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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    If You Don’t Play You Can’t Win.

    Tuesday, August 28 2012

    Dante tells the cops at PCPD they need to work hard to prevent a riot. Sonny wants to help. Dante tells him that McBain and Jason have Jerry at gunpoint and they are testing the reservoir to see if the threat is real. Sonny can get his guys out to a local market to keep order. Dante appreciates the offer, but can’t have him take matters into his own hands. Sonny tells Dante that Joe Jr. is also out and he doesn’t know what he has planned. Later, they bring Jerry in and Jason tells Jax about Keenan. Jax can’t place the name. Jerry thinks they will be more receptive to negotiate the next morning.

    Todd visits Carly at her hotel room and asks if she saw the announcement. Jerry told him his name was James Craig when he sold him his cable franchise. They worry about their kids and she calls Michael while he calls Starr. They realize they are in Vegas and encourage them to stay there. Carly and Todd fight a bit about the kids being in Vegas, then she starts crying. Todd sees how upset Carly is and realizes she thinks Jerry is serious. He wipes her tears away and she tells him she would miss him if he was gone. He is touched. Jax comes in and Todd tells her she wasn’t kidding – he is perfect. Todd leaves in a hurry and Jax tells her that Jason mentioned a guy named Keenan.

    Won’t Feel A Thing.

    Monday, August 27 2012

    Carly watches Jerry with Jax from their hotel room and asks if he knew about it, but he didn’t. Jax thought he was dead. Jax assures Carly he is not going to let her die. Jax gets a call and takes off – he is going to do whatever it takes to keep her alive. Later, she holds Joss and tells her Jax will fix everything.

    John shows up at the station and puts a gun to Jerry’s head. Then, Jason shows up with a gun. Jerry knows they can’t kill him because he is the only one with the antidote. Jason beats Jerry up but Jerry just taunts them – they won’t get him to talk. Jax walks in and thinks he can get him to talk.

    My Best Paranoid Schizophrenic.

    Friday, August 24 2012

    Johnny knocks on Carly’s door, but a shirtless Jax answers. Jax wonders what possible business Johnny could have with Carly. "Plenty," he says. "I’m her boyfriend." He tells Jax he has changed and assures him he will protect Carly and Joss with everything he has. Carly walks in and Jax doesn’t think Johnny can be that important since he is still her husband. Johnny leaves them to it and Jax asks her why she has not signed the divorce papers yet. Is it because she does not want to let him go? Joss comes in and asks if they can put on the TV.

    Pick Of The Flock.

    Thursday, August 23 2012

    Jax shows up at Joss’ hospital room. He came as fast as he could when he got Carly’s message. He is relived she is better and gives Joss a music box to remind her how happy he is she is a part of this world. Inside, a prince and princess dance. He asks Carly what happened to Joss. She tells him about the kidnapping and injection. Did someone with a grudge do this to lure him back to town? He was detained in Shanghai, but was able to pull some strings and she wonders if it is related. He is not leaving until he finds out. She comments that Sonny is marrying Kate, her new partner thanks to him and he tells her he had his reasons for selling his shares. Later at the hotel, the three of them decide to go swimming. Outside, Jerry walks by and tells someone on the phone it is already in motion and should be resolved in the next three days. He needs to hold up his end of the bargain because Jerry has nothing to lose.

    You're Still A Zacchara.

    Monday, January 23 2012

    Kate caustically greets Jax at the airport bar. She tells him he looks good for a dead man. They debate how dangerous Sonny is and Jax's decision to play dead. Jax then says he has a business proposition for her. Kate agrees to it and says she'll take care of the details when she gets home. Jax's flight is called and he says goodbye. Kate gets a call from the person she's supposed to meet, who isn't coming. Annoyed, she reminds them they aren't supposed to make it difficult for her.

    Off His Sexual Radar.

    Friday, January 20 2012

    In the alley, Jax asks a stunned Michael what he's doing with a gun. They catch up and Jax offers his condolences for Abby. In terms of him pretending to be dead, Jax can't get into it, but he never forgot about his kids. Michael can't understand why Jax did what he did and asks if Carly is why he left. Jax says no, but she's part of the reason why he stayed away. They love each other, but they don't work. Michael thinks he should stay now that everyone knows he's alive. Jax says he can't because Sonny is still pissed off at him for Brenda. Michael tells him Sonny was shot the other night but he knows it's not Jax's style. He offers to talk to his father so he won't go after him, but Jax won't force him and Morgan to choose between him and Sonny. As for Josslyn, she is still too young to miss him. Jax asks Michael to take care of Morgan, Joss and Carly. That means staying out of trouble, so he orders him to get rid of the gun. Michael agrees. Jax also asks him not to tell anyone, including Carly, they met. He implores Michael to be the man they all know he can be and the man Abby loved. Michael will try. After Jax leaves, Michael puts the gun in his pocket.

    At the airport bar, Kate is stunned to see Jax.

    No Time For Alterations.

    Thursday, January 19 2012

    Carly calls Luke from Kelly's to find out what he has on Johnny. She puts him on hold while she embraces Josslyn, who enters with Mercedes. Jax watches from outside. Mercedes takes Josslyn out for the day as Luke assures his niece he's working on his end of the deal, so she should hold up her end. Johnny enters after Carly hangs up with Luke. He tells her Michael still wants to work for him and he's supposed to meet him later. Carly tells him that won't happen because their deal will go down tonight. Johnny and leaves as Shawn and TJ enter. After some chitchat with Shawn, Carly exits as well. TJ flirts with Shawn's stripper friend who is sitting at the counter. Shawn pulls him away and the men sit at a table. Shawn says they have to find some middle ground. Michael enters and shows Abby's friend a picture of the suspect the cops let go. She says he used to hang around the club and got tossed out once because he was harassing one of the dancers. Michael can see she's afraid. He doesn’t want her to be.

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