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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    New Lovers!

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Leyla has just pulled back from her kiss with Patrick. She says that she is sorry if she sent him mixed signals, but getting involved with him now would be a huge mistake. As she gets up to leave, Patrick asks her to wait. He admits that he and Robin care very deeply about each other and Leyla says that she wants no part of being in the middle of that. Patrick tells her that he likes her and that he's not just looking for the next warm body to come along. Leyla won't budge, so Patrick tries a different approach. He wonders if her objection for getting involved with him is because she'll have problems at work if she dates him. Leyla gets adamant and says that she does want to be respected at work - it's important to her family, but that's not it either. They sit back down and calmly talk about what they each want for their lives. She says that she wants the same kind of things that he does, but it's complicated. "If you're looking for uncomplicated, I'm your guy." She slowly moves in for a kiss, and then another. Until they decide to lie down together. After they make love, Leyla tells him that if things get complicated, she doesn't care. His beeper goes off and he says that he has to get to the hospital. She tells him that they can "finish this off" later. Patrick seems to like the idea.

    Leyla and Patrick are riding the elevator in the elevator and he reaches for her hand. Before the door opens, they pull apart. They step to the nurses' desk and Robin tells Patrick about the patient and dismisses Leyla's offer to help. Robin walks away and Leyla finds the handwritten list of men's names that Robin and Kelly made.

    When Patrick has a moment, Leyla gives him the paper and he recognizes Robin's handwriting. "Whatever party Robin is having, guess we weren't invited," he says as he reads the list of names. He hands it to Robin. Kelly sees what's going on and reminds him that he was invited but he turned it down. Robin tells Kelly to be quiet, but Kelly says that she might as well "put it out there now". Robin pauses and then says, "This is a list of potential fathers for my baby."

    Robin has an epiphany.

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    When Robin finds Patrick on the Metro Court terrace, he asks her what she's doing there. She tells him that they broke up hastily and even though they want different things in their lives, she misses him. He tells her that he misses her too and is sorry for the way things ended. Robin starts to ask him if he could change thingsā€¦but Leyla arrives. She takes in the situation and tells them to enjoy their evening. Patrick tells her to stay and then turns to Robin to say that he's glad that they talked. Robin tells him that she'll see him at work and leaves. Patrick tells Leyla that he didn't know Robin was going to show up, but they do have a lot of unfinished business. Leyla kindly tells him that if he wants to go after her, he should.

    Patrick and Leyla have sat down at their dinner table and started to talk. She tells him that reconciliations happen all the time and he and Robin are clearly drawn to each other. He tells her that it's over because he and Robin have different view of their lives. He says that he asked her out to get to know her and not to discuss his ex-girlfriend. Then, he asks her about her background and she tells him that her parents moved the family from Iran when the revolution started. They went to London, and when she grew up, she came to the states to study nursing. She tells Patrick that she also wants to go to med school and feels that she owes her parents for their sacrifice. She turns the conversation to Patrick and asks what motivates him. He owns up to it -- "ego." He admits that he's obsessed with being the best and Leyla finds that refreshing. After they've finished dinner, Patrick tells her that this was a good first date. She tells him, however, that she doesn't want to be his rebound girl, so this could be their last date. He says that she's not and he'd like to see her again.

    Nobody Relax.

    Monday, September 17 2007

    As Robin is sitting at the coffee shop with Jason, she gets a page that there's a head trauma and she needs to get to the hospital. Jason takes her on his motorcycle, and when they get off the elevator laughing, Patrick is green with jealousy.

    Kate has been admitted to the hospital. Jax is sitting with her and she thanks him for his heroics. Patrick and Robin come into her room and ask if she remembers anything and she doesn't. Robin says that the answer is in her blood alcohol level. After Patrick and Robin leave the room, Kate swears to Jax that all she drank tonight was iced tea. Sonny arrives and thanks Jax for helping her tonight. Jax tells him that the danger he has been warning them about is closer than they think and they should start working together.

    Kate's Caught.

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Robin is at the nurses' desk getting an update on a patient from Epiphany. Noah arrives and, of course, they disagree on what's best for the patient. He says that Mr. Persky needs surgery and Robin wants do use a medical protocol. Robin gives up and tells him to set up the surgery, then she walks off. After the surgery is over, it turns out that not only was it a success, Patrick found another tumor while in there - which wouldn't have happened with Robin's treatment. Robin tells him congratulations. He asks if they can get some Mr. Chang's for dinner and Robin tells him that she has someplace to be.

    Quality Time with the Q's.

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Robin has just walked into Patrick's apartment and asked if Patrick was trying to hurt her by hitting on some student nurse. Leyla speaks up and says that her name is "Leyla" and that she was under the impression that this was Patrick's apartment and what's more, she was invited. Patrick speaks up and tells Robin that Leyla is an invited guest. Robin apologizes to Leyla because it's obvious to her now that Patrick is the one who is doing the hitting. Leyla grabs her purse and tells Robin she's sorry that she feels the need to be so territorial. As soon as she's gone, Patrick asks Robin if she's embarrassed. They argue back and forth and Robin says that they are out of sync almost all of the time.

    Robin and Patrick are arguing over why she feels insecure with him and she points out that he went into a blind panic when he thought she was pregnant. He asks why they are talking about babies again? She says that she thinks that she might want to have a baby and he admits that they do have different life goals. The tone goes from a general argument to a sober realization. Patrick admits that he doesn't want to be a father; he wants to be a world-class neurosurgeon. He wants to work hard and play hard without worrying that he's short-changing a kid. His voice cracks as he says that he loves her and could do what "we do" indefinitely. However, he says that he doesn't want to be domesticated. He says that if she needs to find the guy who can be the future father of her children, that's not him. Robin rubs the tears off of her cheeks and thanks him for his honesty. "I'll call you to arrange picking up my stuff." She says on her way out the door.

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