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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake Played by Kimberly Anne McCullough on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kimberly McCullough (ABC)
    Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake

    Actor: Kimberly Anne McCullough

    Who played Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake over the years

    Kimberly McCullough (1985 - August 1997; December 1997 - January 1999; June 2000. AMC: May 2001; June 2001. GH: July 2004; October 2005 - March 27, 2012)

    Useful information on Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake

    * Is Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio's daughter.
    * Contracted HIV from her first love Stone who eventually died.
    * Has a bond with Sonny over Stone.
    * Was involved with Jason Morgan.
    * Told AJ Michael was his baby.
    * Lived in Paris for years.
    * Returned to the States to save Jason's life.
    * Married Patrick Drake.
    * Has a daughter Emma with Patrick.
    * Stalked by Patrick's ex-girlfriend Lisa.
    * Presumed dead from a lab explosion, but revealed to be held prison by an unknown assailant.


    Past: Chief of Staff
    Past: Doctor


    Robin was six-years-old when she came to Port Charles with her mother, Anna Devane. Robert Scorpio, her father, wasn't even aware that he had a daughter, and was shocked when he found out. They spent a short time bonding before he moved away with his new wife, and Anna married Duke Lavery. Robin adored her stepfather.

    Robin didn't see her dad again until she and her mother had been kidnapped by Cesar Faison in an attempt to secure a crystal that Robin had discovered on Spoon Island. It was reported that Holly, Robert's new wife had died in an accident, and Robert returned to rescue Anna and his daughter. Duke had been killed, and Robert and Anna reunited. With Robin, they moved into the old Webber house and became a family.

    She was left in the care of her uncle, Mac, when Faison kidnapped Anna again, and Robert went to find her. A short time later, the WSB reported that a boat explosion had killed both of Robin's parents.

    Robin met Stone Cates while working for a teen hotline and quickly became attracted to him. Their relationship didn't set well with Mac because Stone lived with, and worked for, mobster Sonny Corinthos. Mac was even more upset when he learned that Stone had tested positive for HIV and that Robin had shared unprotected sex with the young man.

    Stone eventually became an AIDS patient with no hope for a future. Robin was tested for the disease, and the first exam returned a negative result. The second was positive, but she kept her condition from Stone, not wanting to cause anguish in his final days. Ultimately, she revealed the truth to him right before he passed. Robin was shattered when he died.

    Robin buried herself in her work and became friends, and later lovers, with Jason Quartermaine. He had been injured in an accident and was undergoing therapy. Their relationship didn't last because she finally realized what a dangerous lifestyle he led, and she couldn't bear the thought of losing another person she loved. Robin left for Paris.

    She returned at the request of Jasper Jacks when Brenda Barrett had a mental breakdown. Robin, realizing how much she missed Port Charles and her friends, decided to stay. She and Jason reunited, and the two moved in together. When Carly had a breakdown, Robin and Jason assumed the duty of caring for her son, Michael, and after Carly's release from the mental hospital, she moved in with them. Robin and Carly didn't get along, and Robin moved out and left town again.

    As a research doctor, Robin was in Paris working on an experimental memory drug when she learned that Jason was suffering from side affects of his earlier accident. Still fighting her attraction to him, she agreed to come back to Port Charles to treat him. Her expertise saved Jason's life, and provided her with the opportunity to meet Dr. Patrick Drake.

    Robin and Patrick were like oil and water. His arrogance and playboy attitude annoyed her, while he found an impenetrable wall around her emotions. When she finally shared her health secret with him, he didn't run away as she had expected. Both of them fought their growing attachment, but finally, Patrick appeared beneath Robin's window with flowers, a boom box playing their favorite song, and a profession of his love.

    Robin spoke with Luke Spencer about using an experimental drug to bring Laura back to her former mental state, and he eagerly accepted the suggestion to try it. The medication worked. Laura awoke after years in a catatonic state, but the result was short-term. Although she spent a few days getting to know her grown children before drifting away again, Robin was racked with guilt with giving the family false hope.

    Robin eventually decided that she wanted to become a mother, even though Patrick was definately not the marrying kind. She sought sperm donors, but ended up conceiving with Patrick during a one-nighter. Determined not to make him feel trapped, she decided to be a single mother. Patrick came to embrace the notion of fatherhood and finally was able to convince her to marry him. They decided to get married before their baby was born. Maxie put together a fabulous wedding, but Robin's water broke as soon as she got to the altar. She was rushed to GH and gave birth via c-section to Emma. Her fears of passing along her HIV status to her baby were put to rest when Emma was determined to be HIV free.

    Robin and Patrick settled into parenthood with more than their share of bumps because Robin suffered from postpartum depression. They bought a new house and Robin stayed home with Emma but did not bond.

    A biotoxin scare hit GH during a blizzard. Robin didn't know what was going on, but Emma spiked a fever and they set out to the ER. Robin's minivan ran out of gas and her judgment was impaired by her condition. She took feverish Emma out in the blizzard and ended up losing her in the snow. Maxie and Johnny came along and took Emma to Mercy Hospital. Finally, with Emma's life hanging in the balance, Robin's maternal instincts kicked in and she was able to nurture her daughter.

    Robin eventually received help for her postpartum depression and things were going well for the Drake's until Patrick's ex-girlfriend came to town. Robin initially befriended her, but Lisa continued to flirt with Patrick and remind him of the good ole days.

    When Robin went to Africa, Patrick succumbed to Lisa and slept with her. Robin kicked him out when she found out about it, but Lisa wasn't finished with the couple as she started stalking them. Robin eventually forgave Patrick and they reconciled, but Lisa's reign of terror continued for some time. They thought it was over after she held Robin, Patrick, Maxie and Spinelli hostage and stuck herself with her own needle putting herself into a coma.

    Anthony wanted a partner in crime so he had a doctor pump Lisa full of drugs in order to wake her up. Lisa sprang into action and attacked Patrick, Robin and Elizabeth on a boat where everyone was celebrating Matt's research getting published. Lisa tried to inject Patrick with Robin's HIV infected blood, but Robin prevented that from happening. After struggling with Lisa, Robin passed out and woke up bleeding, but couldn't remember what happened. Lisa eventually turned up dead floating in the water.

    Robin then learned her drug protocol for her HIV wasn't working and feared the worst. She asked Jason to help her leave town and Elizabeth to take her place in Patrick and Emma's life. Patrick got wind of what she was doing and convinced her to stick around. She started a new protocol, which worked and all was right with the world again.

    Jason began have dizzy spells and headaches. Robin began working on a treatment for him in the lab. Maxie stopped by to vent about Matt and accidentally turned on a gas source. In Robin's absence, Patrick got trapped in the lab with the fumes and Robin saved him. However, she had to run back in for Jason's medication. The fumes got too bad and the doors automatically locked behind her. She passed Jason's medication to Patrick through a two way box and begged Patrick to walk away. Patrick ran for help, but returned to witness the lab exploding with Robin inside.

    Robin was presumed dead, but it was revealed she was being held prisoner by an unknown captor.


    Patrick Drake (married on December 26, 2008)


    "Rowdy" (ex-boyfriend)
    Michael "Stone" Cates (lover - died of AIDS)
    Jason_Morgan (lover)


    Robert Scorpio (father)
    Anna Devane (mother)
    Leora Hayward (half-sister - deceased)
    Thomas John Devane (grandfather)
    Malcolm Scorpio (uncle)
    Lindsay Devane (aunt - deceased)
    Alexandra Devane (aunt)
    Gabriel Devane (half-uncle)
    Aidan Devane (cousin) AMC


    Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (daughter)


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    Wednesday, September 17 2014: GH Recap: Lovely To Be Back.

    At the clinic, Maxie and Nathan find Lulu and Dante and they all run off to find Anna before the building explodes. Meanwhile, Robin and Jason prepare to leave their room just as Anna is entering. Neither of their access cards works so Anna dashes off to look for a different card. She runs into Obrecht, who is frantic to find Nathan. The groups converge and Obrecht pulls Nathan into her arms. Anna gives her officers orders to clear the facility while they head to the main entrance. Nathan wants to know what happened to Victor. Anna tells him he’s dead but when he presses for details Obrecht urges them to get a move on. Inside their room, Jason works to unlock the door when it suddenly opens and Helena enters. She has her goons knock out Jason and Robin sarcastically congratulates her on her return from the dead. Helena strokes the embryo chamber and tells Robin that Stavros is dead but will live on, no thanks to Lulu. She tells Robin that Dante and her mother are here to rescue Maxie and Lulu, but the building is about to blow and the doors are sealed. Helena has the override card from Victor with access to all the back tunnels. Robin refuses to leave with Helena as Jason gets a gun, shoots Helena’s goons, then takes Robin and runs off. Helena calmly grabs the embryo and walks out. Meanwhile, the others realize the front door is locked so they all raise their guns and shoot the lock at the same time. It works and they escape and take cover just as the building explodes.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014: GH Recap: Tick Tock Liesl.

    At Crichton-Clark, Maxie and Nathan start making out over Peter’s dead body. He realizes it isn’t the best time or place and instead gives Maxie a sexy lesson in proper gun handling before she grabs the Aztec knife and they leave. Meanwhile, Dante bursts into Lulu’s room, gun drawn. Stavros puts a scalpel to Lulu’s neck and threatens to slit her throat, Cassadine style. Dante relents and kicks over his gun but then Lulu suddenly elbows Stavros in the gut so Dante can pounce. Lulu and the female doctor struggle, and Lulu is able to open the door with her badge long enough for police backup to see Dante. There’s lots of shooting but they can’t get in the room and Stavros pulls a gun on Dante. Lulu throws herself in front of the gun, insisting Stavros kill her first. In Victor’s office, Obrecht interrupts his arrest by pulling a gun on Anna. Anna thinks this is about Faison and suggests Obrecht think about her son instead. Obrecht says she is – and suddenly shoots Victor. Anna can’t believe it but Obrecht couldn’t risk Victor escaping jail now that he knows the truth. The police backup come in and tell Anna that Dante is sealed in a room with Lulu and Stavros. Anna runs off with them while Obrecht apologizes to Victor. It’s kill or be killed, but she regrets he had to die. Victor isn’t dead and croaks out he’d hoped their kiss-kill relationship would end in a kiss – or a kill by his hand. She tells him they are the only two who know Nathan is not really his son, and the truth is far, far worse. Meanwhile, Jason punches out the clinic director and snatches his medical file. He takes the access badge off of the doctor and sneaks out of the room. He hides as Maxie and Nathan walk by, then enters a room to find Robin chained to a wall. She’s ecstatic and realizes he can’t talk and has a fever. He suddenly shoots off her handcuff and she admonishes him for not warning her, then gives him a big hug. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan open a door and find the doctor and director that Jason took out. Nathan wakes up the director who tells him the person who knocked them out was a priority patient of Mr. Cassadine. Outside the room with Stavros, Lulu and Dante, Anna has the men look for another way in. Inside, Stavros reminds Lulu that he can raise their child with or without her. Dante and Stavros struggle over the gun. It goes off, killing Stavros. Anna finally enters with backup and tells them Victor is dead just like Stavros. Back in his office, Stavros wants to know who Nathan’s father is. Obrecht moves to put a pillow over Victor’s face. He pushes a button in his vest and suddenly loud sirens and lights go off across the whole clinic. He tells Obrecht it is a contingency to protect against biological warfare, and in a few minutes all that will be left of the clinic will be a crater. He won’t disclose how much time she has and she runs for it. As the sirens go off Anna leads another sweep of the clinic and is about to open the door holding Robin and Jason. Meanwhile, the clinic director tells Nathan and Maxie they have to leave since someone triggered the disrupt sequence.

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