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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake Played by Kimberly Anne McCullough on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kimberly McCullough (ABC)

    Birthday: March 5 1978
    Birthplace: Bellflower, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kimberly Anne McCullough
    Height: 5'2"


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    Alcazar finds Skye!

    Thursday, October 12 2006

    At the hospital, Robert jokes around with Robin and gives her a small birthday present in a box. It is a pretty bracelet. Robin shows her father the other present that Patrick sent her… It turns out to be the exact same bracelet! He says that it's funny that she's falling in love with someone just like her.

    Sam asks Jason to come back

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    Robin is talking to her father, Robert, and asks if he's ok. He says that Alcazar's goons took the bait. Robin expresses her concern for him.

    At the docks, Robin and Robert are talking… Robin says that it must be difficult to be expecting a child and to be so far from home.

    If not for those meddling kids...

    Monday, October 09 2006

    On the docks, Robert, bloodied up, is asked by Robin who did that to him. She asks if it was Alcazar's men. She says that maybe she should stay out of Alcazar's business. Robert says “Over my dead body!”

    In one of the hospital rooms, Robert is in a bed, and a detective shows up, asking if he can talk to Robert about what happened. Robin says to the detective that Lorenzo Alcazar is behind it, but Robert says that there is no suspect, and that he only fell down some stairs. Robin says he's lying, and the detective says that he can't press charges unless the victim wants him to. Robert says that Alcazar is only trying to get to Robin through him. Robin says that he's not trying to get to her, he's trying to find Skye. She tells him that she's looking out for his best interests.

    Robin and Robert argue about how he won't charge Alcazar. A doctor comes in and tells Robert that his CAT scans are alright. He asks whether he can travel, and the doctor says that he'd recommend some rest for a few days, but yes, he can travel.

    Robert gets dressed, and Robin asks if he isn't worried that Alcazar will have him followed. He responds that he's going to lead them on a wild goose chase!

    Back at Robin's, Jason comes over and she tells him about how her father got beaten up and how he didn't want to charge Alcazar. She asks him what he thinks Alcazar will do, and he says that Alcazar is more dangerous than ever. She says that she just got her dad back, and doesn't want to lose him again. She says that she's having nightmares about Stone again. She says that Patrick is worried, that he had strep throat and they had a test for HIV done, which turned out negative… But they won't know for 6 months whether he has HIV or not.

    Maxie tells Lucky she's pregnant

    Friday, October 06 2006

    On the docks, Alcazar's hooligans grab Robin. He says that she has a knack for having people get together again, and she has to tell her father to find out where Skye is. They leave, and Patrick comes on the scene, finding Robin there. She tells Patrick what happened with Alcazar, and says that she won't deal with Alcazar. Patrick says to come with him to Paris, where he will meet her research mentor so that he can see if the new treatment for Laura will work. Robin says that she's not going to Paris, because she refuses to be intimidated by Alcazar.

    At the hospital, Patrick says that Nik's going to be ok, he just has a torn ligament. Robert Scorpio shows up, and Patrick tells him that Alcazar has been putting pressure on Robin. Robert tells Robin that he wants to know everything that has happened. Robin tells him and Patrick to butt out, that she can handle herself. She tells Patrick that she doesn't appreciate the fact that he called her father without consulting her. Patrick says that he's not going to apologize for wanting to keep her safe. He gets a page and has to leave. Robin and her father talk about how long he was out of her life, and that now that he's back, he really cares for her and is sorry that he was gone for so long.

    At the docks, Robert Scorpio is talking on the phone to what sounds to be Skye, and Alcazar runs over and pulls the phone out of his hand, however it is revealed that Robert was only playing games with Alcazar, and it is not Skye on the phone. Lorenzo calls out his goons and tells Robert how easy it would be to make him disappear. A few minutes later, Robin appears on the docks, and finds her dad laying on the ground, covered in blood and mumbling incoherently.

    In the hospital dressing room, Robin comes in as Patrick is getting dressed and asks him what they should do to help her relax. He says she should just come to Paris. They both tell each other that they don't want to lose each other. Patrick says that he hopes when he goes to Paris that he will be able to prove Robin right about Laura's treatment. He asks what he should bring her when he comes back from Paris, and she says that all she needs him to bring back is… Himself.

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