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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Patrick Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Patrick Drake Played by Jason Thompson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Thompson
    Web site:


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    One Of The Nice Guys.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At GH, Sam kisses Silas then wonders what they are doing. He wants to do it again so they do until she reconsiders what they're doing. He confesses he's not just Danny's doctor. He feels something for her and is willing to bet she feels something too. She can't think about this and wants to focus on saving Danny's life. Nearby, Alexis thinks Derek looks familiar and asks if it's possible that they've met before. He jokes about not making an impression on her since they met at the Floating Rib not that long ago. Alexis sure that's not it and shows him to the exam room. A nurse gives Alexis forms for Derek to complete. She enters the room without knocking and catches Derek in his briefs. Elsewhere, Patrick pulls Brad away from Felix before they kiss and punches him. Felix thinks he's lost his mind. Patrick wants to know how Brad manipulated him into thinking the baby was his. Felix is certain Brad didn't sleep with Britt. Patrick reminds him there are other ways to get pregnant. Felix wants to know if it's true since Brad had sworn he knew nothing of what was going on with Britt and her mother. He leaves when Brad takes a call from Britt. Felix returns looking for an answer to his question and Brad admits he is the father. Felix is wondering what else he's lied about and is requesting Brad keep his distance when Silas orders them to assist. Later, while Silas and the staff handle Derek's procedure, Alexis and Sam share their embarrassing moments of the day in the next room. Alexis confesses seeing Derek in his briefs and Sam confesses kissing Silas. Sam is certain all they can be is friends right now. After, they meet Silas and Derek. Sam thanks them both and stares at Silas.

    At Patrick's, Sabrina is putting together baby furniture. She's excited when Patrick comes home until he tells her she was right. He's not the baby's father, Brad is. He is so upset and hurt. Sabrina recognizes he's suffered a loss. Patrick believes they should at least be thankful now that this is all over. They are done with Britt. She's ready to leave him to his thoughts when he asks her to stay.

    Who's The Father?

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt exclaims the baby is not Patrick's. He and his family can go live happily ever after. He reminds her she's been convincing everyone otherwise but now when he threatens custody he's not the father. He wants her to make him believe it and asks, "Who's the father?" She didn't have to sleep with anyone, the sperm donor is Brad Cooper. He gets angrier trying to figure out how she could do what she's done. Nikolas comes in threatening to break Patrick's hands to end his days as a surgeon if he doesn't let go of Britt. Alone, Nikolas wants to know what's going on between Patrick and Britt.

    Back at GH, Brad wonders if he's finally caught Felix's eye when Felix chases him down in the hall. Felix wants to know what Brad knows about Britt's baby. Brad's angry that he's just a means to an end for Felix. He wants to help if he and Felix could speak hypothetically about being boyfriends. He's in love with Felix. Felix thinks it's a crush, like he had with Milo. Brad thinks they should try to be alone, together. Felix is fearful of his feelings. Brad makes him think that it's not regret he's feeling and is about to kiss Felix when Patrick pulls him away and punches him.

    Do Not Speak That Word.

    Friday, August 30 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt warns Patrick that he's making a big mistake when he threatens to call his lawyer. She confesses the baby isn't his son. Patrick is set on filing for sole custody when she blurts out, "You're not the baby's father." He wonders about the paternity test that she used to prove the baby was his. Britt admits her mother is responsible for switching the results. The truth comes out about Obrecht's involvement.

    If I Had Known.

    Thursday, August 29 2013

    Britt asks Patrick why he's at Wyndemere. He says he knows what she and her mother have been up to. Patrick confronts Britt about Dr. Obrecht. Britt says she's not her mother. Patrick can't believe that she's hid the truth from him. Patrick wants to know why she didn't tell him about Faison, Duke's poisoning, Robert being in a coma, and wonders what else she's hiding. Britt yells that she had no idea what her mother was up to. Patrick believes she's been working with her mother the whole time. Patrick says he met Dr. Obrecht after the Nurses' Ball. Britt continues saying she doesn't know anything. She finally admits that she and her mother were conspiring. Britt says she did what her mother told her to. He says her mother is dangerous and he will make sure that Dr. O never gets close to his child. He tells her he's going to fight for full custody of the baby. Britt yells that she's not responsible for her mother and that she's not a threat. Patrick can't believe that Britt is still lying. Britt says she has rights as the mother, that he won't get away with it. He storms out as she screams he's not the baby's father.

    One Good Turn.

    Wednesday, August 28 2013

    At GH, Lulu encourages Laura to invite Scott to visit the grandbaby. She'd be happy to if she knew where he was. A few moments later he's waiting outside. Laura's upset at not hearing back from him. He notes that she ran off with her ex, so he ran off with his. Scott admits it was business related. She's done helping Luke and is one hundred percent in her marriage. He doesn't believe she is and neither is he. He wants a divorce. She did everything for Lulu, besides; she and Luke don't fit anymore. Scott doesn't believe they do either. He's not enough for her and he's letting her go. He plans on staying in Port Charles as the DA. Luke arrives to see their tearful separation. She's okay and ignores a call from her doctor in Paris for her wellness visit. He reminds her it's important. Lulu overhears and sees Laura wiping tears away. She wants to know what's going on. Laura only mentions about her wellness visit and decides to make travel arrangements. Alone with Luke, Lulu asks if he was ever going to mention he was dying. She needs him to keep showing up. He's not going to make any promises. Nearby, Sabrina and Patrick are greeted with Felix's news that Britt's in jail. Patrick realizes Obrecht has been working with Faison but he's more upset at Felix's eagerness to celebrate since his child is at risk. Felix apologizes and Sabrina supports Patrick's decision to help Britt. Alone, Sabrina admits if Patrick wasn't there she would have high-fived him but this is not the way she wants to get even with Britt. Elsewhere, Michael stops by to tell Elizabeth about AJ. Elizabeth doesn't believe AJ could be responsible for murder. Michael shares how Connie indicated his involvement after Sonny found her. She asks Michael if he thinks AJ did this. Michael only remembers how angry AJ was at Connie. Elizabeth remembers AJ threatening Connie too. Later, Nikolas finds her crying. She tells him about Connie and AJ.

    At the PCPD, Anna asks AJ, "Did you murder Connie Falconer?" Dante makes noise to aggravate AJ's hangover before showing him photos of Connie dead at Crimson. AJ vomits. He doesn't remember anything. He knows Tracy owns a gun that she keeps locked up in a safe. Anna thinks he should cooperate. He pauses remembering opening the safe. She asks him if he cares to share. He'll wait for his attorney. Alone he remembers taking the gun out of the safe and says, "I did it." Outside, Anna answers Patrick's questions about Britt. Anna lets him know Nikolas paid her bail when Patrick becomes worried about her giving birth in jail.

    No Disco?

    Friday, August 16 2013

    At the Floating Rib, the wedding guests are surprised when an unexpected guest arrives in the middle of the ceremony. Emma asks Patrick if it's the same man while Felicia tells Mac she won't let him ruin their wedding. Richard Simmons asks Lucy if she really thought she'd never see him again and asks for a kiss. Lucy threatens to give him a kiss with her fist. Maxie wants him and his tragic accessories to leave. Spinelli politely requests him to leave and Mac offers to remove him not so politely. Lucy screams he has a gun when Richard announces having a little something for them. He pulls out a confetti gun and shoots while laughing. Emma says, "This party's bananas." He's about to be carried away and is worried about Lucy's threats of Ferncliff with no disco. Felicia speaks on Richard's behalf and he's allowed to stay. Richard has come in peace and gets teary-eyed; he's there to apologize. Maxie wants him to speed it up. He confesses he was on a juice fast with a celebrity friend. He gets on his knee and begs for Lucy's forgiveness. She gives it. Maxie moves the wedding along and Mac and Felicia exchange vows. Lucy declares them man and wife and they kiss. Later, Maxie’s water broke.

    You Asked For The Truth.

    Thursday, August 15 2013

    At Patrick's, Sabrina breaks the news to him that everything Britt told him about her mother is a lie. She mentions Britt's mom lost her license for some unsavory practices. Patrick isn't comfortable snooping around but Sabrina's thinks he should know who she is if she will be in his son's life. She shows him a picture and he realizes he knows the woman. He remembers she was interested in Robin when he bumped into her at the airport. They wonder why she never mentioned she was Britt's mother. Sabrina's certain she had something to do with the baby reveal at the Nurses Ball.

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