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    General Hospital CAST - Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones Played by Kirsten Storms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kirsten Storms (ABC)

    Birthday: April 8 1984
    Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kirsten Storms
    Height: 5'4"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Sucker.

    Thursday, April 17 2014

    At Maxie's, she informs Nathan that he needs to move out... as soon as possible. He's paid up till the end of the month and tells her she can move out. She won't do that and doesn't think her aura can stand his 'toxic vibes'. The cop assumes that 'Mr. Truth Pillows' is behind this. Levi wanders in and admits all of this was his suggestion. Maxie suggests that Nathan go and stay with Britt. The cop blurts out that she's his sister. Maxie takes that in and tells him he doesn't have to leave. That leads to bickering with the hippy. The cop agrees to stay and walks off to take a shower to wash away his toxic vibes.

    GH Recap: Negative Energy.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    At home, a shirtless Nathan offers to make coffee but Levi offers a homemade detoxifying tea instead. He has given advice to Britt about her love life and thinks all Nik needs is the courage to forgive. Levi thinks Nathan needs to same courage to forgive his mom. Nathan grabs Levi but Maxie interrupts. Levi needs away from the negative energy and he and Maxie leave. Alone, Nathan wishes Britt luck with Nik. She just hopes he hasn’t stopped loving her. Later, Maxie tells Levi that the baby Britt had to give up is Dante and Lulu’s bio son. She also can’t believe Nathan slept with Britt but Levi corrects her. He thinks Nathan’s negativity is toxic and can eat away at Maxie’s progress. Nathan needs to go. Maxie can’t ask him to leave but Levi tells her she has every right.

    GH Recap: Rocco Falconeri.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    Drunken Britt and Nathan stumble into his place. She makes light of his sense of design. The doctor wants more to drink. He starts telling her about his roommate. "We've hit rock bottom. There are no more surprises left," she groans. When she tries to kiss him, he pulls away. He doesn't want to take advantage of her. They get ready to kiss anyway. "Britt!" Maxie squeals when she spots them. She starts blabbing about her history with Dr. Westbourne. Britt fills her in about Lulu finally getting her baby. Maxie thinks it's wonderful and the universe must be balancing out. Britt drinks more and decides it's time to go. Nathan insists that she stay. She takes the couch. Once she's alone, she looks at pictures of Ben on her phone.

    GH Recap: This Is Awesome.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    Nathan is startled to find Maxie in the apartment. She's shocked that the place looks exactly the same. "I just feel like all of this belongs to someone else," she says before probing him about what's wrong. He tries to explain but she babbles until an Aussie named Levi walks out in a towel. Nathan's not happy he's been using his shampoo. Levi brags about all the charity work he's done. Eventually, he stops and offers the cop a 'truth pillow'. Nathan snaps about arresting his mom for killing his pregnant sister. The hippy tells him to let the anger go. That doesn't go over well. The cop storms out. Maxie thanks Levi for helping her in the Philippines. They make out.

    GH Recap: You May Kiss The Bride.

    Thursday, January 02 2014

    At Maxie's, Nathan West introduces himself and explains that the agency sent him to sublet her apartment. She gives him a tour and confuses him when she offers her room. He wonders if her roommate moved out suddenly and asks what happened. She confesses her roommate moved to Portland with the love of her life and her daughter. He surprises her when he hands her a handkerchief. His mother warned how one never knows when they'll find a damsel in distress. He understands her need for a spiritual journey and admits he hasn't had the best year himself. She thinks this will be a wonderful opportunity for him to turn things around. He doesn't know anyone in Port Charles and thinks they could pick up the pieces together. His offer is nice but she can't stay and has to leave before the stroke of midnight. He wishes her good luck when she leaves and smiles at a picture of her that he finds. Later, Nathan leaves Silas a message that he's not going away.

    GH Recap: Friends Again?

    Monday, December 30 2013

    Maxie finishes packing at home when she's surprised by a visit from Nathan West.

    GH Recap: Eat, Pray, Love.

    Friday, December 27 2013

    Mac and Felicia arrive at Maxie's and ask what's wrong. She wants to wait for Robin and tells them to relax. Felicia needs to know and Maxie says, "I'm leaving Port Charles." Robin gets there and finds the decision sudden. Maxie wants to go on an 'eat, pray, love' journey for a few months to find herself. Mac's confused but she's lost so much she needs to go someplace where everything is unfamiliar…and she's leaving before midnight because of the previous New Year's Eve miscarriage. Mac thinks she's learned enough that she shouldn't have to cut herself off from her family. Robin translates that they all hope she can find herself a little closer to home. It would mean a lot if Maxie had their blessing. Robin gives hers, knowing Maxie will be okay. They hug and Robin leaves. Maxie has one thing to do and leaves Mac and Felicia to gather her things.

    Lulu answers a knock at the door and sees Maxie.

    GH Recap: Georgie.

    Monday, December 16 2013

    Maxie closes her door on Spinelli and Connie and yells at him to go home. Spinelli's leaving with Ellie tonight and warns if Maxie doesn't open the door now that they'll both regret it for the rest of their lives. She thought they would have more time and opens the door. Spinelli makes her hold Connie and promises this won't be the last time Maxie will see her. They both agree Connie looks so much like Georgie. Spinelli asks if it would be okay to rename their baby to Georgie since she was the one that brought them together. He confesses she was the first girl he ever loved. The both admit they still love each other and kiss with the baby between them. Maxie knows it was a goodbye kiss but wonders what might have been. Spinelli knows she'll always have a piece of his heart, and his friendship. She asks him not to forget about her and he promises he won't. Ellie arrives and Maxie gives Spinelli her and Georgie's baby ornaments. He makes her keep one for when she has Georgie for Christmas. He kisses her and says, "Goodbye, my Maximista." Alone, she cries holding the ornament.

    GH Recap: I Killed Someone.

    Thursday, December 12 2013

    Robin gets an excited hug from Maxie when she drops by the apartment. She hopes Maxie told Spinelli 'no way' when she learns he might move to Portland with Connie but Maxie admits encouraging him to go. Robin shares how Sabrina won't bow out, thinking it's Patrick's decision to choose one of them. She worries Patrick could choose Sabrina. Maxie believes when Patrick makes his decision then Robin will know how he really feels. Robin surprises Spinelli when she gets the door. Maxie reiterates that he should go to Portland.

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