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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake Played by Kimberly Anne McCullough on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kimberly McCullough (ABC)

    Birthday: March 5 1978
    Birthplace: Bellflower, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kimberly Anne McCullough
    Height: 5'2"


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    I Love You Always.

    Monday, February 20 2012

    Robin returns to the lab to find it filled with fumes. She drags a passed out Patrick to the hall. After she revives him, Patrick says he knocked something over in the lab. Robin worries it was Jason's cure. Robin runs in the room, but finds the door has automatically locked, due to the toxic fumes, so she can't get out. Patrick frantically tries to free his wife. Robin puts Jason's medication in a two-way box that Patrick can access. He takes it and Robin cries as she tells him to go save Jason and to hug their daughter twice as hard. Patrick won't leave her, but Robin urges him to go because the outer doors are about to lock. They tell each other they love each other always. Patrick runs out for help as Robin crumbles to the floor. Patrick returns to see the lab explode.


    Friday, February 17 2012

    In the lab, Maxie explains to Robin what she did to Liz. She thinks it's really Matt's fault and asks Robin to go to the benefit with her. Robin tells Maxie her mother is in town and if she weren't so busy with work she would be spending time with Anna. Even if she could go to the party, she can't make things right between her and Matt. Maxie is incensed, calls Robin selfish and then storms off. In the process, Maxie unknowingly turns on a gas line. Monica stops by to see if Robin needs anything. Robin gives her an update on her work and hopes to have an answer tonight. Monica tells her the O.R. is ready just in case. Monica adds that she always thought Robin would be the one to save Jason. Just not this way.

    Patrick returns to the hub and Epiphany tells him Anna and Emma are in the cafeteria. Sam finds Patrick and asks if Jason can go home. Patrick says it's a bad idea because he might not survive if he has another seizure. Later, Robin emerges from the lab and finds Anna and Emma back in the waiting area. She tells them she's just taking a break and can't leave the hospital, but would love for them to distract her for a bit.

    Baby Boy Moore.

    Thursday, February 16 2012

    Carly demands Robin save Jason's life in the lab. Robin tells her she's trying to, but Carly is getting in her way. Patrick shows up as the women bicker. Patrick assures Carly Robin is the only chance Jason has. Carly leaves, as Robin grows frustrated, worrying she won't be able to save Jason. Patrick has confidence in his wife. After Patrick has left, Matt enters the lab to work on his own research, which distracts Robin. He starts ranting about Maxie. Robin reminds him Jason's life is on the line and suggests he go to the benefit to get him out of her hair. Once Matt is gone, Maxie is the next to bother Robin. Maxie laments the destruction of her relationship with Matt, thanks to Liz. She then guiltily muses about people who lie to get what they want. Robin wonders what she did.

    I Have Faith In Your Future.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    Patrick joins Robin in the lab. He's proud of Robin's dedication and knows she'll find something to help Jason. She looks into the microscope and finds options with hopes of finding the one that'll save Jason's life.

    Carly finds Jason trying to leave his hospital room. She can't believe he didn't tell her he was sick and blames Sam for everything. As they argue, Jason gets dizzy. Carly wants to get help, but Jason stops her. She wonders where Sam is and how she could leave Jason alone. "She's pregnant," Jason admits. Carly hugs Jason, happy for him. He begs her to cut Sam some slack and not start any fights. Sam appears and hands Jason the laptop. Carly and Sam try to be civil but are asked to leave when Robin joins them. Alone, Robin informs Jason is going to need surgery. He agrees to do whatever it takes. She has faith in his future and is happy to hear Sam is pregnant. Before she leaves, Robin vows to come back soon with good news.

    Out by the nurses' station, Olivia finds Steve and reminds him of the benefit tonight. They agree to meet later, as Maggie watches on. She runs into Tim, a lab tech, who agrees to be her date to the benefit. Maggie joins Steve and Olivia and brags about her date. After Olivia leaves, Steve grills Maggie about going out with strangers and warns she knows nothing about Tim. Talk turns to their past. Steve admits he got a call. The authorities are reopening the case into their patient's death. Steve suggests until someone gets closer to the real story they act as though the real story is what they've told. "Be careful on your date tonight," Steve warns then leaves. Nearby, Carly admits to Sam that Jason got dizzy earlier. Sam knows Carly is worried about Jason and assures her that Robin is going to save him.

    Back in the lab, Robin doesn't have any luck. Patrick gets called away and urges her to keep trying. Later, Carly barges in and demands to know how Robin's going to save Jason.

    Happy Valentine's Day Grandma Anna.

    Tuesday, February 14 2012

    Emma helps Patrick prepare Robin's Valentine's Day present at home. Robin follows the trail of chocolates to the front door. Emma tells her to open it and Robin finds her mother Anna standing on the other side. They excitedly embrace and then Emma wishes her grandma a Happy Valentine's Day. Anna suggests she call her Anna. So, Emma calls her Grandma Anna, which isn't exactly what Anna wanted. Anna gives her a present and Emma goes to her room. Patrick reveals he told Anna Robin's HIV status was unstable. Robin assures her mother she's fine. As the women get emotional, Robin explains why she kept everyone in the dark about it. Anna is just happy she's okay. Robin gets a call about Jason's test results. Robin feels bad, but she and Patrick have to go to the hospital. Anna is happy to stay behind with Emma.

    Jason and Sam wake up in Jason's hospital room. He remembers finding the present, but doesn't tell Sam about it. Sam gets upset worrying about him and blames Franco for derailing their lives. Sam knows there's something about the evil artist Jason isn't telling her. Jason admits he found a package from Franco on the terrace, but he blacked out. As they argue about who will go back home to get it, Robin and Patrick enter with Jason's test results. Robin tells him they need to monitor him at the hospital so she can find a way to help him. Sam implores her husband to stay and let Robin do her job. Jason agrees. The doctors leave and Sam takes off to find the DVD Franco left for them. Jason makes her promise not to watch it alone. Patrick returns to tell Jason he believes his anger towards Franco is the trigger that's affecting him. Robin walks near the elevators and sees Carly. She assumes she's there for Jason and fills her in.

    The Options Are Endless.

    Thursday, February 09 2012

    Patrick brings Robin and Emma to the site of the house they're building. Robin is excited thinking about living there. Patrick calls them blessed and excitedly maps out how their house will be laid out. Robin calls him incredible and says their options are endless. She's sorry she hasn't been around to help and promises no more running around the country looking for answers. Patrick understands why she didn't tell him but he needs her because he's too selfish to do this all on his own. She reminds him he will have to share her with a patient every now and then. He knows she's talking about Jason and says they will discuss his case tomorrow because tonight is about them.

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