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    General Hospital CAST - Samantha McCall Morgan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha McCall Morgan Played by Kelly Marie Monaco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Monaco (ABC)

    Birthday: May 23 1976
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kelly Marie Monaco
    Height: 5'3"


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    GH Recap: Breakfast In Bed.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    Spinelli runs into Jake outside of Kelly’s. Jake is glad they ran into one another and he asks him and Carly to back off investigating Hayden. Jake then heads off. Spinelli goes inside Kelly’s and meets with Sam to discuss his case. Spinelli tells her that Carly hired him to find out whether Hayden is legitimate, and that Jake isn’t happy about this. Sam asks if he thinks Carly is right, and Spinelli admits she may be. Sam wonders what proof he has, so he fills her in on what he knows and shows her the photo he took of the mystery man. He was hoping she could find any clues in it given his poor photography skills cut the man’s face out. She notices he is wearing a class ring, which allows them to identify his school and graduation year. Spinelli searches through old yearbook photos online and finally identifies the man as Pete Ross.

    GH Recap: Lonesome Tonight?

    Tuesday, April 21 2015

    At Patrick's, Jake fills Sam and the doctor in about Nikolas paying all of his bills. They discuss Spencer having the ring and Sam decides to question the prince. Before they can head to Wyndemere, they find Nikolas on the porch. They ask him how Spencer got the ring. "He got it from me," admits the prince. He got it from Helena and then forgot about it after Spencer's emergency. He's apologetic. Jake thanks him for all of his help and the Cassadine leaves. The doctor drives Jake home. When he gets back, Sam tells him the ring is proof that Jason is dead. She feels like she has closure and can be happy that they are starting a new life.

    GH Recap: The Blame Game.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At Patrick’s place, Jake finds the ring under the couch. They all look at it and Sam realizes it is Jason’s missing ring. She wonders how this got under the couch, but Patrick doesn’t know. Emma comes home from school and explains it was the ring that Spencer tried to give it to her. Emma forgot about the ring and apologizes. She goes to visit with Danny. Sam decides to try and go get answers from Nikolas, but as she opens the door to leave she finds Nikolas standing there.

    GH Recap: Butter My Muffin.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    Patrick serves Sam muffins at home. She feels spoiled. As he scurries to the kitchen, Jake shows up with the stuff she left behind. He's glad to see she's in a good place. Patrick returns and watches them for a moment. Sam offers to drive Jake home. He wants to take the bus. As the doctor and the detective debate the drive, Jake gets distracted by a photo of Robin. He tells them that he's seen her somewhere before. Sam assumes he just saw a photo at Liz's. She offers to drive him home again. When he tosses her some keys, they fall on the floor. He crouches to get them and spots a ring under the couch.

    GH Recap: You Got Me.

    Tuesday, April 07 2015

    Patrick is a bit off with Sam after Jake drops her off at his place. He admits that he's worried to see her with someone as potentially dangerous as Jake. She assures him he has nothing to worry about. They make out and he carries her to the bedroom.

    GH Recap: Alan's Ring.

    Monday, April 06 2015

    Sam arrives at Julian’s garage to have her car looked at and finds Jake looking at a bike. The two talk about Jake’s wife Hayden, and he even shows her his wedding ring. She wonders if this is the one ring he mentioned before surgery. She says she originally thought maybe he was speaking of her wedding ring, and she explains the whole history of her and Jason’s rings and how Jason’s was lost with his body. Jake gets back to why she came, and he says he doesn’t want her waiting around while he looks at her car, so he offers to drive her home. She tells him that she’s moving in with Patrick, so he offers to drop her off at his place. He thinks it will be a good excuse to take the bike he’s been working on for a spin. Sam gets a flash of Jason and his bike as the two take off on it.

    Back at Patrick’s, Sam finally arrives and Emma is happy to see her. Emma runs off to get a bag as she’s spending the night with Mac and Felicia. Patrick asks if she got her car fixed, but she says Jake gave her a ride.

    GH Recap: Amnesia Sex.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    Sam and Patrick yak over the phone about the big move. She gets off the phone at her place. Her mom is eager to get her out so she can start re-decorating. Sam fills her in on Ric playing head games with Jake. Her mom doesn't know why she cares.

    While planning his new bathroom, Julian heads to the garage and finds it trashed. He whips out a gun and Shawn pops up to accuse him of ripping off Corinthos merchandise. Shawn threatens to put him in the ground. Jerome threatens to shoot him. Shawn's crew suddenly appears. Before they can drag Julian to the marsh lands, Jake jumps out, clobbers the goons and forces Shawn to drop his gun. They let them go. "This isn't over," utters Shawn as he exits. Julian is impressed by his new hire. He promises to keep him out of the war. Jake thinks that would be waste. His boss actually wants him to run the garage. Jake's not sure he knows anything about being a mechanic. After Jerome leaves, Jake calls his real boss with a progress report. When he notices Jason's old bike, he has a flashback involving Sam and gets confused. Sam arrives.

    GH Recap: Living With It.

    Thursday, April 02 2015

    Ric calls Hayden at her hotel room to check on things. She sneaks out of bed and lets him know that Jake won’t leave town as he has a job thanks to some woman named Sam. Ric is furious and says he has to go. Meanwhile Jake has a dream of Sam in which he professes his love to her and asks her to move in with him. Hayden sneaks back in as Jake wakes up in a sweat. She asks if he had a bad dream. He feels uncomfortable, but tells Hayden what his dream was about. He also says he’s had other odd memories about Liz. Hayden acts hurt that he can’t remember her, but later jokes with him not to dream about anymore of these Port Charles babes as she may get jealous. He says he’s wide-awake after his last dream and will likely have trouble sleeping. Hayden has an idea to tire him out, and she suggests they make love. Jake says he is sorry but he wants to wait until he knows her better as that is what she deserves. Meanwhile at the bar in the Metro Court, Lucas interrupts Carly as she’s making a call to Spinelli. He asks why she is calling him, and Carly admits she wants him to investigate Hayden. Lucas wonders why she’s so invested in Jake and questions if she has feelings for him. Lucas’ phone rings and saves Carly from his interrogation about Jake. It’s Bobbie calling to let him know that she’s okay and with Luke.

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