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    General Hospital CAST - Jasper "Jax" Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jasper "Jax" Jacks Played by Ingo Rademacher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ingo Rademacher (ABC)

    Birthday: April 22 1971
    Birthplace: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West German
    Marital Status: Engaged. One son named Peanut.
    Real Name: Ingo Rademacher
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: It's A Boy!

    Friday, May 08 2015

    In the garage at the Metro Court, Duke and Carlos struggle over the gun, which goes off. Fifteen minutes later Jake comes across the gun on the ground and a splatter of blood. In her room, Anna and Sloane argue over her future with Duke and their plans to run off together. She asks why he cares and he says maybe he will miss her. Anna wishes him luck with her old job and gets ready to leave, but is stopped by a phone call. On the stage in the now empty ballroom, Maxie and Nathan dance and kiss. Spinelli and Ellie went back to Maxie’s place, so they decide to go to Nathan’s place. Outside of the ballroom, Olivia goes into labor and Patrick says she’s going to have to deliver the baby here. Julian ends up stressing Olivia out and she tells him to leave. After much arguing Julian agrees to leave, but vows to be a part of the baby’s life. Alexis and Julian wait in the other room listening to Olivia scream as she gives birth. Julian doesn’t think this is fair, so Alexis tells him to think about it as a throwback to the old days when men had to wait in the waiting room. Olivia gives birth to a baby boy, but she soon realizes the baby isn’t crying and asks what is wrong. Julian rushes in and he also asks Patrick what is wrong with the baby. Back in the garage, Nathan and Maxie walk in as is Jake looking at the gun and blood. A loud gunshot sound goes off. Jake grabs the gun, while Nathan draws his, and they end up facing one another. Jake quickly puts his hands in the air and says he will cooperate. Nathan cuffs Jake and calls in for backup while Maxie tries to get answers from him. Jake says the gun isn’t his and he didn’t even fire it. He explains that he just arrived and found the scene, heard a noise, grabbed the gun and moved to a secure position. Maxie admits that she and Nathan heard the noise too. Later the cops arrive and Nathan fills them in on what he knows so far. Nathan has Jake brought in for questioning.

    Million Dollar Bet.

    Thursday, April 04 2013

    In their room, Jax asks Brenda what’s on her mind. He doesn’t believe she can’t figure out what to wear. She says she’s guilty as charged when he asks if it is something else. Brenda says she hates Carly for not signing the papers. Jax’s not worried about Carly and explains he defended her when Carly thought Brenda was with Sonny. Brenda wants Carly to worry about her own pathetic life and says she wasn’t at Sonny’s last night as she responds to a knock on the door. Carly walks in telling Jax he looks good and claims she’s there to check on their accommodations. Brenda says the only thing they need from her is her signature on the divorce papers. Carly tells Jax she’s bringing the divorce papers and that Jax should bring her a check for $1M. Jax says she owes him but Carly corrects him saying she heard Brenda lying as she opened the door. She quotes Brenda as saying to Sonny, "What if we tried again?" She leaves and Brenda tries to get her digs in about Carly when Jax stops her and asks if she saw Sonny. She admits she did but is silent when Jax asks if she tried to get back with Sonny. The letter comes up and Jax tells her to say it. She nods yes when he asks again if she asked to get back with Sonny. He claims this is a mistake and she’s mad that this is what Carly wants. Brenda says they shouldn’t have come and wants to leave. Jax says he’s not going anywhere with her. She’s ruined. He realizes Carly saved him from the biggest mistake of his life. He leaves Brenda in the room calling after him.

    Carly returns home to find Sonny there with the scarf she dropped spying on him and Brenda. He asks why she was there. Carly tells him about her visit from Jax. They both hope Jax and Brenda figure it out. Sonny is leaving for the Ball and Carly asks to go with him. He knows she’ll take too long to get ready but she won’t take long. She’s ready to party after saving Jax.

    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013

    Elizabeth shows up at GH to visit Nikolas. She sees Patrick who confesses Sabrina’s not returning his calls. Liz thinks she’s too busy with the Nurses’ Ball. Patrick’s certain she’s interested in nice-guy Milo. A patient is wandering around in the hall looking for his favorite nurse, the one with the long hair and big glasses. He’s surprised she hasn’t been snatched up. Patrick says she has but he’s not the lucky guy.

    At home Carly asks Jax to clarify that he’s marrying Brenda Barrett. She loses it, wanting to know why Jax is wrapped up with Brenda again. Carly explains Brenda’s trying to provoke Sonny. She bets Brenda is down the road at Sonny’s right now. Jax doesn’t agree. Before leaving he asks her to sign the papers and bring them to the Ball.

    Brenda catches Sonny off-guard at his place. She tells him he could say congratulations. He does and tells her now she can go ahead and leave. Before she leaves he’s not sure that her announcement is part of her big plan. He reminds her he didn’t get the letter and they still have a connection. She disagrees saying her and Jax can live normal lives now. Sonny ask why she came then. While they are talking Carly lets herself in to eavesdrop. She hears Sonny ask if Brenda wants him to talk her out of marrying Jax. Brenda wonders if their love is not gone. Carly sneaks out. A ladies scarf lies on the floor. Brenda wants to get back before Jax does and leaves.

    At the Metro Court Felix arrives with the Nurses’ Ball programs. Lucy calls him away from the distraction of Milo helping Sabrina untangle decorations. Felix shifts his thoughts to the sexy handyman that Lucy is discussing. TJ and Molly struggle to write the opening number. TJ steps away and tells Milo things must be looking up. Milo admits taking TJ’s advice but he did something underhanded. Sabrina overhears Milo say he feels guilty. Meanwhile Anton’s trying to convince Sam to dance before he joins Lucy to review the opening number. Lucy asks Anton if they can use it. He says it will work. TJ pipes the music in for practice. Milo tells Sabrina to join the others. He turns to TJ and worries this is not the way he wants to get Sabrina. TJ asks if Milo plans on confessing. Lucy is missing Epiphany and Elizabeth and ropes Molly and Sam into practicing. Elizabeth arrives and Sam rushes off on Anton but he keeps his eyes on her. Felix asks Anton to show him some moves. Sabrina is ready to show Liz the moves when she asks why she didn’t call Patrick back. Sabrina is confused. In the lobby Jax runs into Michael and tells him the news. Michael guesses Carly isn’t signing the divorce papers but hopes it works out. Jax tells Michael that Brenda is upstairs waiting for him. He doesn’t find her when he gets there.

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    At home, Carly lets Jax in. Josslyn runs in welcoming him. She gets a tea party set. Carly jokes that he must be there to give her a pizza party set. Jax presents her with divorce papers. He thinks the state mixed something up because they are not officially divorced. Carly needs to sign and file again. They joke at the consistency of how many attempts it took them to get married, and that their divorce follows the same pattern. He compliments at how well she’s doing. They remember always letting Sonny get in the way but agree the good outweighed the bad. Carly thinks signing is another mistake. Jax knows Carly has moved on a few times already and says he can’t be the fallback guy. Carly claims he isn’t. He says they’ll always be connected by Josslyn and asks her to sign the papers because he’s engaged to Brenda.

    Sonny’s surprised to see Brenda at his door. She asks to come in and says she’s there for the Ball. She can’t believe it’s a year since Robin died. She remembers how trustworthy a friend she was and that is why she entrusted her with a letter for Sonny. It takes Sonny a while to remember the letter he tore up without reading. She’s emotional and says if he read it, it might have changed everything. She tells Sonny what it said. All he remembers is getting divorce papers. She tells him she’s there for more than the Nurses’ Ball and that she’s engaged to Jax.

    Sweet Taste Of Victory.

    Monday, April 01 2013

    Michael stops by Sonny’s. Sonny asks after Carly. Michael says she’s tired of losing people. Sonny thinks Lulu will be found. They talk about Connie getting integrated. Sonny does not know who will return to him. Michael questions whether Connie deserves his love as much as Kate. Sonny confesses he loves both Connie and Kate and hopes after integration things will work out. He is glad he will not have to make a decision after what happened between Brenda and Lilly with a little bit of Carly in the mix. Michael gets a text from AJ. Sonny tells Michael he loves him. Michael says he will never forget Sonny is his father. He hopes the woman Sonny loves comes home soon. Michael leaves and someone knocks on Sonny's door.

    At Carly’s, Bobbie arrives and apologizes for getting held up at the hospital praying for Nikolas to survive. Carly rehashes recent events since AJ returned to Port Charles and tells Bobbie if she could find a way she’d help Tracy get ELQ back from AJ. Bobbie tells her not to rewrite history. Talk turns to Jason and Carly remembers how he cared for her. She cries about the hole left behind that she can’t fill. They talk about the kids and broken families. Bobbie tells her the next time Josslyn goes to Australia that maybe Carly should go with her. Despite filing for divorce with Jax, Bobbie thinks they can get married again. Carly wonders if Bobbie still has hopes with Scotty. She laughs it off since Scott is madly in love with Laura. She hopes Carly has stopped chasing men involved with someone else as she has. After Bobbie has left Carly answers the door and finds Jax there.

    It's Time to Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, September 26 2012

    At the Floating Rib Alexis and Jax talk about his divorce from Carly and her moving on with Johnny. Alexis says Johnny seems devoted but Jax argues that Todd and Johnny are hiding something big from her. They discuss Jerry and his infatuation with Alexis. She thanks Jax for being the best friend she’s ever had. They kiss.

    At the Floating Rib, Jax and Alexis play pool. Jax tells Alexis Shawn better treat her right. They say they’ll miss each other if he leaves Port Charles. They leave to meet Carly and Shawn at Kelly's.

    At Kelly’s Shawn is telling a surprised Carly about Alexis' wild side when Alexis and Jax walk in. Shawn joins Alexis and they leave Kelly's. Jax and Carly are emotional about the divorce and argue about Johnny's secrets. They admit it is hard to say goodbye. They hug. Outside, Alexis and Shawn admit there’s a lot they don’t know about each other.

    Not An Angel.

    Tuesday, September 18 2012

    At the hospital Todd wants a comment from Jax for the paper. Jax has no comment but will talk about Johnny. He does not want Johnny around his daughter and Todd can sympathize. Johnny has Todd’s daughter wrapped around his finger so he installed a camera in Johnny’s office to dig for dirt. Carly called Todd off, but not before he saw Johnny doing the cha-cha in women’s underwear. Jax wonders why he is covering for Johnny when it is clear he despises him. Does Johnny have something on him? Todd lashes back at Jax for acting like a hero after abandoning Carly. Todd leaves and overhears Steve talking about Heather’s escape. Carly approaches Jax and tells him it is time to file the divorce papers.

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