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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    Sam's World is Closing In.

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    Patrick and Robin are "interruptus" when Patrick reaches for a condom as they are about to make love. Robin jumps to the conclusion that Patrick is afraid she'll get pregnant, and then she calms down and realizes that he's just using a condom because she's HIV positive. They put on some clothes and Robin clarifies - again - that she is not thinking about having a child right now. She points out that she is in her optimum childbearing years however, but her life is too busy. Then she says that there are such things as daycare and nannies and trails off in thought. Patrick suggests that they make something to eat and as soon as their snack is ready, Robin says that the sight of the food makes her want to throw up. Not because she's pregnant, she points out, but because she drank too much. He tells her that they should just put this day to bed and she agrees that she is exhausted.

    Amelia Tells Jason Everything.

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    The group at Jake's are pouring tequila shots and talking about babies. Robin admits that she loves holding and smelling them. She says that she always wanted to be a mother until she learned that she was HIV positive. She says that things have changed and now she can consider it. Someday -- but not now. So "everybody" can relax she says in Patrick's general direction. Patrick tells everyone that he's selfish, or too much of a kid himself, but he doesn't want to be a dad. Kelly slurs that Robin can choose be a mother all on her own - thanks to the advances in her own profession! Stan pipes up that a mother raising a child on her own isn't easy. Robin makes a toast Uncle Mac - who raised her single handedly. Patrick says that he was raised by his dad who focused on work only and they all had a good laugh because now Patrick has turned out the same way. They ask Coleman who raised him and he said that he had 5 daddies. Lainey asks Stan what it was like to be raised by Epiphany. He says that he loves his mama, but he knows that a father would've made a huge difference for him. Lainey says it's unfair for a woman to give up being a mother just because she's with a guy who doesn't want children. Stan says that if they listened to his mother he'd be dating Lainey. They all have a good laugh at that one and keep on pouring toasts. Robin walks over to Patrick's side of the bar and puts her arm around him. He recalls how "Sweet Little Miss Scorpio" changed his mind about commitments, but it stops there. Lainey tells them that she is hailing them a cap so that they can continue their conversation at home, and then she pushes them out the door.

    Patrick and Robin make out as they push their way into Patrick's apartment. He asks if he hurt her feelings with all of his talk of not wanting to be a father. She tells him that the only thing that hurt her was that he didn't shut up and bring her home sooner!


    Monday, June 11 2007

    Dr. Ford finds Robin and Patrick kissing in the hospital and tells them that their behavior is unacceptable. He uses their actions as a segue into discussing what's wrong with the way that GH has been run for years. Robin demands respect for Alan Quartermaine, but Dr. Ford says that the hospital was nearly bankrupted because of the late Dr. Quartermaine's manner of running things. He tells Patrick and Robin that they will be brought in front of the review board if it happens again. After he leaves, Patrick and Robin express their concern over Dr. Ford's focus of putting the bottom line in front of patient care. Then they start to kiss again.

    Stan has gone to the hospital to see Epiphany, but argues with Lainey when she asks him to take a look at her computer. After Lainey storms off, Epiphany asks Stan if it would've killed him to be nice to her, or maybe even ask her to dinner. Patrick interrupts as a favor to Stan. Then Epiphany tells Patrick that a head trauma is on her way up. A woman in a wheel chair is brought in and she's holding a baby girl. Robin is able to convince the woman to let her hold the baby and Patrick can't take his eyes off of the sight of her with a baby. After the baby is taken with the mother, Robin admits to Patrick that she had a tiny "baby moment". She rambles about how cute that little baby was, but how NOT into motherhood she is. She talks about the cost of college tuition these days and then says that she has rounds to do. Patrick says that he has rounds too and takes off.

    Patrick has bellied up to Jake's bar and is joined by Stan. They immediately start to complain about women and motherhood in general. Coleman pours a shot on the house. Patrick and Stan don't get why woman can't just be in love without diapers and cul de sacs. Stan says that women are like a computer virus. They attract, open and destroy. Patrick tells Stan that he never wants to be a dad and then turns to see that Robin and the girls have just arrived. Robin tells them to carry on with their conversation. Patrick says that they were just saying that all men aren't cut out to be fathers, that's all. Lainey asks Coleman for some tequila. All five of them pour a shot and Robin makes a toast "To having the freedom to be how you truly are." They all drink to that. Lee tells Patrick not to assume that all women want kids because she doesn't. She says that when she sees her future there's not a baby in it. Stan says that most women are just like Robin, waiting to convert her man into a dad. (Patrick snorts tequila out of his nose over this one.)

    Luke Loses Laura.

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    Over their morning coffee, Robin tells Patrick that Jason was arrested last night and she feels partly to blame. Patrick comments that she is still very much attached to Jason - no matter how long ago they broke up. He points out that maybe she is so protective of her heart today partly because of her breakup with Jason. Robin admits that he could be right. She says that she and Jason loved each other completely yet they still ended up with broken hearts. She brightens up as she tells Patrick how Jason was before his head injury - a promising student and an awesome soccer player. She says that soon after Stone died, A.J. drove Jason into a tree and she thought he was going to die, too. She remembers that when he woke up and looked at her, she felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. She explains that Jason's family didn't want to accept that he would never be the same person again and how she and Jason ended up getting close because she accepted him the way he was. She goes into how Jason ended up working for Sonny and the fact that she feels responsible for the connection because she became close to Sonny during Stone's illness. The end result is that she feels somewhat guilty for Jason's career choice and the fact that he is behind bars now. Patrick tells her that he feels lucky to have her in his life and she assures him that the only crush she has is on him.

    Lucky Arrests Jason.

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Patrick and Robin are at work and a student nurse dreamily compliments his job in surgery yesterday. After she walks away on cloud nine, Robin chastises him for flirting. Later, he asks Emily if she thinks it's unacceptable when he's pleasant to other women. Emily says that his idea of being pleasant is flirting and it would drive her insane if she was Robin. Just then, Scott finds Patrick and wants to know about his experiences as Laura's doctor during her recovery. Patrick doesn't answer the question, but says that taking Laura away from Luke is highly detrimental to her welfare and he'll gladly tell that to the judge. Robin joins them and Scott asks what the chances are of finding another drug to help Laura. She says that she is in constant touch with the doctors in Switzerland and if there is every any news, she will go directly to Laura's family. Only.

    Bye Bye Lorenzo.

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    Three really hot girls come into the hospital and ask for Dr. Patrick Drake. One of them twisted their ankle and the head football coach at PCU referred them. Robin says that's strange because they need an ortho guy, not a neurosurgeon. Patrick says that since a colleague gave his name, he can look at the ankle. She puts her long, lovely leg in the air as Patrick looks at her ankle. Then, he puts her in a wheelchair and her two friends come along as they wheel down the hall to an examination room.

    Robin and Emily are talking at the nurse's station as Patrick and the 3 girls come back through. After the girls giggle and invite Patrick to come party with them sometime, Robin smacks him in the chest with some lab work. Patrick asks her if he was supposed to refuse treatment to a patient just because she was hot. He said he wasn't doing anything but looking. Robin tells him if he wants something to look at he needs to meet her at his place at 6!

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