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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love Played by Rick Springfield on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rick Springfield (ABC)
    Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love

    Actor: Rick Springfield

    Who played Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love over the years

    Rick Springfield (1981 to 1983; November to December 2005, Summer 2007, Summer 2008, March 20, 2012)

    Useful information on Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love

    * Marital Status - Single/Widower.
    * He put his career above fatherhood.
    * He is a recovering alcoholic.
    * Impersonated rocker Eli Love.


    Current: Neurosurgeon


    Noah Drake was General Hospital's resident playboy doctor for a number of years. In his younger days, he attracted a multitude of Port Charles' ladies including Bobbie Spencer. Noah, being adverse to commitment, steered clear of her, even when she faked blindness to try to gain his attention.

    Noah had a slight interest in Tiffany Hill, and although she was hopeful that something permanent might develop, Noah and Bobbie reconciled for a brief time. When the two finally called it quits and Noah tried to seduce Tiffany, she had lost all interest.

    Noah departed GH for a new surgical position in another city, but several years later, Robin Scorpio found him drunk in a bar not far from Port Charles. Since the death of his wife, he had been on a drunken bender, not able to salvage his relationship with his son and unable to face his own state of ill health - a diseased liver.

    At the time, Jason was suffering from a strange illness, and Robin somehow convinced Noah to return to consult on the case. Noah and his son both were instrumental in curing Jason, and Noah hung around to try to mend fences with Patrick. When Noah refused part of Patrick's liver to save his life, the gap between the two got even wider.

    Noah worked on his relationship with Patrick and impersonated rocker Eli Love for a bit. This brought him an Anna closer. Noah then joined Doctors Without Borders when his "rocker" lifestyle brought him too close to booze.

    On another visit to Port Charles, it was revealed that Dr. Matt Hunter was his son from an affair. Noah knew about him but didn't want to be part of the boy's life. He and Matt continue to have a strained relationship.

    Drake Sr. returned once again to Port Charles to console Patrick over Robin's death.


    Mattie Drake (deceased)


    Tiffany Hill
    Anne Logan
    Donna (Dr. Matt Hunter's mother)
    Anna Devane (dated)


    Martin Drake (uncle)


    Patrick Drake (son with Mattie)
    Dr. Matt Hunter
    Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (granddaughter)



    Monday, April 15 2013: Forgive Me Cupcake.

    Patrick arrives at GH and sees Sabrina before her shift. They know they have to talk about Britt and the baby. Patrick doesn't want the baby to let Britt get in the way. Felix sees Patrick kiss her before leaving for the airport. Felix tells Sabrina he thinks Britt got pregnant on purpose. It doesn't make sense to Sabrina. Felix assures her the monster Brittle is carrying is solely there to rip Sabrina and Patrick apart. Britt overhears and corrects them on her intentions.

    At the airport Noah tells Patrick not to let Britt ruin his relationship with Sabrina. Patrick picks up something Dr. Obrecht drops at the airport and hands it to her. She asks if he is Patrick Drake and says, "I have something important to tell you about your wife." She admits watching the Nurses' Ball and congratulates him on his new baby. Noah thinks there's something strange about her. Noah sees Bobbie and tells her he's heading to Seattle General where she works.

    Patrick returns to GH. Britt assures him their baby won't cause any trouble since she's decided not to have it.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Let's Do This.

    In Lucy's dressing room Richard Simmons hides in a pile of her clothing in a closet. He says, "I'm back." He verbally attacks Lucy and tells her she's not going on to dance. Richard gags and locks her in the closet. He says he's about to go on and do a little number for Port Charles. Behind the stage Emma asks Sabrina if Patrick could be her boyfriend if Milo isn't. Patrick asks Emma if that would make her happy. She agrees it would. On stage, Elizabeth replaces Lucy and introduces a traditional tango with Duke and Lucy. Felix indicates Lucy is unavailable. Duke hurriedly tells Anna to save him and not let Faison take away his tango. Liz reintroduces the couple who perform. Afterwards Duke asks if they can create new memories and take on this brave new world together. They kiss. Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina show up and Emma whispers in Anna's ear. Emma leaves with Sabrina to get ready. Anna tells Patrick it is about time. Patrick says for her too as he sees Duke looking on.

    Liz introduces Magic Milo as the next act. He's followed on stage by Max, Felix, Michael, Damian and Anton. They perform a sexy dance routine on and off stage finishing in their underwear with "NURSES BALL" spelled out on their backsides. Epiphany gets the women yelling for them to remove their underwear as Richard falls from behind the curtain struggling with Lucy in her underwear. Lucy exclaims, "It's not an act!" as Richard mocks her from behind. Magic Milo's crew carries Richard out over their shoulders. Spinelli wonders where Ellie is when he returns to the ballroom. Lucy reappears somewhat dressed onstage introducing Rick Springfield arranged to perform by Noah Drake. Bobbie thanks Patrick for the surprise performer and tells him he looks like Springfield. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht calls it the best performance of the night as Britt finishes up. Lucy comes back on to introduce Sabrina and Emma. They sing "Call Me Maybe." Patrick wipes tears away pleased. Britt arrives as Lucy reminds everyone about the purpose of the event and introduces Patrick to speak. He gives a moving speech about Robin and the General Hospital staff. He invites Emma on stage as he thanks everyone including organizations like amFAR for helping Robin's dream become a reality. Britt walks towards them saying she has a few words of her own. Sabrina joins a scared Emma on stage. Patrick asks Britt not to make a scene. She tells him everyone will be interested in what she has to say, including him. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht looks at a picture of Faison saying Britta would make him a very proud papa.

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