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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake Played by Kimberly Anne McCullough on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kimberly McCullough (ABC)

    Birthday: March 5 1978
    Birthplace: Bellflower, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kimberly Anne McCullough
    Height: 5'2"


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    My Name Is Steve!

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    A nurse freaks when it appears that Robin has disappeared from the hospital where she's being held. Robin leaps out from behind the door, knocks out the nurse and runs. She doesn't get far. Two nurses drag her back to bed. "Someone hasn't been taking her medicine! Tsk-tsk," says the nurse. She makes a call to get orders. Moments later, she wheels in an ECT machine. Robin doesn't like the looks of that. "I don't consent to this!" she objects as they hook her up.

    Patrick paces his house talking to himself. Robin shows up and confronts him about avoiding his problems. He doesn't know what he's doing without her. She says that Emma needs him and he will hurt her is he doesn't get off the road he's on. When she says that she's alive, he's amazed. He keeps taking to thin air until Lulu interrupts. He runs around the house yelling. Lulu tells him to pull himself together just as Robin would want. Finally, he agrees and they leave. He closes his door on a vision of Robin.

    My Special Blend.

    Friday, July 20 2012

    Patrick sees Robin on the deck of The Haunted Star. He is ecstatic and thinks she came back for him, She asks him to save her but then disappears. He searches for her and Lulu comes out. He thinks it is Robin and kisses her. Lulu asks him what is wrong and he tells her he is not sure. He thought she was Robin and she said she needed help. Lulu tells him he is seeing Robin because he is high. He denies it and she asks if he took the drugs from the hospital. She reaches in his jacket and grabs the pills. They need to talk about this.

    Connie At Your Service.

    Tuesday, March 27 2012

    A confused Robin wakes up in a hospital room. She wonders where she is and slowly gets out of bed. She stumbles, but makes her way to the door, which is locked. Someone opens it, but Robin doesn't know who the woman is. As Robin tries to piece everything together the woman injects her with something. After Robin has passed out, another person enters. The woman assures them Robin doesn’t know they are behind this.

    My Wife's In A Box?

    Monday, March 26 2012

    Patrick brings Robin's ashes to the site of their future home. As he cries, talking about how he thought they'd be sitting on their porch together, Robin lies unconscious, but alive, in a hospital room.

    Are We Going To Say Goodbye To Mommy Now?

    Wednesday, March 14 2012

    Patrick sees Robin in bed. They share a nice moment, but then he wakes up and is crushed she's not there. Patrick again senses Robin in the shower, but she's gone when he turns around. Patrick tries to get dressed but has a hard time with his tie. He sees Robin dressed up and tells her she's beautiful. She says they have to go, but Patrick just wants to stay there with her. She tells him Emma needs her daddy as she ties his tie. Tears stream down his face as he says he needs her more than she knows.

    You Do As I Say Drake Jr.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    After being summoned, Robert shows up at the Drake house to see Anna. She remains weepy and emotional as Emma runs out to see her Grandpa. Anna sends her granddaughter out of the room, which makes Robert realize something serious is going on. Anna finally chokes out that Robin is dead. Robert can't believe it's true, but Anna has to convince him it is. Robert wants to see her to say goodbye. Anna thinks he should remember her the way she was – strong and beautiful. Robert won't be told what he should and shouldn't do and leaves the house. Patrick returns home and tells Anna Jason survived. Anna is proud of him and knows Robin would be too. She then tells him Robert is back and knows about Robin.

    Flawless Timing English.

    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    In the O.R., Jason tells Patrick to thank Robin for him. As Jason is put under, Patrick sees a vision of Robin in the room. Robin knows Patrick is going to let Jason die on the table. Patrick doesn’t think Jason gets to live when Robin didn't. Robin urges Patrick not to tank the operation, but Patrick points out the procedure is tricky so the board wouldn't question him. Robin reminds him he is not a killer, but a healer. He doesn't know what he is without her. Robin says he is a father and Emma needs him. Robin urges him not to throw his life away and end up in the bottom of a bottle. Patrick sees the appeal in that. Jason stars to crash.

    I Love You Always.

    Monday, February 20 2012

    Robin returns to the lab to find it filled with fumes. She drags a passed out Patrick to the hall. After she revives him, Patrick says he knocked something over in the lab. Robin worries it was Jason's cure. Robin runs in the room, but finds the door has automatically locked, due to the toxic fumes, so she can't get out. Patrick frantically tries to free his wife. Robin puts Jason's medication in a two-way box that Patrick can access. He takes it and Robin cries as she tells him to go save Jason and to hug their daughter twice as hard. Patrick won't leave her, but Robin urges him to go because the outer doors are about to lock. They tell each other they love each other always. Patrick runs out for help as Robin crumbles to the floor. Patrick returns to see the lab explode.


    Friday, February 17 2012

    In the lab, Maxie explains to Robin what she did to Liz. She thinks it's really Matt's fault and asks Robin to go to the benefit with her. Robin tells Maxie her mother is in town and if she weren't so busy with work she would be spending time with Anna. Even if she could go to the party, she can't make things right between her and Matt. Maxie is incensed, calls Robin selfish and then storms off. In the process, Maxie unknowingly turns on a gas line. Monica stops by to see if Robin needs anything. Robin gives her an update on her work and hopes to have an answer tonight. Monica tells her the O.R. is ready just in case. Monica adds that she always thought Robin would be the one to save Jason. Just not this way.

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