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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    It's a big Kiss Day.

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Robin and Patrick are exhilarated as they arrive home from simulated race car driving. Robin can't believe that Patrick ever lived that life and Patrick can't believe that he ever gave it up. They end up talking about the concept of passion and how there are people who follow it and people who just "settle". Patrick clarifies that he doesn't feel as if he settled for choosing medicine, after all, it lead him to her. Robin tells him that he doesn't have to tell her what she wants to hear. She asks if he'd rather be living the wild racecar driving life and he simply sips his wine. Robin gets flustered and he counters by saying, "Sometimes I can't believe how much I love you." The end up playing with his remote control race car set. He tells her that she would look sexy as hell in the jump suit and she asks if they can go to a fantasy camp. But for now, they just go to the floor for an adrenaline rush.

    Noah Rocks!

    Friday, August 24 2007

    The crowd is chanting for "Eli" to begin, but nothing is coming out of the microphone! Trying to stall while the crew fixes the problem, Anna jumps onto the stage and tells the crowd that she's not quite done with Eli yet -- and then plants a big kiss on his mouth. Behind the curtain sitting in his wheelchair, Eli is impressed with her stalling tactics. Robin doesn't get why her mom kissed Noah and Patrick explains that Anna is "vamping" to allow time for the microphones to be repaired. On stage, Anna talks to the crowd and thanks "Eli" for dedicating his time and talent to LIFEbeat, and the kids who need him. She gets tearful when she says that her daughter is HIV positive and the disease can be devastating. "I love my daughter more than I can express right now," Anna speaks through her tears. She says that organizations like LIFEbeat and the entertainers who donate their time will see their results pay off in the form of a cure. Noah hugs her and the crowd cheers.

    Everything appears to be fixed with the sound system, so Anna leaves the stage and Noah starts to lip sync as Eli does the real singing back stage. You can see Noah's confidence growing as it appears that he's actually getting away with the scheme. "Who Killed Rock 'n Roll?" Noah seemingly belts out the lyrics and the band is hot. Backstage Patrick, Anna and Robin and getting into it, with Eli sitting in a wheelchair with a microphone in front of him. Epiphany is there, too, as Eli's nurse. Eli's face is elated as he watches Noah on stage playing air guitar with his band. Noah doesn't miss a beat as he strums the final chord of the song. The crowd goes nuts and Noah looks much more alive than he ever has in the operating room!

    The concert is over and Noah rushes off the stage and into Anna's arms for a big kiss. Eli tells him that his moves were "almost" as good as his. Patrick and Robin tell Noah how impressed they are and Eli says if Noah ever needs anything, just give a "shout out." Noah is elated as he explains privately to Patrick that he feels so much higher than alcohol ever made him feel! In fact, he is going to call Eli and let him know that he can always be a stand in for him. (Patrick scowls a little when he hears this tidbit.)

    The foursome go up to the rooftop because they hear a helicopter and Noah says that they should all hop on it and go party in Manhattan until the sun comes up. Anna sadly says that the chopper is for her -- she has a new assignment. She hugs Patrick and then Noah plants a big kiss on her "until next time". Patrick is impressed with his father's passion and Noah admits that he has learned a lot from Eli Love these past few weeks, mainly not to live life on hold. Anna tells Robin that she'll be back sooner than she thinks and they hug, cry and look downright beautiful. Anna says that if she can do international espionage, she can do the grandmother thing. Patrick looks at Robin like a defeated man.

    Noah Has Stage Fright!

    Thursday, August 23 2007

    Anna reminds Patrick and Robin that the concert is less than an hour away so there is no time to get someone else. She assures Noah that he can impersonate Eli from the stage. Noah is nervous but decides to try. Anne decides they need a Plan B. Anna and Robin find Eli, with Epiphany, at the hospital. She gushes about a concert in Dubai and then gets down to business. She tells him about Noah's accident. Eli volunteers to take the stage himself. Epiphany puts the kibosh on that plan very quickly! Robin decides to issue a temporary release, promising that Epiphany won't get in trouble, but that doesn't calm the nurse down. Eli shows how great he is feeling by standing up but he falls back into his wheelchair, weakened.

    At the concert, the stage manager is getting nervous because the crowd is nuts and Eli is nowhere to be found. Patrick takes the stage to promote LifeBeat, and calm the crowd, as he talks Noah takes the stage! Noah waves at the crowd and then runs off! The stage manager goes out to calm things down as Epiphany, Anna and Robin arrive with Eli. They decide to send Noah on stage to play guitar while Eli sings and talks from backstage! Noah goes on stage but as the concert starts they lose all of the vocal tracks!

    Sonny Tells Liz What To Do.

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    Anna is standing on the Eli Love concert stage pretending that she's a rock star. Robin finds her there and compliments her mother for all she's done to keep the concert intact despite the headliner's illness! Patrick arrives, followed by the man of the hour. Noah timidly tells them that there's a change of plans and he won't be performing tonight. Patrick is disgusted with him for bailing and Anna says that it's just stage fright. Noah says that he's a neurosurgeon and doesn't know what he was thinking! Patrick says that LIFEBeat is counting on this fundraiser, and then reminds Noah that he always is letting him down. Robin reminds Patrick that this isn't about him, and Noah defensively says that everything is about Patrick, as always. The two men argue over their old baggage and Patrick tells Noah to admit his newest failure.

    Robin finds Patrick at the hospital and asked why he is working on his afternoon off? And why is he looking at Noah's charts? Patrick explains that his brilliant idea of having his dad replace Eli Love may have ended up costing patients quality care. He grumbles that his dad is a worthless mess anyway. Robin suggests that Noah's stage fright might actually be just stage fright! Patrick says that he backed out of the concert commitment because he is weak. Which gives him an excuse to drink, by the way. Robin says that Patrick needs to try something different for a change -- like supporting his father.

    Patrick and Robin rush over to the stage and find Noah and Anna. Noah reports that he's going to do the show after all, or at least "give it one hell of a shot." Patrick says that he was wrong before -- this concert isn't about their personal drama. Noah asks if he really became a surgeon because of him? Patrick says that he did. Noah asks how he missed such a thing and Patrick softly says that he had a super hero for a father. The two men smile at each other for the first time in, well, forever?

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