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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    Learning The Ropes.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Jax drops in on Carly at home to tell her Michael and Morgan are on his witness list. Carly is furious he would do that to Morgan. She doesn't want him to have to choose between Jax and Sonny and begs her ex to not put him on the stand. Jax blames it on her because she won't admit her kids aren't safe with her. Carly warns him he is about to push her way too far.

    Take It Or Leave It.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Jax offers Michael a job at the house. Carly says Michael already turned her down and besides, she doesn’t trust Jax anymore. They argue until Michael stops them. He turns down Jax's offer and says if he really wants to help out, he will agree to joint custody of Josslyn. Jax asks if he really wants his sister to grow up with the danger he did. Michael retorts that the worst thing to happen to him was the custody issues between his parents.

    Risk Versus Reward.

    Monday, June 27 2011

    As Jax asks Brenda to be a witness in his custody case, Carly walks in his place to pick up Josslyn. Carly accuses him of setting this up so she would go off upon seeing Brenda there with her daughter. Carly assures him it won't work because she won't screw up and lose her daughter. Jax insists to Brenda that isn't true as Carly leaves with Josslyn. Brenda can't believe he was ever with Carly. Jax doesn’t want to destroy her in court, he just wants to establish the truth. Brenda says Carly never deserved him. He needs her help to say that Sonny's world is dangerous for children. Brenda just leaves.

    Michael meets with his mother at home. They argue about this summer job at ELQ. Carly won't let Edward groom him to be the next Quartermaine heir. Jax enters to clear things up with Carly. He learns Michael is working for Edward and suggests Michael come work for him instead.

    Michael Joins The Family Business.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    Brenda visits Jax at his office. She knows he's calling her as a witness in his custody case and wonders why. He wants her to tell the court how dangerous Sonny is. Brenda won't trash her husband in court and thinks he needs to leave Sonny out of it. Jax presents his case for how dangerous Sonny is, yet Carly continues to be in his life. Brenda stands her ground and then Jax brings Josslyn out to meet her.

    Graduation Day.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Jax stops by Carly's house to tell her, per Alexis' invitation, he is going to Kristina and Michael's graduation. He hopes they can put aside their differences for the day. Morgan walks downstairs and is cold towards his step father. Jax is sorry he let him down, but he tried to be a good father to him. Morgan only sees that Jax left and that he's trying to take Josslyn away from them. Jax says if he had adopted him, he would be fighting for custody of him as well in order to keep him safe. Morgan isn't swayed by Jax's sentiment.

    Kristina and Michael meet up at graduation. He brings up his college acceptance and gets her to admit she applied to PCU for him. She isn't sorry she did it and encourages him to actually attend college. Abby, Carly and Morgan arrive, as does Sonny, who thanks his exes for being great mothers. Dante is next to stop by and Sonny thanks him as well for his influence on Michael. As the ceremony gets underway, the mayor announces that Melinda Bauer has set up a scholarship in memory of her dead son Kiefer. A classmate walks over to make digs at a rattled Kristina over Kiefer's death. Michael stands up to the boy, who says if Kiefer did hit Kristina she deserved it. Jax shows up in time to see Michael punch the kid in front of the whole audience.

    May The Spencers Rest In Peace.

    Monday, June 06 2011

    After Shawn punches Jax at the Metro Court, he apologizes to Carly for losing control. Carly tells her estranged husband what he did was unfair. Jax tells her to get used to it because it will only get worse in family court. Carly thinks he will only hurt their daughter and destroy himself in the process. Carly orders him to start thinking about what's best for his daughter.

    Friendly Fire.

    Friday, June 03 2011

    At home, Jax tells Carly Shawn killed one of his own men while at war. He has seen the video footage and despite the media calling it friendly fire, Jax thinks the judge would side with him on the issue. Carly tells Jax to leave. He does so, but leaves the file on Shawn behind. Carly calls Mercedes to summon her, Josslyn and Shawn home. Once they've returned, Carly tells Shawn, as much as she regrets it, she has to fire him. This way he won't have to worry about Jax bringing up his past during their custody fight. Shawn urges her to never stop fighting for her daughter and leaves.

    Jason arrives at the restaurant as Dante wraps up the investigation. Dante asks Jason not to retaliate against Anthony because it will only play right into his hands. Dante thinks the war between the families could kill Michael and urges Jason to let the cops handle it. After Dante has left, Jax stops by to tell Jason Shawn killed one of his own men in Afghanistan. He goes on to chastise him for not doing a background check before putting Shawn in charge of his daughter. Jax says this proves Josslyn is not safe around him. After Jax leaves, Jason calls Spinelli to get info on Shawn, as Carly enters. She regrets having to fire Shawn, but she has to protect Josslyn at all costs.

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