills Liz in and tells her he’s determined to find out who caused the accident.

    GH Recap: Tick Tock Liesl.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    At home, Sam and Patrick’s fortunes both suggest they try something new. Patrick follows the advice and goes in for a kiss. She kisses back. He gets on top of Sam on the couch and starts taking off her clothes. She stops him and he immediately apologizes. He hoped he didn’t misread things and she assures him he didn’t. She’s been thinking about kissing him a lot lately but isn’t sure she’s ready. He thinks there’s something else and she admits tomorrow is Jason’s birthday and their anniversary is next week. Not to mention they are in the middle of investigating whether Luke Spencer is targeting his family. Sam thinks it best they put their personal stuff on the side until they figure it all out. He thanks her for being the voice of reason and promises things will not be weird between them.

    GH Recap: Avenge Me!

    Monday, September 15 2014

    Patrick is with Sam at her place waiting for food from the Noddle Buddha. They talk about how hard it is for her kid not to have his father around. The food arrives and she insists on paying for it... this time. She tells him about marrying Jason at the Chinese restaurant. They discuss Maxie as they eat. His fortune cookie says that he has a secret. He jokes about not being able to play golf. Her fortune says that something she lost will be found again. They discuss missing their proms and then open more cookies. The second tells her to try something new. His is identical.

    GH Recap: Googly Eyes.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    Patrick walks Sam home. They talk over Spencer's story. It doesn't make much sense to them. He wonders if they should go to Anna with what they know. She thinks they need more information first. They ponder how to get that until her kid pops up. The doctor plays with him and his cars. Sam tells Patrick he can come over and do that any time. She offers to order dinner in so they can discuss their next move.

    GH Recap: Back From The Brink.

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    Outside Kelly’s, Spencer tells Sam, Patrick and Emma that Luke Spencer was behind the accident. Sam thinks Luke has been erratic and off lately so Patrick asks Spencer for more details. Spencer spills that he heard Luke telling a man that he wanted to take down Sonny. When Spencer asked Luke about it he threatened to hurt Emma. After Spencer saw the accident on the news he called Luke and promised not to tell anyone what he heard. Patrick suggests going to Anna but Spencer’s worried Luke’s watching them. Patrick promises to protect Emma and assures Spencer this will be their little secret. Later, Sam asks Patrick what he was going to tell her about the clinic but he thinks this news is more important.

    GH Recap: Sight For Sore Eyes.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    At Kelly’s, Spencer tells Emma he knows who caused her accident, then backpedals. Emma demands answers and he admits someone told him, but no one can know or Emma could get hurt. Outside, Sam asks Patrick why he didn’t tell her about the Crichton Clark card. She can sense he’s holding back and tells him they can figure it out together. Patrick begins to talk but Emma interrupts, pulling Spencer, and tells them he knows who caused their accident. Spencer tells Patrick he made it up but Emma says he’s lying because he’s scared. Sam sits down with Spencer and makes sure he knows he’s not alone. Spencer says the person who caused the accident said they would hurt Emma for real. They all beg Spencer to tell them who did it and he says it was Luke Spencer.

    GH Recap: Gag Me.

    Friday, September 05 2014

    Patrick heads home and catches Emma dumping her breakfast in anger. She doesn't want to go to school and misses her mom. He knows it's hard but tells her to be brave. She heads off to get ready. Liz and Cameron arrive. The kid runs off to find Emma, who happens to be standing in the doorway. She eavesdrops on her dad and Liz discussing the accident. He wonders who gave Rafe the order.

    Franco tries sending Nina an apologetic text but can't come up with the words. He wanders into Kelly's, where Carly is leaving a message for Kiki. Carly acts worried about the kidnapping. Franco gives her a kiss. "Gag me!" Josslyn coughs up as she interrupts. She snipes at Franco. Michael announces that he knows what's been going on at his mom's. Carly worries but he's just talking about Spencer. Joss spots him outside and runs out. He lectures her for ratting him out. She blames Cameron and says she loves him. They argue about whether or not Cameron is her cousin. Spencer compares him to corn syrup mixed with rat poison. Suddenly, mid-rant, he gets an idea. He thinks they should break up Cameron and Emma so they can both have who they want. Cam and Emma arrive with their parents. Joss drags him away to see her art project and Spencer sits Emma down to discuss school. She tells him that someone is after her and explains what she overheard. He thinks he knows who gave Rafe the order. Inside, Liz and Carly watch their kids and think about them growing up. Meanwhile, Sam bumps into Patrick and wonders why he didn't tell her about paying Silas a visit. She wants to know what he discovered at Crichton-Clark.

    GH Recap: No Such Word As Can’t.

    Thursday, September 04 2014

    Nina locks Rosalie into an office at the hospital and tells her she met Ava. Rosalie checks her nails for blood, but finds a card for Crichton Clark instead. Nina asks if the card belongs to Rosalie but she’s never seen it. Nina really wants to know how Rafe got it. Rosalie doesn’t think it matters and just wants the dirt on Ava. Nina revels in how uncomfortable it was for Ava, then gushes how amazing it would be to have a little creature of her own. Nina tells Rosalie she learned she can’t have kids after visiting Britt but is going to prove everyone wrong and have a child. She goes online to buy baby things and wonders if Ava is having a boy or a girl. Rosalie worries Nina is planning to steal Ava’s baby. Nina acts shocked and tells “Ro” she’s the one who needs a shrink. Meanwhile, Kiki goes to Franco’s studio but before she can tell him about Carly and Sonny, Carly cuts her off. Kiki tells Franco to take care of himself and after she leaves Franco comments how strange she was acting. Carly thinks she’s just worried about Michael. He pulls Carly close and asks if they can please go home and be alone together. At the nurse’s station, Patrick runs into Sabrina and tells her about the business card from the Crichton Clark Clinic. Patrick thinks Robin’s boss had something to do with the accident to keep Robin in line. Sabrina tells Patrick he’s way off course and urges him to let it go for Sam’s sake. Later, Kiki approaches Sabrina and apologizes about her cousin Rafe. Sabrina tells her it is not her fault that her flesh and blood could kill a baby. Alone, Sabrina vows to make Ava pay.

    At home, Sam calls Spin but he’s gotten no hits on the number she found on Rafe’s cell phone. Outside, Alexis gets a text from Julian asking her to reconsider, but she texts back that she can’t be with him before entering the penthouse. Sam tells Alexis how frustrated she is cracking Rafe’s case. Sam shares her experience at Crichton Clark with Patrick. She wanted to prove her theory that Nina can actually walk and was the one who eavesdropped on her and Silas on the roof. She cares about Silas a lot, but he’s with Nina now, and she thinks that is exactly how Nina planned it. Over wine and cheese Alexis thinks they need to find new men and move on. It took Sam so long to get over Jason and she isn’t sure she can trust again. Alexis suggests Patrick might be a good fit for her but Sam insists they are just friends. Patrick arrives just then, freshly shaved, and Alexis can’t stop smirking. Sam asks if he’s had any leads and he tells her he has nothing. Sam is determined to chase any lead, no matter how small, and wants to do it together. Outside, Alexis cries about Julian.

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