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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    Sonny Catches Sam in a Lie.

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Patrick and Noah are at the hospital arguing over who is better suited to operate on Eli Love. Patrick contends that Noah treating his look alike isn't a smart decision. He says that the rocker will think he's on mushrooms every time he looks at his doctor and sees his own face! "It'll be like operating on yourself" a young doctor says when the twosome ask his opinion. Noah doesn't see why it would be a problem, and Patrick asks if he needs to go to Dr. Ford over this. He stomps off and says that Noah is the most stubborn man he's ever met. Robin follows him and that operating on a man who is his father's double would be a big mistake. She says that he could freeze up and lose his ability to operate.

    Robin and Patrick are about to go into Eli Love's room, and Robin wants to call in another neurosurgeon. They go inside and explain that he needs surgery to remove a clot right away. Eli says that he's glad to see Patrick because "the doctor who looks like me freaks me out."

    Will Dillon Leave PC?

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Robin finds Patrick dancing and singing in the locker room at the hospital. She teases him but he doesn't care. Remembering the night before, he tells her she surprises him. Robin kisses him! Miss Sneed comes up behind them, threatening to have them both suspended for public displays of affection! She storms out, telling them rules are rules. Robin and Patrick follow, explaining that they were in an employee's only area and weren't bothering anyone. Noah walks in, wondering what's going on. Miss Sneed tells him that she has to report Patrick and Noah tries to convince her not to. "Rules are rules," she says. Noah asks her to give the kids a warning since the rules are new. She gives in when Noah flirts with her a bit. She leaves. "Guess I still got it, huh?" Noah says and leaves, too. At the nurses station, the nurses are drooling over Patrick. Across the room Robin and Patrick discuss Noah's interference. A male nurse begins talking to them about the concert the night before. Epiphany interrupts them and then Noah interrupts her. He needs the Hill file but Epiphany doesn’t have it - Patrick does! They begin to argue over patient care, both believing they are right. Patrick storms off. As they continue arguing, Epiphany tells the nurses to watch out. The argument continues and they begin throwing personal punches at one another. Noah storms away. Patrick walks away but Epiphany doesn’t let him get far. Patrick extricates himself from Epiphany and gets a nurse to help him with Mr. Hill's treatment. The nurses are shocked at how Patrick treated Noah but soon begin complaining about Epiphany's new schedule. She orders them back to work. Across the room Robin tells Patrick just how much he overreacted to Noah and tells him to apologize to his dad. Patrick tells her that either he or Noah will have to leave the hospital! Robin sides with Noah, telling Patrick that he should listen to Noah's expertise. Noah doesn't believe Patrick will listen to him anyway. Orderlies bring up a patient with a brain emblism - it's Eli Love and he is identical to Noah! Noah is stunned by the similarities.


    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Patrick is grumbling about having to work on the 4th of July when there are stock car races at the fair grounds. Robin tries to make him feel better by kissing him, but then realizes that they have an audience of student nurses watching them. Patrick knows all three of them by name and Robin cuts them off and says that they should direct their questions to the nurses, so that the doctors can focus on the patients. Later, Epiphany finds the three student nurses and informs them that she is short-handed on Saturday and she needs them to report to the ER night shift. "You have just skipped the frying pan and been thrown into the fire," she warns.

    At the hospital, the three student nurses go into the locker room and find Patrick wet from the shower and wrapped in a towel. Robin walks in and the girls scatter. Patrick tells her that it was innocent and she tells him that she's not jealous. He can't believe that and she tells him that she's not. As she walks away, Patrick looks upset.

    Jason Goes to Prison.

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    Patrick and Robin are at work looking at the newspaper article about Eli Love and his upcoming concert. Robin wants to go to the concert and Patrick says that if she's that eclectic, they should go see the stock cars. Noah comes up to them and says that he can't believe everyone thinks he looks like "…some loser who basically threw his life away on something so frivolous as rock 'n roll."

    The crowd at the nurses' desk is impressed when they learn that Robin scored great seats for the Eli Love concert. Patrick turns to Noah and reluctantly promises to give him a first-hand report if there's any resemblance. Epiphany gets in Noah's face and asks if he has any idea how much hard work and determination it takes to sustain a career in the music business!?! She proclaims that it's a finest career on the planet "…and that includes neurosurgery!" Noah looks suitably punished. Epiphany tells them all to sit down and hear her out. She says that when she grew up in Chicago, there was a theater called the Regal. She says that you could hear Jazz, R&B, Soul, and the Blues all for $1.50. She laughs as she recalls how sharply they dressed and how they danced with perfection. She says the lead singer was the finest man she had ever scene in her entire life. She says that after the show one night, she took her 14 year-old butt to the stage door and was determined to get his autograph. She says that he ended up making her an offer that changed her life. She wouldn't divulge what it was, but she wanted Noah to understand why she gets upset when he insults musicians because she takes it personally. Then, she bids them all goodnight and walks away. Noah sighs, "That's just great. I'm on Epiphany's bad side now because of some two-bit singer!"

    Jason Brings Jake Home.

    Monday, July 02 2007

    Robin and Patrick are at the nurses' desk and discussing a trip they'd like to take. Noah arrives looking for a chart that Patrick is holding and takes it from "Dr. Drake Jr." Noah asks Epiphany which Dr. Drake is on the case and Epiphany just stares at him. Later, a new doctor comes to the nurse's desk asking which Dr. Drake is on his case. Both Patrick and Noah face him and the new doctor says something about it being "uncanny." A little later, the new doctor finds Robin and asks if Noah has a brother. Patrick shows up and says that Noah and his mother were both only children.

    Noah is frustrated as he stomps up to Patrick and Robin and asks what they are saying about him to make everyone stare at him? A guy at the nurses' desk is reading the newspaper and he shows them the cover. He says "Ely Love is coming to town (for a concert) and you two could be twins!" (The cover of the newspaper shows a rocker who looks just like Noah Drake.)

    Jason and Amelia Team Up.

    Friday, June 29 2007

    (The first 8 minutes of today's episode were pre-empted by national news.)

    Robin and Patrick are arguing over the fact that Robin gave a case to Noah rather than him. She tells Patrick that he takes unnecessary risks to prove that he's better than his father. She says that she thought Noah was the best surgeon for the procedure and she called him even though she knew it would make Patrick mad at her. Later, Patrick finds Robin and tells her that he made a gesture that she might appreciate. He went to Noah and offered to assist on the case. Patrick says that in Noah's time, he probably was a brilliant surgeon. Robin hugs him and says that she likes to see some humility in him.

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