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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    Liz Wakes Up.

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Craig has disguised himself as a surgeon and joined his "friends" in Nikolas's hospital room. Nikolas says that he has a new identity, a place to stay and millions of dollars in his new account, so why does he have to involve Emily. Craig says that maybe he just likes them all too much to take the money and leave. On that note, he turns and heads out the door. Nikolas says that Craig holds Emily's life in his hands. Emily explains that since she was with Sonny for months, his involvement with organized crime leaves her open for suspicion if the feds look into Craig's books. Robin suggests that they cooperate with Craig until they find some leverage on him. Robin and Patrick leave Emily and Nikolas alone for a while. Emily assures Nikolas that she's alright and she's just glad that he's okay. Outside his room, Patrick tells Robin that he won't take no for an answer - he's taking her "home".

    Jason Decides to Speak Up.

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    Patrick explains to Nikolas that they think a higher dose of the counter agent compound he came up with could free him from Craig forever. The down side is a high dose could kill him. Nikolas not only wants to take the chance, he won't let Robin call Emily because he doesn't want her to watch him die. Most importantly, he wants his connection to Craig to end today. Patrick thinks the predicament over in his head, and then injects the chemical into Nikolas's IV.

    Emily arrives at the hospital to find Nikolas unconscious. She is irate when Robin and Patrick tell her what they've done. She makes them leave the room so she can be alone with him. Soon, he starts to wake up and she calls Patrick and Robin in to take his vitals. It looks like there is no poison left in his body, and Nikolas starts to talk. Then Craig walks into the room disguised as a doctor. Robin picks up the phone to call security and Craig puts his arm around Emily and says that if he goes to prison, so does Emily.

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    Nikolas goes to the hospital and Robin and Patrick tell him that they worked all night, but have been able to match the counter agent! Nikolas wants the injection ASAP, but Robin and Patrick want him to wait until Emily comes back. Nikolas asks, "This formula will either save me or kill me, right?"

    Things are Dicey for Elizabeth.

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    From his hospital bed, Nikolas is alert and full of questions. He tells Emily, Patrick and Robin that Craig has a woman that he cares about and they need to find her and use it to their advantage. Before they can discuss if further, someone calls the room and alerts them about Elizabeth's condition. Nikolas gets up, with Emily's help, and they go find Lucky. He is terribly upset about the notion of losing Elizabeth. Emily is holding Nikolas up, but Lucky doesn't seem to notice. Luke arrives and hugs Lucky. He's the one who notices how badly Nikolas looks. He convinces him to go get some rest, and stays with Lucky. Lucky turns to his father and says that he finally understands why Luke is the way that he is. "When you lose the person who means the most to you, there's nothing left," Lucky says. Luke does his best to convince Lucky to believe that Elizabeth will make it.

    The Devil (from Benson Hurst!) Wears Prada.

    Monday, May 07 2007

    In another part of the hospital, Nikolas is in code blue with Patrick and Robin and frantically working on him. Emily has stepped out of the way and is urging Nikolas to stay with her. Finally his heart starts again. Patrick tells Emily that his organs are severally stressed by the poison and that he can't breathe on his own. Robin and Patrick put him on a ventilator and leave Emily to sit with him. Patrick goes to the nurses's desk and asks if anyone has called for Nikolas. Robin asks if he still thinks that Mr. Craig will show up? Patrick says that is the only thing that will save Nikolas at this point.

    As Patrick and Robin are trying to figure out what to do next for Nikolas, a call comes in for Patrick. It's Craig! He tells Patrick where he is hiding in the hospital; and Patrick races to find him. They meet in a darkened room and Patrick demands the counter agent. Craig messes with his mind a little, and then finally hands over the counter agent. He informs Patrick that he's not done with Nikolas just yet.

    Emily has called Lulu so that she can come sit with her ailing brother. She is full of questions and Emily is struggling to explain why Nikolas would suddenly become so ill. Robin tries to calm Lulu down, but doesn't have to explain further because Patrick rushes in and injects the counter agent into Nikolas's IV. In a whisper, Robin worries that Craig gave them something different, but Patrick is willing to risk it because it's the only way to save Nikolas. He comes around and Lulu tells him that Lucky's baby was born. He's dazed for a while, but then tells Emily that he felt her next to him. After Lulu leaves, Nikolas asks how it is that he's still alive and Patrick tells him that Craig showed up just in time. Patrick says that he saved a little of the liquid to analyze.

    Lights Out.

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Robin and Patrick have put their makeshift antidote into Nikolas's IV, but nothing is happening. Nikolas is doubtful that it will work and he wants Emily to promise that they won't keep him alive via machines. "If this happens, just let me go, please," he begs. Patrick says that keeping him alive is their job, and besides they might need time to find the treatment. Nikolas says that his lungs will become paralyzed and he wants to make sure that he will die with some dignity. Finally, Robin weighs in. She says that if they need to keep him on a ventilator to help him breath, they will. However, if they get to the point where they exhaust all of their options, she promises that she will let him go. Robin and Patrick leave and Nikolas makes Emily promise not to fight Robin. Then he tells her the things that he wants Spencer to know when he grows up. Emily reminds him that he willed her to live when she was fighting cancer, and now she's going to keep him alive. He's growing weaker, but finds the strength to proclaim his love for her.

    Robin goes to the nurses' desk to call the Center of Disease Control for help. Patrick hangs up the phone and says that Mr. Craig will be back just in time. He figures that Nikolas is too important to Craig's plan and he'll be back just as Nikolas crashes. "And we need to be ready," Patrick says.

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