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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    Skye Takes The Stand

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Noah returns to the hospital to consult with Patrick on a pregnant patient. Both worry about the patient. Patrick asks Noah to scrub in with him for the surgery! Remembering the drink he took Noah tells Patrick that he can't - because Patrick can handle the procedure alone. Patrick wonders what just happened and asks Robin if she saw it.

    Carly Impresses Jerry.

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    As Robin opens the door to Anna's room, Anna says, "You didn't want to knock…maybe?" Patrick arrives on Robin's heels and sees his father wrapped around Robin's mother. He admits that Robin's right - their parents are hooking up. As Anna tells them that she and Noah are consenting adults, Noah is staring at a vodka ad in a magazine on the coffee table. Noah forces himself into the moment and tells Robin and Patrick that they themselves have been mixing business with pleasure for months, why can't they? Robin tells Anna that it's Eli Love that she wants to be with, not Dr. Noah Drake. Anna says that she isn't confused by assumed identities, especially one that she helped to create. Patrick tells Noah that they need to go and Noah suddenly seems ten years old when he sulks, "I'm going to get the talk too?" On their way out the door, Noah tells Anna that they can sneak out later. "Eww" was Robin's reply.

    Patrick has brought Noah back to his place. Noah defends himself for acting the way that he's been acting. He says that he's working night and day to perform a role that THEY asked him to perform. "I think you're drinking again. Are you?" Patrick asks. Noah says that he has a new lease on life with a new liver and doesn't have a death wish. He says that he's happy and hasn't felt this good in a long time and adds that he enjoys having women's attention again. Patrick says that it's a drug to have women throw themselves at him because they think he's a rock star. "What happens when the concert's over?" Patrick asks. Noah says that he'll go back to being an obnoxious neurosurgeon and will have had an incredible time with a really sexy woman. He tells Patrick to tell Robin to quit freaking out -his relationship with Anna isn't going anywhere.

    Patrick and Robin are at home discussing their respective talks with their parents. Robin says that Anna was a "brick wall" and they agree to just ignore the situation because they're just having fun. Patrick says that their personal lives have been pretty much nonexistent and why should they rain on their parade? After a kiss or two, Robin pulls back and worries that Anna is a novice at romance. Robin gets up and says that she can't stop thinking about it and Patrick grunts, "Great, so as long as our parents are sleeping together, we aren't?"

    Lucky has Questions.

    Monday, August 06 2007

    At the hospital, Robin is upset because "Noah is acting so 'Eli' lately." What's worse, Epiphany told her that Anna dropped by earlier to see him. Patrick says that his dad lost almost everything over the years and he's glad that he gets this chance to rediscover himself. He says that Anna is smoking hot, and (he catches himself) that it's "like mother, like daughter…in your own way." Robin certainly doesn't take it as a compliment and comments that maybe she should wear a ninja suit to bed.

    Sam takes the Stand.

    Monday, July 30 2007

    At the hospital, Robin leaves Anna a voicemail. She's upset because she can't find her mother because she assumes that she and Noah are together doing God knows what. Then, (dressed as Eli Love) finds Patrick and asks him to cover for him because he's got to get to the Metro Court. As he rushes to the elevator, Robin is repelled at the notion of Patrick's dad meeting her mom "…for a quickie." Patrick tries to calm her down by saying that his father is simply living every guy's dream. He admits to playing a mean air guitar when no one is looking, and that he'd love to be in his father's place for two weeks. Patrick, ever the smart man, is quick to point out to Robin that he wouldn't give up what he has with her for anything.

    Bobbie goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that she thinks the whole Eli Love thing is a dangerous game for Noah. She reports that she just saw him with a glass of vodka, but he didn't drink it. This time. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, another fan has sent Noah a drink and he invites her to his table and takes a sip. "Here's to you, beautiful," he says.

    Jason's Trial is On!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    At the hospital Noah asks Robin if there's a rumor going around about him sleeping with her mother. Robin doesn’t want to even talk about such a thing. Patrick tells Noah in no uncertain terms that he can't date Anna because their children date! Noah tells them to find something better to do than to make demands on him or Anna. He leaves in a huff and Robin tells Patrick that her viper of a mother set her sites on "…poor, unsuspecting Noah." Patrick says that his father isn't helpless and back in the day he was quite the ladies' man. He grumbles about how awful it will be to have to spend family occasions with both Noah and Anna as a couple. "Does that mean you want to be with me forever?" Robin playfully asks. "Don't kick me when I'm down," Patrick pouts. He contends that Anna will get tired of Noah when reality hits that he's not a rock star. Just "make it stop" Robin says. Just then Noah checks out for the day and runs by them on his way out. He's dressed in black and tells them that he's seeing Anna to "work" tonight. Patrick tells Robin that this is war. "It's either them, or us."

    As Robin and Patrick key into Patrick's apartment. She complains that they are so dysfunctional that they have to drink to obliterate the image of their parents together. He suggests that they turn their phones off and prepare a meal, open the skylight and eat dinner while they look at the harbor. Then, he wants to leave the clean up for morning and go to bed early. He tells her that he misses her. She kisses him and they decided to skip the dinner part until later.

    Jason's Transfer Goes Bad!

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Patrick and Robin are worried because Noah hasn't shown up for work. He walks in, happy, worrying them even more. Epiphany walks by with several nurses who are enthralled by the similarities between Noah and Eli. They leave. Noah tells them not to worry because he has everything under control. They talk about the night before and Robin tries to find out just what happened between Noah and her mother. He skirts the issue. Kelly arrives and pulls Robin away. Noah tells Patrick that Anna is really good at teaching him how to be Eli. He leaves. Epiphany walks back in with the nurses, telling them to go observe with Dr. Hughes. The nurses leave as Liz walks in. She tells Epiphany her fears about testifying at Jason's trial. Epiphany tells Liz not to lie, not matter what but Elizabeth is worried that the truth will be twisted to hurt Jason. Sam walks in, with a wrapped wrist, for help. She tells Epiphany she needs help now because she has to testify the next day. Elizabeth listens. When Epiphany steps away, she questions how Sam hurt herself and they begin arguing over Jason. Epiphany returns and Sam leaves. Instead of comforting Liz, Epiphany tells her that she understands how Sam feels and warns her that she - and Jason - better watch out. "There is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned," Epiphany says.

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