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    General Hospital CAST - Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones Played by Kirsten Storms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kirsten Storms (ABC)

    Birthday: April 8 1984
    Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kirsten Storms
    Height: 5'4"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Wedding Rings.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    At Kelly’s, Maxie has her morning coffee and heads out with Georgie. She runs into Spinelli, who asks how she’s doing given her relationship with Nathan just ended. The two argue, and Maxie is furious with Spinelli for treating her like a prize to be won. She never expected that from him. He begs for forgiveness and says he was trying to prove he was as much of a man as Nathan and deserved her. He asks if he’s blown it with her, but she says they should discuss this later as she has to get Georgie home. Back inside, Molly stops in to see TJ and is waiting for her dad to show up to find out how his dating life is going. She fills TJ in on setting her dad up with online dating.

    GH Recap: It's Done.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    Maxie runs into the gym as Nathan knocks Spinelli to the ground in the boxing ring. She begins berating the cop, accusing him of acting like a caveman. Nathan blames it all on his rival. The blond refuses to believe he could be so stupid. Sonny confirms it. Spin explains that the cop ordered him to leave town. Nathan doesn't regret it. They recap their argument. Spinelli hears that she admitted that she loves him. The cop decides that things will never work with Maxie. Their feelings may be real but they'll never compare to what she has with Spinelli. "You're free to be with the man you never stopped loving," he says. He tells her to be happy and walks out.

    GH Recap: His Wife.

    Friday, March 20 2015

    At Kelly’s, Dante tells Nathan about Lulu running off to track down a lead on Luke without him. Nathan tells Dante about his duel with Spinelli, which Dante warns him is a very bad idea. He tells Nathan to call it off, but Nathan sees it as his best bet to get Spinelli out of town. He says he won’t hurt him, just give him one punch to take him down. Nathan leaves and Maxie shows up looking for Nathan. She’s made her choice between Nathan and Spinelli and wants to tell them. Dante lets it slip about the fight. Maxie is furious, hands Georgie to Dante, tells her daughter that Dante isn't as scary as he looks, and runs off to stop the fight.

    Back at the gym, Nathan shows up and gets in the ring with Spinelli. Nathan goes easy on Spinelli, who runs around the ring making all sorts of crazy chants and doing various dance moves. Spinelli manages to tire Nathan out with his antics and it to the final round, but Nathan knocks him down with one punch. Maxie walks in just as Nathan delivers the final blow.

    GH Recap: Operation Alcoholic.

    Thursday, March 19 2015

    Lulu flies into Maxie's. Jones is in a panic about Nathan. He loves her. Lulu squeals. Maxie loves him too but there's a Spinelli problem. Lulu is sure that he'll be a doting dad no matter what. Maxie admits that she loves Spinelli and the cop. "I'm like channeling my mother here," Maxie complains. Lulu suggests she not tell Nathan this. Maxie already did. Her friend takes some deep breaths and then advises her to look in heart and make a choice. Tracy arrives. They now know where Patricia is.

    GH Recap: Florence Nightingale.

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    At her apartment, Maxie tells Spinelli that he can’t hang around her place as she has plans with Nathan. Nathan arrives as Spinelli leaves, and he asks Maxie if Spinelli stayed the night. Maxie says he did, but on the couch so he could be near Georgie. Nathan understands, but he is still upset. He says he told her that he loved her last night and she couldn’t say it back. Maxie says he caught her off guard and it wasn’t the setting she envisioned him saying those words to her. Nathan tells her again that he is deeply and completely in love with her. He asks if she feels the same. She tells him of course she loves him, but she admits that she loves Spinelli too. She says it’s in two different ways, and she is reminded how her mother found herself in the same position with Frisco and Mac. Nathan tells her that she can’t have them both, that she has to make a choice. Nathan leaves, and Maxie makes a call to someone for help.

    GH Recap: Stone Cold.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    At General Hospital, Patrick tells Jake that he will release him, but he wants Jake to stay away from Sam. They discuss the vision Jake had of himself in bed with Sam, which shocks Liz. Jake wishes he could explain it but can’t and assures Patrick that Sam isn’t his type. Carly walks in and is happy to learn Jake is being released. Patrick leaves to start the discharge papers, and Liz leaves to give Jake a moment with Carly. In the hall Liz talks with Patrick about Jake’s memory. Patrick wonders why she’s so interested in Jake when she’s with Ric. Liz explains that things have gotten complicated. He warns Liz to be careful with Jake. Back in his room, Jake tells Carly that he had to agree to Sloane’s conditions to stay out of jail. Carly offers to help Jake in any way she can, so he asks how well she knows Julian. Carly admits they have a checkered past, but she thinks Sam owes Jake for smearing his name around town, and she is Julian’s daughter. Jake says Sam was right about him, and he laughs at Carly’s logic that Sam owes him anything. Elsewhere, Sam arrives and runs into Spinelli in the hall. She is happy to see her old friend, and they discuss the state of each other’s love lives. In a cubicle, Lulu talks with Maxie about Spinelli and Nathan. She wonders if Spinelli stands a chance with her, but Maxie doesn’t get the chance to answer as Sam and Spinelli walk in on their conversation.

    Back at the hospital, Nathan arrives to see Maxie and Georgie. Nathan asks Spinelli to speak to Maxie alone, so Sam pulls him away. Nathan tells Maxie that he knows Georgie is her priority, and he knows she has a connection with Spinelli, but he loves her and isn’t giving up on her. Out in the hall, Patrick is discharging Jake when Spinelli and Sam walk up from behind. Spinelli is in shock and says, "Stone Cold?"

    GH Recap: Houdini's Escape.

    Tuesday, March 10 2015

    Maxie and Nathan plan a quiet evening at Maxie’s place. To work up an appetite for dinner the two begin kissing, but are interrupted by a call from Dante. Dante informs Nathan about Luke’s escape from Shadybrook, as well as Nina being implicated in it. Nathan leaves, and later Spinelli shows up in order to retrieve a hard drive he left behind. He promises to be quick, but when he finds out that Nathan had to leave for work, he tries to convince Maxie to let him stick around. She tells him to go, but then Felicia calls from the ER with a sick Georgie.

    At General Hospital, Brad surprises Lucas in a cubicle by pretending to be a patient. Lucas says he has real patients to see and work to do, but finds himself tempted by Brad. The two kiss, but are interrupted by a nurse as Lucas has an actual patient to attend to. Later, Maxie and Spinelli arrive and learn from Felicia that Georgie was running a high fever, so she brought her in. They go in to check on Georgie and Lucas tells them that she has the flu and he wants to keep her overnight to be safe. He tells them that he’ll have a cot brought in so they can stay with her. He leaves them and then out in the hall Brad tells Lucas he’s not only that baby’s hero, but he’s his as well. The two kiss. Meanwhile, Nathan arrives upon hearing about Georgie and finds Maxie and Spinelli sitting in the cubicle with their baby girl and looking very close.

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