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    General Hospital CAST - Samantha McCall Morgan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha McCall Morgan Played by Kelly Marie Monaco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Monaco (ABC)

    Birthday: May 23 1976
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kelly Marie Monaco
    Height: 5'3"


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    GH Recap: Luke discovers Ethan standing on a bomb

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    Outside of Kelly's, Jake asks Sam to dig up some dirt on Nikolas to blackmail him into returning the shares to Michael. Sam tells him that until recently Nikolas has been a good guy, so there may be nothing to find. Jake suggests it’s odd that Nikolas had her husband’s ring. She asks him if he’s suggesting Nikolas is keeping secrets about Jason. Jake thinks a lot of what he’s said and done just doesn’t add up. Sam agrees to help Jake. Inside Kelly’s, Franco suggests to Kiki that Morgan and Denise have something going on. She thinks that is just Franco’s jealousies and insecurities talking, but Franco tells her that he and Denise aren’t really dating. He explains he is using her to make Nina jealous, and she claims she agreed to play along because Kiki was trying to set her up with Silas. Kiki says that is true. She wants Franco to be happy, even if it’s with Nina, but says if his plan falls apart it won’t have anything to do with Morgan and Denise as nothing is going on between them. Franco hopes she’s right for her sake.

    GH Recap: Luke, Laura and Holly get a lead on the boys

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    Sam runs into Nicholas outside of Kelly’s and blows up at him. She tells him that he’s not the same person he was and she wants to know why. Nikolas says he had to make a change and soon they’ll all see he’s trying to preserve ELQ. They fight about family, and Sam tells him that if Jason were alive that he’d kick Nikolas’ butt. Nikolas responds that he should be glad that Jason isn’t here. Sam is mortified. Nikolas apologizes and says no matter what he still loves her. She loves him too, but she doesn’t trust him anymore. Later Sam calls Patrick to tell him about her fight with Nikolas. Jake finds her and suggests there may be a way for her to help the Quartermaines. Inside, Kiki arrives to get food and runs into Franco. Franco learns she’s meeting up with Morgan and suggests that’s not a good idea.

    GH Recap: Nikolas comes out on top at the ELQ board meeting

    Tuesday, June 23 2015

    At Metro Court, Patrick and Liz find Sam and Jake drinking and laughing at the bar. Sam explains that they were celebrating finding out that Nikolas is trying to takeover ELQ. She tells them that Nikolas claims that Helena and Victor spent too much of the Cassadine fortune, and it seems that Nikolas wants to feel like he’s in power again. Sam suggests since they are all here they should have that double date dinner. Jake and Sam won’t let Liz say no, so they sit down to dinner. They all laugh and have a good time, and Jake talks about how he feels very lucky to have them all in his new life.

    GH Recap: Jennifer Smith wants a night with Luke

    Monday, June 22 2015

    Sam corners Nikolas at the Metro Court to question him about his relationship with Rosalie. She already knows that Rosalie got the ELQ shares from Nina and handed them off. He tries to fob her off. She keeps prodding and then bluntly confronts him. He admits he's trying to take over ELQ. She's shocked. The prince insists it's only business. Helena and Victor have been selling off assets for years and he needs to put the family finances back together. He's doing this for the whole family. She doesn't want to be dragged into it. He insists that he's not stealing, just making better moves. The Cassadine walks off. Sam calls Jake over. She fills him in about her cousin admitting to everything.

    GH Recap: Luke and Laura return to the Triple L

    Friday, June 19 2015

    At the Quartermaine estate, Michael, Sabrina, Sam, Tracy, and Jake discuss the Rosalie situation. They need to figure out who was on the phone with her. Sam tries to recognize the voice of the man but can't. They decide to throw their attention on Rosalie. Sam and Jake have a plan. After some banter, he runs off to set things in motion. Michael thanks Sabrina for everything she'd done. She did it because she cares. Dillon calls his mom to fill her in on Lulu's suspicions.

    Nathan joins Maxie for lunch at the Metro Court. He asks her about her little run-in with Valerie. She admits she might have been a little over-enthusiastic. The cop doesn't think she needs to intervene but she insists that she needed to act as a go-between, even if she wasn't asked. He suspects she's still trying to make up for what she did to Lulu and tells her how terrific she is. She asks him to apologize to Dante and Valerie. He doesn't think anyone will be able to get between Dante and Lulu. Across the room, Morgan, Kiki and Denise/Ava are having lunch. Kiki tries to set her aunt up with an eligible bachelor. Morgan and Denise make excuses. Ava runs out. Over at the bar, Sam confronts Nikolas about his relationship with Rosalie.

    GH Recap: Morgan and Denise give in to passion

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    Jake spies on Tracy and Sam at the Quartermaine mansion. He tries to call Michael to tell him that Sam is working for Tracy, but their call is cut short. Meanwhile, Sam tells Tracy about the call Rosalie made to her boss that was cut off, but says that there was something about the voice that was familiar.

    Michael arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and runs into Jake outside. Jake tries to calm him down, but Michael storms inside and confronts Sam and Tracy. Jake follows slowly, as something about the house seems to bother him. In the living room, Michael accuses Tracy of trying to steal ELQ from him. Michael knows about the bug, and Sam tries to explain everything to him, but he's too busy ranting. Sabrina shows up and she lets Michael know that she hired Sam to spy on Rosalie, as she doesn’t trust her. Sam brings Michael up to date on Rosalie actually buying the shares from Nina, and they suspect she’s working for the person trying to take over the company. Michael says they need to find out who Rosalie is working for before it’s too late.

    GH Recap: Liz informs Nikolas about Sam's spying

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    Sam is in Patrick's bed and listening in on her phone tap as Rosalie calls Nikolas. He answers, but the phone call is immediately cut off. She feels the man’s voice on the phone is familiar, but can't place it. Patrick wakes up and asks what she’s doing, so she explains. He finds it odd that Sam is working with Sabrina, but Sam assures him that it’s only professional and it's not as if they compare notes. She assures him that Sabrina never mentions him and has moved on to Michael. Patrick worries about this new job and asks her to be careful.

    Jake spies on Sam meeting with Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion and realizes who she is working for.

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