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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Zacchara Shoots Sonny!

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Back with Emily in the ballroom, Nikolas says nothing works without her. He sees a gun across the room and standing over her, puts the gun to his chest! Crying and unable to deal with his pain, Nik points the gun to his chest!

    Emily's Dead!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Nikolas wakes and sees Emily, unconscious, on the floor near him. He makes his way to her! Nik tries CPR but it doesn't work and begs her to breath for him. "Just one breath. Just breathe for me," he says but she is already gone. Nik begins to cry.

    In another part of the mansion Jax, Carly and Jerry fill in Jason. They hear Nikolas screaming for Emily and Jason runs to them. Jason tries to talk sense into Nik but he won't let Emily go, not even for them to try to revive her. "She'll be okay. As long as I hold her, she'll be okay," he says. Jason finally gets Emily away from Nikolas and demands to know what happened; Nikolas can't tell him. Jason tries to figure it out for himself but there are too many blanks; he goes off to get help. Carly asks Jax to help her and together they ask Nik to help them get Emily to the bench. Out of his mind, Nik says they don't need to move her because she is sleeping. Carly asks about the bruises on his face. Nik talks about Emily wanting to postpone the ball because of his health problems but he made her go through with it. Carly isn't sure what to think about that. Once more, Nik begins begging Emily to wake up but she doesn't.

    Jason arrives at the barn and tells Elizabethe that they all have to get to the main house for Nikolas. "Its Emily," he says, "she died." He tells her about finding Emily, crying. Elizabeth tells him it has to be a mistake but Jason says it's true and Em is gone. Liz can't believe it. He asks Nadine and Spinelli to help him; Liz says she can find something to sedate Nik so they can get Emily out of his arms. Liz finds what she needs and they return to the mansion. She begins to cry when she sees Nikolas with Emily. Carly and Jax go off to find Jerry. Jason manages to get hold of Nikolas and Elizabeth gives him a horse tranquilizer! Slowly, Jason picks up Emily to carry her body to the couch. Just then Sonny walks in, stunned to see that Emily really is gone. Liz stays close to Nik, helping to keep him calm. Sonny apologizes to Jason for provoking Zacchara, blaming himself for Em's death. Jason says it's Trevor's fault for losing control. Sonny goes to Emily's side and begins talking about her. "She was going to live a good life," he says emotionally. Jason is lost in his grief. Elizabeth goes to Emily next and tells her that she loves her. She lays her head on Em's chest and begins to cry. Jason tries to comfort her but he can't.

    Nik, who has been unconscious for a while, has a dream that he and Emily are dancing around the ballroom. Another Nikolas is tied to a chair, calling for Em but she doesn't hear him. "Get away from him," Nik says as the other Nikolas kisses Emily. He watches while the other Nikolas chokes Emily; he is powerless to save her!

    Love Hurts.

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    "1 hour earlier. 4 a.m."

    Nikolas's voice says, "You can love someone forever, yet lose them in a heartbeat." Jason has come across Nikolas yelling at Emily in a corridor. The two men are fighting to the finish and Emily gets knocked down in the process. She gets up slowly as Jason beats Nikolas just enough so he will be temporarily out of commission. Then, he quickly ties him up. When Nikolas wakes up, he's delirious as he asks Emily if he hurt her. Em says that he didn't mean to. Nik tells Jason to take Emily away so that he can't hurt her again. He is terrified as Emily kisses him and then is taken away by her brother.

    Jason brings Emily to the stables to be with Liz. Em begs him to keep Nikolas safe and he says that he will be once he finds Anthony Zacchara. He leaves, and Emily explains what's happened with Nik to Liz. "I can't stand the thought of him being alone, anything can happen," Em says. Liz asks Em if she'd like a distraction, and then tells her that Jason told Lucky that he is Jake's father. Em isn't surprised, and asks how Lucky took it. Liz says that he won't forgive her any time soon. The person she is really mad at is Sam. Em reminds Liz that it's Lucky's choice if he turns to Sam now. Liz promptly tells Em that Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and then hired two thugs to threaten her and her boys in the park. Em is stunned. Liz asks Em if she hates her for keeping this from her for so long. Em assures her that she loves her and is her best friend! Em asks what's next for her and Jason, and Liz says that they need to make it through the night and go from there. Em decides that she needs to go be with the man she loves. She says, "The sun's going to be up in a few hours. Everything's going to be back to normal! Nikolas will be treated and get well, and then you and I will go sit at Jake's. We'll drink tequila and make wedding plans." The two women are smiling through their tears as Em asks Liz to be her maid of honor.

    After they've both headed off in different directions, Nikolas steps out from the shadows. He sees a white mask on the floor and bends down to touch it. As he does, he remembers Emily hours earlier as she was getting dressed. Just then, Emily rushes in and they give each other a hungry embrace. He tells her that HE is the one that she needs to be afraid of! He whispers a menacing message, "You can't stay here, you have to leave, do you understand me?" Emily tearfully assures him that he would never hurt her. Her last word is "Nikolas!" Unless you count the gurgling sound she makes right before her body hits the ground.


    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    Em is wandering the halls looking for Nik, who is wandering the halls looking for her. Instead, Jason finds her. She quickly tells him that Nik's blackouts are getting worse, so she locked him in the wine cellar, only now he's gone! Jason wants to take her to the stables, but Em won't leave without Nikolas. Jason tells her how dangerous it is for her in this house and Em jerks her arm away from him. Nik jumps up behind Jason and takes him down as Emily shrieks for him to stop.

    Lucky (Finally!) Learns the Truth.

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Emily has locked Nikolas in the wine cellar - at his request. Through the heavy wooden door he tells her that she did the right thing. Soon, they both hear a noise and she tells him that she's fine, but feels like she should go to the north parlor with the others. Nik tells her that he should come out and take care of her, and then begs her to let him out. First he's calm, but then he starts screaming and banging on the door. Finally Emily tears herself away from the door and leaves.

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