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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Bensonhurst, Born And Bred.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    At General Hospital, Monica tells Morgan, Tracy and Michael that Alice had a heart attack and her heart is too weak for bypass surgery. She needs a transplant. Alice is on the top of the transplant list, but for now they have to rely in circumstance and someone else’s misfortune and pray Alice can hold on long enough. Meanwhile, Sam, Alexis and TJ keep vigil over Molly until she wakes up. She’s confused but asks about Rafe. The doctor takes a look and deems her fine. Dante enters to get Molly’s statement. She remembers they were driving fast and Rafe told her he caused Patrick’s accident. He was sick with guilt but Molly can’t remember what else Rafe said. In his room, Rafe struggles to tell Silas and Patrick something about the crash, but seizes before he can get it out. Later, in the hall, Patrick tells Sam that Rafe was trying to tell him something important before he seized. Silas tells them the seizure is a result from fluid on the brain and he needs surgery to relieve the pressure. Obrecht says Patrick is the man to do the surgery. Patrick and Silas both think it’s a bad idea but Obrecht tells them there’s no one else. If Patrick doesn’t operate, Rafe will die, so she expects him to put his feelings aside and do his duty. Sam begs Patrick to save Rafe like he did Jason. Patrick leaves for surgery, and Silas makes sure he knows he’ll regret it if he exacts revenge in the OR.

    GH Recap: Sleeping With The Whales.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    In the park, TJ calls Molly without luck. He worries to Alexis. She decides they should look for Molly at Silas'. They run into Patrick on the way and discuss Rafe's drug use. The doctor explains Rafe is responsible for running him off the road. Alexis calls Silas and he tells her about the latest accident.

    At the hospital, Tracy fills Monica in about Alice having a heart attack. Monica starts demanding answers from the staff. They head in to see Alice. Michael and Morgan are with her. Since the doctors haven't been doing much, Monica decides to take over. Tracy walks out with the Corinthos brothers following her. Michael demands to know what Alice wanted to warn him about. They notice Molly is wheeled by. Sam fills the brothers in. Rafe is wheeled in next. Patrick, Alexis, TJ and Dante arrive behind him. Sam brings her mom to see Molly. As Dante gets distracted by his brothers, Patrick slips away to corner Rafe. "You're the one who killed my son," says the doctor. He starts to lay into him until Dante comes in and tries to pull him away. Silas gets between them. Rafe calls Patrick back before he can leave. Meanwhile, Tracy slips back in to see Monica and Alice. The brothers show up and Monica slowly begins to explain how things look for Alice. On a different floor, Lulu wakes up in her hospital room. Olivia is with her. She tells her about how she got with Sonny a year ago and now they're over. They discuss how different Dante is from his father. Liv gets a text from work and heads off.

    GH Recap: Not Worth Caring About.

    Thursday, July 03 2014

    Still handcuffed, Nathan and Maxie rest in the park. Nathan blames Levi for their whole situation so she accuses him of not taking responsibility for his own screw-ups. He apologizes for getting them in this mess and she takes responsibility for squirming. But she asks him to stop blaming Levi. He was only acting on his conviction for a worthy cause. Nathan accuses her of blindly following Levi. There is some tension between them. Elsewhere, Alexis finds TJ waiting for Molly and he tells her she went to talk to Dr. Clay about Rafe’s drug use. She decides to stay and wait and snacks on Molly’s BLT and fries. TJ shares he and Molly still have not had sex and they laugh about the fact they are having this conversation. Later, TJ leaves a message for Molly and tells her he misses her and loves her. Meanwhile, Britt and Nik talk about last year, the day they met. He was so good to her and she thought she could start over and be a good person because of him. But she lied about the baby and wishes she could do it over. Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma spread out their blanket. She hopes her mom is looking at the same stars right now and asks Patrick if he and Robin are getting a divorce. Patrick holds her and tells her he thinks they are. They still love each other and he assures Emma it has nothing to do with her but she’s sad. She asks if he will marry Sabrina again, but he tells her they will always be connected but not together like before. She doesn’t want him to be alone and he tells her he isn’t - he has her. Spencer walks up and takes Emma to watch the fireworks.

    Back in the park, Spencer pushes Britt and Nik to get closer, so he puts his arm around her as the fireworks go off. Elsewhere, Nathan and Maxie stop to admire the fireworks, but he admires her instead. Then, Emma tells Patrick she’s glad to see him smile again. He promises everything will be okay.

    GH Recap: No Big Deal.

    Wednesday, July 02 2014

    At the hospital Rafe overhears Sam, Patrick, Silas and Kiki realize he must have been the one driving the car. Silas tells them Rafe is still at the hospital and wants to talk to him first. Patrick insists on being there, so Sam follows them as they both run off to look for Rafe. Kiki hangs back, and Rosalie pushes Nina up to her. They saw Silas run off and Kiki tells them there is a crisis involving Rafe. Rafe runs off as Rosalie tells Nina and Kiki all about his father’s vampire history. Kiki thinks Rafe took Silas’ car and ran Patrick off the road, and Rosalie bashes Silas for abandoning Nina again for someone else. She wheels Nina off to go home, and Kiki looks appalled. Meanwhile, Sam, Patrick and Silas can’t find Rafe. Dante and Olivia overhear them talking and Patrick tells them they found the other driver in the accident – Rafe. Silas tells Dante he gave Rafe his keys to take the bus home. Dante calls in an APB, then suggests starting at Silas’ apartment. Dante tells a reluctant Patrick to go to the fireworks with Emma instead. Patrick runs into Kiki and tells her the cops are now involved.

    GH Recap: Voice Like A Blender.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    Sam and Patrick arrive at the hospital and track down Silas. Patrick explains that Silas' car ran him off the road. Sam keeps them calm and explains the evidence to her boyfriend. Silas thought his car was just sideswiped in the garage. Rafe eavesdrops. Patrick demands answers. Kiki strolls in and admits she was supposed to drive the car that night but left it at the apartment. Sam realizes Rafe could have taken it. Silas doubts that. Kiki admits that Rafe hasn't been himself lately and has been stealing money. "It must have been him," Sam concludes.

    GH Recap: I'm Gonna Kill 'Em.

    Monday, June 30 2014

    At the garage, Sam gasps and explains to Patrick that she knows the owner of the car. It's Silas. "I'm gonna kill 'em," says Patrick. Sam makes excuses and says it could be a coincidence. He storms off with her trailing behind.

    Silas drives Nina around the hospital in her wheelchair to Rosalie and Travis, the physical therapist. Nina sends Silas away. When the therapist tries to check out her leg, she swats him. He tries explaining what physical therapy is. Nina stands up and kicks the chair. Travis is baffled. Nina explains she's putting on a show for her husband and writes him a check. They work out the details. Meanwhile, Rafe drops in to see Silas and asks to borrow 400 dollars. The doctor wonders why he needs so much. The kid says he's going camping. Silas begins apologizing for 'dropping the ball' and wants to spend more time with him. He gives his nephew a hug and sends him to his office to wait for him to finish his shift. Patrick and Sam arrive. He tells Silas that the evidence they've found leads straight to him.

    GH Recap: Flowers For The Dead.

    Friday, June 27 2014

    At the accident site Sam scrapes paint and makes plans to see where the car was repaired. She assumes the person lives within 10 miles since it is a back road, which narrows body shops to just three. Later, Rafe brings flowers to the grave.

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