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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    Not There Yet.

    Monday, May 09 2011

    Carly finds Jax comforting Brenda in his office. She wants to talk to Jax, but Brenda snaps, saying she won't be rushed out of there because her son is gone. Carly understands what Brenda is going through and says she and Jax can talk another time. Carly leaves and Brenda says she shouldn't have snapped at Carly. She and Jax muse on Suzanne being the one who took Lucian and Brenda vows to not let her get away with it if it's true. Brenda gives Jax the okay to offer a reward after he makes her believe Suzanne is the kidnapper.

    Not Adding Up.

    Tuesday, May 03 2011

    After Carly talks with Shawn about Josslyn at the hospital, Jax approaches. He tells Carly the doctor cleared Joss to go home and he plans on taking her to the hotel with him. They argue and Jax threatens to take Carly to court for primary custody of their daughter. When he indicates he will use her history in a mental institution against her, Shawn steps in and orders Jax out. After more words are exchanged, Jax stalks off. Shawn bad mouths Jax, while supporting Carly's fight to keep Josslyn.

    Sonny tries to calm Brenda down at home over Lucian, but his story about how all his kids where taken before does not make things better. Brenda points out how she really believed nothing bad could happen and that love would conquer all, but now she's paying the price. After Sonny has left, Jax stops by. Brenda gets emotional over the disappearance of her son. She would do anything to protect him and hopes Lucian can feel that somehow. She asks what Jax thinks about offering an award. Jax thinks it would be counterproductive. She spits out that he just doesn't want to help because he knew this would happen when she married Sonny. Jax denies it, saying offering a reward will just complicate things. Brenda relents and then blames herself for what's happened.

    Kindred Spirits.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    Sonny intervenes when he finds Jax and Brenda arguing at the house. Jax and Sonny get into it and Jax says he hopes Brenda's son is luckier than Carly's was. Brenda asks Jax to leave. He obliges but not before saying he hopes she doesn't have to go through what Carly did when Michael was in a coma.

    Sam tells Carly at Kelly's that there's a 50 percent chance she could have a baby. Carly is excited over the prospect and recalls what a great father Jason was to Michael. Lulu heads to Kelly's and sees Carly. She tells her cousin about her conversation with Johnny and how he sees Michael as a kindred spirit. Lulu leaves and Jax finds Carly. He notes something is wrong and they discuss Michael. He then tells her about his argument with Sonny and Brenda about Lucian. Carly can't argue against any of Jax's points.

    Don't Let Fear Get In The Way.

    Thursday, April 21 2011

    Outside Josslyn's hospital room, Shawn declines Jax's offer, as Carly walks up. She reminds Jax how many times Franco got close to Josslyn and points out Shawn will do anything he can to make sure their daughter is safe. Jax doesn't trust him, but thinks they should hash it out another time when Shawn isn't there.

    Jax visits Brenda at home. They talk about Lucian and she muses on the possibility of their kids having playdates. He thinks that'd be great, but he won't allow his daughter in Sonny's house. Brenda defends her husband and they argue about the dangers Sonny's life poses. Jax thinks both Lucian and Brenda deserve better than being around guards 24/7.

    How Did You Pull This Off?

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    In Josslyn's hospital room, Carly encourages Jax to take Michael on the yacht race he was interested in. Jax knows something up. She assures him it's not about their custody case over Josslyn, but about keeping Michael out of the mob. She thinks if he takes Michael sailing, he could be saving his life. Jax thinks even if Michael agreed to go with him, once he returned, he would fall right back into wanting to follow in Jason and Sonny's footsteps. Jax says he can't help Michael, but this is why he is fighting to keep Josslyn with him. She curtly tells him she can only handle one child's crisis at a time. Carly leaves and Alexis walks in. He tells her about Carly's concerns for Michael. He also asks for Alexis' help in making sure Josslyn stays with him. Jax later talks with Shawn to tell him his services are no longer required. Shawn reminds him Jason hired him, but Jax wants him gone…today. Jax offers to pay him if he leaves now.

    A Little Help From Her Friends.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    After Carly and Michael argue about Abby at the hospital, Jax shows up. Michael takes off and Jax reminds Carly Michael is all grown up and can make his own decisions. Carly thinks she can change his mind. The estranged couple then bicker about Shawn and Carly tells Jax about the latest development in Brenda's life. As Jax sits with Josslyn, Alexis stops by. He tells her about Brenda's son. Alexis thinks Brenda has choices regarding how to bring Lucian up around Sonny. Jax decides to go see Brenda to offer his help.

    Diane enters Casa de Corinthos to find Max playing with Lucian's toys. Max avoids telling Diane about the boy, as Brenda walks in looking for Lucian's book. Once she leaves the room, Max explains everything to Diane, who wonders how Sonny is handling the situation. Jax walks in looking for Brenda. When she enters the room, Jax congratulates her on her son. She says she's happy to finally have her own family. Brenda gushes about Lucian, but notes she's trying to figure out how to keep him safe from the crazy world she's married into.

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