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    General Hospital CAST - Samantha McCall Morgan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha McCall Morgan Played by Kelly Marie Monaco on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Monaco (ABC)

    Birthday: May 23 1976
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kelly Marie Monaco
    Height: 5'3"


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    GH Recap: Shocking Reveal.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    Sam and Patrick arrive at the PCPD to file a report on Jake and run into Carly. Carly apologizes to Sam and says she was right about Jake being the gunman. She explains what she found in Jake’s bag and how Nathan is arresting Jake at this very moment.

    As Sam, Patrick and Carly talk about Jake at the PCPD, Nathan brings him in in handcuffs. Carly confronts Jake and tells him that Kevin says he never met with Jake. Jake has a memory flash of going into the office and seeing Helena sitting there. He’s about to tell them when another officer interrupts to tell Nathan that the van transporting Madeline was hijacked. Jake swears to Carly that he never lied to her, and he knows she was only trying to help him. He’s taken off to a holding room. Sam asks Patrick to go ahead to the party without her, as she still needs answers. He knows not to argue and abides by her wishes. Sam goes in to see Jake and says she has questions about her phoenix.

    GH Recap: Prison Break.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At Brad's, Lucas has to push him off so they can get dressed for the party. Lucas notices his jacket is wrinkled. Brad offers to iron it and asks him to move in. He nervously tells him all the advantages there would be and then admits he loves him. Before Lucas can respond, Drake and Sam arrive. Lucas rushes off to dress. Sam spots her missing gewgaw on Brad's shelf and demands to know where he got it. Lucas comes out and says he gave it to him. He found it on the docks where Jake was found. Sam realizes that Jake must have broken into her apartment.

    GH Recap: Yin And Yang.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    At the hospital, Brad gives Patrick the test results on Jake. Before Patrick can read the results, Sam shows up to invite Patrick to the party at The Haunted Star. He accepts, and the two end up talking about her missing phoenix. He suggests she ask Lucas, maybe he was in her place and knows something about it. Sam says that’s a good idea. In Kevin’s office, Carly and Kevin (temporarily played by Tony Stark) wonder where Jake has gone. Carly questions Kevin about his last session with Jake, but Kevin tells her that he never met with Jake. She is confused as Jake swore he met with him. She confides in Kevin that Jake is worried he may have done something criminal and she fears that he may actually be guilty. Carly believes Jake is a good guy, but she says it’s almost as if he’s not in control of his own actions. She feels that Jake would want to be stopped and that she has to turn him in.

    GH Recap: Keys To The Coffee Kingdom.

    Thursday, January 22 2015

    Alexis and Sam meet for lunch at Kelly’s. Sam tells her mom that her night with Patrick was wonderful. Sam says the only glitch was discovering that her phoenix statue is gone. Sam is certain someone stole it, that it’s not just misplaced. Alexis suggests she is fixating on the figure because she feels guilty for sleeping with Patrick. Sam dismisses that and says her phoenix is missing and she wants it back. Later Patrick calls Sam to invite her to dinner. He also asks about her statue, which Sam thinks will eventually turn up.

    GH Recap: The Dragon And The Phoenix.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015

    It is a new day and Sam and Patrick wake up in Sam’s bed. Sam goes to lend Patrick her phone so he can check on Emma. Sam then notices her phoenix statue is missing, only the dragon remains. She becomes upset, telling Patrick how Jason had it on him when Faison shot him. She believes someone broke in while they were in the shower last night and took it. Patrick wonders why someone would steal a knickknack. Patrick suggests she talk to Danny, her mom or the housekeeper, maybe they saw it somewhere else. Patrick eventually heads off to work and tells her that the phoenix will turn up.

    Sam goes to the docks and remembers diving down to try and recover Jason’s body, but how she only found the phoenix figurine.

    GH Recap: Complicated.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    Jake sneaks into Sam's room. He takes aim at her and Patrick but begins having flashbacks. He backs off while they romp. Jake gets his gun ready again as they slip into the shower. As he stares at the bed, he begins having more flashes. After spotting a gewgaw Sam once gave him, he grabs it. When he hears Sam and Patrick finishing their shower, he sneaks out. She senses that someone was there but is soon distracted by sex.

    GH Recap: How Many More To Go?

    Monday, January 19 2015

    Jake sneaks into Sam's as she and Patrick head upstairs. He stops at the steps and memories of welcoming Sam there echo in his head. As he walks around the room, he stops at a photo of Sam with Jason and Danny. He takes off his mask and sits down. More memories of Sam flood in. Suddenly, Robin materializes. He threatens to shoot her so she points out that she's only in his head. She explains that she's an old friend of his and is there to stop him from killing Sam. Jake doesn't have choice. She starts to explain who Sam is when Helena calls and interrupts. Her soldier says Sam has company. She orders him to kill them both. Upstairs, Sam and Patrick are making out as she unbuttons his shirt. She stops when she notices the photo of Jason facing her. The doctor can understand if she doesn't want to go any further. She does and puts the photo away. After lighting candles, they start up again. After sex, the surgeon wonders if dream Patrick was as good as the real thing. He asks if she was thinking about Jason. They agree that it's okay to talk about their pasts if they want to. As they cuddle, Jake starts to ease the bedroom door open.

    GH Recap: What's Down There?

    Friday, January 16 2015

    Sam takes a break from preparing dinner at home to stare at a photo of her and Jason. Alexis barges in, unexpected. She guesses that Patrick is coming over. Sam didn't even call Noodle Buddha. Her mom notices she's clutching Jason's picture. Sam has had other men over but still feels like it's Jason's place. The doctor knocks at the door so Alexis makes herself scarce. As Sam and Patrick drink wine, a flustered Alexis runs out the door. They sit down to eat. He's impressed by her cooking. The topic turns to Jake and he hopes she's dropping that investigation. She's leaving it to the cops. He suggests they save the dessert for later. She leads him up the stairs. A masked Jake sneaks in.

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