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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    Sam and Ric Attend the Mayor's Party

    Monday, September 11 2006

    Prior to the party, the Mayor talks with Sam about Alexis and her prognosis. He also chides and reminds her that her mother is a high profile DA and the likes of her continuing to cavort with the likes of Jason is not appropriate for the office and all involved. He thanks her for ending that relationship!

    Jax stops in to see how Alexis is doing and they talk about Carly and how she flew to Africa to find him. Because he was such a jerk, it's now his turn to prove how much she's in his heart Jax tells Alexis. He goes over the risks of relationships in general and when they get rocky, it becomes very difficult - especially when trust comes into play. Ric enters, interrupting their heart-to-heart. Jax stands up, kisses Alexis goodbye and tells her they'll continue it another time.

    She looks over at Ric and asks if he's worked things out with Sam to head to the party? He assures her everything will be fine tonight. She's relived and explains that it's very important to her that they get along.

    Sam runs into Jax in the hallway who asks if she's spoken to her oncologist yet? With sadness in her eyes, she tells him that it's not good and they need to start chemo but Alexis is still far too weak to take that on. Jax tries to comfort her, explaining that Alexis seems to be in great spirits and with Sam's continual help and love, will make all the difference for her.

    Sam walks in on Ric and Alexis and asks if he's ready to go? She tells Alexis that they'll stop by later but Alexis replies that she'll be sleeping and wants her to bring the girls by tomorrow. After she walks out, Ric leans over to kiss Alexis as she tells him to make Sam his priority tonight.

    Ric asks Sam to go over and join him to talk with the Mayor. She tells him she already spoke to the Mayor earlier but then they're interrupted as he approaches them both.

    Later on, Ric tries to stay by Sam's side and grabs her out in the garden telling her she wanted him as much as he did her! Sam pulls away and holds a knife in front of his face telling him to never ever touch her again!

    Carly seeks out Jason but Sonny tells her he's too busy for her mess of a love life. She demands to know where he is, but Sonny tells her it's none of her business because her problems are really not that important. Sonny continues that Carly is wasting her time with Jax and how he's still playing his games with her even though she went to the ends of the earth to get him back. She snaps that it may surprise Sonny, but her life doesn't revolve around him and he's just jealous she's not fighting for him! Sonny tells her he's worried about her and waiting for her next melt down when Jax tosses her aside once again. She gets in his face and tells him that he'll be doing everyone a big favor when he tells Alexis what her sleazy idiot of a husband did to Sam!

    Jax and Carly join the prestigious party for the Mayor. When she spots him, she tells Jax she'll be back in a moment and approaches the Mayor. Excusing herself, she tells the Mayor straight out if he wants to keep his good name, he'll toss the "replacement DA" Ric! A confused and surprised Mayor looks at Carly wondering about her hostile statement. She tells him what a scum he was and tells the Mayor that he kidnapped her when she was pregnant. The Mayor replies that his record speaks for himself telling him that Ric has no criminal record and taking her word over Ric's is not something he cares to do. Jax interrupts telling the Mayor that the lady needs an apology and the Mayor makes an immediate gracious apology to Carly and walks away.

    Elizabeth is Pregnant

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Carly walks in on Jax planning a surprise for her. Her boys tell her that it's a collectors car and it's so cool. A very upset Carly tells Jax to stop trying to buy her family and to leave her kids out of it. Jax smiles asking if she wants to tell her boys that the car has to be returned or does she want him too? The boys ask Jax to take them for a ride and Carly replies yes, please do all the way back to the dealership. They get upset but she insists that Jax has to take it back and to enjoy their ride.

    Carly tells Jax that he can't make any purchases through the hotel without her consent? She demands to know why he's trying to sell it? Jax tells her it's a great time to make a profit and walk away but if she's really trying to talk about them…Carly snaps that there is NO us. She tells him that their relationship is not a game and never was but she doesn't understand how he doesn't get that? He was the one that disappeared when she trusted he would stick around. He tries to apologize but she tells him to leave it at that and tries to walk away. Jax begs her to tell him what he can do to fix it?

    Alexis Prepares for Surgery

    Friday, September 01 2006

    Sam overhears Lainey & Alexis discuss Ric and she tells Alexis that her feelings are utmost important and should let Sam know what Alexis saw.

    Patrick discusses the surgery with Alexis and explains the complications. He also explains the miniscule chance that she could be exposed to end stage AIDS because of the incident earlier in the month. Robin attests to Patricks' professionalism and ability to use every precaution available so nothing will happen during the surgery.

    Alexis talks in private with Sam but is interrupted by Robin asking if Patrick will be doing the surgery. Sam tells her it's fine, they're good with Patrick. Alexis starts undressing into a hospital gown. Alexis pulls out the picture of her and her 3 girls. Sam hugs her and heads out the room.

    Jax comes to visit Alexis and asks again about Ric and why he's not there by her side? Alexis defends him that he's holding down the fort at work for her. Robin interrupts telling her they require another x-ray before they start.

    Sam walks in on Alexis signing papers with her lawyer and Sam tries to get him to leave. But Alexis insists it's important and he's just doing his job. She also has one more thing to say to Sam. She asks Alexis to promise her to never get back together with Jason even if he begs!

    Carly tells Jax he is very arrogant and shouldn't have bothered coming by. He tells her he is done trying to get her to jump through hoops and asks if she's ready because he's now willing to jump through hoops for her! She tries to tell him to leave but he refuses, telling Carly that she needs him as much as he needs her!

    Carly storms in on Sonny again, asking for his opinion about Jax. Sonny sarcastically asks what happened now? Candy boy followed her home and swept her off her feet? Carly tells him she's not going to give into Jax and Sonny accuses her of being a better liar than that! She storms out telling him she's sorry she asked.

    Later that day, Jason talks with Sonny about Sam. He tells Jason that it's a good thing to talk and support Sam but he needs to let go of his anger. Sonny asks him to control his feelings and try to be an adult about it all. He replies that Jason is failing Sam because he doesn't know how to forgive.

    Edward Threatens Lulu With a Court Order

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    At the pier, Sam is in tears trying to collect her thoughts when Jason walks up asking if she's ok? She explains she tried to go and buy Alexis a gift but realized that she was crying her eyes out when she couldn't even see the jewelry she was standing in front of so she came down to the pier to think. Jason, walking away from her tells Sam to let him know if she needs anything.

    Sam talks with Alexis & Jax and excuses herself to get stuff ready before Alexis heads to the hospital. Jax, confused asks Alexis why she's heading to the hospital. Changing the subject, Alexis asks Jax about what he's been doing. Sitting on the couch, she asks if he'll consider connecting with Sam and he says that's one relationship that'll never work. Jax asks her how sick she really is? She replies that she has cancer and he hugs her telling her she has to beat it!

    He asks her where Ric is and why he isn't by her side? She explains that he is the interim DA and this way when she returns to work, she'll know everything will be handled. Jax talks about when they crashed the helicopter and thought they'd die but Alexis insisted they'd survive? He tells her that's how she needs to be with the cancer as well! She tells him she wants to live but she also needs to prepare in the event of her death. Moments later they're interrupted by Nikolas and Spencer coming over to visit Alexis. Nikolas tells Jax he doesn't have to leave on his count and offers Jax the baby to hold. Jax asks how John… or Spencer is doing? Nikolas explains how wonderful the baby has been and Jax apologizes for all he did. Nikolas thanks him for telling the truth and can understand how hard it must have been to give the baby up. Jax, heading out, tells Alexis he'll be at her side after her surgery.

    Alexis thanks Nikolas for being so positive and mature about Jax. Nikolas tells her he meant everything he said has no need to make anything hard on her. He asks where Ric is and why he's not here to see her to the hospital? Nikolas knows it's not his place but he feels like taking over everything for her. Alexis assures him that Ric will be at the hospital and thanks him for caring so much. Sam walks in later with a present for her and Alexis opens to find a beautiful frame. Sam tells her that she wants to take a picture of her with the girls to keep it by her bedside. Nikolas tells Sam she has to be in there too and takes the picture of Alexis with her 3 daughters.

    At the hospital, Lainey approaches Alexis and asks how she's doing. She replies that sometimes she feels like she'll snap and blurt out how she knows about Sam and Ric. At the same time, Sam walks up overhearing this and stares at the two of them.

    Carly spews about Jax to Jason how she was so wrong to try and chase him. She asks Jason where Sam is and Jason tells her it's over between them. Carly tells him she doesn't understand what happened?! Jason tries to ignore the question and tells her he doesn't want to talk about what happened.

    Sonny talks with Lainey about the theft and refuses to continue therapy because whomever has his files and tapes from therapy already has more than enough against him and leaves him vulnerable. Lainey offers to visit Sonny at his home to continue therapy and this way, he'll feel safe about what is said. Lainey asks him straight out if he wants to continue when they're interrupted by Carly storming in the house.

    Asking Lainey to leave, he tries to calm Carly down asking what happened. Carly explains and tells Sonny she's tired of trying to chase after men – even him! Sonny tells her that Jax doesn't deserve her with her feistiness, great spirit, sensational personality. She thanks him for the pep talk and tells him she'll come by later. But Sonny asks Carly to sit down because he has to talk with her about something and tells her that Alexis has lung cancer. Sonny asks Carly that if something happens to him, he'll need her help with his daughter Kristina. He explains that Alexis wants Ric to raise Kristina and he hasn't told Alexis yet that he plans to fight for custody if she dies. Carly looks at Sonny asking what else he's not telling her? She asks why Sam and Jason are not together? Sonny tells her to drop it and leave it alone! Carly puts 2 and 2 together and asks if Ric slept with Sam? She thought something was up because Jason was a wreck!

    Jason talks with Sonny and wonders who could have stolen his therapy tapes? Sonny replies that "in the wrong hands, it could bury him"!

    Carly unpacking at home, answers the door to see Jax there and he smiles telling her by judging by the look on her face, she's happy to see him? She snaps that he should have left his ego behind. He apologizes for the way he treated her and hope it's not too late.

    Patrick Suggests ALANON For Elizabeth

    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    Carly tells Jax to get out of her hotel room because she's sick of the games. Jax tries to explain why he left in the middle of the night with no goodbye. He tells her it was a test to see if she'd go to Sonny or him. Carly thanks him for the vote of confidence and reminds him she did the fighting for them and came here!

    They talk about the baby John and Carly tells him the baby's name has been changed to Spencer. She tells him that she's seen Spencer and how big he's getting. Jax replies that he'll always love John even though he's not his father.

    Jax asks Carly if she saw anyone while he was gone? Carly asks him why she should have been faithful to him the way he left? He tries to explain that he left out of guilt because of what he did with baby John and convinced her to go along. He felt so wrong with taking the baby and everything he did so he left town. She tells him how noble that is of him to leave but she doesn't believe a word. Carly believed him at one time but playing these games has made her come to a decision. She doesn't want him enough to be treated like this and tells him to get out!

    In his hotel room, Jax' mother comes to talk with him and he confronts her about lying to Carly about some non-existent woman. Jane scolds him that he should have apologized and told Carly how much he missed her and loves her. Jax admits he handled it all wrong with Carly. Jane tells him that Carly has already proved herself by coming all the way here with her children and to stop playing games. He calls to get the jet ready so he can fly back to Port Charles.

    On the airplane, Carly gets set to return home with her children.

    Alexis seeks advice from Jason.

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Carly sitting at a café, talks with Jane about Jax and asks her about the woman he's seeing. She's wonders why he's not meeting her to apologize for leaving her. Jane admits "exaggerating" about this woman Jax is seeing. At that moment, in walks Jax with a woman on his arms and Carly confronts the woman. Jaxs' woman asks her if she's here on business? Carly replies not exactly thinking that Jax needed help but she realizes it was a mistake.

    Jaxs' girlfriend asks him to explain what Carly was trying to "imply"? Jax just laughs and replies that he and Carly have a complicated history. Meanwhile, Carly talks with her sons and asks them to help her break up Jax and the lady he's with.

    The boys run up to Jax telling him they miss him. Carly tells the girlfriend that her boys Michael and Morgan adore Jax and he used to adore them as well. They start tossing food towards the woman and she yells at Jax that she's not willing to pretend to be his girlfriend any longer. Carly smiles, realizing she's been taken by Jax and Jane!

    Carly packing her room up is interrupted by Jax wanting to explain. He tries to kiss her and she pulls away throwing a punch at Jax! He apologizes for trying to scam Carly and make her jealous. Carly admits she liked who she was when she was with Jax and then he left! She hates that she was being tested by him and she won't fall for it anymore. She won't chase him and the games are over! Jax tells her he's just getting started!

    Carly Meets Up With Jax

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Carly, posing as a maid, enters Jaxs' room who then throws her on the couch and kisses her.

    Later, Carly talks to Jax about what her mother told her – telling Jax that she came here to "rescue" him from whatever trash he's currently dating.

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