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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    Goodbyes And New Beginnings.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    Brenda and Alec join Jax on his jet to Rome. Jax tells Brenda to throw a coin in the fountain for him. She suggests he stay long enough to do it himself.

    Nothing Left To Lose.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    In his Metro Court room, Jax rails at Carly for how things went down between them. She assures him she wants him to be part of Josslyn's life. She wants Josslyn to have the best of both of them. Jax doesn’t think Carly can give Joss the best of her considering who she hangs around. Jax can't believe she didn’t learn anything from Michael's shooting and fears she will be placing flowers on their daughter's grave one day. Jax becomes enraged as Alexis comes to the door. She tells her friend to calm down, but Jax angrily says he is a man with nothing left to lose. Alexis suggests Carly leave since nothing will get solved right now. Once Carly is gone, Jax tells Alexis he hates Carly for allowing Sonny to do this to him. Alexis doesn’t think anything is black and white and that his hatred is only hurting Josslyn.

    Love Is A Lie.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Brenda visits Jax in his office. She believes everyone will see that he was framed, but Jax knows his mug shot will be around forever. She is sorry this is happening and suggests they focus on Josslyn. Jax says it would help if she told the judge she thinks Sonny set him up. Brenda doesn't think that would prove anything.

    Sonny and Carly enter the courthouse and run into Brenda and Jax. The foursome bicker until the judge calls Carly and Jax into his chambers. He orders Sonny and Brenda to wait outside because he won't be hearing any more testimony. Jax tries to defends himself regarding the drug bust. The judge reiterates that he won't hear any testimony today, but commends Carly for consistently trying to cooperate with the court and Jax. She states she wants joint custody, but the judge holds Jax's arrest against him He deems Jax to be a danger to Josslyn. Carly gets full custody. It's up to her when Jax can see their daughter, but only after he takes a drug test.

    Carly stops by Jax's place to ask if they can compromise on Josslyn because she never wanted full custody.

    Walking Away.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Michael enters the police station to pay a parking ticket and finds Jax in handcuffs. Jax explains what Sonny did to him. Jax asks him to get Carly to pay his bail in order to convince him she's not involved.

    Carly and Jason return home and find Michael, who tells them about Jax. He relays the message that if Carly bails Jax out, it will look good for her in court. The kids return home to a lecture about what they've done. Carly gets a call informing her the judge has made his decision about Josslyn. After Jax has been released, he drops by the house and confronts Carly about the set up. He doesn’t believe she had nothing to do with it, despite her insistence to the contrary.

    We Have The Baby.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Ronnie handcuffs Jax to the table in the interrogation room at the station. Jax doesn’t remember anything except that Grace drugged him. As Jax tries to make Ronnie understand what happened, it dawns on him that Sonny set him up. Jax pleads with Ronnie as a father to help him. Jax sees Grace in the squad room. He starts to cry as he implores her not to let Sonny take away his little girl. After Grace gives Ronnie her statement, Brenda enters and sees Jax in handcuffs. Brenda hears the story and Ronnie tells her and Jax they found drugs in Jax's suite. Brenda doesn't believe it and Jax continues to insist he was set up. Ronnie tells him the evidence is against him and no one else. Ronnie walks away and Brenda promises Jax she'll fix it.

    Why Are You Doing This To Me?

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    Brenda visits Jax at his place. She wishes Jax would have left her out of his custody fight because she doesn’t think Sonny will forgive her for her testimony. Jax thinks Sonny is only upset when he's confronted with the truth. Jax has done everything he could to keep Josslyn safe. He hopes she will do the same for her child. Alexis stops by after Brenda has left. She tells him she would do the same thing Carly is doing if she were in the same position. Alexis thinks he is a better man than this and urges him to go for shared custody. Jax won't back off. Olivia is next to stop by. After some business talk, Jax tells her he and Josslyn will be traveling to Australia soon. Olivia doesn’t fight him on it, which Jax appreciates. Grace comes to the door as Olivia heads out. As they talk, Grace slips something in Jax's coffee. Jax starts to feel weird and accuses her of drugging him. She rips up her clothes and yells for help as she runs into the bathroom. She locks herself in and calls for help, as Jax pounds on the door demanding to know why she's doing this to him.

    When You Lose A Kid There Is No Moving On.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    Brenda is questioned about the recent shooting on her and Alec during the hearing. She insists they weren't in any real danger and that Sonny doesn't pose a threat to Carly and Josslyn. Sonny is next in the hot seat, but Carly interrupts when the judge questions him. She appeals to the judge for joint custody, but Jax makes a case for why he doesn't want it. The judge has heard enough to make his evaluation.

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