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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake Played by Kimberly Anne McCullough on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kimberly McCullough (ABC)

    Birthday: March 5 1978
    Birthplace: Bellflower, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kimberly Anne McCullough
    Height: 5'2"


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    I Won Obrecht, I'm Going Home.

    Monday, October 21 2013

    Robert and Anna search Cassadine Island looking for Robin and Britt's baby. They rush into the living room and find Obrecht unconscious on the floor. Anna stops Robert from finishing her off and he hits Obrecht in the head to wake her up. Anna demands to know where Robin is. Obrecht claims Robin's dead – Faison would tell Anna anything to make her happy. Obrecht breaks down crying about Faison's request to bed her with Anna's mask on. Anna thinks she could hurt Faison by helping them find Robin and Britt's baby. Obrecht agrees to tell her what she knows after Anna identifies with her as a mother. What they are looking for can be found downstairs in the lab. Robert knocks Obrecht out. In the lab, Robin's surprised to see Nikolas and hugs him. She explains her death was somehow staged as a part of Jerry Jacks' plan. She's excited, thinking she got through to Patrick when she called. She asks why he didn't come himself but Nikolas knows nothing about her phone call. He's there looking for Britt's baby. Robin tells him she took care of Patrick's son. Nikolas explains Ben's not Patrick's son but needs to find him. They are both gone when Robert and Anna arrive downstairs. Robert thinks Obrecht lied about having Robin but Anna finds a picture of Patrick and Emma. Robin was there. Meanwhile, Robin and Nikolas find Obrecht knocked out. Nikolas leaves to find Ben and Britt while Robin declares she won…she's going home. Upstairs, Britt finds Faison with Ben. He's sure she means Cesar, but she corrects him, it's Ben and she wants him back. He was a gift from Obrecht and Faison plans to keep his own flesh a blood. Britt tells him he's wrong. Ben isn't his flesh and blood. Faison wonders if Britt is another man's bastard. Britt confesses she has his DNA but Ben doesn't. Ben isn't her biological son. Faison yells at her confused. He thinks it's a trick and orders her to leave but she won't – he'll have to kill her first. Nikolas approaches and warns Faison to let go of Britt or he'll kill him.

    Celebrate With Me.

    Friday, October 18 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Britt's eager to find Ben when she and Nikolas arrive at the mansion. He'll check with security first before taking care of her parents. They find a warm baby-bottle of milk. An armed guard yells a warning before recognizing 'Prince Nikolas'. Nikolas is interested in the interlopers visiting the island. The staff is under the impression Dr. Obrecht and Jerry Jacks were guests. Nikolas isn't surprised he's alive and finds out he's in the lab. He gives the guard orders to round everyone up and protect the baby. He warns Britt to be careful before leaving to get a gun. In the lab, Robin records her research notes and her wish to keep him alive long enough for her parents to rescue her. Jerry wonders where the baby is when he comes for a checkup. What difference does it make to him? She reminds him that he's dying and she needs to save him so she can get away from him, Obrecht and Faison. Jerry's angry that Obrecht brought Faison there. He expects the WSB will be there soon but no one can save Robin. They're both finished. He's going home to see his family one last time but she's not. He asks if she has any last words while pulling a gun on her. He doesn't have to die; there is another way. She needs the man who stole the cure. That's a problem for Jerry. Luke Spencer stole the cure and he's gone. He tells her about Helena poisoning Luke. Robin begs to go with him to Port Charles but he leaves. Nikolas comes downstairs armed. Robin's planning on coming home when he opens the lab door. They're both surprised to see each other. Upstairs, Faison thinks Britt might have something to say about Obrecht's plans for them to raise their grandbaby. He doesn't want to underestimate the power of a mom looking for her baby. Obrecht confesses Britt almost aborted the baby. He thinks it was a moment of weakness but Obrecht believes Britt will thank them in the end. Faison is putting Ben to bed when Obrecht returns in sexy attire. She believes they should be one. It is best for the child. Faison asks her to wear her Anna mask. She cries and slaps him. She won't do what he wants anymore. She's not afraid of him and warns he should watch his step around her. She goes downstairs and is surprised to find Britt who wants to know where Ben is. They struggle. Obrecht falls hard to the floor as Britt rushes upstairs. She finds Faison holding her son.

    Let's Go Get Our Daughter.

    Thursday, October 17 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Robin converses with Ben and tries to figure out how to create another cure in time to save Jerry. She's surprised to see Anna standing in the lab entrance. Robin rushes to hug her and quickly is distraught when she hears Obrecht's voice taunting her. Obrecht peels off her mask, laughing. Robin wants to know what Obrecht's new plan is. Obrecht needed the mask to procure someone. Suddenly, Faison joins them. Robin asks him to stay away as Obrecht introduces him to his grandson. He's happy to be there but wishes it wasn't at Anna's expense. Robin's concerned for Anna but realizes her parents are looking for her when Faison lets it slip that Robert's awake. He told Anna she's alive. Faison confirmed it and was willing to bring her to Robin. Obrecht claims Anna has no proof and it's doubtful she believes Faison – Anna will never find Robin. Robin realizes they messed up. Nothing will stop her parents from finding her.

    Who Are You?

    Monday, October 14 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Tracy asks Jerry for the syringe. The only one getting the cure today is Luke. Jerry doesn't think she's ruthless enough to pull the trigger. She has every reason to kill him after his part in the death of her brother and father. She won't if he gives her the antidote. Luke holds Jerry at gunpoint while Tracy takes the syringe. She's ready to inject Luke when Jerry warns Luke could die if the dose isn't right. Luke's a betting man and Tracy gives him the shot. If Jerry's going to die he's going to take Luke with him. He rushes Tracy who shoots him in the shoulder. Luke doesn't feel any better but he gets up to leave with Tracy. Jerry thinks Luke could die from taking the cure if the guards don't shoot them first. In the lab, Robin calls Patrick. He has a bad connection and asks her to call back. She repeats, "It's Robin." She needs his help, but he can't believe he's talking to her. She explains Jerry Jacks has her and she has his son. Patrick tries to understand but they get disconnected. Robin gets another signal but the phone dies. She manipulates the battery to get another signal. She's leaving the lab when Jerry finds her. There's been a change in plan – the cure was stolen. She can't go without making more and if he dies, she dies too. Robin wants him to do the right thing and let her go but he locks her in.

    Moment Of Truth.

    Friday, October 11 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Robin calls Jerry into the lab and produces the cure. She's held up her end of the bargain and wants to go. Jerry's not sure that she's not trying to kill him. Robin doesn't know how she can prove it but he does. He'll give it to someone else first. Robin wants to take it but that won't be necessary. Jerry confesses he has a patient with polonium poisoning upstairs. Robin tests Jerry's blood and leaves his jacket behind when he leaves. Alone, Robin finds Jerry's phone in his jacket and tries to get a signal. Upstairs, Luke wakes up delusional and snaps at Tracy to get away from him in his fevered state. His visions are so real and he explains Helena was ready to push him into the abyss. Tracy won't let Helena take him on her watch. He'd like to see her fight the dragon lady. Tracy's worried about Jerry and wants to get the jump on him to fix Luke up. Luke doesn't think he's going to make it that long. He compliments her on being his perfect soul mate and she wants him to stop. There's no need to thank her. He's not trying to thank Tracy. He loves her. Tracy doesn't want him to give up. She argues that he should stop pretending, it's not convincing coming from a man on his deathbed. Luke promises if he lives through this, he'll return home with her. Jerry comes in and Tracy sneaks out. It's Jerry's moment of truth. He prepares the syringe. With a gun pointed at Jerry's back she demands he hand it over.

    Make A Wish, Robin.

    Thursday, October 10 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Robin wonders where Obrecht went that she couldn't take her grandson with her. Jerry wants her to focus on the cure but surprises her with a birthday cupcake. Robin doesn't know what day it is and won't take his word for it. Jerry recounts her life history from her birth and reminds her that she can celebrate as many birthdays as she wants with Patrick after she finishes with the cure. He tells her to make a birthday wish before getting back to work. He laughs that he can't imagine what it will be before leaving the lab. Alone, Robin lights the candle and remembers Patrick's gift of tickets to all the places she wanted to go with him. Silently, she blows out the candle and decides she's going home today. Later, she calls him to the lab. He's not going to die. She can cure him.

    Find Obrecht, Find Robin.

    Monday, October 07 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Luke's surprised when Tracy enters his room disguised as a guard. She explains Olivia's vision of him in a casket calling 'Spanx' to help him. He's impressed but not eager to leave with her. She doesn't want him to be a guinea pig for a madman. Luke won't leave empty handed but tries to dissuade her from getting the cure on her own. She boasts that Jerry hasn't caught her yet and leaves. Meanwhile, Robin opens the lab door with Obrecht's finger before grabbing Ben to leave. Jerry stops her at the next exit door. Robin refuses to let him near the baby and places her hand on the cryo-chamber reactivation button. She threatens to send the lab into a deep freeze, destroying all the research. Jerry reminds her about Obrecht. He doesn't think she's desperate to take someone's life and dares her. Robin pushes the button but is surprised when nothing happens. The cryogenics lab was moved to make room for Robin's work. Suddenly, Obrecht rushes out looking for her grandson. Jerry thinks she's lucky he was there to stop Robin. Tracy approaches and stays hidden as Jerry sends Robin back to work, ignoring Obrecht's plea to kill Robin. She believes she can complete the research but Jerry will deal with Robin. Obrecht agrees…she needs to see Faison. Tracy returns to Luke's room to wait for Jerry to bring the cure to them.

    Back Off.

    Friday, October 04 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Robin talks with Ben about her dreams of having a son with Patrick. Obrecht comes to visit Ben and ignores Robin's questions. She should be thanking Obrecht for not killing her; she's only alive to save Jerry's life. Robin credits her father for her being alive and believes he would have stopped Obrecht if he wasn't distracted after the shock of seeing her. Robin hopes someday her father will wake up and tell her mother she's alive. Obrecht believes it's likely Robert won't remember anything. Robin's interested in what she's doing with the baby. He's important to Obrecht even if his father isn't. Robin can't believe anything she says, but considers Patrick could be losing his mind with worry. Obrecht reminds her she's been replaced by Sabrina and notes how she used Robin to get to Patrick. She paints a disturbing picture of Sabrina manipulating Emma and stealing her family. Robin blames Obrecht not Sabrina or Britt. She feels sorry for Obrecht's daughter. Obrecht leaves Robin to her work to see someone she loves as much as Robin loves Patrick. Robin pretends to discover something and knocks Obrecht out when she looks in the microscope. Robin announces she's ready to go home. In the house, a guard notifies Jerry that Anna Donnelly called when he brings food to Luke's room. Jerry's not sure he should share the elixir with her father after she sent Luke his way. Jerry wakes Luke up who wonders why he hasn't been killed yet. Jerry needs Luke alive to be a guinea pig. He's worried the doctor might try to kill him. Luke inquires what Jerry will do with the doctor when he's through.

    Thinking About Me?

    Thursday, October 03 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Robin records the status of her work for Jerry, adding that it is day 289 and the little girl inside her is thinking her mom is coming to save her. She wonders what her family is doing and if they are thinking of her. Jerry interrupts, turning off the video that should be an incentive, not a distraction. She should cure him or lose her husband and daughter to Sabrina. The cure's coming – science takes time. He gives his word he won't kill her when he's cured. He leaves the lab and Robin accidently sees the end of the Nurses' Ball where Britt announces her pregnancy. Outside Jerry's surprised by Obrecht. She introduces the crying baby as Cesar. Jerry's angry that she's brought so much attention to herself by kidnapping her grandson. Obrecht can handle Anna and is there to see Robin. She enters the lab and offers Robin a roommate. Robin is not interested in being a babysitter but Obrecht thinks she might, knowing that the father of the baby is Patrick. She nods to the laptop screen and identifies Britt as her daughter, the mother of Patrick's child. Robin doesn't believe her. It doesn't make any sense to Robin. She's curious how involved Britt is involved in Obrecht's plan. Obrect finds her question absurd. ['GH' preempted at 2:48 PM EST until the end of the show during national news alert.]


    Tuesday, October 01 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Jerry interrupts Robin's work and hopes she's making progress. To ensure she's working at optimum speed he offers an incentive – the DVD of the 2013 Nurses' Ball. Robin's surprised there was funding and Jerry confesses he funded it. He drops some headliner names before playing Patrick's speech. Robin cries at seeing him with Emma before Jerry fast-forwards to Sabrina who is the new woman in Patrick's life. Jerry notes that it's quite serious…she'd better hurry up and find that cure. Alone Robin swears to Patrick that she's coming.

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