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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Lucky (Finally!) Learns the Truth.

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Emily has locked Nikolas in the wine cellar - at his request. Through the heavy wooden door he tells her that she did the right thing. Soon, they both hear a noise and she tells him that she's fine, but feels like she should go to the north parlor with the others. Nik tells her that he should come out and take care of her, and then begs her to let him out. First he's calm, but then he starts screaming and banging on the door. Finally Emily tears herself away from the door and leaves.

    Scott and Logan are able to get Luke back to the room where Tracy is and she thinks he's drunk. Emily appears and when she hears of Luke's condition, asks Tracy if she happens to have Edward's heart meds in her purse. Tracy says that she does! Scott goes to the main staircase to see where her purse landed after her fall. Emily is in ER mode and tells Logan to go look for the portable defibrillator.

    Emily and Tracy are talking to Luke. Em tells him that he needs to lie still or he could trigger another heart attack. Scott comes back in with Tracy's purse. They put a nitro pill under Luke's tongue and Tracy says that he will not make her a widow! Scott returns with the defib and seems mad that Luke's heart is back to a normal rhythm and doesn't get a shock. Em makes Logan and Scott leave the room so Luke won't be upset and then Em tells Tracy she needs to leave, too. Outside the door, Scott tells Logan that he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he didn't have Luke to despise and insult.

    Emily returns to check on Nikolas and finds the wine cellar empty.

    Miss McCall's Revenge.

    Friday, November 09 2007

    Meanwhile in another room, AZ is strangling Nik as Emily tries to get a clear shot of him with a gun. Finally, Johnny rushes in and pulls AZ away from Nik and begs him to come home with him. AZ fires a shot and tells his son that the next bullet will go right between his eyes, then turns and leaves the room. Nik is struggling to get some breath, but when he does, he says, "What the hell was that?" Maxi rushes into the room and asks Nik how to get back to the ballroom. She explains that AZ just tried to force her to play Russian roulette! Then she says that she saw Lucky in the hallway, but they went different ways. Nik and Emily are thrilled to hear that Lucky's okay, and they tell Maxi that no one is in the ballroom anymore. They've all moved to the parlor near the north entrance, and Johnny will take her there.

    Em and Nik are alone again as he recovers from his fight with AZ. Emily comforts him by talking about a trip to Italy so that they can regroup when this is all over. He says that he just wants to be happy with her. He is tearful as he says that the blackouts are more frequent and worsening. He tells her that she is too good to him, but Emily says that she's just selfish that's all. Nik says that all she's ever done is love him and it has brought him back from his evil Cassadine roots more times than he can count. He tells her that she needs to protect herself from him. Emily says that she trusts him and that he will never hurt her. She says that she'd like them to hide out together alone until this whole nightmare is over. Nik tells her that he has to go help his guests! He ends up on top of her screaming that she needs to trust him. He pulls himself out of it and is horrified at his behavior. Emily promises to get him help and he says that he needs her to protect herself…from him. Right now.

    Nik and Emily have made their way down to the wine cellar and go inside. He turns to her and tells her to lock him in. She can't believe her ears and tells him that she can't do it. He tells her that she can and she will. He says that this is the only way he has to protect her and please don't take that away from him. Finally, he gets through to her. She tells him that she loves him and he closes the door for her to lock it. She does.

    Sonny Gives In.

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    "5 hours earlier. Midnight"

    Alexis's voice says, "How far would you go to save someone else? Would you risk your life to save theirs?" Alexis looks on as Robin and Patrick try to save Ric from bleeding to death. There is very little light and Patrick is having a hard time finding all of the "bleeders". Finally Patrick says that he thinks he patched last one, but without new blood Ric will die. Alexis has all but keeled over from abdominal pain and Skye worriedly watches her. Just as Patrick has done all he can do for Ric Alexis screams out in pain. Patrick and Robin rush over to access her situation and determine that she has appendicitis. Emily agrees to go for some pain pills leftover from when Nik hurt his arm.

    Nik is roaming through the halls looking for Lucky. He bumps into Em and the two of them almost shoot each other! He starts to yell at her, but she calms him down. They hold onto each other briefly, but are separated when a shot rings out in the room. It's AZ! He says how romantic it would be to die in each other's arms. Nik's full rage powers him through the room and on top of the old man. They end up in a wrestling stalemate until AZ jams his fingers in Nik's eyes. As Nik falls back, AZ jumps up, pushes Emily aside and is able to pull out his wire and wrap it around Nik's neck. Frantic, Emily picks up the gun and is trying to get a clear shot.

    The Dastardly DA doesn't seem so Dastardly.

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    Nik has gone off to retrieve one of his guns so he can go look for Lucky. Emily is begging him to put his gun away because he could have another black out at any time. She's frantically trying to get through to him, but Nik asks if she honestly thinks he would hurt Liz or Lucky? Em is walking a fine line with her words, but he forces her to remember that she said she believes in him.

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