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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Nik's Explosive Temper.

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Nikolas is waiting in an exam room with Nadine. She references the time that she heard him talking to himself and asks if he talks to Emily. She explains that talking to a dead loved one is a natural phase. After she leaves, Emily appears and asks if she's only a "natural phase". She says that she's not real and has no control over how long she can stay with him. Nikolas insists that she can't go until he lets her go!

    Scott Plays God.

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    Nikolas arrives for the board meeting and Nadine greets him excitedly. It turns out that she just scored tickets for a hockey game. Nikolas is polite, but he really doesn't want to converse. He walks over to the lounge and Emily arrives. Nik worries that his brain disorder will be passed on to Spencer and she tries to calm him down. Then Leyla informs him that the board meeting has been postponed because no one has shown up yet. He goes into a rage and pushes Robin to the ground. Patrick rushes over to her and Nikolas snaps out of it. He apologizes to all of them.

    Nik's Respite is Over.

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Nikolas is at GH for tests and is happy to see Emily waiting there for him. He tells her that Patrick is going to help him tie together any connection between his rage and the blackouts. He explains that he has told Patrick everything, except for the fact that he's still seeing her. Then Nadine comes in and he quickly covers by saying that he's talking to himself. Nadine expresses her condolences about Emily and then goes to find Patrick.

    Another Loss.

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    Nik walks into his study and finds Emily there waiting for him. He says that he's done questioning how her presence is possible and she tells him that's probably for the best. He is upset at himself for not appreciating all the little things about her when she was with him - like watching her brush her teeth. He says that his rages are gone and he seems to have traded "mad for madness." Lulu comes to see him and says that Luke seems to be doing better so now she can try to help him with his grief. He agrees to go for a walk with her and Spencer and then holds his hand out to make sure Emily comes along.

    Mystery Man Revealed.

    Friday, December 28 2007

    Nik has returned to Wyndemere and is surprised to see that Emily is waiting for him there. He says he missed her while he was in Switzerland. Lulu and Lucky arrive right away and ask what he learned on his trip. He says that the doctors ran every test possible and didn't find anything wrong with him. He admits that he feels Emily's presence and it seems to have calmed him down. He tells his siblings that he needs to know who killed Emily - even if it was him. Lulu says that he loved Emily too much to hurt her, but of course they will help find Emily's killer.

    Out at Wyndemere, Nik is explaining how much he loved Emily to Lulu and Lucky when Liz shows up. She, too, wants to hear about Nikolas' prognosis. She apologizes for coming unannounced and says that she's not family anymore. Lulu says that she still is and they all had an amazing bond and that won't go away. Emily nods in agreement, and Lucky finally speaks up. He says that he hates how they've been acting lately and hopes they can work on their friendship. Liz can't really respond because she takes a call from Jason. He wants to meet her, but has just heard that he has something to deal with at work.

    Sam and Alexis rush out to Wyndemere and join Lulu and Lucky in Nik's study. Now that his whole family is together, Nikolas admits that the Dr. Lipton found a tumor and says it's too risky to try to remove it. They all vow to find another doctor to try to remove it. Sam tells him that it may not seem like it now, but he has a lot to live for. Nikolas thinks of Spencer and then says that his brain disorder could be genetic so they all should get tested.

    Hang On Luke!

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    In the OR, Luke is trying to invite Epiphany back to his back to his place to spin some "33's" as he starts to go under. After he's down, Monica comes in and looks around at her staff. Then, she sees Emily -- all scrubbed in and ready to assist. Monica freezes and Eppy tells her to do something or they will lose the patient! From Luke's point of view, everything goes white and Skye comes to him. He sees her and says that there is heaven after all. Skye tells him that that's not where he's going at all. Suddenly Luke is thrown back into life, but he's dressed like an old man in a cardigan and sitting in by a fireplace.

    Johnny Steps Behind the Desk.

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Nik is surprised to see that Emily has appeared at the hospital with him. He thought he could only see her at the house, but apparently that's not true. As he talks with her about the test results he is about to pick up, Epiphany offers to help Nikolas. He asks if Dr. Patrick Drake left something for him. Eppy expresses her condolences and Emily tells Nik that was sweet. She anxiously looks on as he opens the envelope. It turns out that Patrick was able to get Nikolas an appointment with a Doctor Lipman in Zurich.

    Nikolas is walking through the park and feels Emily's embrace. He says that if people find out how real she still is to him, he'll be locked up. Emily says that with everything they don't understand about this world, what if they really are still together? Nik says that he watched them take her away from him; he knows that she is dead. Emily asks when his last blackout was? He suddenly realizes that he hasn't had any since she died. She tells him that when he sees Dr. Lipman, she knows he should tell him everything, but she doesn't want him to be declared insane over still seeing her. Nikolas says whatever this is, he just doesn't want her to go away -- or else he would go insane for real.

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