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    General Hospital CAST - Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones

    Full detailed profile on Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones Played by Kirsten Storms on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kirsten Storms (ABC)
    Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones

    Actor: Kirsten Storms

    Who played Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones over the years

    Chelsey and Kahley Cuff (1990 to 1991)
    Ashley and Jessica Clark (1992)
    Elaine and Melanie Silver (December 1992 to 1993)
    Robyn Richards (1993 to March 2002; August 2002 to July 16th, 2004)
    Danica Stewart (March 13, 2002 to July 16, 2002)
    Jen Lilley (temporary recast September 28, 2011 - ?)
    Kirsten Storms (23 May 2005 to present. Took medical leave from September 28, 2011 - September 5, 2012; left on maternity leave Thursday January 02, 2014; Wednesday April 09, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Maria Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones

    * Marital Status - Single.
    * Mariah Maximilliana Jones. (full name)
    * Severe illness as a child resulting in the need for a heart transplant. (1994)
    * Stole a bottle of pills from General Hospital. (August 2003)
    * Aided and abetted fugitive Zander Smith. (January 2004 to February 2004)
    * Attempted to steal a bottle of pills for an ailing Zander. (February 3, 2004)
    * Supplied pain pills to drug-addicted, Lucky Spencer, with hopes of winning him away from his wife, Elizabeth.
    * Works for Kate at Crimson.
    * Had a non-wedding to Spinelli.
    * Slept with Franco.
    * Got pregnant as a surrogate for Dante and Lulu.
    * Made love with Spinelli.
    * Gave birth to Spinelli's child but has decided to let Dante and Lulu think the baby is theirs.


    Current: Assistant at Crimson
    Past: Waitress at Kelly's Diner
    Past: Candy-striper at General Hospital


    Maxie was four years old when she became ill and needed a heart transplant to survive. Her parent's, Felicia and Frisco, were estranged, and Mac Scorpio went in search of her father and brought him back to Port Charles. While waiting for a donor, Maxie's cousin, BJ, was in an accident that left her brain dead. There were mixed emotions as a devastating occurrence gave Maxie a chance at life.

    Felicia had wanderlust and frequently left the girls in her mother's charge. Maxie resented Felicia for leaving, and when she returned, Maxie was reluctant to let her back into her life. She finally relented, really wanting and needing her mother.

    When Mac and Felicia married, Maxie and her sister, Georgie, were elated to be a family, but it didn't last long. Felicia left on another adventure, and Mac took the girls to Texas to live with their grandmother. When Felicia tried to reconnect with her daughters, Maxie wanted nothing to do with her. It took a lot of persuasion, but Felicia brought the trio back to Port Charles.

    Mac sued for divorce and custody, and Maxie wanted him to win. When he dropped the custody battle, she blamed her mother.

    Maxie's tumultuous childhood led to troubled teenage years. She formed an attraction for Kyle, who used her, then she fell in love with a young police officer who was later murdered. Her latest attraction is Lucky Spencer, and she has no regard for the fact that he is married.

    When Lucky was injured and became addicted to painkillers, it was Maxie who scored the drugs for him, even enticing him to sleep with her. She claimed their liaison resulted in her pregnancy, and she is determined to keep him from reuniting with his wife, Elizabeth, who was also supposedly carrying his baby. Maxie was eventually exposed.

    After her sister Georgie died, Maxie went into a tailspin, but also became close with Spinelli, who Georgie was very fond of. Maxie got a job as Kate's assistant at Crimson and she and Spinelli eventually fell in love. They became engaged and almost got married, but Spinelli called it off when he realized she was only going through with it for him.

    They remained non-husband and wife for some time, but the allure of bad boy Franco was too much for her and she slept with him, before realizing he was a psycho killer of course. Spinelli forgave her, but their relationship remained uneasy. They both played games with each other in order to keep the spark alive, but each one backfired. Spinelli's scheme landed Maxie in the hospital and Maxie's scheme drew her to Dr. Matt Hunter, who she began dating after breaking up with Spinelli.




    Lucas Jones (kissed)
    Kyle Ratcliffe (lover)
    Jesse Beaudry (lover - deceased)
    Lucky_Spencer (adulterous)
    Franco (one night stand)
    Damien Spinelli (committed relationship)


    Andrew Jones (father)
    Felicia Cummings (mother)
    Georgianna Jones (sister)
    Mariah Cummings (great-grandmother)
    Anthony Jones (uncle - deceased)
    Barbara Jean Jones (cousin - deceased)
    Lucas Jones (cousin by adoption)
    Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (neice)


    Georgie (with Damian Spinelli)


    There are no additional images yet


    Friday, September 12 2014: GH Recap: A Little Prick.

    In his office, Victor orders one of his lackeys to find out if Nathan is his son. Stavros barges in to discuss Lulu and her hormones. Victor has to keep him calm and sends him to bed. While Stavros wanders the halls grinning moronically and laughing to himself, a minion informs Victor that Obrecht is there. She's shown in and asks to see her son. That won't happen until he gets his DNA test results. Anna starts barking into Obrecht's ear for information. Liesl informs Victor that Nathan is his son. She could never have let Cesar know. This makes Victor angry. Down the hall, Nathan struggles with his chains. Peter shows up to gloat and notices Maxie is gone. The cop challenges him to shoot. They bicker about her and Nathan tries to be threatening. Peter wanders off to find Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie sneaks around and wakes up a patient. It's Peter the elder. She rambles until he mutters 'Felicia'. This confuses Maxie. His son walks in. He introduces them and explains that Maxie's parents shot his father in the head. "Now it's time for her to die," says the father. Back down the hall, Dante tries to keep Lulu calm. She feels like she's trapped in a weird alternative universe. He tries to be reassuring but she's not that optimistic. Stavros shows up to say he got confirmation that she will need hormone injections. He calls a doctor in to do them. Lulu starts calling Stavros names. He threatens to inject a bullet into her husband. Dante tells her not to do it. "One little prick and my Lulu will be filled with everlasting joy!" Stavros declares. Dante yelps and Lulu gasps. They shoot her up. Stavros announces that he's taking her away. Back in the room where Nathan is being held, he plays dead until a Cassadine minion comes in to check on him. Nathan knocks him over and chokes him to sleep. He grabs the keys, gets free and escapes. He barges into Victor's office with a gun and demands to know where Maxie is. "You're not going to kill your own father," Victor says. And down the hall, Jason struggles to get free from his restraints.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014: GH Recap: Your Egg, My Sperm, Our Child.

    At Crichton Clark, Stavros shows Dante and Lulu the embryo – all that’s left to do is implant it in Lulu and in nine months she’ll have his child. Lulu tells Stavros he’s wasting his time since she can’t carry a baby to term. Stavros just chuckles. He’s done his research and knows about her procedure and that she’s able to carry the baby. She taunts him for not knowing how a woman’s body works and tells him she needs hormones for weeks to prepare to carry. Stavros will consult with the doctors at the clinic but is determined to have Lulu carry their child. Alone with Dante, Lulu worries Stavros will take her from him. He swears he will do what he has to do to make sure Stavros doesn’t hurt her again. Elsewhere, Nathan and Maxie focus on escaping. She apologizes about how stubborn she was when they were cuffed together before and admits she was a little disappointed when they found the key. Nathan knocks down a table and suddenly they have a paper clip. He gets Maxie unlocked and they hide it from a goon when he checks on them. Maxie then tries to unlock Nathan but breaks the paper clip. She decides to go get help alone and won’t listen when he tells her it isn’t safe. She promises to come back to him and dashes off.

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