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    General Hospital CAST - Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones Played by Kirsten Storms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kirsten Storms (ABC)

    Birthday: April 8 1984
    Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kirsten Storms
    Height: 5'4"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Speaking Of Miracles.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    At the mystery location, Lulu and Maxie manage to call Dante and Nathan. Lulu explains that they are in an indistinct house that isn't big or small. Dante fills them in on what they've learned and they try to trace the call. Dunkleman shows up and grabs the phone. Dante tries to negotiate with him. Levi hangs up. The ladies explain that they know who he really is and call him 'Petey'. That makes him angry. Maxie makes it worse by going on about how Nathan is 'ten kajillion times hotter than Peter or whatever your name is'. Peter eventually explains that Maxie and Lulu have very different fates in store for them. He prepares to drag them out of there to see his boss.

    GH Recap: Dreams Of The Innocent.

    Thursday, August 28 2014

    Maxie and Lulu are tied and gagged somewhere unknown. Levi returns with a new haircut and food. He removes Maxie’s gag, and when she starts screaming he screams right along with her to let her know no one can hear them. He tells them the jewels are just the beginning and this is personal. Maxie is so much more than a hostage, and Lulu is as much a part of this as she is. Maxie taunts him until he knocks her cup out of her hand, comparing her to her mother. He calls Felicia a lying, cheating b**** who only cares about Frisco. Lulu and Maxie continue to taunt him until he leaves in frustration. They realize he had used his phone to knock Maxie’s cup and it’s now on the floor. Maxie gets it with her feet and kicks it into Lulu’s hands. She calls Dante and he answers!

    GH Recap: Death By Chocolate.

    Monday, August 25 2014

    At the cabin, Maxie gets one hand free but Levi returns. She wants to know where Lulu is and lectures him about karma. Lulu and Scribs come in with supplies. Maxie reaches for the gun Levi left on a box. She knocks it on the floor. Lulu grabs it. She tries to hold the men back. Levi grabs his partner's gun and then threatens to shoot Maxie. Lulu gives up the gun and the women are tied up again. Maxie blames herself for everything. She starts mocking Levi's inadequacies in the sack and asks them to let them go. Levi has no intention of letting that happen and starts waving his gun. Later, Nathan and Dante kick the door of the cabin open and are shocked by what they see.

    GH Recap: What's Your Story Twinkletoes?

    Monday, August 18 2014

    Maxie, Lulu, Levi and his colleague get to shore. They go into a cottage. The women are sure that they will be found. "We're going to be together for awhile," says Levi.

    GH Recap: Discount For Sexiles.

    Thursday, August 14 2014

    At the Haunted Star, Levi’s accomplice pulls a gun on Lulu and threatens to shoot if Nathan and Dante don’t back down. They do, but he and Levi still have their guns on the girls while Felicia and Mac stand there, terrified. Levi gets the Aztec ring from Maxie and announces he and his buddy have a speed boat ready to take them out of town – with Lulu and Maxie. Lucy offers to take their place but Levi thinks Maxie and Lulu are a better insurance policy. Dante gives them their word no one will come after them and Felicia gifts the jewelry willingly so there is no crime. When Mac yells for Levi to leave the girls, Levi shoots him. Mac drops to the ground and everyone tends to him while Levi and his buddy drag the girls off.

    GH Recap: A Good Enough Guy.

    Wednesday, August 13 2014

    In the ballroom, Maxie and Levi exchange their vows while Dante discovers Nathan bound and gagged in the dressing room. Dante ungags him and the cop explains what happened. He hands Nathan his gun. Back in the ballroom, Maxie blanks during the vows. Mac crosses his fingers and feels optimistic. Maxie looks around the room and is telepathically reminded that this is a bad idea. She wants to back out. The Immigration agent warns that means Dunkleman could go to jail. Levi takes Maxie aside and begs her. She gives in. The ceremony resumes, but before they can be pronounced husband and wife, Nathan storms in and places Levi under arrest. The cop explains and tells Maxie to step away. Levi drops his accent, pulls out his gun and pulls Maxie close. As bickering erupts, Dante creeps around the corner. Levi threatens to kill Maxie if Felicia doesn't hand him the earrings. Dante rushes in. The Immigration agent grabs Lulu and threatens to shoot her.

    GH Recap: Sorry 'Bout That Mate.

    Tuesday, August 12 2014

    While getting ready at the Haunted Star, Maxie tells Lulu about Nathan’s feelings for her. Mac hoped it would change her mind about marrying Levi but Maxie swears she has no feelings for Nathan. Lulu doesn’t believe her but Maxie insists Levi helped her leave the selfish person she was in the past. Lulu’s glad Levi helped Maxie but gratitude and love are different. Maxie tells Lulu if she can’t support her she can’t be maid of honor. In the ship’s ballroom, Felicia tells Dante and Mac that Nathan was here to see Levi with questions about her Aztec necklace. Dante questions Levi’s interest but Felicia thinks it’s natural for him to want to know about his future family. Lucy rushes in ready to officiate, followed by an immigration official. Lucy and Felicia wax poetic about Levi and Maxie’s love but he insists on staying. Meanwhile, Levi pulls a gun on Nathan in his room and tells him to drop the necklace. Levi loses his accent and admits he doesn’t want Maxie, just the heirlooms. Nathan throws a punch and they begin brawling. Later, Levi joins Dante, Mac and the immigration agent in the ballroom while Felicia and Lucy look for Maxie. Dante asks Levi about Nathan. Levi tells him he asked him questions about the necklace, then left. Lucy notices some blood on Levi’s collar and he says he must have cut himself shaving. Felicia joins Lulu and Maxie in her room and tells her everyone is waiting – including an immigration agent. Maxie doesn’t care and is ready to get married. Felicia and Lulu return to the ballroom. Felicia pulls Levi aside and tells him he has her and Mac in his corner, but Mac tells Levi not to even think of hurting Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie knocks on Levi’s door looking for Levi, and inside Nathan is bloodied, bound and unconscious. No one answers and Maxie heads to the ballroom as Nathan wakes up. In the ballroom, Mac walks Maxie down the aisle and Lucy begins the ceremony. Dante keeps staring at Levi’s blood stain. He leaves the ceremony and finds Nathan in Levi’s room. Lucy continues and asks if anyone has objections.

    GH Recap: Arrest Me?

    Monday, August 11 2014

    In the ballroom, Levi smiles as he holds the necklace. Felicia pops up. He compliments her on her ear rings until Lulu and Dante arrive. Felicia pressures the cop to help the Aussie into his tux. After the men head off, she tells Lulu that she's confident in the wedding. The Spencer goes off to see her friend. Nathan comes in and tells Felicia he needs to see Levi. They discuss Levi's interest in Aztec artifacts and confirms that he knew where the necklace was. Meanwhile, Levi bickers with Dante on the way to his dressing room. He sends Dante away. As Dunkleman gets changed, Nathan shows up and confronts him about the necklace. The cop looks around and finds it easily. "So what are you gonna do? Arrest me?" Levi asks. He pulls out a gun. In the dressing room down the hall, Maxie wonders how Mac knows about Nathan's feelings. He explains the cop reluctantly told him. Mac doesn't want her to have any regrets about going ahead with the wedding. He senses she may share Nathan's feelings. She looks for reasons to dislike Nathan but Mac doesn't find them convincing. Lulu interrupts as Mac probes her for a final answer. She insists on going ahead with the wedding and sends him out. Maxie tells her friend about her conversation with Mac.

    GH Recap: The Biblical Sense.

    Friday, August 08 2014

    Felicia joins Maxie at the Haunted Star to prep for the wedding. Levi comes by, unconcerned with bad luck, but Maxie covers her dress anyway. He thinks she’s as beautiful as Felicia, commenting on her Aztec jewels. She reveals she traded the matching necklace for the camera she’s using in order to protect a friend. Levi thinks a person is more important than a thing and is proud to be joining the family. He leaves and Felicia tells Maxie there’s still time to call it off. Maxie is determined to marry Levi. He’s done so much for her and she wouldn’t marry him if he weren’t the one. That’s what Felicia wanted to hear and gives Maxie the Aztec ring. It has been passed down for generations and one day Maxie will give it to Georgie when she marries the man she loves. Maxie is reluctant but Felicia slides it on her finger. Mac arrives and asks for a moment alone with Maxie. He loves her and trusts her, but there’s something she needs to know about how Nathan feels.

    GH Recap: It Sounded Like Luke Spencer.

    Wednesday, July 30 2014

    Maxie drops by Lulu's with snacks and asks her to be her matron of honor. This seems sudden. It was Maxie's idea to prevent the deportation. Lulu refuses to stand up for her... because of Nathan. She accuses Maxie of having feelings for him. That doesn't go over well and Maxie threatens to pull her hair out. She's sick of people second-guessing her. Levi pulled her out of a dark place and she loves him. Lulu caves and agrees to go to the wedding. They eat chips and Lulu assures her that Nathan is just looking out for her.

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