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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    When You Lose A Kid There Is No Moving On.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    Out in the court hallway, Brenda tells Jason about her testimony. Jason reminds her that the shooting was never reported so no one had to know. He wonders if she is just trying to get back at Carly. Carly, Jax and Sonny exit the judge's chambers. Jax stalks off as Carly assumes the mediator had it out for her from the start. Carly agrees with Sonny that Jax paid her off. Sonny vows to make it right. Alone in the hallway, Sonny gets information from Bernie over the phone and then stops the mediator, Grace, as she walks by. He accuses her of taking bribes from Jax. When she denies it, he tells her he has proof that she did. He threatens to turn her in and she admits that she needed the money, but she doesn't want her life destroyed. She wonders what he wants.

    Jax finds Brenda in his office. They discuss the hearing and her testimony. Jax just wants to keep Josslyn out of danger. He wishes he could do the same for Brenda and Alec.

    All Hail The Chief.

    Friday, July 08 2011

    Carly bumps into the mediator at the court and apologizes for what went down yesterday. As she appeals to her, Jax walks up. The mediator informs them she has all the information she needs to make her decision. She walks away as Jax and Carly bicker. Brenda and Sonny show up separately. Jax points out how Carly and Sonny have gravitated towards each other while he and Brenda are together on the other side of the hallway. After the hearing has started, Kristina shows up and tells her father she wants to tell the judge Josslyn is not in danger from him. Sonny appreciates the support, but knows her past with the car bomb will come up which will hurt instead of help.

    Jax and Carly head inside to meet with the judge. The mediator, Ms. Yang, tells the judge that Carly is volatile. She also touches on Sonny's violent world and says Michael is a convicted felon with severe emotional problems. It's her belief that Josslyn is in severe physical and emotional jeopardy when she is in Carly's home. She recommends that Jax be granted sole custody. Brenda is next to testify and talks up Jax, but hesitates when she is asked if Josslyn is in danger around Sonny. After more questioning, Brenda thinks the Judge has referred to the recent shooting. She says no one was hurt and they are lucky to be alive.

    Stirring The Pot.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    Sonny bursts in Jax's office to rail at his nemesis, as Carly continues her own tirade in front of the court appointed mediator. The woman leaves and Carly tells her ex-husband his timing could have been better. Sonny doesn't think it matters because Jax probably paid her off. Jax denies it, but speculates Sonny's tantrum just got him custody of Josslyn. Carly spits out that she hates Jax and leaves. The men argue, ending with Sonny threatening Jax.

    Alexis visits Jax in his office. He tells her how Sonny and Carly helped his case today in front of the mediator. She doesn't think any of this is fair to Josslyn or her mother, so she's taking herself off his case. He thinks he can fix everything with her help once it's all over, but she can't do it anymore. He accepts her resignation, noting he still loves her.

    Wake Up Call.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Shawn enters Jax's office to tell him he won't testify at Josslyn's hearing and warns that karma will come back to bite Jax in the ass.

    Alexis calls Jax to the lake house to discuss his case. Alexis feels Jax just wants to hurt Carly because she hurt him. Jax denies it, but Alexis points out they don't need Michael and Morgan to testify. She worried about him and warns him not to lose sight of what's best for his daughter.

    Carly races over to Jax's office to confront him about Shawn. She finds him with the mediator, who questions Carly. When the woman starts to ask about Michael and his anger issues, Carly gets defensive. She wonders how Jax could do this to Josslyn and her brothers. She calls him a sorry son of a bitch.

    Learning The Ropes.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Jax stops by the house to tell Brenda she is on the list of witnesses and will need to schedule a deposition. Brenda doesn’t want to get involved and won't testify against Sonny. She's sorry for everything he's going through, but she won't sacrifice her marriage to help him. Jax states her name will remain on the witness list, but she declares she won't say the things he wants her to say. Once Jax is gone, Brenda makes a call to a lawyer. Sonny walks in and she hangs up. Sonny asks Brenda to talk to Edward about backing off Michael and then sees her subpoena for Jax and Carly's hearing.

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